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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts... My boat has had to have a full 8mm overplate on the base plate and the stern had to be completely rebuilt! Nothing to do with the silt it seems, just crap steel initially, and then many years of neglect before my time. I now have a non-sinking, happy boat!! And a happy boater too! Thanks again ?
  2. No, just the centre line. When she was out last year he checked along the centre as there were signs of pitting then... I blacked her myself after treating with vactan, so Im pretty sure I did a good job. Ok thanks for that... fingers crossed as I'm getting a bit stressed at the moment :o/
  3. All working, but yes have been in the Marina since Feb last year Thanks guys... it's been "pinged" with an electronic doofer (sorry, technical term evades me). My engineer said he thought it was due to the silt, but like you say, I was stunned at how much she has lost! I daren't go back to my old mooring now because at that rate I'm going to wake up one morning with no boat round me. The main loss is down the centre if that helps? Yes Tam... he does welding, engineering and surveys. I do trust him as he has an excellent reputation in Cheshire
  4. I had her out last year for blacking and she was checked over then. She's out again now for another weld by the same person, so it is accurate All working, but yes have been in the Marina since Feb last year
  5. I have just found that my base plate has deteriorated by 2.5mm over 12 months. I have the right number of anodes, but the Marina where I'm based is stilted up to the max. Does anyone know if silt would help erode the base plate please, and can I do anything about it legally?
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