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  1. It was purchased on Ebay £120, luckily can return it 14 day refund which I shall be doing, thanks to everyone who contributed about this topic/problem, in future will have to do more research before purchasing items, thanks bye
  2. I thought the fans would only come on when the inverter got warm and needed cooling and then run as normal until it required it cooling again, not be a constant running fan noise wasting power.
  3. Hello, I recently bought an Inverter, my 1st one I have owned and the question I would like answered is how long until the fans turn on to cool down the inverter, I have it connected to one of my leisure battery I have for my boat and I plugged into it a led light strip and Usb cable to charge my small tablet, after just 10 mins of use, the fans turn on and run almost constantly even though the inverter is not even warm, is this normal for it to do this ? the reading it says on the inverter is 12.40 when the fan is running. Any help or information would be appreciated Thanks, Mike.
  4. Well thanks to those who have given me info/help. Mike.
  5. Shardlow Marina looks great, will be checking out and see what they got too offer, Thanks Rick
  6. Ok, won't be mooring there then, doesn't meet my requirements lol, thanks.
  7. Is there any Marina's up north, near West Yorkshire, that don't require a licence when moored with them ?
  8. Well there not displaying it on there boats, I guess CRT could check boat reg numbers to find out
  9. Well I have seen boats moored in there that are not licenced and 2 or 3 years out of date
  10. Is Sawley Marina included or not ?
  11. Hello, I would like to know, if I moored unlicensed in a marina for a period of time (winter) could I be fined for it, I have been looking in to it and found this on Waterways World You will still need a cruising licence when you're moored in the marina - well, usually. This is stipulated in the 'Connection Agreement' that the marina signs with the navigation authority, as part of which the marina hands over a cut of your mooring fee. A few marinas (no more than 20 or 30 across the CRT system), however, have their own connections which can't be stopped up, or pre-date these agreements. If moored in one of these, you might be able to save a little money by buying short-term licences whenever you venture out. how do I find these Marina's it mentions above ?
  12. Yes I did think of th Yep lol, did think of this before posting question, never mind, forget it bye.
  13. Hello, I am about to get a narrow boat surveyed on Tues 29th by Blue Star Surveys, by Mike Boulton, do they have a good reputation as a surveyor ? Thanks in advance for any info on them, Mike.
  14. Thanks to all posters, I will take note and use advice/info given in my search for a boat, bye
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