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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Hi I purchased a multi-tool from Aldi , seems a good bit of kit. Was wondering if anyone knows of another brand of replacement cutters which will fit the Aldi tool?
  3. My first fitout 54 foot trad. took me 5 years, the second fit out a 57 foot trad took 3 years, I know one person who said it would take 6 months, Coming on 6 years and still not in the water!!!
  4. Why don't CRT supply us with these proposed signs? We could mount them on poles and stand them in our cones! That way they have no excuse they did could not see the signs!!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Hi Just a very late update. Since my last post i have had the batteries on charge 24/7. Due to other commitments have not been able to take boat out till last week. The Smart gauge read 100% when we started,Only cruised about an hour a day(Spent the week between Whilton and Blissworth). We used the 12v Fridge, and at night 240v TV for about 6 hours ,this sent the smartgauge down to about 93%. my wife used her 240v hair dryer on a couple of occasions! The Smart gauge never went below 80% all week, I checked the water level when we got back to mooring , they did not need topping up(Thats the first time they have been checked since i installed the Sterling Pro). It seems that the problem was with the way i had wired the battery bank after all! Thanks for your help
  7. Blimmy where do you find that sort of room on a narrowboat?
  8. Hi i have been looking on the AirLink site, The BT3231 ( 3600va, 230v x 230v ) would seem to be my preferred choice BUT the size of the case is given as H 355 L320 and W 355 seems very big to me! Thats 12" x 14" x14" high in old money! Has anyone got this model?
  9. If i was to purchase a galvanic transformer how would i work out what VA i required?
  10. I am sure that they moor in Stow Hill Marina!
  11. Batteries being collected for testing on Tuesday. They recon it will be a week to 10 days before we have results.
  12. Thanks Nick I will email them and see if we can get them collected! Thanks again
  13. Another update! Checked water after Equalisation for 4 hrs. No lose at all. Battery charger turned off, 12.10 PM 8 x 10w lights computer and TV (47V) turned on. Voltmeter 12.75v 12.40 PM Volts 12.40 1.20 PM Volts 12.3 3.00PM Volts 12.34. 4.00PM Volts 12.10 -12.15 5.00 PM volts 12.00 The batteries are still not taking a charge, but they don't seem to be using water ether!!
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