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  1. fittie


    No pasties but I did have a few sherbets though.
  2. fittie


    We pasted Mr Hewitt while boating in 2017, I was going to say last year but a new one has come along, as we were pasting a rather nondescript boat when a voice shouts out, "That's my old boat". I asked what he thought of it to which he replied. "Bloody marvellous!" Which is good to know.
  3. fittie


    Yes it had a PD2 in it until I got it that is.
  4. fittie


    Yep, she was Rainbow for a spell. Bloody awful name but maybe apt for the 60s.
  5. fittie


    Oops, error. It is NOT Bude but Langho, sorry - Bude came later. Its been a long Christmas. The last time I saw Langho she was on the bottom not too far from Bude (the boat that is). Need to remember to think before I type.
  6. fittie


    Using the wash from the prop? I used to thread a rope through the belt loops of my jeans and tow them behind the motor to get that stone washed look - if the canal water looked clean enough!
  7. fittie


    Lancing and Bude during May 1944 copyright Time Life Magazine/Getty Images. Thanks to Getty Images for enlarging the cabin sides of the boats.
  8. fittie

    Who's the painter

    I have lived with it for a great many years and I must say that it does my head in but... after taking it down and putting it away I decided to not get rid of it and put it back on the wall. It's a love hate thing really.
  9. fittie

    Historic Boats for sale online

    A g'sunder in the cabin is the answer! + it works in both a heavy arsed Josher and a Grand Union t'boot!
  10. fittie

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    I thought that Mouse and Mole were built for working in the tunnel (Braunston) when it was closed for relining way back when. I have worked with one of then when it was used as a pusher tug for bridge and tunnel inspections with BWB. More here.
  11. fittie

    Life photo collection

    He has a point.
  12. fittie

    Life photo collection

    I know that many of these photos have been seen before but some were new to me so go to https://artsandculture.google.com/search/asset?q=canal%20david%20scherman&p=life-photo-collection 341 B/W photos await. + one of what I think is Lancing and Langho.
  13. fittie

    Prince 'on the gravel'

    Just asking, what is "tagging"? I looked it up and...well...really!
  14. What GU boat were sold/rented out to A Wander Ltd (Ovaltine)?
  15. fittie

    Dog life jacket

    They come in different sizes.

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