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  1. Anyone how much a webasto heating system would cost to install on a narrowboat supply and fit
  2. Hi everyone I am on the verge of making either the biggest mistake of my life or the best , I have watched you tube videos and get an impression life is good on a narrowboat I have not heard the nitty gritty and the hardship that this lifestyle change can bring , I’m divorced and 49 and do not want another mortgage bills bills bills and want to change my life ,I know a lot of narrowboaters have been in the same predicament through this and other situations and I would love to hear of genuine boaters of the lifestyle changes how they adapted the problems the stress the good bad and especially the ugly I know I’m going to get various comments but as new bee in the narrowboat world I would love to here from you Dan x
  3. Prefer an escape hatch !!! That’s what I’m doing escaping from the rat race lol
  4. Mmm well quality of work has to be good I’m not expecting a boat yard as they have told me they have to take engine out to do so I’ve YouTube it and saw it can be done by yourself
  5. Yes I’ve put a deposit down and finalise on the 1st feb it’s at Mercia marina but I am from Birmingham
  6. I think I want more light coming in I was thinking the same to paint white some parts but also instead of the Hudina hatch I’m thinking of opening up the side and having a side hatch but it’s down to cost
  7. I think to let more light in as it’s all port holes feels like I would be in a steel coffin as I’m making a life change I have anxiety about the change and want everything to be right if you can understand
  8. Does anyone now of a company that fits skylight hatches on a narrowboat ?
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