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  1. Proper Job

    overstay £25 per day

  2. Proper Job

    Springer raw material

    Next time my CO alarm goes off, rather than open all of the doors and windows I'll do a controlled evacuation through a scrubber and recover the carbon All need now is for Biz to knock something up
  3. Proper Job

    Mastervolt 12/60 switchng on problem

    Just found this on a salty rag forum: http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?258234-Mastervolt-Battery-Charger-does-not-start Maybe a couple of capacitors gone(?) Time to have the cover off in a nothing ventured/nothing gained look
  4. Proper Job

    Springer raw material

    I'm pretty sure that any carbon based material when 'baked' at the correct temperature will give off a carbon based gas that can then be stored and burnt at a later time.. Not sure about diamonds
  5. Proper Job

    Mastervolt 12/60 switchng on problem

    Bloody thing still doesn't switch on properly when on main shore power!
  6. Proper Job

    Springer raw material

    Not so much bottled as bagged!
  7. Proper Job

    Trjan T105's

    The SmartGauge owners manual is a good read. If for nothing else than Gibbo's writing style and forthright comments http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/pdfs/manuals/sgaugeman_r203.pdf
  8. Proper Job

    Springer raw material

    I think natural gas would suffocate rather than being toxic That's presuming that no one introduces a spark or naked flame before it can take effect
  9. Proper Job

    Trjan T105's

    Mine went a bit funny last year. Similar symptoms to the OP's. A reset sorted it out. There is some anecdotal evidence that long term use with solar charging can upset SmartGauges(?). I'm certainly a long term user of solar, but couldn't confirm if that was the problem. I also had a problem with my start battery alternator and for a period of time would temporarily connect the engine start battery bank to the domestic bank. The SmartGauge didn't like that either and had to be 'reset' They're great tools for battery monitoring, but not infallible.
  10. Proper Job

    nuclear clock

    Surviving nuclear armageddon ............. No thanks
  11. Proper Job

    Trjan T105's

    Have you done a restart following power failure or a restore to factory defaults? Restore to factory defaults is: 1. Disconnect the power feed to SmartGauge (maybe just pull the fuses out?). 2. Press both the Volts and Status buttons and keep them pressed. 3. Reapply power, still keeping the buttons pressed. 4. SmartGauge will display the software revision as usual. Keep the buttons pressed. 5. SmartGauge will display the battery model revision as usual. Keep the buttons pressed. 6. The display will go blank. 7. Remove your fingers from the buttons. 8. SmartGauge will flash “Fr” (Factory reset). 9. SmartGauge will completely reset its internals to the factory defaults. If you've set any high/low alarms etc, they will be lost
  12. Proper Job

    Trjan T105's

    The charge voltage seems about right then. It might be worth 're-setting' your SmartGauge.
  13. Proper Job

    Springer raw material

    All the more reason to fit CO detectors. Did they ever bottle town gas for 'portable' use?
  14. Proper Job

    What do you do to make power?

    Pretty much the same for me: Solar first Generator to top up solar shortfall Engine only when cruising Hot water from engine when cruising or via diesel heater when moored Heating from solid fuel stove and/or diesel central heating Gas for cooking
  15. Proper Job

    Replacing 4x110 amp 12 batteries

    Thanks for the tip Just managed to sort it out and ordered 4 as well £360 delivered - it was a no brainer!

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