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  1. Murflynn

    RCD Compliance

    there is no such thing as a 'template' for these documents. unless you can get a copy of a set (which even then may not be appropriate for your vessel). the owner's manual is a relatively simple document. the technical file is anything but. when I did my RCD I found that reading through the requirements made it perfectly clear what was required. if you don't find it to be clear then I politely suggest that you don't have the necessary experience in producing technical (engineering) documents.
  2. Murflynn

    RCD Compliance

    I did my own ten years ago. You should only attempt it if you are familiar with writing technical documents. IMHO 30% of the work involved is sourcing the various BS/EN/ISO standards (e.g. by downloading them from a library's computer - but beware that there is a limit on how much of any document you can print without creating copyright issues), 10% is interpreting the requirements and identifying the bits that affect you, 30% is ensuring that your work complies, and 30% is creating the documents required for the owner's manual and the technical file (the latter is required to prove how you have complied). I spent half my working life creating technical document (specifications, procedures and the like) and found it quite an effort. It is not for the faint-hearted. ....... and no, I wouldn't share my documents with anyone else because I won't be liable for any discrepancies.
  3. Murflynn

    Sticking flexible solar panels

    3years, no issues. flat, but I can't see it makes any difference. even tolerates my little boat being towed at 60mph which is like suffering a full gale for a couple of hours. each 100W panel is stuck down fully along all edges and once across the middle.
  4. Murflynn

    Sticking flexible solar panels

    I stick most things with Bondit PU18 and have yet to come across a material that doesn't stick. The bond can be broken if necessary using a long thin blade like a bread knife. My flexibles are stuck down to my polycarbonate canopy.
  5. Murflynn

    Beast from the East - possibly

    I'm scratching my bum head trying to envisage the concept of winning something on Ebay - actually you are the mug who was prepared to pay the most (often more than the market value). No criticism implied - I do it myself quite often.
  6. google boat hull stability calculations and work it out from there. without a shed-load of data that is available to you, but not us, no-one can give you the proper answer. it's all about getting the centre of gravity to coincide with the preferred centre of buoyancy.
  7. Murflynn

    ammeter reading

    what would I do without you?
  8. Murflynn

    ammeter reading

    that makes sense.
  9. Murflynn

    ammeter reading

    The battery connections are made to the negative bus and to the positive stud of the isolating switch; I believe the tapping shown on the diagram is just to make sure the supply voltage is between the stated limits. Maybe I should I treat the battery as the supply side and the MPPT controller output as the load; I guess I was over-thinking it when I did it the other way, as I described above. Would that make any difference? Why would those 2 leads be kept separate? They are connected to the same terminal, so should both be about 12.9V.
  10. Murflynn

    ammeter reading

    the multiple photos include, if you scroll right, 3 options for wiring. I used option 2 with the 'device' being the battery bank and the 'battery power supply' being the solar panels.
  11. Murflynn

    ammeter reading

    I have just transferred my 300W solar system to the new boat. I have one of these to monitor the output from the Victron 75/15 mppt controller ... https://www.droking.com/2in1-digital-voltmeter-ammeter-dc-100v-50a-digital-tester-red-led-display-volt-amp-meter-dc-6v-12v-24v-voltage-monitor-with-shunt-resistance it has been wired up as shown on the website. previously the set up worked fine. in the new boat, with bright cloudy skies, the ammeter is reading and 14A, but a check using the clamp meter shows 0.33A which is about what I would expect. (the voltmeter is at 12.9V). so a discrepancy of x40 .................................... any ideas?
  12. Murflynn

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    of course it can be used on boats. emulsion paint can be used to paint a car. paper can be used to make a tent. you don't ask anyone who says otherwise to prove their case...................... it's just plain obvious. the operative word in each case is SHOULD NOT. I would be wary of an architect's expertise in fitting out a boat. he probably has no more knowledge of boats than the average DIY bloke.
  13. Murflynn

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    don't know why the RCD regulations have been introduced into this discussion. The 5 year rule applies to new builds. The OP has mentioned the 'previous owner'. RCD is more about documentation proving compliance with suitable standards, which I don't believe mention materials used for internal partitions, except that ANY materials or equipment used in any new boat should be CE marked and traceable. However I am amazed that the OP appears to remain convinced that plasterboard is suitable for a boat.
  14. Murflynn

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    did everybody have to get the movers in?
  15. Murflynn

    Tidal lagoon Project Offered £200m by Welsh Government

    it's already full of silt. twice a day you can see mud nearly across the whole width of the estuary at the Severn Crossing. mysteriously the mud all disappears twice a day and it's just water from one side to the other. ................. but I'm looking at it from the south-eastern perspective in the mother country. is it the same when observed from the colony?

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