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  1. canalhippy


  2. I agree with Rob-M, been to brum many times. It’s nice and quiet there and there’s always security walking around.
  3. 😂 stupid me, I only glossed across the article, read it as 30mph 🤫
  4. First read about this 10 years ago, strange how it was said to be moving at the same speed back then... Should have done a complete 360 by now 🤔
  5. I managed 4 hrs and 15 mins going up just before Christmas single handed a few years back, didn’t see a single sole, not even the blur of a cyclist.
  6. A bit of a generalisation there... Do you know any white people with dreads?🤔
  7. Bit boring though if you have good head of hair...
  8. Aye, you’d never believe I’ve living onboard for 6 years 😂
  9. My my... how embarrassing, seems I need fuel... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Hi all, so the Mikuni has just packed up. Control box is saying no fuel so I guess the filter has had its day... Does anyone know the best filter for this? many thanks 😁
  11. I’ve never really understood how it can be seen as cultural appropriation. I had long hair, threw away my brush and literally did nothing to my hair and this happened. Wasn’t trying to copy or appropriate anyone, just trying a little less hair maintenance.
  12. A little less known Christmas ditty. p.s I’m in the video (shameless self publicity)
  13. I don’t remember mentioning Brexit 🤔
  14. Definitely got to be the The Pogues! With Queen’s Thank God It’s Christmas coming a close second.
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