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  1. A family of otters swam across the front of our boat on the Thames (the narrow bit before Port Meadow) in Oxford... a couple of years ago.
  2. You could join RCR, engine mounts are covered on their replacement parts. I had a front one go and they replaced them both foc.
  3. My only XJ was a 3.4 auto model. Economy motoring 18mpg ! - great to drive, and those solid curves were a joy to polish. Had a couple of Jags after - XJS 3.6 and much later an S type but they weren't as nice to drive or as reliable as the old XJ6.
  4. I can count on one hand the number of boaters who have irritated me, non boaters get to me more often. I'd say 99.9% of boaters I have met are genuine friendly sorts. Almost all are happy to stop for a chat or help out a fellow boater or boat in trouble and happy to abide by the rules. As on these pages anyone with a boaty problem gets first class advise(usually) even offers to come and help out on site. It appears a few seem to find problems with fellow boaters with alarming frequency. We have been boating since the 80's, now retired on our 6th boat, CC'ing for the last 6 years and we are still enjoying every day on the water.
  5. Painted the tunnel bands. degreased the engine bay
  6. A few years ago I watched incredulously as a permanent moorer kept sticking her head out of her side hatch and shout at hire boaters to slow down. Didn't seem to matter if they were on tickover or not. Passing private boaters were left alone although most were going faster than the hirers I
  7. The lights look the same as on my boat. Put your thumbs on the glass and fingers on the outer edge of the brass coloured plastic ring and pull down with your fingers . They are very tight and will snap back on after bulb replacement. .....and congratulations..........a smart boat.
  8. If you wear reaction lens glasses you will be blind for the first 30 secs in the tunnel.
  9. We have an Indesit which works perfectly with the engine running through a mastervolt 2500 inverter, but when attached to shore power wont work at all.
  10. I have called out RCR 3 times in six years. Engine alternator replaced - foc parts and labour Broken engine mounting they replaced a pair - foc parts and labour and a throttle cable I had to pay for. I am impressed with their service so far.
  11. Labradors used to be a favourite breed but now everyone has a 'Rescue'
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