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  1. Makes little difference but I tend to go anti-clockwise, the logic being I believe most would choose clockwise. No science to this!
  2. My lock safety alarm 🤓🤓🤓 On a more serious note, I can see some hire companies being interested
  3. We have a charcoal filter in line with vent, no smells there either.
  4. Empty it and fill again during the rinse and empty again then add enough water to cover the smelly base and then add odorless. If that does not work, replace the lot with a steel tank and a macerator unit. We did and no more smells.
  5. I did see a narrowboat where they slid part of the roof back, erected a tent which covered the hole and added a bedroom above the boat. Last I saw it was near tixall wide but that was last season.
  6. Mile, thread is locked and the reason shown.
  7. Sorry, this thread needs permission as it’s political.
  8. Aqua Narrowboats UK LtdThe Boat HouseTomlinson Business ParkWoodyard LaneFostonDerbyshireDE65 5BU hire base is now Barton Turns
  9. We had same problem and removed the tank. We then fitted a jabsco macerating toilet with a tank under the bed. Problem solved, no smells and still a pump out.
  10. Sorry all, political threads need prior approval, try the brexit thread.
  11. Laura, just sent you a personal message (PM).
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