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  1. when I worked in construction the type of stepladder in the photo would have been described as cheaply made and for household use only (for changing light bulbs and for use by short housewives to dust the top of doors) and would have been confiscated by the site safety officer. I would love to see CRT's safety risk assessment for the activity of fixing a sign to a post.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. you are really good at confusing apples with spacecraft. twit !
  4. why don't you read and try to comprehend the post. where does it say that the boater was aware that he was sharing the lock with wildlife? you are demonstrating that in reality you are the nasty one - too quick to judge and to ready to condemn on flimsy evidence.
  5. Jen, please consider if counting molecules in the air trapped in your boat really is a worthwhile activity, speshully now the boating season is upon us. Is that an approximation or have you made rigorous checks including the air spaces behind the panelling and under the floor? ................. coat
  6. wot he sed. in my youth it was called a top end overhaul.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. doesn't the tap have a screw-on nozzle? when I moved into my flat in Abingdon Marina that had been unoccupied for years I found all the taps were gunged up with scale but I managed to remove the bits at the spout end and soak them in vinegar overnight. Job's a good'un.
  9. I see wot u did there. 😉 ............. agree entirely with the content but the avatar is bleeding offal.
  10. a bit pompous for someone who hasn't even been there. try boating between Henley and Maidenhead on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You will need both hands and feet to count how many peaked caps come out of their marinas at places like Hurley.
  11. portholes - https://www.blackcountrymetalworks.co.uk/boat-portholes.htm the size of the existing hole in the steel is the governing factor unless you want to do some serious metalworking - no of course you don't. Take one out and measure the hole.
  12. just out of interest what is the carbon footprint of the construction of a GRP hull, compared with a steel hull? there was a discussion on Radio 4 the other day and the conclusion seemed to be that an electric car had an overall larger footprint than a petrol car for a driver who keeps a car for say 10 years and has a modest mileage of say 8000 miles a year. And replacing an old petrol car that had mileage left in it given proper maintenance and repair was hugely less carbon intensive than replacing it with a new electric car. For anyone who believes in the modern trend that ageing cars should be scrapped, the TV series Wheeler Dealers should put their minds at rest. The most significant factor is the relatively recent adoption of a throw-away philosophy that is supported by anti-social ideas that growth, fashion and one-upmanship are more important than a conservative (note the small c) approach to living.
  13. kept getting a freeze on the screen and a message that t'internet ain't working. I know it's the day of rest but I expect better service, even from from the gremlins.
  14. most certainly I would but in my experience on the Thames narrowboat owners are not arrogant and "self-entitled" like the blokes wot wear peaked caps with gold braid, and love to lounge on their flying bridge looking down on the hoi-polloi.
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