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  1. plainsman

    Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    With dead slow internet connection like wot I've got you agent got time to change the auto correct,, you take what you can bet .
  2. plainsman

    Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    If you are looking for temp moorings before you shell out on CRT moorings, might be worth 'chancing your arm' and moor for free on the towpath side anywhere between Scarisbrick and Parbold. Enforcement on this stretch is vertically nonexistent.
  3. plainsman

    Polishing Brass

    Homecare Shiny Sinks cream cleaner (Tesco, Wilco etc) is less harsh and cheaper than Barkeepers Friend but still removes the worst tarnish, followed by a good metal polish does the job
  4. plainsman

    Burning out alternators

    Had the same problem with my previous boat. In my case I had a 55amp alternator, blocking diode and Stirling Alternator Controller. After tips from this forum I ditched the Sterling for an Adverc. Apparently Stirling's put a heavy load on the alternator whereas Adverc are kinder to the system. I know Sterling's work well for some folks but for me shifting away from Sterling worked
  5. plainsman

    Solicitors fees!

    You're probably right about sliding scale. My experience was for land worth about £60000 the fee was about £35. I went straight to Land Reg who talked me through it. It's just as easy for first registration. Lawyers over complicate things. In fact you don't need a solicitor, a licenced conveyancer can do the job for less than a solicitor. As you say, shop around
  6. plainsman

    Solicitors fees!

    It's less than £100. If visiting the Land Reg website make sure it's the genuine site as some sites call themselves Land Registry and charge high fees. LR site has wealth of information and scale of charges which are very low
  7. plainsman

    Solicitors fees!

    You say registered in his name, if the property is registered with the Land Registry it is a simple and cheap DIY procedure costing less than £100. If it is not reg it can still be done through the Land Registry DIY for a fraction of the solicitor costs and in the case in question does not sound very complicated. All that is need will be the last conveyance, death cert and any Probate papers and or Will, and probably marriage cert. The lady will have to prove identity in the usual way (money laundering regs). The Land Reg will give free advice over phone or visit by appointment on the process of registration etc. They really are helpful but obviously won't give any legal advice. Best of luck
  8. plainsman

    Interconnecting (5) Multiple batteries

    OK, thanks for clarifying this.Think I might change it though
  9. plainsman


    I would love to know what the point is I have missed? According to OP I am down trodden, being taken advantage of. Keep telling the wife and kids that but they ignore my bleatings Hope this isn't a suicide note!
  10. plainsman

    Interconnecting (5) Multiple batteries

    Need some help here, this is my layout, I assume it's obvious and down to me being slow but don't know where 42224 comes in or 44444 in 'the other method' (whichever that is). Is this better or worse than Smartgauge method 2 (POs in/out at batt 1 and Neg in/out at at batt 5)? As I said I got this from some other source as being an improvement on Smartgauge method 2. Help appreciated
  11. plainsman

    Interconnecting (5) Multiple batteries

    I have 70mm cables on five domestic batteries (12345) I have the in/out diagonally opposite but one battery in if that makes sense. That is the pos in/out is on battery No2 and the neg in/out on battery No 4. I think I picked up this configuration on the forum some time ago so I am not claiming credit.
  12. plainsman

    artifical grass

    I agree, I've seen this stuff (no idea what make) not only wet and slippery but slimy and slippery
  13. plainsman

    Spot the pointless action in this picture.

    This a cunning trick. The thief lifts the bike over the post and rides off, is then thrown as the spiral cable tangles with the pedals and/or back wheel. Therefore suffers justice with gravel rash!!
  14. Technically there is wriggle room on Wigan Flight BUT the gates leak so much as to risk flooding over the bows or if coming down, flooding engine hole. At best getting wet feet. I did it in a 60 footer coming down - never again.
  15. plainsman

    Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Some good tips and some amusing replies. Thanks folks