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  1. Doesn’t Matthew look all grown up. We got a granddaughter much to our delight. Lovely to hear your news.
  2. I think the reason the hotel boat can’t get past the bridge is not because of the bridge but because there is a rather large boat moored just in front of the bridge. It really is quite an obstruction.
  3. Here you are then MP, I’ll say Farmers Bridge. Easy to use, a bit of variety and a trip to the PO Vaults and/or the Wellie at the top.
  4. We reported dumped tyres up Garrison to CaRT back at the end of May.
  5. I think it’s Kenney Everett.
  6. I don’t mind things being different but I do mind them not working due to lack of basic maintainance. Why do you think working boatmen would tolerate this any more than boaters now.
  7. i don’t think the HNC is fit for purpose. Some paddle gear hadn’t seen any lubrication for a long, long time making them not only difficult to wind up but difficult to wind down. No danger of dropping them and they made the anti vandal locks look a bit redundant. Then as you come down from the summit into Huddersfield, the type of key changes. I’m going to get shouted at for saying this but I would rather they spent money in keeping other parts of the system working than spending it on that canal.
  8. Elderly gentlemen always welcone
  9. If only he could fix all the leaks by putting his finger over them. Ryders Green now done. Off to Perry Barr. 1st trip down the weed hatch. ?
  10. Red wharf approaching starting point. Breakfast was a priority today! Think we have Firefly behind us.
  11. We are moving. Tonight Cranfleet cut, tomorrow Burton. It has been beautiful out on the river.
  12. Where do I start? I nearly gave up boating yesterday. The only good thing has been the people we have encountered who have all, with the exception of one fisherman, been lovely. One day when I’ve recovered I’ll come back and do it again. On foot without a boat.
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