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  1. Those circles are wrong. As long as the rope is of sufficient size, that is how a narrow boat was traditionally stopped. unless the horse was put in reverse...
  2. Bath 72 hour moorings just above the railway line. If the OP does not like this, they won't enjoy their journey along the rest of the Kennet & Avon canal. (I hope they have a long plank...)
  3. If you want a permanent and reliable source of electricity, go live in a dwelling that has a connection to the national grid.. If you want to live on a boat, consider oil lamps. candles. Using a kettle on the stove. Or consider your precious batteries for what they are. A consumable..
  4. Smelly Bridge? (or maybe Brass knocker, but no pub nearby...)
  5. don't feed the troll.. i can't believe that you have all just rolled over... minimum distance to move?? really?? Next you'll be limited to stay on visitor moorings. Or limited to when you can use a water point..
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. true. I very much doubt that Heinrich who took a picture of his crew and Tiger tank in Russia in 1944 would have expected that 60+years later model builders around the world would spend years attempting to confirm what month his Tiger was produced, at which factory, and wether the Zimmerit was factory or field applied. . And lets not start about determining correct colours from 60+ year old black & white photos... :-)
  8. Just embrace the fact that even in those days, not everything was either company issue, company edicted, painted by a demi-god, or even approved by the carrying company. .. those bulked headboards may well have been scourned by other boaters, just as a thousand marker lights on a truck today are. But the very few trucks with a thousand marker lights are featured in the magazines, and will be the bench mark in a hundred years.... mine's a 'old gruntfuggle', and I'll tell you all about the lights I used to have on my truck...
  9. In a hundred years people will have serious discusions about the moose bars seen on British trucks in the 1990 and early 21st century. Surley they indicate that moose must have been roaming in Britain? And the discussion about company or driver issued light bars will be hilarious. .. and I'll be in the pub, taking pints, and talk about the good old days 'when I was a trucker'....
  10. For 'taps' read cranes (kraan is dutch for crane, as wel as tap). The crane was turning to fast, and the balance was upset. It tilted the pontoon, and from there the result was inevitable. And how is that ship ugly? Maybe not your taste, but not ugly....
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. *shakes head. Shrugs shoulders. *
  13. As for the two 'shocking' videos in tge O.P., some people need to get a life. Those were mishaps, dealt with as good as can be expected from people who are perhaps steering for the first time. The kids didnt hit a bridge, they hit the overgrown remains of an old swing or lift bridge. These are a nuisance at the best of times, creating an obstruction for no reason. They didnt gun the engine in firward when they hit the bridge, but reversed and corrected the situation. Not pretty, but certainly not a ' shocking' incident. And the second video shows someone cocking up going through a bridge. Btw, when you quickly need to bring the bow over, you apply a burst of forward, with the tiller over, as he did. Again, not pretty, but no great problem. Some people just enjoy watching other peoples misfortune, and love nothing more than disapproving tutting. Go get a life.
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