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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. ""It was on the RH side heading upstream having come out of the lift and turned left. The bankside (brick wall) was very high, rough and 'broken down', there were a number of seemingly abandoned boats tied up to it, we moored behind them. There was a small shed-like structure (elsan facilities ?) with a tap hidden away around the back. Our 175 foot hose would not reach and we needed to use our friend's two hoses to reach the tap - maybe I was exaggerating at 300ft, but it was certainly considerably longer than 200ft." I wonder if this could possibly have been either the British Waterways repair yard....or maybe the Yarwoods yard further on past Hunts Lock. Maybe a fair while ago?
  3. Somewhere to moor on the Weaver...Devil's Garden. Gate at Marsh Lock awaiting repair after a touch by the Daniel Adamson.
  4. No problems at all on the Weaver. Very gentle waterway. Water levels good. Mooring is fine...plenty of spaces. Locks are timed but reasonably so. Lock keepers all helpful and friendly. Services work. Bus connections good. Little festival of boats 17th to 24th from Middlewich, Northwich and Winsford with music at Barons Quay in Northwich. Nice and wide....you can turn everywhere. Fuel not that easy to find other than the fuel boat. Fill up perhaps before you drop down the lift. Elsan disposal at Winsford, Northwich and Sutton Bridge. Rubbish bins on a pontoon at the British Waterways yard in Northwich...use council bins otherwise.
  5. With all this talk of new signage appearing around the system there are some I really do hope are kept and not covered up. This one for example is on the wonderful Town Bridge in Northwich on the River Weaver. I'm sure you know of others that deserve saving.
  6. My remote meter (MT-5) only has two brightness levels. After any button is pressed the display lights up with a backlight. It turns off after 30 seconds. It is mounted in a shaded corner of the engine room and it's fine there. There is no menu adjustment on mine.
  7. It's an immutable fact that you never ever require the parts for which you have a spare. Yes, keep a spare alternator tucked away...you'll never need it though! I have a lovely reconditioned one and it's been quietly sitting here for 12 years now. In a moment of madness I bought a spare engine from ebay really cheaply advertised as 'spares or repair'. With a little fiddling I got it all going and I fire it up every now and again and happily let my neighbours listen to its dulcet bomp, bomp, bomp... I've never used a single part from it. Now, a while back my shower pump failed. No spare. I purchased a reconditioning kit and a new pump....yet another useful part squirrelled away. The great thing about boat owning is that we have lots of little corners to tuck away these bits and pieces. So...my advice....keep some spares....then you'll never need them.
  8. So....still no definitive answer after all this time! I Googled it and there was talk of single species of trees, ants, Formic acid and the Amazonian rain forest. The Weaver and that great river don't seem to have a huge lot in common. It's still a lovely mooring though.
  9. Crooke near Wigan on the Leeds and Liverpool
  10. About six years ago I bought a small volt meter costing around £2 ...Chinese of course. It's worked perfectly all that time. Just because it's Chinese doesn't necessarily mean it won't do just what you want. This meter gives the same reading as the Tracer display I fitted when I finally got around to installing solar panels. I'm sure a cheap hour meter is worth a punt.
  11. Tango Sierra moors at the small club marina at Barton Aqueduct on the Bridgewater....is that Worsley Cruising Club? An email to them might be a start. I think the area is called Patricroft. I always imagined the owner to be a policeman for some reason.....too much watching Z Cars I suppose....
  12. 82p per litre today at Stratford Marina today on the Bridgewater. Always a really friendly place. Very easy to pull in. He suspects though that tomorrow afternoon might be really quiet.
  13. In Ireland much of the tow path on the Grand and Royal canals is well surfaced and wide enough for maintenance vehicles. You can ride two abreast and bimble along sociably chatting. There is room for the pedestrians as you pass without them having to stumble into the undergrowth. I doubt whether over here much of our canal side paths will ever be widened like this.. In Amsterdam years back they grappled with the car and bicycle problem. Many roads in the city were made one way only for cars and the carriageway left is for bikes going often in both directions. It worked there despite huge controversy but there was a grass roots movement to try and save the lives of children and young people. Huge investment has been made in the road infrastructures ever since. Only if there is a political will for change to occur will it come about. Manchester is certainly having a go .
  14. If I've chosen the right pic then you can see the foul looking lumpy blighters here.
  15. This brown frothy sludge like matter is certainly not sewage based as far as I can see. It's all along the Leeds and Liverpool from Burscough and the Rufford branch onto Wigan and Leigh and on towards Manchester I was curious and scooped some up into a pint glass as went through a large area. It's some form of brown lumpy algae and isn't smelly. I'm sure it's being caused by the warm weather.
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