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  1. Really? Lacerta is a small Northwich boat with a typical small Northwich style counter and Ionas is a Josher (?) style counter not at all close. Both a nice but not close - I prefer Lacerta's counter.
  2. No, not forged but cast bronze about £8 back in the day.
  3. Corr blimey, 6.2% isn't very mild. I used to like Davenport's mild and that was more like 3.2%.
  4. The bull and bladder - good beer I seem to remember.
  5. This is Lancing's 'new' backup head lamp, an old GU Masthead oil lamp. Restored by Davey and Co about 35 years ago. The lamp came from David Blagrove over 40 years ago. The lamp still has its fleet number on the back and actually came from the butty Bawtry.
  6. The GU boats also had a back up Masthead oil lamp. Happy new year by the way.
  7. Interesting, but most of those cans look as if there are of the FMC pattern but still would like to see one on a GU boat pre WWII if poss. In the last picture the lamp on the floor is all one colour but what colour...primer? I've seen this last picture before, is it during BW days?
  8. I've seen the picture of Aber 101 with a lamp in her engine 'ole but are there any other images of a GU masthead lamps from the period. I wand to see the layout of the different colours, i.e. where the light and dark colours are. I have a GU lamp and wanted to paint it hence way I am looking for any clues. The lamp came from the butty Bawtry 229. I don't hold up much hope on this but you never know what is out there. Cheers, Fittie
  9. I was told that the solid bulkhead between the cabin and engine 'ole acted as a fire wall so no doors, window or hatch between the two.
  10. I'm looking for the contact details of the owner of the butty Langho. If anyone can help, great. Cheers.
  11. Too true. But I think that the government is acting too slowly.
  12. Who said the canals are shut?
  13. Just because it's a Rothen's boat does not mean that it was moored by Rothen's staff as the boat could be on hire to CRT or some other contractor.
  14. Purest green, my wife made some, the problem is get it wrong and it just looks like snot. Not good.
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