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  1. 1agos

    washing machine on board

    We have an Indesit which works perfectly with the engine running through a mastervolt 2500 inverter, but when attached to shore power wont work at all.
  2. 1agos

    Advice boat repair

    I have called out RCR 3 times in six years. Engine alternator replaced - foc parts and labour Broken engine mounting they replaced a pair - foc parts and labour and a throttle cable I had to pay for. I am impressed with their service so far.
  3. 1agos

    Beer and laptops.

    Labradors used to be a favourite breed but now everyone has a 'Rescue'
  4. 1agos

    Huawei Mifi with 2 aerial sockets??

    Has to be a data sim
  5. Changed two alternator belts.
  6. 1agos

    When do you run your engine?

    I run the engine as little as possible when moored as the solar panels don't put anything in to the battery bank when the alternator is doing its thing.
  7. 1agos

    PRM 150 needs a fitter

    Thanks Ray T I'll get in contact..
  8. Can anyone recommend a competent engineer who can swap out my mechanical gearbox and fit a PRM .which will need an oil cooler fitted too. Boat is in Stone Staffordshire. thanks in advance.
  9. 1agos

    too p or not too p

    When the second mate asks 'what are you doing' on those occasions I am aiming off boat. I always reply with 'Saving the loo'
  10. 1agos

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    I was once blinded by a boat with what looked like two car spot lights aimed dead ahead bolted to his roof . I had spots before my eyes after we passed in Braunston tunnel.
  11. 1agos


    Plenty of urban jellyfish in the cut. Had one on the prop today.
  12. 1agos

    Overwater Marina to Llangollen

    We just came off the LLangollen today (IWA volunteers worked all the Hurleston locks for us) ... there are absolutely nothing to worry about, The most scenic canal we have done todate , plenty of good moorings , there was never more than one boat in front of us waiting at locks but we were in a convoy of 5 going over the aqueduct to Trevor. There are a lot of hire boats but they were never a problem. Second time we have done this canal and can't wait to do it again.
  13. 1agos

    Well well well...

  14. 1agos

    Mi Fi WHY!!!

    I have a a three mifi that works everywhere I use it (even Spain) so far - except Lower Heyford. I also have a Three phone but there is plenty of places on the system I cant get a phone signal.

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