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NB Lola

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  1. NB Lola

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Interesting proposal. I see this as potentially also related to towpath cycling and feel it is, from that perspective, a step to far. So far as road cycling and having experienced the London experience, many times in my life as a driver, this could not come too soon.
  2. NB Lola

    Restaurants near Coventry

    Or, My Dhabba
  3. NB Lola

    Restaurants near Coventry

    Ristorante Da Vinci
  4. NB Lola

    Restaurants near Coventry

    What type of food? English, Italian, Indian, Bangladeshi etc?
  5. NB Lola

    Unlicensed boat?

    It’s very revealing
  6. NB Lola

    Unlicensed boat?

    Clearly it’s a home game, home team always has the advantage
  7. NB Lola

    Unlicensed boat?

    Before you posted, why did you not use the boat licence checker? https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/licensing/boat-check a playful but deceitful dig that does you no credit.
  8. NB Lola


    Thanks. Ten days in Malta then searching for a training contract (LPC)
  9. NB Lola


    Just went to my eldest daughters graduation at University of Bristol who was awarded a, with honours, LLB. Very proud moment. just wanted to share.
  10. NB Lola

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    We are all for free speech. However, free speech through the use of inappropriate language is not acceptable. Please play nicely.
  11. NB Lola

    CRT licence

  12. NB Lola

    Tardebigge Flight

    So love a minuet
  13. NB Lola

    hot water for shower and sink

    I use two options. I have a Webasto diesel heater which heats hot water via the calorifier and radiator heating. When motoring I use the engine to heat calorifier.
  14. NB Lola

    You don't see this every day:

    Interesting. Great shot!
  15. NB Lola

    Captains Perch, seat

    I use a foldable breakfast high chair, similar health problem, works a treat.

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