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  1. Thanks for the link. I will order one and give it a go. I know it’s a bit overkill, but it’s one of those boy’s toys things innit.
  2. There are some good YouTube videos by walkers of the canal.
  3. Regarding water tank level metering using Arduino with a pressure sensor fitted into a tee in the tank outlet before the pump at very near the bottom of the tank. I think I need a 1 psi (= 2.3 feet of water depth) transducer at 5 volts, but I am struggling to find one in that range. I would look to Aralditing it into the tee. Less than a tenner + Arduino + tee = <£20. Cheaper than the MSC version. Can anyone help? TIA
  4. Sapphal


    It is on Sky Sports. I bought a 3 month Sky Sports package on Now TV for £25 pm. World Cup and ashes! Unfortunately I’ve watched a lot of replays.
  5. I’d fish the Whirlpool out and return it under the Recall. Lol
  6. New information? Such as? I am on the marina. She hasn’t moved for at least 18 months, but looks to be well maintained. Can’t say much more.
  7. Isolating valves adjacent to each appliance are a BSS requirement.
  8. I got 55p/kg in September last year for my 5 off leisure’s. Make sure they are topped up.
  9. FWIW the sun is always shining!
  10. I recently upgraded to the ‘3’ unlimited data plan at £22 pcm 24 month contract. It comes with the 311 mains powered router. However, on the boat, I run it from a 12v stabilised supply like the one for my cello TV - works fine. I keep the original E5573 midi charged and if I’m off the boat I simply swap the SIM into it and can carry it in a pocket wherever I go.
  11. About the same price as Bimble then. I know who I’d rather deal with.
  12. Thank Alan de. I agree with the October to March charger routine. I will leave the charger off and see how long it takes for the batteries to come back on the solar. I will do it for a few days including dull days. Thanks to all
  13. Yes that’s what I thought. But in winter I would need the charger. So I can assume that when the battery voltage drops low enough then the charger will kick in. In effect, when on shore power I can just leave the charger on and it will only kick in when needed by the batteries.
  14. I have 700w of solar connected to a 550Ah domestic battery bank through an Outback MPPT controller. I am currently in the marina with the mains hooked up. During the daylight hours I switch the Victron Centaur 12/20 charger off - even though it seems to do nothing when the solar kicks in. As dusk approaches I switch the charger back on. However, If I switch the charger on before the Outback has gone into Snooze mode the charger does not kick in when the Outback goes to snooze - I then have switch the charger off and on again to start the charger which the goes into its bulk/absorb/float sequence and holds the batteries at 13.7 volts. In the morning as dawn breaks and the Outback wakes me with its clicking it takes over the charging and, as previously mentioned, the charger appears to do nothing. Is this his behaviour Normal? If I am not at the boat overnight then it appears that the batteries would not be kept topped up overnight. Admittedly, there would only be a minor drain on the batteries. just hoping one or more of the experts on here may have thoughts on this. TIA
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