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  1. poor grasp of the English language? perhaps he was a Geordie.
  2. or if you put 100A through it for an hour or so. with the cables kept warm under a blanket! PS: don't try this at home.
  3. I don't believe cable can be described as articulated. Pythons can be reticulated. Cold places tend to be in the Arctic. But artics are best kept in the inside lane of the motorway.
  4. Hard to believe that the whole electrical system was so vulnerable to a fire in a control board. In my experience (oil and gas installations - pumping, storage, safety systems, etc.) it would be designed such that there was sufficient redundancy that a single fire would not shut down all the main power. I fondly imagined that passenger vessels would have at least the same level of redundancy for all components of the system.
  5. ah!! .......................... (you should know) .........................
  6. nobody is suggesting that lifeboats are easy to launch in difficult conditions. My response was to your implication (possibly mistakenly interpreted) that there is no alternative to helicopter evacuation of a stricken ship. Perhaps you should also bear in mind that the wind was not particularly strong (reported as 38 knots); it will be very difficult and dangerous to attempt evacuation by helicopter in extreme weather conditions. Your extensive explanation of the problems faced by a relatively unskilled crew if they are required to man the lifeboats may be valid - but one could question why the international maritime standards do not insist on better arrangements. Whoever wrote the standards certainly did not assume that helicopters would be able to assist. In the interests of saving lives at sea, perhaps you should petition the IMO if you feel the existing requirements are inadequate or unworkable.
  7. I never mentioned 'foreign leaders'. IMHO opinion and attitudes are (or should be) crafted by the ordinary people, the multitude of whom are vastly more important than a leader who may be here today and gone tomorrow. To quote you - any fule knows that the simpler a language can be made, the easier it will be to learn. I'm not pretending that it is an easy language to learn, but Ataturk showed the way when he created modern Turkey: he rejected the old Arabic script, and required all Turkish words to be spelt phonetically in western script.
  8. ....................... and talk about the 'iron way'. .................... a language stuck in the past by constitutional decree. Thank the powers-that-be that English is an ever-evolving language..... just a shame that we are still stuck with silly spelling........ there's nothing wrong with color, nite and so on. Rationalising the spelling of English words would make it so much easier to learn as a foreign language and would encourage others to learn it - hopefully leading to better understanding in international matters.
  9. blimey ... 38 knots of wind!! just a 'fresh gale' is this one of those ridiculously shallow draft passenger vessels that seem to be fashionable these days - unable to avoid rolling like a pig if the stabilisers aren't working - which of course are ineffective if the ship is not making reasonable headway.
  10. if you sell your bricks and mortar and find canals don't work for your family, it may be very difficult to get back on the housing ladder. surely better to rent out your house and buy a cheap boat (if your finances will stretch to it) and live on it for a year or so before burning your bridges. your concept of what sort of boat, and what layout, may suit you WILL change with experience. .... don't commit a lot of money to an expensive boat until you are very sure of what you really need.
  11. in your situation, given that I would have tried living on a canal boat for 2 weeks out of season (when the sun doesn't shine all day), and taking into account the needs of growing children (friends, fixed location for schools and security) I would only consider a marina mooring (at a marina where living aboard is tolerated, permitted or just blind-eyed - chat to some marina dwellers at the chosen location to test the waters) at least for a year or two until I had worked out a way to manage on a mooring at the side of the canal.
  12. we always used to say 'two times as strong' which is unambiguous. I reckon that 'two times stronger' is the product of the advertising fraud industry trying to exaggerate and confuse. ...... and what does 'the number one toothpaste recommended by dentists' mean?
  13. AFAIK a halt is like a request stop for buses. ... or the popular use of the expression 'the population was decimated' which actually should refer to it being reduced by just 10%..
  14. have you never been two-timed ?
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