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  1. Polishing Brass

    I you buy Peek get it from Amazon Cheaper than in chandlers.
  2. More Alternator problems

    If you are going through Atherstone at any time .www.coxautomotive.co.uk/ do a 24 hour turnaround service. I had mine repaired last year they are a short walk from the canal.
  3. I was just editing to say that its not on the op's list but you beat me to it.
  4. The new Dunchurch Marina on the Oxford Canal takes widebeams
  5. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    What do you guys think of this one. https://valiantfireside.com/products/remora
  6. Most definitely with bespoke double glazing units or maybe using sealant instead of mag tape. The problem with our hopper windows is they have drain holes. I have thought to try sealing the drain holes during winter to see if it improves things.
  7. Difficult to judge but but a conservative 80% - 90%
  8. I fitted acrylic sheets with magnetic tape two winters ago, I had the sheets cut to size for me 6 hoppers and 4 discs for the portholes, I used magnetic tape to attach. I found that by serrating along one edge of the magnetic tape I could get it to bend around the discs and get a good fit. They are not a complete fix for condensation but work very well and I would now never be without secondary glazing on the windows during winter.
  9. Sofa bed

    Bought ours from www.elitefurnishings.co.uk . Not cheap but they are made for narrowboats, look good and we are very pleased with the comfort. Single guests sleep on it comfortably without having to turn it into a double.
  10. Caption Competition

    Ascending the Hatton flight.
  11. Caption Competition

  12. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Thanks for explaining that for us Chewbacka.
  13. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Ooops of course it's a britta
  14. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Not yet... thought I'd try you guys, The water is as you say crystal clear and we drink from the tap all the time. It's just the tea( we take it black without sugar) We thought it was the tea bags so changed to a different make but no improvement.. and as I say the britax jug filter gets rid of the scum!! .... very weird eh.
  15. Seagull IV Cartridge

    I have the seagull filter fitted, the water is clear without tasting of the clor tabs that we use when filling the tank, but for our cup of tea we need to put it through a britax jug filter before boiling or we end up with scum floating on top of the brew. Not sure why that would be ....any ideas? . We change the cartridge each year. 1agos