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  1. Hi, having done a search in case this is a problem previously resolved, I can find nothing! i have a Barrus Shire 45 (a series 5) based on the Yanmar TNE engine. The engine has always had a ‘robust’ oil pressure reading but after the extended Covid period the readings are variable from zero to ‘normal’. The low pressure warning doesn’t operate so I am pretty confident it is a sender unit issue (many hours slogging up the Thames suggests the oil pressure is just fine). Finally, my question: where do I need to look in order to find the sender unit to either clean the terminals or remove and replace. thank you
  2. I stopped making these years ago and was astonished to receive notification of a post!
  3. Ok everyone, thanks for the suggestions - all food for thought. I think I should have titled this thread ‘Excessively noisy drive train?’. It has been like it since new so I am of a mind to consider Bee’s more recent post. I guess it is ‘just how it is’! It has taken me across the Wash, down the Severn Estuary and round the Ribble link without any problem - other than the noise. I will use a listening stick to try and identify what particular component is the culprit.
  4. I will see if I can record and post the sound from the drive train. I will also photograph the set up to see if there is anything identifiable. It has been like this for 17 years and todays was the first time someone said ‘it is the gear box’. Makes sense tbh!
  5. OK, I do not have a silencer from a car breakers yard, I have a correctly specified and fitted ‘hospital silencer’! Having had it fitted the vibration from the power unit reduced very dramatically - but this is not our problem. The noise is generated when selected into gear - out of gear the noise from the engine is minimal. The ‘base engine’ is a Yanmar TNE. It noise has been like this from new.
  6. Hello fellow boaters, it has been some time since my last confession! My boat is fitted with a Barrus Shire 45 (series 4) driving a PRM gearbox. Over the years I have gone to great length to reduce the noise level of the engine but still, when cruising, the sound from the engine bay makes it all but impossible to here people on the bank side. Today, when coming down the locks on the Erewash Canal shared with another boat, the helmsman said ‘you’ve got a noisy gearbox’! Wow, with those few words I realised the source of the ‘din’. Now, I have to identify what I need to do to resolve the problem. I will try and help, firstly with the obvious: Oil and oil levels OK Hours run ‘difficult’ ‘cos the hours counter on my Shire delux panel gave up a few years ago, but not more than 7000. any other questions that might help identify why the noise exists- please ask. I will provide what answers I can and photos can be supplied.
  7. FAME free! In the last 2 weeks Ihave passed one - yes one - supplier claiming FAME free fuel. It is not something wecan be picky about, so a cleaning regime for the Morso is necessary.
  8. I have only just found this thread (and yes I know it is nigh-on 18 months). Chris, I have had a Lockgate Morso Squirrel for 15 years. Over the last couple of years I have experienced problems similar to those you first reported. Notwithstanding any leak issues etc, that you had to resolve, this is what I have discovered: when the fire has been running for 48-72 hrs, the fire will ‘die’ and whatever setting is used all that occurs is the sad orange ‘candle flame’ with copiousamounts of soot. Turn off the stove and, once cool, you will find a build up of carbon under the delivery port, it is this (I believe) that is preventing the diesel from spreading across the botton plate to burn correctly. Remove this build-up and all will be well. Why is this happening? Conjecture certainly, but I suspect that it is the ‘bio’ that is slowly being added to diesel and in a ‘drip feed’ system it is building up at the point of delivery. I could run my stove for weeks without cleaning some 5+ years ago. What to do. About every 3 days, turn the fire off and allow to cool (that bit is obvious - sorry), scrape the carbon build-up away from the delivery hole and move it across to the far side of the burner pot, use the ‘prodder’ to clear the delivery hole (the stainless steel device). When you have repeated this 3 or 4 times, it is necessary to do a more thorough clean and remove all the scraped carbon from the burner pot. Thats it! Frustrating but unless you can source domestic red without any bio additive then that is the procedure. As an aside, my stove is at the front of the boat and I have a demand pump feeding the fuel from the tank at the rear. Chris, this may not be of use to you, but perhaps others might find it useful.
  9. Howard, collisions and swearing are, most definately, NOT part of our itinerary. We leave that to other TV primadonnas.
  10. Scholar Gypsy, thanks for the offer, our navigator is off visiting Upwell church. When she returns I will obtain an itinerary and let you know. Moored in Upwell at the moment.
  11. To be honest I am not at all sure. We are travelling to the Bedford River festival and doing as much of the ‘bits’ of this area as we can. We have our ‘flag officer - navigation’ sorting the route just now, although busy sorting their boat as an Anglian TV film crew are travelling with them this morning. The following is the link but it is only available until this evening - scroll forward to about 22mins and 50 seconds. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b7mdgs/look-east-west-evening-news-28062018
  12. Athy, 5 of our boats will be in your area today, we are presently a bit scattered due to the mooring situation. Two boats are your side of March, I am near Fox’s boat yard and the final pair are in Wittelsey. We are scheduled to lock through tomorrow (Saturday) so may well ‘overnight’ near you.
  13. I havn’t the faintest idea how to put something on youtube - sorry.
  14. A couple more photos, this time, of the break we had on the sandbank.
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