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  1. It's irrelevant with car hire as there is a legal requirement to have 3rd party insurance (don't get confused by the waivers to avoid having to pay for damage to the hire vehicle, they won't let you drive away without the appropriate 3rd party insurance). Though I'm sure if push came to shove there would be a similar principle of joint liability. Though it occurs to me that there is a similar requirement for narrowboats - it may not be a legal requirement, but it it a condition of the licence that you have 3rd party insurance. Which makes me wonder whether it's really the case that hire boats are completely uninsured when travelling at night, because that would surely break the licence conditions (which would be a matter for the company, not the hirers). I suspect it's not quite that simple and that 3rd party cover is still effectively in place - it's simply that the insurance company can claim costs back from the hirers. There is a similar situation regarding motor vehicles where in some circumstances the insurance company will pay out a claim and then charge the policy holder.
  2. I should think you just claim direct from the hire company in that case, they would share liability and it would be much simpler. Not that there would be any problem obtaining details when there is a clear liability, GDPR doesn't prevent that.
  3. It takes all sorts. On my most recent before dawn start I got to the Bratch just before they officially opened - which I understood meant I had to work the locks myself. I had been warned about the lock keeper there not approving of boats going through outside official opening hours and going the other way I'd been there just after dawn when there was nobody about to complain. However I got some very friendly help going down (though I got the feeling that the boater waiting to go up was a bit disgruntled that I'd gone through before official opening hours!) It does make things a lot easier if there's an insurance company to claim from - though in the case of a hire boat I'm sure any reputable hire company would sort things out.
  4. I've gone deep into the night/morning a couple of times recently because I had a deadline to meet (in one case I was racing to get through a section with limited opening hours). Though even then the longest I did in one go between sleeps was about 12 hours - I'm assuming stopping for a couple of hours to sleep counts to reset the clock (if not then I probably did go for a bit more than 24 hours!) I suppose I could imagine boating for a bit more than 18 hours though in different circumstances if I had an early start and an uninterrupted day (I didn't on those occasions). I've done quite a bit of night boating - got feedback that it wasn't an approved thing to do, but there isn't any rule against it and I don't see why I need to stick to the unwritten ones - I quite enjoy being active at night and given a lot of experience I tend to be capable of doing things just about as well in the dark. All sorts of ways to enjoy boating.
  5. Nice story. My cruising is currently curtailed as I have a duck nesting in my well deck - she got in to lay eggs when my cratch cover was off for repairs for a few days over Easter!
  6. Just to add another report of it being fine around there (normally) I moored up for a couple of days right by bridge 98 just over a week ago and had no problems - it certainly doesn't seem like a location where you'd routinely get trouble - I suspect this shows that incidents like this can happen almost anywhere (and doubtless they'd gone shortly afterwards).
  7. I use the engine room to store things I wouldn't want to leave outside. Not big enough for bicycles, but I wouldn't want to leave mine outside, so they have to live under the cratch, though it usually contains a couple of unicycles - very specialist requirement, but I'm so relieved I didn't get a cruiser as I find it handy having a unicycle where I can just pull it out to ride off to set the next lock etc. Counter or front deck is fine for loading. About the only advantage you've listed there is storage for friends - as already mentioned mine have to slum it on the roof! I don't have a trad trad, but still better access than that as I can sit alongside the engine rather than having to bend down. Toolboxes and spares are immediately at hand.
  8. I haven't (yet) had that, but I did wonder last week whether my lack of help as a single hander upset a crewed boat who blanked me when they passed - which is the only time I've so far experienced another boater appear to deliberately ignore me. The thing is, my standard practice as a single hander is not to tie up at all - I like to be quick and efficient in the locks and the way to do that is to ignore the lock landings and use the throats of the locks to hold the boat instead whilst working the lock (when the boat isn't in the lock) - I've now got confident enough that I don't even use ropes at all in narrow locks. So approaching a lock which was in use by a crewed boat with the boat already in the lock I didn't feel I could contribute much and stayed on my boat holding it in position waiting in the cut rather than tying up at the LL (as I don't use LLs). I also found it a bit irritating how slow they were, with the crew tickling the paddles up (when they had somebody on the boat driving it and I didn't find it a problem whacking the paddles up in that lock when I used it single handed), but then they're allowed to use the lock how they want when their boat is in it - rather more irritating was the ponderously slow lowering of paddles when the gate was open with the boat still in the lock - the boat remaining in the lock until the crew had finished (if they couldn't use the vacant lock landing to pick the crew up when they'd finished given they were clearly in no hurry, I'd much rather they just left the paddles for me to put down rather quicker myself!) I'm now wondering if that was also deliberate to make some sort of point to the single hander who preferred to stay on his boat... FWIW I do help other boaters operate locks if I feel it will help and they want the assistance, even when (as usual) I am single handing.
  9. If you're putting in the tail charge, which is what a significant proportion of the engine running time will be for those without solar (or at times of year when solar is useless) then idle is perfectly sufficient (and the alternator load is insufficient to noticeably work the engine), hence that's far from being a universal truth.
  10. That's a shame - I like piano rock 40ft and normal width? As I mentioned, I can play crosswise standing up (I tend to practice sitting down on the bote due to space constraints, but would normally stand up to play). Is there other stuff in the way?
  11. We have one of those here. It didn't work last time I looked - though there were some blokes out fixing it the other day, so maybe it does now.
  12. It's nothing at all like that - not unless you're thinking of a <40 year old (like most of the boats on the cut) mock tudor house, a society in which it's a legal requirement to have the name of the house on it and a standard style house nameplate issued by the licensing authorities.
  13. The trouble is, it still seems really hard to swap which end is which on my 6'10" long boat. I've spotted these really wide bits on the canal though which I think I might fit the whole width across - do you think I could use them to swap which end is which? It would be so nice to have good steering in both directions.
  14. Ah, I think I understand now. Presumably you could also put a ducted forward (and reverse) propulsion unit at the opposite end to the bow thruster if you wanted?
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