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  1. If there are no objections, I will pin this once complete
  2. Chin up, we are all here to help, in one way or another. Let’s see how Tony gets on first.
  3. NB Lola

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    I have the canaline 42, goes like a rocket, should have got the 38 but I liked the 42 panel. On a serious note, I have had the 42 for 8 years and the only issue was needing to replace the cheap Chinese alternator. No overheating, new properly sized external skin tank helps, servicing it is almost a pleasure for whomever I get to do it. I am too busy being retired. I also added a hospital silencer and put noise limiting material around the engine ole. Would I buy it again if ever needed (even though highly unlikely at this time)? No doubt.
  4. NB Lola

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Kioti = canaline
  5. NB Lola

    Boat break in(s) Shebdon

    Sorry to hear that Nev
  6. Canoe licensing by the foot?
  7. We got any helpers in west London area who could “help”?
  8. The post references the use of a multimeter
  9. There is a canalworld member, NMEA, who is well regarded IRO heating etc
  10. NB Lola

    Webasto header tank

    Apols fibre glass
  11. NB Lola

    Webasto header tank

    Yeah, make your own, dead easy using glass as in 501
  12. NB Lola

    Automatic Squirrel

    Paint it red
  13. NB Lola

    Automatic Squirrel

    Ok, you need a live squirrel. Put a Harness on the squirrel and tie a string to the harness. Wind the string around the vent, having first wrapped a friction band around the vent. Buy some peanut butter and some automatic dog feeders with remote control. Add peanut butter to each feeder. Every time you want the vent opening more, use the remote control to open a feeder pouch which is a few inches away from the previous one.

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