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  1. Sounds as though you are looking for an excuse to stay put. Continuous cruising means just that.
  2. We are being advised to avoid all non esential contact. I will be doing that. I wonder if your examiner is up to speed on safety rules.
  3. It is two months. I got the email. I dont see why CRT cannot postpone Boat Safety three months.
  4. I wonder why they no longer publish the moorings prices of all their marinas as BWML used to do?
  5. Thanks for the offer Dave but I am a bit far away on the Lncater Canel. Will buy some now I know the colour. Thanks again. Mike
  6. I would like to buy green paint for my Beta. I have used car body paint in the past and it's fine. No need for special engine paints. Anyone know the paint number. Thanks.
  7. Talking of the aging population I often wonder why the Royal Family all seem to live so bloody long. Is it because they eat better than we do, have better medical care, or because they only work for three days a week for three months of the year, and spend the rest of the year in healthy outdoor pursuits on their Scottish estates.
  8. Just thinking back to when the basic rate of tax was 35%. Think it was under Harrold Wilson.
  9. Well done. No one I know wants benefits, but for some such as pensioners who did not have the chance to build up a pension pot there is no alternative. Once again well done.
  10. So you think it's a handout do you. Did you ever claim Child Benefit for 16 years for each child? Was that a handout?
  11. The only people I know who claim housing benefit for a mooring are OAPs on basic state pension and one disabled lady. If these people who receive around half of their mooring rent did not receive this they would be in private rented accommodation where they would get all or most of the rent paid, thereby filling the pockets of those who invest in buy to let property.
  12. In fact the ruling is being applied to all CRT licenses whether or not the claimant has a mooring or is a CC.
  13. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5b5852af40f0b6338b116dc6/CH_2234_2017-00.pdf As a result of the Upper Tribunal decision, Housing Benefit is no longer payable for your CRT license. I understand that this will take effect at the annual review of each individual claimant but rest assured it is ending. The link will take you to the Upper Tribunals decision.
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