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  1. I'll get some detailed pics when I get chance to reinstall the blind gubbins after doing the lining out! Trouble is I have been trying to get my house reasonably heatable for winter and the boaty bits have had to take a back seat for a while. Pipistrelle, I'm pleased you still have Clypeus! Ian.
  2. Nice looking boat! Have you lengthened it, or is one of those internal pics part way through hull clean up and paint? Ian.
  3. Condensation is a slight concern, but none of the floor touches the hull by about 1/2" or so, and none of the partitions cupboard backs etc will be in direct contact either. Any furniture backs will be vapour barriered and insulated before they are slid into place. The floor is completely removable for 95% of its entirety, just the central keelson plank and a few planks under the Rayburn etc are fixed. I'll add some more detail in another thread to save cluttering up this window based one. Have you got a layout planned yet Starman? How much have you got to play with, any pictures? Ian.
  4. We spoke to our local inspector to run our ideas past him, most of which he was more than happy with. The high level vents are behind the cloths in the bathroom and living room bits, with a smallish gap above the escape triangle hatch in bulkhead at the back planks, and gaps above the hatches mid hold. Low level is a decent air gap under the whole floor with vents to outside at each end. Our cloths are in about 5 bits and are held off the steel by the sidecloths and strings underneath. There must be a 2" airgap at the bottom, but tapering to bugger all over the planks. We originally thought we'd need more low level vent area but our bloke said it would be pointless as we aren't lining any of the hull apart from the bedroom end. Foolish maybe, but we so wanted to be able to see the hull we'd spent so long cleaning up and painting. We'll see! Ian.
  5. No signs of any issues with water ingress yet Starman. The cable guides and cables are always hidden by the cloths either side. The 'U' tubes are offset (in that the inner leg of the U is longer than the outer on the bottom brackets) so even if water got into the tube it would not overflow inboard anyway, but like I say, there 'shouldn't' be water in that area anyway! The blind on the side hatches (the only ones I've done before the lining out) has about 5 loops on its sides which the cable goes through. This tends to make the cloth fold at those points. The window ones I am hoping will be easier to control as the cloth has more space above in which to disappear, so less folds will be required. In all honesty I like 'Heath Robinson' type gadgetry and look forward to the day I can open the lot from inside and reveal it's true use, rather like Jones' truck in Dads Army that had secret gun ports that could open in a hurry! Ian.
  6. Hi Starman, we are in the middle of our undercloth conversion. Our windows came from Channelglaze Ltd 0121 706 5777. Double glazed, openable and very little sticks out on the outside. Our boat has side cloths which helps disguise the top edge of the windows. They are invisible when closed and just visible at the bottom edge if they are just cracked open. The cloths initially rolled up to reveal the window, but this is a pain in the backside in reality and I always had a plan for making them openable from inside. This involved making four 'turnaround' cable brackets for each window. Cables run in a loop down each side of each window, half of each loop runs inside the boat. There is a crossbar between the two cables which is lifted to close the blind or pulled down to open them. I made up a sample on one of the doors before I did the lining out and insulation, just to make sure it was worth the bother! In practice it worked great so all the brackets were made up for the windows and doors. Folded steel brackets with a silver soldered 'U' bend tube which carried a throttle cable outer which in turn carries the cable. You can just see the inner ends of the tubes in a couple of pics. Now the insulation and lining out is done (all as per Koukouvagia' set up which has worked for him over several years and for which I'm very grateful!!) I am beginning to get round to connecting the blinds up. I'll get some better pics of the set up as I go. Hope this might help and isn't too late. Ian.
  7. Has anyone got the dimensions for the box mast and mast timbers they'd care to share, for a Small Woolwich? On our boat the Rayburn chimbley comes out where this would be and I'm looking to make a 'lid' for it when not in use. I'm hoping to come up with something that looks the part. On the inside of the boat the corner of the bath/shower room partition is in the middle and I was hoping to make two sides of the box mast make the corner of said partition. Any pictures of these components, including the Luby? Did the box mast have metal bands to hold it together? Cheers folks, Ian.
  8. Thanks David, back to plan A then! Ian.
  9. Bugger, we were planning passage this weekend. Is it serious does anyone know? Really don't want to be stuck up here for too long, it's bloomin lovely. Ian.
  10. We are part way into our conversion. Our initial ideas haven't changed much apart from swapping the bedroom for the bathroom at each end. The sloping undercloth side simply won't allow for any corridors so for us the dead end rooms (bathroom and bedroom in our case) have to be at each end of the living space. Initially we liked the idea of the bedroom at the fore end, then the kitchen, then the living room bit, then the bathroom in front of the engine room. Behind the engine room is a traditional back cabin. We have no access through from the hold into the engine room, nor did we want any, keeping the traditional bit of the boat separate from our conversion. As we worked on fettling the boat ready to start a conversion, and using it for two years as we have done, the systems we wanted, the rooms we wanted and also the rethinking we did led to the bedroom end being infront of the engine room, with the bath/shower room up at the fore end. Doing it this way for us gives us more space as the bed can now go across (which it couldn't at the fore end) and also the hot water system is all in one place. Our boat is quite deep drafted and the insulated wall thickness about 3" and there really isn't any room for corridors that would leave space for a side bathroom etc without things looking too squashed in. We've got double glazed windows in the kitchen and living room, with entry doors from outside each side dividing the living and kitchen areas. Our windows and doors are covered with cloth 'blinds' which can be opened from inside or out so they are used as the curtains. I didn't want to be getting outside to open the curtains, likewise I wanted the boat to be able to completely disguise its internal use. Those four windows are all we have apart from a porthole in a hatch in the triangle of the bedroom wall, which is an escape hatch onto the back end planks infront on the engine room. This gap was again important to us in terms of both traditional looks and practicality. In the 'top plank' of the bedroom and the bathroom is a bullseye glass window, like those in traditional back cabins, although ours are mounted internally and are completely flush on the outside so all you see is a circular cutout in the topcloths. Like I said, this is in progress and our ideas will no doubt change a bit as we go along, so I look forward to seeing any ideas that get posted on here! What are your initial ideas? Ian.
  11. Closer to me too, any more details to share? Ian.
  12. How soon you talking about ordering? I need some nowish but need to confirm sizes. Ours won't be structural at all and are just to be in the right place on the inside of our undercloth conversion bit. Overkill I know, but.... Ian.
  13. That seems to be a very good price. Where abouts are they based? I'm after some and wondered if they were close enough for me to pick up. I'm in North Staffordshire. Ian.
  14. Thankyou for that extra info Pete, I might just have to put the latest docking date and my initials on now! Cheers again, Ian.
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