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  1. the most illuminating and useful thing I ever learned in Physics classes was 'dimensional analysis'. Some folk round 'ere should try it once in a while, along with nearly every journalist and TV producer who has ever had the privilege of being published.
  2. that just suggests how sloppy the electric cable industry is. I received a rigorous education at school and uni, and learned to be specific and unambiguous, (if nothing else ) ................. and I never suggested it should be "8 squared mm". ........ using that term in this context just shows how misunderstandings can happen. As you well know I said "square millimetres"......................... there is a world of difference ..... "8 squared mm" can only mean 64 (linear) millimetres, nothing else.
  3. as an engineer, I take issue with that. You can't shouldn't pronounce it phonetically if it leads to a totally incorrect meaning. I have worked in metric units since 1967 and have never heard anyone describe mm² as anything other than square millimetres.
  4. pedant alert!! 8mm squared is 64 sq,mm. AdE knows better - it should read 8sq.mm. PS: how do I do superscript on a QWERTY keyboard. PPS: is it a new fridge? seems odd that the cable ends are very short and twisted as if someone has already made a bodge of trying to make some kind of connection.
  5. I would suggest that any hole fitted with a bolt would be a possible fail, unless it was well painted over inside and out, so that it clearly becomes part of the permanent boat structure, in which case any BSS man failing it would be a churlish nit-picking twit.
  6. if you believe that leaving the EU will result in the abolition of the requirement to build consumer goods to recognised industry standards then you are in a parallel universe. if that were the case we would never be able to sell anything into Europe or any other trading area that recognises international standards (ISO's). The RCD is not just for canal boats - think dinghies, speedboats, angling boats, sailing yachts, gin palaces - they all have certification so they can be sold overseas which is probably more than half the market for many types of vessel.
  7. wouldn't this be the same as having a gas locker on a flush rear deck? there is always a risk that the wind could blow gas back into the rear door opening even if the drain holes were over the side. maybe we are over-thinking it.
  8. ........................... if the well deck drains overboard and not into an enclosed space on the boat.
  9. a neighbour living on her boat with a baby on board had an external padlock on the bow doors, always locked; baby slept in forward bedroom, boat had an aft kitchen. I asked her one day what was her plan if there was a fire in the kitchen......................... unbelievably she hadn't considered it.
  10. are those continuous cruisers? ............................. coat ..............................
  11. at the age of eight I had no skills to contribute. ..... so I carried bricks up ladders and pushed half-full barrows of concrete. unless you are seriously physically disabled you DO have something to contribute. looks like he can't afford a boundary wall either. that orange plastic stuff won't last.
  12. so the failure to manage money is hidden behind statistics about wages and house prices? what a sheltered life you must have - never learned to economise on one thing so you can afford something else. like MtB, when I was a lad my dad couldn't afford to buy a house, so we lived in a caravan on a building site for 7 years while he slaved away at work to afford the materials and when he was at home he spent every waking hour mixing concrete, laying bricks and doing most of the other building tasks.
  13. not quite. it needs an RCD certificate that can be self-certified provided: - the boat complies with the relevant BS/ISO/EN standards - you have the skills to do the structural calculations for the hull scantlings and the stability - you can produce proper technical documentation alternatively you can pay a marine surveyor to do the documentation it for you, and to advise you where the boat falls short of the requirements.
  14. if you provided it with a collar and an ID chip it may be found and returned to you. keep your fingers crossed.
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