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  1. But but but electric propulsion boats don’t work.... You haven’t got sufficient range to go out for two weeks.... Yep I know boring, give it a while and all the naysayers will be jumping on this lol.
  2. What a bizarre question. I own a boat, how could possibly afford a flight to a far flung sunny destination? 🤔
  3. So the Brum levels seem to be down by at least 4 inches today. Have just spoken to a CRT worker who has just closed the valve here at the top of Tardebigge, he says he’s no idea of what’s happened... So the question is, who’s left a paddle open somewhere overnight? 🤔
  4. “The House Boat” (said wide beam) is apparently on the brokerage. Had an entertaining day on Friday watching three wide beam and one narrow boat being craned back in the water after returning from the Crick boat show.
  5. Went London late last year, we were gobsmacked at the lack of effort to securely moor boats both on the GU and most of London. I did miss MtB’s point about loose lines, but that is the crux of this thread.
  6. This is my point and also just to point out how great I am 😎 ✌️
  7. Incorrect, if moored correctly they don’t move that much.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to all the private boat owners that have gone past in the last few days, we’re moored up at bridge 35 on the Worcester Birmingham. Not many of you guys even considering slowing down for moored boats 🤦🏻‍♂️, hire boaters on the other hand in the region of 50/50 going past at tickover... Not moaning at all, I’m obviously great at mooring with the use of a spring rope, have hardly moved at all, which can’t be said about the wide beam moored on the opposite side of the cut to us, roughly about 2 foot movement backwards and forwards every time a speeding boat goes past. So yeah, bring it on. I promise I won’t run outside and shout at any of you or shake my fist 😂
  9. Early morning in Tibberton
  10. canalhippy


  11. I agree with Rob-M, been to brum many times. It’s nice and quiet there and there’s always security walking around.
  12. ? stupid me, I only glossed across the article, read it as 30mph ?
  13. First read about this 10 years ago, strange how it was said to be moving at the same speed back then... Should have done a complete 360 by now ?
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