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  1. We’ve had someone to measure up and there was space for the 2 semi flex panels that we originally planned....so I’m hoping that when we re measure , we should be able to fit 2 rigid panels....the roof is pretty clutter free so fingers crossed...??
  2. Thank you so much everybody who has chipped in with some information. This has been a hugely helpful exercise and has given me much to chew over and consider...many thanks...??
  3. Cheers...I wouldn’t even attempt to do the install myself, so we’ll get someone in who knows exactly what they are doing - but all of this is information we’ll need to make sure that we get the right job done...??
  4. Many thanks...that really does offer some food for thought...I feel a wee dram or 2 coming on this evening as I mull over what’s best for us....????
  5. It’s amazing isn’t it...how many different solutions other boaters have come up with....I really like the magnet idea which saves holes in the roof. Presumably though there will have to be some holes to connect the cabling between the panels and the electronic that will live in the engine room? Also, does the magnetically approach heighten the risk of theft?
  6. That helps enormously....thank you so much....??
  7. I think that the regular adjustment won’t be a deal breaker...when we are out cruising we’ll have plenty of opportunity to keep an eye out and the more I read the less attractive the semi flex panels are becoming. If i understand the advice correctly, the horizontal panels that are raised, but run parallel to the roof maybe a sound compromise? many thanks
  8. Thanks for your replies. We had originally ruled out the tilting panels on cosmetic grounds, but have been a bit bothered recently about what happens if you need a repaint on the roof, Andy what happens if they were to peel away etc. The air draft has been suggested as a major advantage of the tilting panels, but then equally people seem keen to suggest that we go down the flat, stick on route. i think that on reflection, taking in to account the “bang for your buck” argument, we may stay safe and go with the A frame mounting. We aren’t live aboard, and so will really only be loo
  9. Dear all, happy new year! Whilst not wishing to reignite any old, and much debated hot potatoes, I would appreciate the wisdom of Solomon on Solar panels. We are looking to fit solar to our 58 foot boat this spring. We’ve been advised that the semi flexible panels, glued to the roof would be the best option, but have more recently been cautioned that the best set up is one that allows air to reach both sides of the panel, suggesting the traditional A frame set up is best. I would appreciate any advise or thoughts on this as we don’t want to make a costly mis
  10. amazing isn’t it...never thought of fenders....perhaps I should also ask why the engine won’t start, but I’ve got a very nice shiny fuel tank that doesn’t smell of diesel because there is none in there....
  11. Good shout, just gave one a call and they’ve agreed to try and keep some back for me over the next eek or so...??
  12. Dear all, we we are South Wales based and trying to get hold of some old karting tyres, just to have handy should we need to moor up against anything other than Armco....even then some of that can be mighty unfriendly..! All of the karting centres I contact say that they keep their old tyres to act as barriers etc. Any thoughts or suggestions as to where I may get some old tyres...other than paying for them on eBay? Many thanks
  13. Hi....looking around at insurance cover....has anybody any experience with GJW or Collidge and Ptnrs...? We are with Collidge now and coming up t9 the first renewal...only bought our first boat last year. Cheers
  14. Oh dear..! My main concern was the fact that this last present may have been there for a little while....but hopefully we would have noticed signs of engine issues (not just the performance issues I’ve mentioned) if there had been anything.
  15. Point well made....sometimes a bit of smoke when first starting the engine but not noticed any black smoke whilst cruising...my normal attentions are focussed on how she feels, sounds and the plume in the water directly behind me.
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