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  1. fittie

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    I thought that Mouse and Mole were built for working in the tunnel (Braunston) when it was closed for relining way back when. I have worked with one of then when it was used as a pusher tug for bridge and tunnel inspections with BWB. More here.
  2. fittie

    Life photo collection

    He has a point.
  3. fittie

    Life photo collection

    I know that many of these photos have been seen before but some were new to me so go to https://artsandculture.google.com/search/asset?q=canal%20david%20scherman&p=life-photo-collection 341 B/W photos await. + one of what I think is Lancing and Langho.
  4. fittie

    Prince 'on the gravel'

    Just asking, what is "tagging"? I looked it up and...well...really!
  5. What GU boat were sold/rented out to A Wander Ltd (Ovaltine)?
  6. fittie

    Dog life jacket

    They come in different sizes.
  7. fittie

    Dog life jacket

    I too think that a handle is a must but the bulk of some is a worry.
  8. fittie

    Dog life jacket

    What are your views on dog life jackets and what is the best to get. On Amazon they range in price from under a tenner to close to £80. Our dog is not a swimmer which is a little odd but there you go.
  9. fittie


  10. fittie

    Yarwoods Cabin Porthole

    Looking at some old, period, photos of Yarwood's built GU boats all the portholes have the same round head fittings as does Radiant to this day. I was told that all the porthole were fitted with nuts but to change the glass in the cabin porthole you would have to rip out part of the cabin lining. It doesn't make sense for the yard to use different fittings for different portholes on the same build.
  11. fittie

    Yarwoods Cabin Porthole

    A clean one, copy.
  12. fittie

    Yarwoods Cabin Porthole

    But not a Northwich porthole. The thing is Yarwoods seemed to use stuff that was unique to them or made by them while H&W got stuff off the shelf. The Northwich porthole is flat with an inner locking ring. This is from the Radiant. The small notch at about 11 & 5 o'clock are in the locking ring.
  13. fittie

    "orse harness

    Mrs F says what's a Yam Yam?
  14. fittie


    Ok, I kinda worked out what was meant but not sure. So now I know was a scooshie bit is. It will be on the school spellings next week.
  15. fittie

    "orse harness

    Thanks Ray but I still don't know what they are on about...well, not all of it anyway.

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