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  1. Been a long time getting there but nearly done. Good enough to stay on board anyway.
  2. Hi We are considering moving our 53' Hapton from Worcester across to Northern Ireland. Has anyone any experience of doing this type of move and, more importantly, does anyone have any experience of the various marinas on Lough Erne? Any advice gratefully received.
  3. FIONN back a float and very close now to finish shiny. Interior needs finishing, final coat on roof and solar panels to be fitted. Hope to be aboard by the end of June
  4. No, They are still in the drydock at the moment. It has been very handy with the boat being moored at Diglis and available to move in and out as necessary. All of the work is being done by Jason Pinder.
  5. Well we did hope for Easter but not sure which year
  6. The windows are going to be trimmed in Beech as will the joinery everywhere else. We are putting Karndean Warm Oak down throughout. Looking forward to the finish and being able to get on the water
  7. Some more interior shots, slowly moving along.
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