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  1. About the same price as Bimble then. I know who I’d rather deal with.
  2. Thank Alan de. I agree with the October to March charger routine. I will leave the charger off and see how long it takes for the batteries to come back on the solar. I will do it for a few days including dull days. Thanks to all
  3. Yes that’s what I thought. But in winter I would need the charger. So I can assume that when the battery voltage drops low enough then the charger will kick in. In effect, when on shore power I can just leave the charger on and it will only kick in when needed by the batteries.
  4. I have 700w of solar connected to a 550Ah domestic battery bank through an Outback MPPT controller. I am currently in the marina with the mains hooked up. During the daylight hours I switch the Victron Centaur 12/20 charger off - even though it seems to do nothing when the solar kicks in. As dusk approaches I switch the charger back on. However, If I switch the charger on before the Outback has gone into Snooze mode the charger does not kick in when the Outback goes to snooze - I then have switch the charger off and on again to start the charger which the goes into its bulk/absorb/float sequence and holds the batteries at 13.7 volts. In the morning as dawn breaks and the Outback wakes me with its clicking it takes over the charging and, as previously mentioned, the charger appears to do nothing. Is this his behaviour Normal? If I am not at the boat overnight then it appears that the batteries would not be kept topped up overnight. Admittedly, there would only be a minor drain on the batteries. just hoping one or more of the experts on here may have thoughts on this. TIA
  5. Which ‘rusted items’ can you buy in Halfords?
  6. When I had the same problem after re-positioning the cauliflower I loosened the immersion heater blanking plug to remove the air. I assume you have no such plug. So why not drill a small hole and fit some sort of blanking plug. Surely easier than tipping the boat on end! But as said, for the small amount of hot water capacity lost, is it worth it?
  7. More like chemical plant than brewery! All chilled and filtered.
  8. I’ve just watched inside the factory. I have never seen such an un-researched load of rubbish. He hasn’t a clue between the difference between beer and lager. There was a comical moment where the beer at 12 degrees tasted better than the beer at 3 degrees. Well it does but I can’t see a lagerphile drinking lager at 12 degrees. A completely rubbish uninformed episode. Aargh
  9. If “Cool” would introduce thereself then ok. Else it is strange spam or are Tankbusters on the forum?
  10. I quite agree. But the marketing people are trying to promote the punk style beers as craft. Probably to convert the lagerites.
  11. I am friends with both a weatherspoons manager and another friend on the management side of CAMRA. We had a quite heated discussion about weatherspoons stance on craft beers such as Shit(p)yard, punk etc. In general we somewhat agreed that the aforementioned craft beers were basically Watneys red barrel spiced up with American style hops, and were essentially keg beers - so a no-no with CAMRA. What defines cask conditioned craft beer is purely subjective. From a commercial aspect, the keg style craft beers have massive advantages. There is no waste, there is no conditioning time, and most are costlier than cask conditioned beers (in weatherspoons). Being a northerner, I much prefer cask conditioned beers pulled the northern way as opposed to the southern pulled bright beers. We also concluded that the marketing men saw an opportunity to convert the fizzy tasteless lagerites to fizzy craft beer. Can I please have gin without botanicals or even a Dubonnet
  12. Just save yourself £2.50 on your coffee by using weatherspoons unlimited coffee. And you can usually find a table near a power socket.
  13. Litre/lighter like the seat/sight joke is regional but ubiquitous in Wigan
  14. Sapphal

    Double Glazing

    It's an old topic, but think it's worthwhile sharing my experience. I have just fitted secondary 4mm acrylic DG using self adhesive magnetic strip 19mm. I have no association with the companies mentioned. I bought the mag tape from https://www.first4magnets.com/tape-strip-c85/magflex-19mm-wide-flexible-magnetic-tape-premium-self-adhesive-p3526#ab_1-16|ps_2-1789 and the pre-cut acrylic from https://www.livsupplies.co.uk/product_list_poly.php?id=20. My windows are inward hoppers and as such i had to trim the stay so that it didn't protrude beyond the rectangular wooden frame. I found that the easiest way to do this was to saw through the angled bit and then heavily score the flat part. Then using two pairs of pliers the aluminium can be fatigued along the score line by bending back and forth until breakage occurred the finally smoothed with file. The next step was to fit the mag strip all round the edge of the acrylic . On the first unit I did, I mitred the corners but on subsequent units I left the joints square - easier to get a closer join. Once the mag tape had been stuck to the acrylic, I cut duplicate pieces and magnetically attached them to the strips previously stuck to the acrylic. NB the tape I used was self-mating and will only match if the tapes are in the correct polarity - if you use mitred corners, make sure it's the correct way round, if cutting square then it doesn't matter as you can simply reverse it. Now i I made my first mistake doh. I attached the pre-cut duplicates to the window frame - big mistake. The problem is that with sel-mating tape the two pieces have to match perfectly for the magnets to stick together. Even a couple of millimetres out and the magnets won't stick, as I discovered. Luckily, I hadn't stuck the tape to the frame firmly and pulled the bottom and side strips off without losing too much of their adhesion. I then replaced the removed pieces onto the acrylic. I then positioned the sheet such that the top strips mated correctly and then simply pushed the sheet firmly round the edges into place. On subsequent units, I left the tapes on the acrylic, removed the glue protection on the top tape, positioned the sheet and pressed the top tape onto the frame and then removed the glue protection from the side and bottom tape and pushed all the perimeter firmly onto the frame. Perfect. Total cost for 6 Windows around £150. I have labelled the units so that they can go back onto the same window, although it shouldn't really matter if all the tapes have been fitted perfectly in the first place. Another point to note is to ensure your frames are clean and smooth before finally pressing the units in place. Hope me this helps others to not repeat my mistakes.
  15. Yes it's the added scent. The scent seems to be really strong as you get to the bottom of the bottle.
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