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  1. Hi....looking around at insurance cover....has anybody any experience with GJW or Collidge and Ptnrs...? We are with Collidge now and coming up t9 the first renewal...only bought our first boat last year. Cheers
  2. Oh dear..! My main concern was the fact that this last present may have been there for a little while....but hopefully we would have noticed signs of engine issues (not just the performance issues I’ve mentioned) if there had been anything.
  3. Point well made....sometimes a bit of smoke when first starting the engine but not noticed any black smoke whilst cruising...my normal attentions are focussed on how she feels, sounds and the plume in the water directly behind me.
  4. Main thing I notice was exiting locks...normally just a click in to forward drive and she nudges out...but I was having to give a bit more throttle to get her underway....should have trusted my own suspicions and checked sooner...
  5. We’re not quite that sophisticated..thankfully! Ours is a good old fashioned needle gauge Possibly...just anxiety coming from absolute inexperience...!
  6. Most probs were on the BCN...! ...but I suspect that this last batch was picked up on the GU...Leamington Spa or nearer Braunston. Turns out that the Leader of the Opposition has been keeping a gentle eye on the temp gauge which she can see from her normal position at the stern and hasn’t seen anything obvious...we’ve checked the stern gland after each and every stop and not seen any obvious sign s of trouble so hopefully we got lucky...won’t be forgetting to check the temp gauge in a hurry..??
  7. I’m guessing that if it was overheating then we’d have picked up some indications whilst cruising ?
  8. Didn’t pick up any change in engine tone...have to hang head in shame and admit to not checking the engine temperature. How would over heating manifest itself...?
  9. The wash was a short straight plume coming from the back which rather put me off the scent a bit...on the other occasions the wash has been very messy... The plastic wasn’t carrier bag type stuff...felt a bit thicker, heavier,...not a huge amount of it but enough to tangle around the propeller and some thin rope type material around the prop shaft behind. We never came to a stop of anything like that.
  10. Any advice from experienced heads...! Just returned to our marina after quite a long cruise (during which I cleared the prop of plastic 3 times), and have checked the weed hatch again today as she felt a bit sluggish for a while at the end of our trip. We’ve pulled more plastic from around the prop again today. The only real problem I picked up was that she was slower than usual, we only cruise very slowly anyway, but it worries me what damage could have been done by the engine working much harder (I guess) with all of the crap around the prop. Not sure how long it may have been there. It’s a Beta Marine 43 engine on a 58 foot narrowboat. Any thoughts, or advice appreciated.
  11. Dunworkin


    Done that already... ?
  12. Dunworkin


    That's what is happening I think... getting too close and coming in at an odd angle... ?
  13. Dunworkin


    Thanks all for the advice..
  14. Dunworkin


    That may be the problem... Locks just scattered here and there..
  15. Dunworkin


    Just as a PS to the above... are bumps and scrapes in locks something of an inevitability...?
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