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  1. Best give Engines Plus a call 01452 729707.
  2. I have provided perfectly good evidence surrounding photos, the reading link is wholly supported by me as an adequate description, why I should elucidate further I know not and will not.
  3. My second message made it clear, search my name and recognise I am not “blustering” or just go quiet.
  4. All I can say is lol. I have sent you a pm. Please do not share the personal data therein save to apologise publicly on his forum without releasing my name.
  5. It’s a shame you did not read the links which answer your question far more eloquently than I, added to the fact that you are well known for never accepting when you are beaten. There was no rudeness, just the clarity you sought when you asked for evidence of my position. Evidence provided. Try also searching Ibrahim Hassan, a well respected leader in this field. sadly I will not be providing you with my name, I value my privacy!
  6. https://www.reading.ac.uk/internal/imps/DataProtection/DataProtectionRequirements/imps-d-p-photographic.aspx will also help
  7. That Data Protection Act 1998 and the predecessor is well known to be a woeful piece of legislation given it is built from 95/46/EC and GDPR is not much better, nor is the new DP Act, in my opinion. Application in practice and direct experience provides the ability to help the minefield it creates. I have some 30 years, pray, how many do you have? The definition of personal data and breach is pretty well covered on the ICO site. Given you have such difficulty in understanding I suggest you start there. Then, after that start reading through the myriad of case history. When you are up to speed at that point, we can duel again.
  8. See post 19, no exclamation mark needed.
  9. On this basis there is no breach unless an individual complains. However, the press has an exemption for journalistic purposes. section 32 I believe
  10. So long as the photograph of a person is incidental, it’s different if they are the focus and they can be identified from the shot taken or with other information added
  11. You may be wrong, see EU v Lindqvist
  12. It all depends on the purpose and value of the requests. Are your requests genuine? Are you seeking to hold CRT to account? Or are you asking frivolous questions designed to frustrate CRT and cause administrative difficulty. They are are obliged to consider your requests but if you are digging without purpose you are wasting our licence payments. If you get genuine value....
  13. NB Lola

    Webasto or Espacher

    Hiya, I have a Webasto Thermotop C and cannot complain. Easy to install and simple to maintain/ignore. Paul
  14. NB Lola

    Should I buy a narrowboat

    Nope, bugger too late!

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