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  1. Interesting what hull is it? Ours is a Woolwich. Exactly same roof profile like ours. How could you have steel roof on ply sides wouldn’t that be heavy? Or was it wooden skinned with steel? Never seen a stern with the curve and straight deck together!!
  2. We do really want to return it to some of its originality. To much for us to have a central wheel steering. But certainly how it would have been as an original cruiser.
  3. Yes she does have the HA2, and the weights. And she still has the original composite hull!! Do the weights have any special significance? We were told about alot of the past work and do have paperwork but sometimes it can be slightly unclear, on dates and the extent of the work done. I think the previous owners would have kittens if they saw it at the moment. Have had to take the whole interior refit out 1980s I think? Bar the galley kitchen. The shower/bathroom was rotten as a peach. And you know how these things go it carried on the length of the boat. We have discovered some areas of the gu
  4. Trying to find out if there is a brochure of Water Lilac. We own her now, and at some point she changed from centre wheel to stern steering. In the photo she had a rounded stern. Then was changed to a straight full teak deck. She also had the engine in a engine room, now changed to under deck. We do have a 1972 brochure but this has the updated version and layout. Would be interested to find out when these changes happened. Especially the transformation of centre wheel to just a hatch. And where did this photo come from??? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. That sounds right, we had the same Masonite board in vintage caravan ceilings. We are going to stick a thinner ply on top of the thicker marine ply. This will hide any screws etc...I was told yesterday to think of it as just adding another ply layer to the multi layered marine ply underneath. With the two pac adhesive, is this the same as the West System. And is resin a different application. We have also been told about the Silver paint that soaks into the wood to waterproof it on the inside of the marine ply. Apparently this stuff is hard to get these days as it has chemicals in it? But the
  6. We have bought BS 1088 marine ply from a builders merchants. The first lot was slightly darker than the second lot don’t know why but it’s still stamped 1088. When we dismantled the old boards it was marine ply under a thin sort of hardboard similar to what you get on the back of wardrobes, this was glued with a bitumen/tar. Which has been a nightmare to remove and it heats up in the hot weather and runs. We have positioned the ply and was told by someone on the marina to use two pac epoxy glue. This would be to stick a thinner ply on top as a top skin/ finish. It will be painted a colour not
  7. I have spoken before about the Star Class Woolwich Working boats of the 1930s, and how they were cut down to become BW cruisers in the 1960s. We are lucky enough to have become the custodians of one of these named Antony Water Lilac. We have embarked on restoration work and have discovered she needs quite a lot of rebuilding. Some of her frame work needs replacing, possibly a new roof. And we are using new marine ply for the sides of the cabin. It seems she has had some leaks through her gunnels for quite a while. But nothing that can’t be remedied. Her roof has had a belt and braces job of La
  8. Yes! I know the stern was left on a tip, then Willow and Wren bought it much later and converted it for their fleet of boats. Ours has a square cruiser stern, which gives us a nice bit of space, with a teak deck. My profile picture is Water Lilac in the 60s with a central wheel house. Then we have this grey area of time where the cabin must have been changed. Around 2014 she was sunk and through the insurance had a new cabin built in the same style as BW. It really needs a new roof covering as it has lino/vinyl painted and has got extremely damp underneath. What did they use on the roofs in t
  9. This is wonderful?Thank you so much. We were on the boat yesterday when we read your reply. The photocopy we have of the lady, you can’t see the name Antony, but with this image it is confirmed. It’s great to see the front of the boat too, as we have all 36ft of her? I guess it’s time to track the back half now. Originally Little Plover and now also named Antony. Dare I ask what would be be considered the most valued half in the boaters world? It wouldn’t have the original back cabin, as it became a cruiser like ours. Sorry for the delayed response. We were worried the boat had a bad leak wher
  10. Thank you so much for your quick response. Antony seems to be very illusive! I've been meaning to buy the books on the Idle Women, so will get them asap. You've given me lots of info to get my teeth into. We are new to the narrowboat world, but are so excited and enthusiastic about breathing new life into our boat. My grandmother lived a stones throw away from Limehouse Dock, and her garden backed onto the Regents, so would watch what she called Monkey Boats! and horses falling into the canal and climbing up the steps to get out. That was around the same time Antony would have been in service.
  11. Hello there, We have just bought Antony Water Lilac, a 45ft converted Small Woolwich Star Class narrowboat. I have found lots of images of her days as Water Lilac with BW. But have had no luck with any pics of her life with the GUCCC. I have one photocopied picture of a lady working on Butty Alphons, with possibly Antony behind it, that came with all the paperwork with the boat. The lady's head is blocking the fleet number. Where would this picture have come from, a book possibly? If anyone has info or pictures of our boat from the past, it would be greatly appreciated.
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