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  1. That’s the very item! Thank you. Aquafax don’t deal with the general public, but I will request one through one of their suppliers. Keith
  2. Hi Tracy, that is pretty close, key hole and knob in wrong place unfortunately, plus I’d probably need to apply for a mortgage to buy it. Funnily enough I had the idea of a refurbished lock myself this morning, the old one had to be drilled out, so has a bit of damage internally, but spoke to a local locksmith this morning, and I’m dropping in to him tomorrow ?. Thanks for the suggestion. Keith
  3. Yes tried Mel, he remembered my boat, but he didn’t do the fit out, it was Lyons, and they’re no longer in business I understand. Can’t use horizontals, as they fit on to a narrow section of oak. one is rear doors and two are either side of my bathroom, what I may have to do is swap one onto the rear doors and source two for the bathroom, that way I have a spare.
  4. That’s it! Seen anything like it?
  5. Hi, have 3 upright right hand brass rim locks on my boat, about 4” x 2” and completely devoid of any markings at all. One has worn out and I’d like a matching replacement, but can’t find one anywhere, any ideas anyone? Boat was built by Mel Davis and fitted out by Lyons. Nearest I can find is a much smaller one from a chandlers for £201!, mad price for a plain no nonsense lock, even if it is brass. Keith
  6. Morning all, have currently “ on loan” an original D series and a RD1/DX1 manual, plus some odds and sods of bigger drawings, but living on my boat and no longer in gainful employment, I’m lacking the means to copy any information I want, so I’m jotting down stuff long hand. I have a photocopied A5 manual for my DM3, but it is quite indistinct in places, and was wondering are the register manuals copies of copies, as the original is far clearer, albeit well thumbed? Keith.
  7. Hi, can anyone help please? Have a fairly new Combimaster and have very recently installed 500W of solar. New installation is working fine, showing batteries coming up to 100% pretty quickly then maintaining throughout the day, dropping to maybe 90% overnight. Problem is my Combimaster panel slowly dropped to 85% and won’t charge the deficit, even though I’m connected to mains power! I’ve a feeling it’s something in the settings between the two systems, but I’ve tried disconnecting the solar completely and it still doesn’t charge. Keith
  8. Panels are easily flexible enough for my roof contour, good to know you find 400W adequate, I’ve gone for 500 initially, but expect to go up another 100 if the series only connection doesn’t work out. Had seen a vlog about the corrugated panels, and may try that if I can do it neatly enough.
  9. Hi Daniel, they are easily flexible enough to follow the roof contour, and I was thinking of mounting them on thick beads of Sikaflex to give them a slight air gap, but still open to suggestions for this. Hate the look of the framed ones, so I’d no choice really. Went for Renogy panels, which is up there with the top reviews, and I’ve bought a 60A mppt controller of theirs, which I’m very impressed with, wasn’t cheap mind. Just waiting for a couple of cables to my batteries and two fuses, then it’s install time. All this sun I’m missing out on ? Keith
  10. Understand what you’re saying about odd numbers in parallel, my 5 100w panels in series gives me an optimum 5a at 100v pressure, 4 connected series/parallel 10a @ 40v, but connecting the 5th in parallel would do nothing, and in series 5A @ 60v. Think I’ll either just connect 4 panels to start, and try to squeeze another 2 in later, or try my all in series plan to start, with a view to adding a 6th and rewiring later. Controller i’m getting will handle any of the above configurations, and rewiring is quite simple. Thanks for the responses. Keith
  11. Hi N, thanks for the reply. I was aware of the shortcomings of flat mounts, but don’t like the framed tilty ones, so I’ll have to live with the shortfalls. My five panels will be mounted all in the same area of my boat , so from what you say series would be acceptable. Controller I’m about ready to order is 150v max and 60A output, and my calculations say 110v 5A in and 12v 42A out, so it allows me a little for expansion if required.. Thanks again Keith
  12. Hi all, I know this has probably been done to death, but I have hatched a cunning plan to install my own solar array, and just wondered if any of you could see any obvious pitfalls in my plan. I’ve decided upon 500w from 5off 100w flexible panels, mainly for aesthetic and available space reasons, and my preference would be to wire them in series to a 60A MPPT charge controller. I know some installations have a parallel setup, or even a combination of series/parallel, and it’s mainly this I’m puzzling over. I already have 5off Renogy panels, and I’m considering their controller, anyone recommend a better choice? Keith
  13. Callum is 28 this year, so very elderly for a very big horse, so I don’t think he’ll be moving again. Also my wife is still working, although not for much longer hopefully. We were planning on becoming continuous cruisers when free to do so.
  14. Really wanted to get away from the L&L, spent a month at Scarisbrick then moved up to Rufford where I am currently. Having said that, with the stoppage may look at the one at Adlington until it reopens.
  15. Hi all, thanks as ever for the replies, hadn’t seen the land slip stoppage, and that has thrown a serious spanner in the works. I’d love to go the long way around but have commitments unfortunately. Acton bridge is still a prospect, so will give that a look. Keith Sorry, think I posted this in the vintage engine section, as that’s where I am mostly.
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