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  1. Tuttifruity


  2. Great! We’ll get to the boat about 3pm, and we’re moored just outside the swing bridge. We haven’t painted the name on yet, but it’s a dark blue boat with an orange life buoy on the front, and I’m Chris. Look forward to seeing you Pete
  3. That’s really kind of you, we’re in Victoria Quays, and we’re going to the boat tomorrow for the weekend. Someone was parked up in our mooring last time we were there, so we’re hoping to move it back. Hopefully nothing will drop off or the water won’t stop coming in when I turn the engine on!
  4. When the boat overheated, there were a lot of blue fumes in the engine bay so the chap checked the valve clearances as the engine does clatter, but he said he couldn’t adjust them anymore, the engine is very worn. He tied the boat up and had it running in gear for a while to test if the water went down again, maybe he stood there for 5 hours? 🙄 the yard charges £40 an hour, and with us leaving the boat with them for a week, im not sure how long he spent on it, but it does seem excessive, 19 hours. i went on a RCR course last year and learnt the basics, I’ve changed the oil, fuel and air filters, and know how to change the belts, but yes I definitely need to learn more. 😔
  5. Unfortunately, he was the engineer who the River and Canal Rescue sent
  6. Sorry for late reply, I’ve been away. I put the antifreeze in separately, should I have mixed it with water first? I looked at the invoice again and they have done other things, I didn’t know the pipes had no support brackets as I didn’t know they needed any 🤭. The pipe to the expansion tank looked ok to me but I’m a relatively new to understanding boats. One thing I didn’t mention was when we were driving past Tully’s boatyard in Rotherham, all the nuts fell off the stuff box. Fortunately Tully’s had a slip way and I managed to reverse the back end onto it so we didn’t sink, and the Canal and River rescue bloke put it back together. From there we managed to get back to our mooring. The other thing is the boatyard put in lots of water but no antifreeze so I’m going to have to drain the damn thing again to get some in! ☹️
  7. Hmmm, this has got me thinking about my latest probs with my stern tube and propshaft. The boatyard that was sorting out overheating and leaking water said that both of these needed replacing, but they are only 2 years old and the engine was realigned at the same time. We had a large volume of thick polythene wrapped around the propeller and also hit a submerged tree before we arrived at our mooring. I wonder if this would cause damage to the stern tube and propshaft?
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice. Sorry I didn’t get photos and we’re away from the boat now for 2 weeks so I’ll get some then. They didn’t take the boat out of the water in the end because I asked him if we could black it at the same time if they did. They did change a couple of hoses and secured them better,but what you said, Neil, sounds like the answer, an airlock in the system. When we set off, the oil had recently been changed and I did add some water and antifreeze, but the boat has stood since January. When we occasionally ran it for a couple of hours tied up, it didn’t take much grease to stop a slight drip, but on route I did notice I was having to add a lot more. On the invoice they have charged for repacking, and the oil light doesn’t come on anymore 😬 When I’m back at the boat I’ll grab hold of the propeller as you suggest Iain to see if there’s any play. One of the lads next to our mooring whose gone tootling for a while knows a good mechanic, so we’ll grab him when he’s back.
  9. Hi everyone, we recently set off from our long term mooring in Sheffield, heading for the booked dry dock to black the boat’s bum and some other jobs, and a bit of a relaxing cruise for a few days there and back. It was not to be, we were at the beginning of the Keaby when the boat started to overheat and the oil light came on. The engineer who came out kept pouring water in but it kept disappearing. Long story short, he thought there might be a leak from the skin tank and it also needed a new oil switch. We managed to limp to his boat yard where it stayed till he came back from his hols. There wasn’t a leak from the skin tank and a new oil switch was fitted, but he said the boat needed a new stern tube and prop shaft as the water poured in when the engine had been running. We hadn’t had any problems with this before hand, and both these items had been replaced only 2 years earlier along with 4 new engine bolts. We haven’t done a lot of miles since and the work was done by a highly recommended chap. Can anyone suggest what’s happened? ps we spent a fortune at the boat yard for the repairs and can’t afford to black the boat now ☹️
  10. Thanks everyone, I'm changing the connection with another and tightened up the boats socket with some washers as it was a bit wobbly. It's peeing down now and I'm going out for the night so will connect up in the morning ?
  11. It's a Safeshore GI I'll try to upload a photo of the burnt bit. It looks like it's the neutral peg that's burnt, and the neutral prong on the boats connection has slight damage
  12. Hi everyone, I'm not very good with electrics and we've been stationary for a while in Sheffield using the onshore power. Unfortunately the cables stopped working and the batteries went flat, and when I looked at the galvanic isolator connection, the neutral socket has melted a fair bit. What s wrong with it? Help! ?
  13. Phew! Thanks Sam. One day I’ll be an expert in all things boaty, it just might take a while!
  14. Hi everyone, I checked the air filter on my Yanmar engine and found in the bottom of the screw off plastic base, about a tablespoon of a black liquid. As I’m new to servicing a boat engine, what could this be?? It’s probably nearly 2 years since the filter was changed
  15. Hurray! Arrived at the lovely Victoria Quays about 3pm. Nearly didn’t set off this morning as it was howling a gale at Eastwood but once we tested the run to Rotherham lock it wasn’t so bad. thanks so much for everyone’s help, and thanks to Dave and Nigel who helped us up Tinsley Locks, what stars!
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