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  1. fittie

    JP2M hi or low compression?

    17" pitch
  2. fittie

    JP2M hi or low compression?

    The JP is use in a 1936 Northwich with a 2:1 reduction box and a 29" blade.
  3. fittie

    JP2M hi or low compression?

    What are peoples thoughts on running JP2M under hi or low compression. One old skipper says always hi and another low? what is the best for the engine?
  4. fittie

    Re-cabinning our butty.

    Silica bronze screws is the way to go and stronger than SS in my limited experience. All the oak floors in the house are screwed with these and no probs as regards staining.
  5. fittie

    FMC tunnel hook

    Don't know if I have posted a picture of this in the past but thought that it might be of interest. Found in the mud in MK some 30+ years ago.
  6. fittie

    Where is this?

    Neil2 I think that you are right regarding restoration.
  7. fittie

    Where is this?

    A pity as there is some fabulous stone work associated with the canal, bridges, Tewitfield locks and some buildings in Kendal.
  8. fittie

    Where is this?

    I must confess that I don't really follow the goings on regarding the owd lanky even though I live near it. I ain't going to live long enough to see it, nor my kids.
  9. fittie

    Where is this?

    I was asked to look into the condition of culverts along the northern reaches but I could not see the point of spending any council funds when the canal bed is not complete. Part of the A590 in on/over the canal bed. It would be great to see the canal re open but some of the engineering needed and cost is huge. I think that some of the canal was filled in with waist from Kendal which will have to be removed plus there are homes that seem to have been built very, very close the the line of the bed if not actually on it.
  10. fittie

    Where is this?

    It is the horse path over the tunnel with 3 little bridges over where the path is in a small cutting. The first and last are probably the same age as the tunnel its self the one under the railway a little younger and not the same shape.
  11. fittie

    Where is this?

    Yes, it's the path over the Hincaster tunnel. A nice little walk along the northern reaches of the Lancaster canal about 5 miles from Kendal. This is the southern portal which can be seen from the A590 as you drive into the Lakes.
  12. fittie

    Where is this?

    Not really, just access to fields. In the second picture you can just see another arch and this one is under a railway.
  13. fittie

    Where is this?

    Taken yesterday but where is it?
  14. fittie

    Turnover lock

    Sorry my error re the name. The sign is over 40 years old. It's been in my garden since I was a kid. I must admit that I thought that the lock had changed its name but looking at the map I see that it is still there. Me being a bit thick after a long and hard week at work. Hay ho!
  15. fittie

    Turnover lock

    I had a feeling that it was on the Leister Section but why the name change?

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