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  1. Murflynn

    Ebay scam

    ebay prices for many items may be more than the price in the local shops - but the shops don't deliver it to your door. I reckon a round trip to our local shops including B&Q costs me about £5 in petrol and if I don't find the item in stock then it was all for nowt. Anything that is not bulky, and that I do not need immediately, is purchased on Amazon or ebay.
  2. the requirements for cable sizes, fixings, etc. all derive from the BS/EN/ISO standard that you would use for RCD compliance. It is the right way to go, but as others have said, it ain't 'pulsory for BSS inspection.
  3. modern narrowboats have angle steel bottom stiffeners with the horizontal flange uppermost, with a timber (maybe 50x50mm) fixed to the top flange, to which the plywood structural floor is fixed.
  4. please stop him doing that before he eats a sleepy bee or worse - a hornet. my brother lives in Brittany and is plagued with hornets just now.
  5. 2 solar panels will not provide enough power to charge the batteries if they are required to run heavy loads like a water heater. the solar controller appears to have digital readouts. what is the V for the battery? if V is less than 12.5 when there is no load then your batteries are effectively discharged - they need to be properly charged before asking them to provide any serious power - otherwise you will reduce their life.
  6. no. just screw it in place and the job's a good'un.
  7. ............. unless the regulator is not managing to keep the pressure constant and is allowing the downstream pressure to slowly increase in the piping to the isolation valves. in such a case the tester will show gas passing when the isolation valves are opened.
  8. have you replaced the regulator? it may be such a simple problem, with an equally simple solution, at minimal cost (less than a tenner). if you have apparent leaks on all 3 lines it seems quite likely that your problem is quite simply the sudden jump in pressurisation of each line when the isolation valve is opened followed by the gradual continued pressurisation which matches your description in post 23 and Jess's in post 31, all the result of the regulator failure.
  9. Murflynn

    no earth

    Darwin will kick in one day, hopefully before progeny are produced.
  10. it could take hours (days?) for the pressure to equalise if the regulator is faulty.
  11. 'pologies Mike. The trend of the posts seemed to suggest that, but re-reading the words, you are correct. .................................... he is though, innit?
  12. For the benefit of relatively uninformed users of this forum, please could you let us know whether your knowledge and experience is practical (i.e gained in the big bad world of industry and actively following a trade) or is it theoretical (i.e. gained mainly as result of training and education)? Having 2 self-proclaimed experts (one of them at least being a practical tradesman) disagreeing and calling each other arrogant is unhelpful and leaves the reader with a distrust of technicians who specialise in domestic gas installation and testing. For the record, I am a Chartered Engineer since 1972 (civil - specialising in oil and gas (big stuff, not domestic)) who learned little of value through formal education. Almost everything useful that I learned, which led to me being repeatedly head-hunted for senior roles on major (multi-billion dollar) projects in many locations in the Middle East and Asia, was gained by working alongside experienced technicians who in general I held in high esteem.
  13. that sounds scary, but could certainly explain what may be happening. so the regulator may be at fault after all....... an easy fix even if just to eliminate this possibility.
  14. a lot of common sense here: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/politics/take-it-from-the-swiss-the-brexit-referendum-wasnt-legitimate
  15. 17 million voted to leave. about 40 million didn't. referendum ................. nonsense.
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