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  1. Does that mean they float? That’s a blessing at least.
  2. Thanks, I’ll give them call.
  3. Saw them yesterday at the Shady Oak, didn’t think to ask, but I don’t want a black one, and the Manila’s seem to be a bit harder to come by. I’ll text them. Thanks Keith
  4. Based near Northwich, currently heading toward Chester.
  5. Hi, looking to buy a Manila rope vee fender and looking for recommendations please. There’s a few on line, and blackpigfenders one looks the part to my inexperienced eyes but is quite expensive. thanks, Keith.
  6. Moving on a bit now! Pity they can’t move Morrisons!
  7. Thanks all, I’m going to take it into a hydraulic supplier so they can tell me what I need and hopefully sell me it.
  8. Thanks for the helpful responses! Maybe I should have checked for predictive text before sending, but I think most people would know sewage was actually swage. Tony, what you described as you see is what I have, and the pipe you sent the link for would work, but want to use copper. I’m thinking the thread shown is metric?, as it’s 16mm in diameter and has 18tpi, and the tube I have I’ve now measured and is 3/8”, so a couple of 3/8” flare nuts will do that, it’s just the adaptor I need.
  9. Hi, can someone tell me the name of the connector I need to connect a remote gauge to my engine please. Gauge has a parallel thread and needs a copper washer for the connector female and a flare male on the other end. I intend to use a piece of imperial copper tube I have to complete the install, and I have a flare/sewage kit. Not sure of thread sizes, maybe M16 on the gauge end. Thanks.
  10. 1500rpm it will probably be, but I bet the 3000rpm is quieter than my engine at 200rpm, more annoying though. Thanks all, I’m a step further towards a fixed diesel genny I think, I’ll start looking at possible options.
  11. Had the Paguro long, has it done much work? You’re obviously happy with it. I’ll do some research on the various choices, but that’s the size and type I’ll be looking for. How do they sound from outside?
  12. Have 500W and planning on adding another 100W, which does quite well, in summer I can go 3/4 days without running, but my batteries (3x210Ah AGM’s are over 7 years old now, so probably showing signs of deterioration, and are on my shopping list to change also. My thinking is, good batteries, solar and generator and I’m bombproof!
  13. The Honda would definitely be off boat, and the diesel fully installed inboard. Diesel as you say the far better option, been looking at Fischer Panda, but think I’ve a few options, 4/5KW would be a nice substitute for shoreline, and save from running the old lady just to charge batteries! My other half says go diesel, but I’m just tight I think. Amybody running that size of inboard genny?
  14. Hi David, yes have auto changeover of the two inputs, thanks for the observation though. Thanks Nick, was pretty sure that was the case with the Mastervolt, I’ll look into the earthing arrangements before connection. I was considering a built in diesel genny, and still may go that route, as I have space for one in my engine room, it’s just the price difference that’s a bit heavy. Thanks to all for the responses. Keith
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