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  1. I'm suggesting the vlockies have a vlockie season - certainly I didn't encounter any in places which have been mentioned on here, or where I've encountered them since.
  2. ISTM that in mid September the thread title is getting a bit old given the vlockies seem to be disappearing ? (I certainly met none at all during my week cruising at the start of October last year)
  3. Oh, good point so that's about 100 times as many deaths as due to cyclists - it seems obvious that it should be a legal requirement for those carrying knives should have to wear registration numbers so that they are easily identifiable. That must be a much higher priority than registration numbers for cyclists. Many times more examples of those injured and killed by cars despite the registration plates. Their injuries are also anything but trivial. But maybe you're advocating diverting resources from enforcing driving laws to enforcing cycling laws. If you manage to completely prevent any pedestrian deaths due to cyclists without increasing the number of deaths due to drivers by more than 0.5% then that would have a positive benefit.
  4. I presume you find towpaths confusing given canals were built for boats with Listers
  5. Seriously? You're clearly a cyclist, a car overtaking that close would be terrifying. Which is about right for a safe overtake. That feels a bit further out than my usual position, though I might move out to there to stop cars cutting me up. Which tends to encourage close passes from drivers like Flyboy.
  6. OK, cool, you're entitled to avoid and deflect awkward questions if that's what you want to do. Thanks for letting me know the value of your contributions.
  7. You wrote "It was a narrow lane just wide enough for 2 cars". QED You could always tell us where this road is and we can check on streetview. But I'm guessing you won't because it will prove you wrong.
  8. We've established the road was no more than 4m wide. How much space do you need to give a cyclist to safely overtake? How far out should a cyclist ride? Let's do some maths...
  9. Oh I'm sorry. So you didn't think it was safe to overtake. What was the problem then?
  10. I think the problem is that he thought it was safe to overtake and the cyclists didn't (correctly given the available information of a road only just wide enough for 2 cars to pass). But then it seems he is one of these drivers whose time is more valuable than cyclists safety.
  11. Of course. That must explain all the cranes I see lifting cars. But then driving onto pavements to park is so normalised that apparently it's not bad driving even when you kill https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/delivery-driver-who-mounted-pavement-12782437
  12. Oh, so when you wrote " If 2 cars can pass, a car and a bike should have no problem" you were talking about a car going in one direction and a bike going in the other direction. I'm glad we've finally established that you simply wrote something which makes no logical sense at all, I was finding that hard to believe, hence all my other assumptions
  13. That simply isn't true. The obvious implication is that you like to squeeze past bikes not giving enough space.
  14. Ah, so when he wrote " If 2 cars can pass, a car and a bike should have no problem" he was talking about a bike going in the other direction? Which makes that assertion completely irrelevant to the situation.
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