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NB Lola

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  1. NB Lola

    Eberspacher starts then stops

    Fuel issues?
  2. NB Lola

    Six Nations

    But nice
  3. NB Lola


    Looks fine. I have brolly mate too and a brolly is a brolly bar them flimsy little things.
  4. NB Lola

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    Had that deal for at least 2 years, it’s class.
  5. NB Lola

    New deck boards

    We had ours done at Willington, including sound proofing, good job.
  6. NB Lola

    New Canaline engine problems

    Not to me. We have had canaline 42 for 8 years and it goes like it should and can do 2500 no probs on rivers. Brilliant engine, no issues.
  7. NB Lola

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    All, i truly apologise for my for my lack of thought, consideration and inability to rise above. I also apologise for my lack of control, unexpected and alas wrong. i cannot find any words of defence and will not try to do so, sorry.
  8. NB Lola

    Bathroom advice

    We fitted a standard cook and Lewis shower from B &Q with a gulper. Works fine.
  9. NB Lola

    Brexit 2019

    The stark reality, no change
  10. NB Lola

    Brexit 2019

    Apols, credible should mean having a chance of being agreed with the EU
  11. NB Lola

    Brexit 2019

    I think we are concentrating more on who is what rather than how do we get out of the mess we are in. Whether you are a leaver or remainer is less important than how our politicians resolve the problem caused by themselves/EU negotiators/ politicians. Why the PM agreed a plan which she knew would be rejected by the DUP is beyond me. Why Labour rubbish the deal without coming up with a credible alternative is also beyond me. what we now need is a cross party team to fix or accept our fate with a no deal brexit, the latter is clearly unpalatable when one considers trade between uk and EU but maybe the only way ahead. If a second vote is called I believe our politicians are failing us (we pay them lots and give them free tv licences to represent us), and that will become evident at the next general election, or not. Why do I feel we are walking into the Italian situation, no clear government mandate for year after year.
  12. NB Lola

    Graceless and contemptuous modding

    Like you, I am fallible and recognise the need to accept deviation at times ( Like you!)
  13. NB Lola

    Water Pressure Pump Thuds

    Air lock somewhere?

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