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  1. Sapphal

    Ash disposal

    Jen, at those prices, I see why you made your own tippy.
  2. Sapphal

    Ash disposal

    As the animal (squirrels, swifts et al) burning season creeps in; what do boaters do with the ash produced? Is it okay to dump it in the cut, wind direction allowing? Will it help reduce lock leakage? Thoughts, facetious or otherwise, appreciated.
  3. Sapphal

    How do calorifiers work?

    On our boat the water stays hot for 24 hrs, unless you draw it all off. It gets really hot which shows thet thermostats are doing their job. It takes about an hour to get a tankful. Best to have a navy shower.
  4. Sapphal

    Liverpool Link

    It's worth a call in the Heatons Bridge Inn, just before Scarisbrick Marina. An un-modernised old inn with real ales and good food Wed to Sunday. Has offside visitor moorings and towpath side is safe.
  5. Sapphal

    Camra AGM 21.04.18

    Didn't realise that CAMRA used AGMs. Do they have beer engines to charge them?
  6. Sapphal


    And we must not let it! His was a truly heroic act beyond criticism.
  7. Sapphal

    Tablet with OTG. Too good to be true?

    https://www.wish.com/m/search/Tablet. There's one on here for £1.00 + £1.00 postage
  8. Sapphal

    How much water should a macerator use

    No gory details, just basic toilet training!
  9. Sapphal

    Tablet with OTG. Too good to be true?

    Take care, seller has a lot of negative feedback.
  10. Sapphal

    How much water should a macerator use

    The installation/user manual for the range is on the Thetford Marine website. After reading it, I now know how I've been misusing ours.
  11. Sapphal

    Instantaneous water heater

    After a bit of reading around, the ruling seems to be that any new installation of instant water heaters have to be 'room-sealed'. But there seems to be confusion regarding the approval for use in boats. As such it appears that only the Morco ones are approved. Surely though if the unit is room sealed and fitted by a gas registered installer then it should pass the BSS. Mmmmm - perhaps there are soldered internal connections which might be a fail on the BSS.
  12. Sapphal

    Instantaneous water heater

    https://www.manomano.co.uk/gas-instantaneous-hot-water-heater-1696?model_id=1211310&referer_id=537135&ach=922bc&achsqrt=164f3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyvzU06H52QIVx5kbCh2MlAw-EAQYAyABEgKtcfD_BwE Has anyone had any experience of these or similar? howard
  13. Sapphal

    CRT survey

    I passed my 11+, but found these questions different! Went about 5 for most. Why not ask the right questions to get the right answers?
  14. Sapphal


    If you like the boat and the price is right then it doesn't really matter. Negotiate your price and whatever you perceive to save, spend on getting the boat getting to how you want it to be.
  15. Sapphal

    Outback wiring

    Exactly as I thought. thanks

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