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  1. I understand Mersey and three other boats were lifted by CRT Sec 8 from the L&L near Burscough.
  2. Depends how much further north. St Mary's Marina and Fettlers Wharf Marina on the Ruffled Branch Leeds Liverpool, literally a stone's throw from rail station with easy links to West coast mainline.
  3. Yep, go for the cheap ones. Don't run them to low, check electrolyte regularly and land line charge if poss. I bought mine from Tanya Batteries eight, yes eight years ago. They still serve my needs and I cruise about three or four hours a day then a couple of days stop over without further charging until I get back to base. Or if on a long cruise I may overnight in marina with hook up to top the batts up. If I got expensive batteries I'd be scared to death of wrecking them.
  4. You've rumbled what I'm building. Seriously it's make my own or redesign. I'll think about it over the weekend. Thanks for the links
  5. It's an extension to a piece of moving artwork, the spec for the ring (metal or hard plastic) is 56mm internal diameter, round profile cross section 3 of 4 mm. Because of the design a 'just about' internal dia won't work with project in its current form. Seems I've learnt the hard way to hear sizes are not an industry standard so I will have to rethink. Thanks for everyone's help
  6. Thanks David and Nomad, link useful but unfortunately no sizes I need. Think I'll have to rethink my project. Cheers
  7. Hope someone can help me out, I am trying without much luck to source metal (preferably polished metal s/s etc) ring with internal diameter 56mm and cross section of say 3 or 4mm. I've done the eBay and Googled but drawn a blank. Help appreciated
  8. Travelling on the Shroppie at Hurleston Junction I noticed. Series of white posts in groups of two, three and four. They on the embankment of the resovoiur dam opposite the main line towpath. Any idea what they are for? Have asked a couple of locals and long-term moorers but no luck. Satisfy my curiosity please.
  9. Handy place to stop to clear prop of local junk
  10. Need a bit of help here, what's the best way to clean cratch flexible windows. Have seen loads of expensive car hood cleaners but is there a simple method?
  11. It's the inconsistency I am complaining about , viz marinas are 'holiday accommodation' for March restrictions but not holiday accommodation for vat relief. BTW I use marinas often for overnight or longer when cruising.
  12. Just to let you know I have written to my MP pointing out the injustice. That is marinas were classed as holiday accomodation when the restrictions were imposed but not so for reduced VAT. Another inconsistency in govt management of Covid crisis. Not sure what good it will do but if others did the same it might stand a chance
  13. Thanks for the tips particularly leaving paint for a number of months. I note Craftmaster recommendations but I believe this is a polish, in my experience it brings off some of the paint as indicated by colour residue on the cloth. In other words it's doing its job by smoothing out the surface and removing swirls etc. I wouldn't fault it for a refresh/refurb but new paint needs wax not a polish. Any recommendations for a wax would be appreciated
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