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  1. Not sure I’ll have time to collect all the list, but I’ll do my best and pick up the rest en route! Was given some Nicholson guides from about 30yrs ago, but I guess they’ve moved on some since then? So I’d better buy new I guess.
  2. Not one that I saw, but I must admit I didn’t look through all posts, so I’m grateful all replies.
  3. Thanks all, I’ve put beer on the top of the list, as you mentioned it twice.
  4. Thank you, not sure what they class a full cruising kit, but I’ve asked for an inventory, and there’s chandlery on the pickup marina, I was more concerned about anything I need to buy from CRT, are those two keys all that’s required from them?
  5. Evening all, we’re soon to embark on our first cruise as boat owners want to be sure we have everything we need for the trip. The boat has I’m told a full kit, but what do I need in the way of keys etc? I know waterways key and handcuff key are essential, is there anything else we’re likely to need? We’re planning on using the North Oxford/Trent and Mersey/Bridgewater and Leeds Liverpool. Thanking you as always!
  6. Had a chat with him thanks, very helpful.
  7. Thanks for list, very good! I especially like No10 which I have begun to practice even prior to ownership 😏 Would if I could figure out how to do that!
  8. I’m having a full survey done, hopefully it will go through ok, but you never know do you. Then I could be looking for a Gardner or Lister manual.
  9. Hi all, anyone know where I could get a manual for a RN dm3 please? I realise the RN register is probably the best place to look, bu I am in the process of buying one, and don’t want to join until the sale has completed, hopefully in a couple of weeks.
  10. I said that without pressing a key! 😁 Thanks to all as usual for the helpful responses, 🤞for a good result on the pre purchase survey and I’m on my way! Anyone any opinions on good/bad insurance and breakdown cover? I’m pretty handy and can fix a lot of stuff, but I’m told breakdown cover is a must.
  11. Hi all, purchase of my first boat is progressing, awaiting survey currently. Will need to move her from North Oxford canal to Lancashire once completed, and I’m told CRT can grant a pass to allow this in these troubled times. Anyone know if this possible, and how difficult it would be with the locks etc not being used for some time? I have enquired of CRT but no response yet.
  12. Do you need to declare Drought to CRT prior to booking passage? As I’m sure it states 27” But many seem to done it with considerably more. Thanks for tip about earlier in the year, I was wondering why Savick brook wasn’t dredged more. I haven’t even got what will be my first boat yet, and will need to gain a little savvy before attempting the Ribble. I intend using a marina in Scarisbrick or Rufford initially, and as the boat lies on the North Oxford at the moment, I’ll likely pick up a bit of experience on her maiden voyage!😳
  13. Hi all, we’re in the process of buying our first boat (offer accepted subject to survey), which is an RN engined tug. Have always wanted to do the Ribble link, but a bit of research lately revealed a maximum draft of I think 27”, our boat draws 30”! Anyone done it with a draw of 30” or more, and is there an optimum time of year for maximum depth? Thanking you in anticipation
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