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  1. No Forum

    Mystified, never even noticed
  2. Never get anything on the prop again!

    A duvet will soon stop it.
  3. Boat Hire Legal Question

    How much did it impact on your hiring? 10% 30% 50% etc I do wonder from your posts what your motive is tbh. Boats and hiring come with issues and delay. I hired for many years before buying and issues did occur, but I would be interested in what you were expecting as a hirer rather than a litigant.
  4. It’s an unusual job so the insurers are going back to the underwriters, not unusual.
  5. I would look for a marina without onsite engineering. That will get you started if onsite is allowed. Failing that get the insurance sorted and come and do some jobs for me. I am too busy to do many myself so I need batteries changing, engine service, front cratch seats making, some electrics sorting some fixing of sorts, etc etc. After following your work PM me if you can get to near Great Haywood.
  6. Boaters please dispose of your rubbish

    Whoever does is is unlikely to stop, whether they be hobby boaters, liveaboards, or just towpath visitors. Labelling won’t solve the problem, a nice few pictures of the miscreants is a much better idea.
  7. Hull questions

    I guess, only guess, they put water into it and look for leaks or they trust the welder, good question though
  8. Six Nations

    Words are not necessary But, nice flag Phil
  9. How many?

    I suppose the best way to attempt an accurate answer is to foi CRT but that would purely nosey indulgence and cost much needed resource.
  10. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Welcome, you will be treated to applause, ridicule, complacency and I hope many laughs and great advice- Mr Trump may lack the last bit (or not!).
  11. How many?

    Nah, means taking my socks off.
  12. How many?

  13. Here we go again

    Don’t worry Dave, many here suffer from that without the benefit of drugs!
  14. The Word Game V2:0

  15. Diesel Problem

    If your in a marina, call an engineer. If your not,call an engineer. It’s a yuck job if you don’t have the necessary bits and if your not spanner minded you defo need help. If a member is near who knows stuff then...... where are you moored?