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  1. Metric stupidity

    and for lining the food waste bin. ........................ oh, and for masking the car body when I get out the spray paint to fix a scratch. I have to pick up the local property free newspaper from an estate agents shop, and then remove the staples, 'cos I'm too tight to pay for a load of rubbish.
  2. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    one could draw the conclusion that the nerve agent attack was all Britain's fault because of incompetence and inattention....... well, some one or two could. the remainder understand who is really to blame to blame. PS : it may have been fiction, but the recent TV thriller 'McMafia' should be compulsory viewing.
  3. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    ............... and the media is only now drawing attention to the number of Russian exiled oligarchs who have died in mysterious circumstances in the UK over the past few years, that we were not previously generally aware of, and whose deaths perhaps didn't give Putin the kudos he lusts after and which he considers he needs to remain in control as the leader of the Russian 'Bear'.
  4. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    you're missing the point. you said "I'm really not buying into Russia having done this, not unless you count a (KGB?) individual who's gone off the rails as a country representative" , which in common usage implies that you personally don't believe it is likely. .................. which may be the case, but if it is then you must be particularly narrow-minded and biased. Did I say that you do appear to be cabbagey-looking? .... NO. ....................... Lighten up, why don't you?
  5. Metric stupidity

    and all piping used in the heavy end of the oil and gas industry (welded or flange bolted) is measured in inches. for example typically a 'joint' may be described as 12.2 metres of 48" dia. pipe with 5/8" WT.
  6. Metric stupidity

  7. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    so are you saying that you cannot believe that Putin had a motive for ordering the killing of a traitor, and would never breach an international agreement that had exchanged convicted spies? if that is the case then you really are greener than you may be cabbagey-looking. .................... unless the KGB individual you are referring to, and who has gone off the rails and is a country representative, is Putin.
  8. Direct Line

    the only claims I have made in the past 20 years, both on my wife's insurance - Domestic and General : failed fridge freezer - I made a phone call, no paperwork, no contact with my wife - AOL supplied a replacement the next day. Liverpool Victoria : car accident - I made a phone call, no paperwork, they took my word for it that I had her permission, car repaired.
  9. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    do you like Marmite? ................. as only (some) Brits like Marmite, it would be catastrophic for the country if a slow acting nerve agent was added during the bottling process. .................. or maybe not quite so catastrophic - it might solve the problems of housing shortages and traffic congestion.
  10. Metric stupidity

    my Dad made a perfect model Spitfire brooch by bending and trimming an old 1d coin during the war when he was a skilled fitter overhauling Merlin engines. He was always a bit leery that she shouldn't be seen wearing it 'cos it was illegal.
  11. A good Single Malt?

    strangely my favourite tipple which is in very short supply is £168 on Amazon, £99 on most specialist drinks suppliers and only £72 at Harrods. damn you lot - you reminded me about it and I've gone and bought a couple of bottles. the only clues - it's called whiskey and it's 16 years old.
  12. Bolts through transom

    one does wonder, but the fact is that they very astutely encouraged it to get the young scrotes addicted at an early age. ................. perhaps those masters dishing it out were already addicted to the M element and looked to vary the experience with the S element......... quite how the senior prefects who did the deed in many schools got into the mix is not so clear - unless it was a tradition for newly elected prefects to be initiated during a weekend trip to Soho.
  13. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    ehh? how did you work that out. traditionally summer is June July August. spring is March April May alternatively if you simply divide the year into winter and summer, June 21 is midsummer's day so 6 months of summer is from 21 March to 21 Sept (equinox to equinox), but meteorologists would say that the physical seasons lag by 6 weeks behind the calendar, so the weather is wintry until early May.
  14. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    however clever you think it may be, changing someone else's post and then quoting the changed post is not fair game and I would hope it is a practice that will not be copied................... shame on you.
  15. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    this kind of stuff reminds me of the supposed conspiracy when many thousands of Tory supporters were alleged to have joined the Labour party just so they could elect a buffoon as the opposition leader.