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  1. So I was right as in Ingleton but I couldn't place the coal mines.
  2. I think Calisto has done more carrying now than it ever did with the GUCCC. As an after thought.
  3. Was not Callisto sold off in '47/8?
  4. Is it not the same thing...I looked at the pics on the link and under where it says Alcool a bruler it has Alcool methylique.
  5. And we use meths to get the BBQ going as and when...
  6. We only have a single burner and have used over 5 litres in about a month of boating.
  7. We use meths for our stove in the warmer months. Barrettine meths burns quite clean and we have used it for years other make are available but most do not burn that clean. Barrettine did guarantee it would not soot up our burner. We get ours from "Rest Express" 01285 831668 or rest www.express.co.uk. We brought 4x5ltr.
  8. I have been trawling through books looking at pictures of Grand Union boats trying to find out what is written under the G.U.C.C.Co.Ltd (kind of thing but with the td in line with the top of the L) Back to my trawling, and I found a really good picture in a book, Canal Recollections, Julian Holland. 1998. Parkgate Books, page 32 and using a lens it reads (top line) HATTON&Co. (middle) MAKERS (bottom line) UXBRIDGE. This picture is also in the George & Mary but rather under exposed so not able to read it. Page 19 (old copy) Does anyone know of any other good images of pre war cloths on boats that can be read. Another, interesting, thing is on one cloth it as Ltd. and on another it has Ltd without the stop. Just goes to show that at the time there were variations as to what and how information was written. Does anyone know what type face (fount) it is and size.
  9. Does anyone have a stencil to paint the cloths with that I could borrow? Cheers, p
  10. Esky is a brand name in the same way that hoover (Hoover) was for a vacuum cleaner.
  11. I 'ave, it was a tiller pin out, mushroom vent screwed down, pigeon box off, cratch down and headlight laying on the deck sort of tunnel. All good fun.
  12. I also think that Froghall Tunnel is a tad low, just saying that's all.
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