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  1. Too true. But I think that the government is acting too slowly.
  2. Who said the canals are shut?
  3. Just because it's a Rothen's boat does not mean that it was moored by Rothen's staff as the boat could be on hire to CRT or some other contractor.
  4. Purest green, my wife made some, the problem is get it wrong and it just looks like snot. Not good.
  5. M1 to Yorkshire? Really? You can't leave B'ham on t' M1, M6 to Cumbria more like!
  6. Just got back a week ago from doing the Warwickshire ring and had to go via Camp Hill as we found a bridge out of action on the North Stratford and we were surprised how much better the GU was this time. Last did it 4 years ago. Mooring on the tow path at Camp Hill was fine, shower not so good. Star City has some plastic boat moored in the middle of the pontoon and looks as if it has been there a while. I think some cash has been spent on the Catly Barnes to Camp Hill section of the GU.
  7. This drawing is reportedly from The Motor Boat of 8th February 1935 and is from Walkers of Ricky by A.J. Walker, W. H. Walker & Brothers Ltd. 1991. p 98.
  8. As Alan F said these are the plans for a wooden, small, GU boat.
  9. So I was right as in Ingleton but I couldn't place the coal mines.
  10. I think Calisto has done more carrying now than it ever did with the GUCCC. As an after thought.
  11. Was not Callisto sold off in '47/8?
  12. Is it not the same thing...I looked at the pics on the link and under where it says Alcool a bruler it has Alcool methylique.
  13. And we use meths to get the BBQ going as and when...
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