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  1. Ace 01

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    Thank you for the feedback and your very helpful actions. Try not to visit a pub with 24 hr opening just in case you are needed again. Lol. David.
  2. Ace 01

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    Heading up the GU today through Milton Keynes and almost every bridge hole had a pile of metal bits dredged from the canal next to it.
  3. Ace 01

    Gas bottle size

    There is the Caravanlite version from Calor. It's empty weight is less than a normal bottle as it is designed to reduce the nose weight on a caravan as the majority of caravan manufacturers make the gas locker ar the front. There was a price premium on it though when we had a van a few years ago, it may have changed now. David
  4. Ace 01

    Ash disposal

    Don't put it in the hedgerow, it kills it. Spread it over the towpath filling in holes or dips. That way it serves a useful purpose and reduces towpath maintenance. Cheers David
  5. Went past 'Leg o Mutton' lock today as well as the lock keepers house in ' The Bargee'. (Maffers Top). Last week we were at Brentford and Bulls Bridge. All much altered over the years since the film. David.
  6. Ace 01

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    Pass. Sorry no information but the patient was the priority.
  7. We have been moored at Tring summit close to the bridge near the railway station for two days heading north. Whilst preparing to leisurely set off this morning two ambulance personnel walked past us heading towards cow roast marina. About 30 minutes later they reappeared heading back towards their ambulance parked near the bridge and explained their problem with a patient on a boat about 1/2 mile south of us. He needed to be admitted to hospital but had a dog on board. I advised them to contact CART to see if they could help with the dog via their welfare programme. About 10 minutes later as we were setting off they again reappeared with a wheel chair heading towards their patient again. He would have had nearly a mile in that chair along a bumpy towpath and up the rough path to their ambulance so I suggested that if there was anyone heading north passing the patient then they could ask for a lift. As we approached bridge 133 at the end of the cutting (Grand Junction Arms) one of the same ambulance people appeared and said that they had moved the ambulance to there as their patient was being delivered by boat. Whoever that boater is then please accept my thanks for your unselfish attitude and helping someone in need. We could all be in a similar situation one day and need assistance. Thanks once again David
  8. Ace 01

    Willow Wren Wooden Top

    If you Google theboattripyears there is a blog covering a number of years' trips with Willow Wren Rugby and Willow Wren Kearns Middlewich with photo links. HTH Cheers David
  9. Ace 01


    On the 11th August it will be the 50th anniversary of British Rail's 15 Guinea Special to mark the end of scheduled steam services on the main line in the UK. Where has the time gone? Cheers David
  10. Ace 01

    K&A summit pound temporary closure

    K and A summit closed tonight from 1600 today until 0800 tomorrow for lock repairs at Crofton top lock.
  11. Ace 01

    Vandalism on the Leeds Liverpool

    We are on the K and A and some locks are signed as to be left empty. These are the ones without by wash weirs and the excess water goes over the top paddle culvert into the lock chamber then exits via the open bottom paddles or gates. These can cause water loss if anyone going down goes to fill a lock without noticing the bottom paddles have been left open by a previous boater. Cheers David
  12. Ace 01

    K&A summit pound temporary closure

    Wilton Water is full and feeding the Crofton pump culvert as well as overflowing slightly into the run off brook towards Great Bedwyn and all points east. I agree with the lock empty instructions, a hire boat going down from Crofton moorings dropped the pound about 8in two nights ago after trying to fill the lock with the bottom paddle open until they noticed then dropped the paddle with a bang. Perhaps a sign on the top gates/paddles asking them to check bottom paddles before trying to fill the lock would potentially save water. Cheers David Please note the original CRT notice is dated June, we are now at the end of July.
  13. Ace 01

    Friday joke

    The Flintstones cartoon series has been sold to the Arabs in the UAE. Apparently the people in Dubai don't like it but those in Abu Dhabi do.
  14. Ace 01

    Tiddlywinks world cup.....

    Perhaps Sweden are good at it!
  15. Ace 01

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Some car parks allow free parking and dedicated spaces to badge holders, others offer only the dedicated spaces with normal car park rates. It depends on the individual car park owner. Surely Henley who ask for you to pay at a car park machine must apply the same rules to boats and cars. What are Henley's and Reading's policy, anyone know? Cheers David.

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