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  1. Peter-Bullfinch

    Guess the location

    Please note....these are not just any ordinary bicycles....they are electric cycles.....mine a do it yourself jobbie from my twenty year old Marin hybrid....excellent kit in my advancing years.
  2. Peter-Bullfinch

    Guess the location

    Okay....so no guesses so far. It's the Grand Canal in Ireland. This is about 40 miles to the west of Dublin. Tom Rolt went this way but about seventy years ago on his Irish boating travels. Nearby are a couple of old narrowboats still with their old BW licence plates. A new super tow path upgrade is being undertaken here.
  3. Peter-Bullfinch

    Guess the location

    Anyone care to hazard a guess whereabouts we are?
  4. Peter-Bullfinch

    Firing up the Sabb again.

    Yes, I too was told that my current Sabb was originally in a Norwegian fishing boat at the start of its life. It was, I believe, acquired by Mike Sivewright and he arranged for it to be fitted into Bullfinch eighteen years ago to replace a single cylinder Sabb. This was because the boat was lengthened at that time by 10 feet to form a bedroom.
  5. Peter-Bullfinch

    Firing up the Sabb again.

    I originally bought it very cheaply as it was advertised as 'for spares'. In fact, with a very small amount of work it started and I've kept it complete. A couple of small ancillaries have found their to my narrow boat....an original alternator....an original Sabb tachometer etc. It's a quandary....of course as long as I have this running spare then my own engine will never break down....the moment I sell it I will surely need it for some difficult to acquire spare part!
  6. Peter-Bullfinch

    Firing up the Sabb again.

    Yes, We had run it briefly a few minutes before. Yes, there is a leak on the exhaust manifold. There is a stud here which will need to be removed. One of the rear engine mounts has two studs stuck in. I think salt water in the past has caused small amounts of corrosion on a couple of parts which has made them hard to remove. Liberal amounts of penetrating fluid have released most fittings now. These engines are wonderful starters in my limited experience and although only 22hp quite powerful enough for a 57' boat on canals, rivers and the tidal bits we venture onto.
  7. Peter-Bullfinch

    Firing up the Sabb again.

  8. Peter-Bullfinch

    Liverpool link moorings.

    You can moor in Halsal and get the bus directly into Liverpool. Also Haskayne.
  9. Peter-Bullfinch

    Installing new battery

    If your batteries are in a relatively dry place rather than in a damper wetter location does this make a difference? We finally got our own oldish boat 12 years ago. The batteries are in the engine room under a ventilated floor cover. They smelt a bit ' rotten eggy ' so I replaced all four domestic ones then. With motorbikes and cars I have always used Vaseline but here I thought....It's a nice dry place so I won't bother. Six years on....in 2012 the same bad egg smell appeared and I thought they werent charging quite so well.....so...all four replaced again....no Vaseline applied this time either. Then we put solar panels on the boat and I sort of hoped the batteries might last a little longer. No, they haven't. Same vague bad smell eventually and so last month after another six years a new set of four have been installed. I didn't put Vaseline on again and the terminals looked reasonable on the ones I removed. I use cheap and cheerful batteries from the same large supplier ...Ribblesdale....in Preston. They supply to local authority vehicles with the same brand. One tip I was given as a youngster. When changing batteries use a spanner with electrical tape wrapped around it just in case! I add this to the discussion because I find this subject has views poles apart....
  10. Peter-Bullfinch

    First time blacking, advice needed

    We use large wire brush (cup type) on angle grinders to prepare for blacking. A light weight grinder is easier on the wrist. Don't neglect the weed hatch and it's cover. Give the welder plenty of notice if you need new anodes welding on. Try to leave 24 hours between the last coat and relaunching if you possibly can. This isn't always possible if you're paying a yard to do the work.
  11. Peter-Bullfinch

    Blacking the bottom the mew way.

    What about a few pulleys.....lots of rope... Find a big old tree overhanging the canal. Hoist your boat up and let it dangle .. Let it drip dry . Brush all the cruddy rusty barnacles off. Black it in the shade on a nice sunny day. Maybe a crate of Guiness to help the job go well.
  12. Peter-Bullfinch

    Engine Rooms

    "Heres a few pics from a boat just down the Jetty from you Peter, RH 2YDA." Which boat are you on Andy?
  13. Peter-Bullfinch

    L+L Navigation Closure

    Using over 20 cans of expanding grout foam successfully sealed the leak today. This was injected in. This point has had a small weeping leak into the tunnel under the road for years. Dollops of clay put in to seal here have worked over a long time. This is a windy stretch of the flat Lancashire plain and this winter has seen the clay slowly eroded by the constant small waves. Well done CRT for promptly sorting this and keeping disruption to a minimum for passing boats.
  14. Peter-Bullfinch

    Rivetted Construction In The Modern Day

    Steam engine boilers were riveted originally and they are high pressure steam vessels. After construction they were often left outside to rust for a few months which apparently helped the sealing process. Fred Dibnah made his own boiler for his traction engine Betsy. All done in his back garden in Bolton. All beautifully rivetted.
  15. Peter-Bullfinch

    Who is still building good narrowboat shells?

    In 1986 Colecraft built the shell of our boat and fitted it out themselves. Len Beauchamp did the joinery. It's still in really good condition and has been carefully looked by it's two owners. (Roger Wickson for the first twenty years years). Colecraft boats are certainly worth considering. They 'swim' well and have sound fit outs for the in house versions.

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