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  1. l really can see why people have stopped using this site. I come on here for advice and get accused of being a "troll " and using a false identify.l have done nothing but ask a question. And because l do not understand all of the answers and info you choice to belittle me. yes l have been a mole for 5yrs hiding for five years just waiting to ask about my batteries Unbelievable. Well shame on you.
  2. Sorry but i did read it,l am also sorry that l do not understand it. if only we all were so clever,we would not need to come on here and ask for your help. Will not make the same mistake again
  3. previous batteries were off a wet cell type Sorry again not sure what "do a equalisation charge" means this is the second one of these chargers l have had,previous one was total different unit cannot remember details. the charger now being used was purchased at the same time as the batteries.
  4. Thank you for your valuable contribution,maybe you should now go and lie down and recharge your brain cell.
  5. So the charger is a CTEK M300 8 step charger.charging current 25amp charging voltage 14.4v current mains 2.9A rms at full charging current. suitable for 40.500ah batteries are 110amph 12v powermax sealed units. the system only fails when on a shoreline. cooking l ment they were hot and bubbling
  6. on two occasions the batteries were replace because they were "cooking " the chargers were replaced because they stopped charging ,output voltage was checked unit would turn on and light up but no output charge. the cruising time is more like 4/5 months depending on my cruise,and the weather. would say that l spend more time on shore power than off,but when sun shines turn off charger and use solar. my 12v usage is down to lights/fridge/water pump. Really ?
  7. l cruise during the summer, in the the winter am on a mooring with a shore line connection.Charger is mounted in back cabin above the floor,would not consider it to be a damp area because of heating. Charger only has two connections pos/neg and a temperature sensor.charger is on 24/7. l do aslo have 3 100w solar panels fitted for my summer cruising.
  8. the charger is a CTEK M300 charging 3 X 110amph sealed batteries.
  9. Thanks for that Tony,but i really don,nt know what it means !
  10. boat is connected to shore power and so to a charger.l assumed that the charger would know when to charge them up.But as this is my third charger and third set of batteries in 5 yrs l am beginning to wonder ! 14 skipper
  11. As the tile says really what is considered to be a good battery regime ? 14Skipper
  12. Have to ask myself if boat was actually "stolen" or was there a misunderstanding ? 14skipper
  13. Can l just check that this is a broadband sim ? at the moment l get 15GB broadband for £16.54 per month from ee because l have had my contract for several years and ee have to honour it until l cancel.is this a better deal then the one l have now ?
  14. have a ee wifi modem for my broadband will this work in that ?
  15. Am on my third set of batteries and my second charger.The last one a Ctek M300 has just bittern the dust and is only two years old as are the batteries. Was try to find a way to make both last longer !
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