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  1. Yes, plenty. Our 57' went round easily. I don't even think 70' would be a problem from memory
  2. There's a big stack of pallets available at the solar farm on Westwood road near Trowbridge. Not sure of the quality/dryness as I know some pallets don't burn well. You'd need a vehicle to collect but it's there for the taking (legitimately!)
  3. When was the dredging fine? We were there mid July and couldn't get in to the water point on those moorings. We only draw a little over 2' but the river was well down at the time
  4. Midland service centre do a great inline water gauge. We had one start to play up after 9 years and I've replaced it with the latest version. It's a dead simple fit with a remote analogue or digital gauge. Cost was about 70 pounds I think
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. We've been up and down wardle lock three times recently and I can't say I remember the gates leaking especially badly.
  7. Agree near Roger Fuller's is a good place. We left ours for a couple of days there earlier this year no problem. There are even rings there
  8. DJW

    Barnet Sold

    We came past Barnet yesterday. She looks in fine condition, hope the new owner looks after her
  9. This has scuppered our plans to go from the Weaver into Manchester and out on the Ashton/Peak Forest. I called Peel Ports this morning and, after speaking to the demolition contractors, the lady told me the stoppage *could* be over in three weeks rather than the initial estimate of four. I asked if there was a possibility of occasional escorted passages through the stoppage, as I have known CRT to do this in some cases before. I was told there would be absolutely no boats through during those three (or four) weeks. They are apparently inundated with calls about this stoppage but I definitely got the impression they won't budge on this - no through traffic for 3-4 weeks.
  10. Should have mentioned the shell is made by Taurus which I think built sailaways in Newark although probably not many! I may be wrong but didn't Liverpool boats use a similar bolt-less swans neck design at some point?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty confident there is no locking nut under filler on the top. When we had the bearing changed before we were left with some chips in the paint on the top of the swan neck, i guess from the boatyard whacking it back onto a taper. There was no attempt to repaint the (cosmetic) damage so I doubt any filler was used either. Equally I can't recall ever seeing a grub screw in the side of the swans neck - before or after the bearing was changed before. Is it possible the swans neck is just a (good!) taper fit? i.e. it fits onto the tapered rudder stock but with no securing bolt to keep it there? Bee - that's my worst case idea, that it's all welded together and would have to be cut up and rewelded. Given the boatyard who changed the bearing before don't call any cutting/welding I'm hoping that's not the case.
  12. Our tiller has an unusual fixing to the rudder - i believe the join is called a swans neck but apologies if I've got that wrong. The tiller bearing is knackered and needs replacing. We asked at a boatyard last year and they couldn't figure out how to separate the rudder from the tiller to allow the bearing to be changed.. Their advice was to wait until the boat is out of the water next. That's due this year but the bearing is now really worn so could with replacing sooner ideally. I've attached some pictures in case anyone has seen this design before. This is the swans neck from the top (note absence of the usual bolt!): This is the swans neck from underneath - you can't really tell but the rudder tube appears to be welded to the underside of the swans neck: So you might think the rudder plate was bolted to the rudder tube (that's what the boatyard we asked last year suggested). That's definitely not the case as this photo from last time the boat was out of the water shows: So any ideas on how this lot comes apart to allow the bearing to be changed?? We have had the bearing changed once before and I called the guy a couple of years later to ask how he did it. Unfortunately he couldn't remember the specifics, just that he didn't think it involved any cutting/welding but it was a bu**er to do!! Thanks all
  13. This may be starting the obvious but the tidal section extends above hanham all the way to Keynsham on spring tides. I think nicholsons warns you of this but we met a couple of boats last year around spring tide time who didn't know. As always, speak to the lock keepers (Netham) and they will advise on timings
  14. The (potential) winding hole near foulridge wharf is indeed pretty shallow on the off side. Much better to go through the tunnel and wind...even there it's a touch shallow!
  15. No not yet, that's part two of this job! All i've done for now is isolated the thermostat so the system is completely manual for the time being. Will investigate the shorting another time
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