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  1. Thanks for all your comments. The flow was not too strong, but I think being deep drafted and 60ft made things feel worse than they were when I was sideways across the flow. At least we managed to shoot the rapids and bridge at Midgham without incident ! Frouds Bridge to Cropredy next week. I will be treating the rest of the lively river Kennet with much more respect. Hopefully older and wiser! At least on the Thames we are going uphill!
  2. Having been happily (and safely) pottering up and down the K&A for some years including the Avon down to Bath, we ventured on the river Kennet a month or two ago on our way to Aldermaston. The first lock after Newbury towards Reading incorporated a winding hole and lively, as it seemed to me then weir stream, although the weir was not in sight! Foolishly it turns out, I thought I could wait in mid stream for the lock to be ready and the following boat to catch up. I soon found myself caught in the weir flow and pulled sideways across the weir channel. We are 2ft 3" and 60ft long, so the turning effect was quite alarming. Not knowing quite what to do for the best, I panicked and wedged my nose in the lock entrance and scraped my way in when ready. Also scraping off lots of blacking on lock projections in the process! Yikes! Question? how should I have handled it? I suspect that the best course of action would have been to allow rotation into the stream 180 degrees in line with the weir flow and power away, but I was chicken to experiment in case I made things worse and the flow too strong for my engine (36 hp). Would the current have been as strong as it felt (due to my lack of experience on the Kennet and our draught), cos on reflection i doubt a winding hole would have been there if it was? Does anyone have experience of this particular weir? Yours in embarrassment Plonk(er).
  3. Thanks Tony and Chewbaca. I will see how they go on for a while.
  4. Hi All, Please could I have a little advice. My boat is fitted with a lister lpw4 water cooled engine and is now 20 years old. I changed the large hoses to the skin tank about 4-5 years ago, but whilst doing a couple of jobs yesterday realised that there was a small hose, running from the exhaust manifold marked 1999! I guess that the (Bowman?) heat exchanger end caps and water pump hose are the same age, they look OK, - no cracks etc outside, although the small pipe seems quite hard. Would it be recommended to change all the hoses as a matter of course? prevention better than a cure etc. I don't want to waste time and money needlessly! The motor is fitted with an overheat alarm, however, would this be likely to sound sufficiently early in the event of a hose failure to prevent engine damage? The engine is below some substantial boards so I doubt that I would see steam. Thanks in anticipation, Pat.
  5. We wandered along and chucked out money in the dish! Nice engine. We will be now be queing to get on the Cotswolds canal when it fully re-opens (we will of course be getting there via the Wilts and Berks as we are moored on the K & A at the moment). Hope we dont have to wait too long!
  6. Hi All My portholes are currently fixed in place by woodscrews, through the side of the boat and into mdf porthole liners with oak faces. I guess this is not normal practice? The liners are mostly salvagable, if a bit soft now. I am re sealing and re-fitting with fitting 4mm nutserts to screw the portholes too with brass machine screws. They were not very tightly fitted before! Previously, they were (almost) sealed with clear silicone, but I was intending to re seal them with Everflex 145 butyl sealant (from a mastic gun). It is quite soft and gooey, but the data says it never hardens, allows movement (5%) and can be painted over. Is this stuff good enough, allowing for future removal , longevity etc? has anybody else any experience of it? It would have a fairly thin but wide layer in the joint. Abour 1/2 mm I guess. Pat.
  7. Mine was written off by the previous owner, however it was an easy fix. The motor was ok but the solonoid operating rods had siezed. Cant remember who supplied the parts, but they are available. a bit of googling found them. Maybe your problem is similar?
  8. I would agree. I refitted my 4 on my boat a year ago. Admitted, Dreadlocks is 17 tears old and the rust had expanded the joint and snapped the heads off most of the screws!
  9. Plonk

    Pewsey Wharf II

    Hi, We visited Pewsey Wharfe on Sunday. Wow! much improved. New (fairly straight) armco piling, new mooring rings, neat and tidy. Deep enough too! (unlike some VM's on the K & A ). a joy to visit, unlike last time. Now if they could just move the Pump Out.... Plonk
  10. I was mostly joking, however I do think vm's on crt controlled waters should stay free. Maybe a compromise woild be a small number of (extra) chargeable moorings with hookups and water? or maybe that's a daft idea.
  11. Plonk


    So, breasting up ok if invited? Personally I have no objection to others Breasting up to me (if i get there first) if necessary and not blocking the waterway for other users. Shouldn't this be encouraged at an event like this? In fact it might be friendly and best to hang out an invitation, it is a very community minded festival. Bagging a public mooring just for self dosen't seem very friendly. Oh and how early is early? I understand that 48/24hr limits do not appy arround this time. Below the bridge appear to be 14 day moorings anyway. Is 10 days before too late?. Marina moorings? great facilities but personally rather be out on the cut. Pat
  12. Plonk


    Love to visit by boat next year, very busy nearby on the cut, but not many breasting up. In the event, what is local protocol? Breast up and ask later, Hang arround for a moorer to appear and ask nicely or ? do normal rules apply whatever they are, provided there is enough width? Plonk
  13. I pay enough thanks! Marina fees, Licence, Pump outs. We arn't all as rich as some. I resent being called a cheepskate, I'm just carefull! Are vm's on other waterways privately owned (for profit) or managed by a trust? Surprised you don't suggest a toll for cyclists (who pay nowt). That could raise a fortune and pay for improvements to all those miles of cycleway towpath! Whilst we are at it, lets start charging dog owners who use the towpath. How about a charge based on the length of dog? Shih tzu would be cheaper than Dachshund - Serves them right for having a luxury narrow-dog. Lets suggest that and see how many people are 'whingers' then! WHINGE OVER. Sorry, couldn't help rising to the bait.
  14. Hi, I have an Old English that is surplus to requirements (including flue). I fitted a solid fuel stove instead. Works ok but may need some tcl. Quite tidy though.
  15. If you have a bike, stop at Great Bedwyn and explore Savernake Forest. There is also a good baker (Bedwyn) there too! the Avon is beautiful, and Bristol is amazing.The lock keeper at Netham is really helpful. When you pass through Devizes, seek out The Vaults for some really interesting beers. Pultney bridge moorings are closed untill further notice afaik. There is usually quite a bit of space for mooring in Bath though.
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