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  1. The CRT side is easy to take care of in advance....it’s the local angling permit that semantics to be the issue...moor up for one night...maybe later in the day...moving on the following day....how can you buy a local permit then...at least if I e got an EA license and a wanderers permit I’ve covered the CRT.... Semantics...?....seems...🍷🍷
  2. I think that a will buy a wanderer’s permit and plead ignorance about anything else....sure the Mrs will come and visit me in the local nick....🍷🍷
  3. Cheers....🍷🍷
  4. CRT are equally as cinfused I think... See my comment just now... 🍷🍷
  5. I did a very brief on line webchat with CRT and the "person" said that as long as you are on the boat only then an EA license is all that you need.... Very confused now. How on earth do you get any other permit when you moor up for maybe one night and its nudging 5pm? Will ring CRT and see what they say.
  6. Can anybody clarify the position on fishing from a boat and not on the towpath...? I’ve heard it said that as long as you are on the boat and not on the towpath then all you need is an EA Rod licence...? Not sure if this is correct....Can anyone confirm for def’ if I’d need a CRT wanderers permit / angling club permit in addition...? If so then that seems such a fuss for spending an hour fishing after finding a suitable mooring.....? many thanks
  7. Fair comment....and much food for thought....🍷🍷
  8. To be honest Dave, it really is going to be just a big DVD player.....we don’t really intend to stick up an aerial - just grab a few box sets and play the odd one over a drink occasionally....🍷🍷
  9. Many thanks for all the replies....🍷🍷
  10. Many thanks..🍷🍷
  11. So what are the key things to look for in the tech specs...
  12. Our inverter is on anyway for a 240v fridge.....I really struggle to understand the electrics side of all this but had innocently assumed that a 12v set would be kinder to the batteries?
  13. We are looking to replace our ancient 240v Tv and also the DVD player - both on the boat when we bought it. Can anyone offer any advice on 12v / 240 v options? I can see Cello TVs with mixed reviews and also the Avtex brand which are much higher up the price scale? We can buy a really nice 240v 24” TV / DVD combo in our local high st for £200 but are concerned about the power consumption. if anyone has any thoughts or advice then much appreciated.
  14. As a new (6 months) boat owner, I was considering having solar panels fitted. Can anybody offer any advice / thoughts as to reliable / reputable installers and what I should expect to pay for 2 decent panels. We aren’t liveabaords....we had 4 new leisure batteries fitted last October but were interested in solar to boost the onboard power. We run a 240v fridge and so the Victron inverter is running 24/7. Unless of course the money is best spent on switching to a 12v fridge? Any experienced heads ho can offer advice?
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