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  1. 15-love to you, I suppose. as I said - point scoring.
  2. I'm not cherry picking. I'm trying to be realistic and interpret the numbers meaningfully. I am not the least bit interested in point-scoring in the current situation. If you want to say "nea-nea .... I told you so" then please go ahead, but it serves no purpose.
  3. err - the virus was always outside (human) control and, by the very nature of a highly contagious infection within a population, it will accelerate. what makes anyone think it would be otherwise? who suggested it would be otherwise? perhaps we should consider the logarithmic growth and consider if the acceleration is actually slowing. of course, because of the lag between infection and possible death, the number of deaths will continue to grow for several days/weeks after the number of new cases drops. the figures in AdE's link suggest, on the face of it that the number of new cases is indeed dropping, apparently having dropped 10% since the previous day ........ are these numbers from noon to noon? ............. here's hoping even if the daily death tolls peaks at 1,000, it will still be only a fraction of the overall daily mortality of 15,000.
  4. it's a scam innit? book a cruise and when you turn up you find it's a model floating on an infinity pool with a poster for the background. doll's house cabin and furniture.
  5. I don't think preventing infections will be helpful in the long run, unless you are prepared to lock-down for 2 years waiting for a vaccine. The UK government tacitly accepts that there will be widespread infection, but wants to limit the number of critical case at any one time to a manageable level, whilst getting the crisis over and done with ASAP. It would be tragic if the Chinese, having apparently got it well under control, suffered another huge wave of infection - but this seems inevitable as they return to normality.
  6. hmmm ..... if I removed the cooling fan belt on the mighty air-cooled engine it might work .................. but I don't think son would be too impressed. ..................... oh! and the plastic grill would get saggy and the sausages would fall off, even if I drove carefully. ....... saggy roadkill sausages - no thanks.
  7. or ........................... if everybody bought a licence then licensing enforcement measures would no longer be needed and legal action would not be brought against the non-payers. (trouble is that I have just bought a new Windows 10 'puter and all the apps are stuck in US spelling, so the screen shows spelling red-underlined mistakes where there are none).
  8. eggsellent tray at Henley or Badminton for champers and flutes.
  9. tapioca !! used to love it when it was served up as pudding at school dinners.
  10. surely any form of life that allows the virus to enter the mouth or nose will result in a positive test. The virus isn't choosy and it is only by sheer luck that it will find the right species. That doesn't mean that the dog will get infected (i.e. get ill).
  11. surprisingly the luggage rack is made of soft foam plastic with a resilient hard surface. I'm not sure that it adds much to downforce but it does look like the mutt's danglies.
  12. I wish you could convince SWMBO (she is Irish). as I am sure you are aware, the little green people live in hawthorn trees (not bushes) and if you disturb them you will have 7 years' bad luck. we had one obstructing the drive and it was coming up to Nov 5 - she managed to persuade the neighbours to remove it and burn it on their bonfire.
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