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  1. plainsman

    Rag Rugs

    Thanks Ray T and Mrs Smelly. All noted and much appreciated
  2. plainsman

    Rag Rugs

    Anyone know of a rag rug/peg rug maker? I have seen a couple but they only do small ones, I am looking for a rug to be about 27" X 53". Any contacts would be appreciated
  3. I need to replace the side bricks (hairline crack has appeared). Seems I have a choice of vermiculite or ceramic but which option to go for? As ever, advice appreciated.
  4. I have the bungee with ball type fasteners, trouble is they quickly lose their stretch and become ineffective. I've tried various sizes thinking I may have overstretched the bungee but the result is the same. Is there a simple alternative (without fitting new securing points to the cabin sides), or is there a recommended quality bungee/ball fastener resistant to stretch? Advice appreciated.
  5. This could be deemed a Statutory Nuisance under Environmental Protection Act. Ideally speak to the guy should be the first option but I can understand everyone may not be comfortable with doing this. Better still send him a letter or deliver a letter outlining the problem and identifying a solution such as turn off at 8pm. Assuming this doesn't work or you are not keen on approaching the chap, the first point of call is the Local Authority in person armed with a log of events. If neighbours are affected get them to agree to support your case. Local authority cut backs does not relieve them from their statutory responsibilities so don't let them fob you off. You can take a private action against the offender for very little cost and is not overly complicated as a DIY initiative but if you engage a lawyer the cost will run up. Local Citizens Advice may be able to help. Action could be collective if your neighbours are with you and will share the cost. Above all do not adopt any of the stupid suggestions such as chucking water on the generator or spuds up the exhaust or anything of the sort
  6. This is a real sod. First hire boat with spouse from here donkey's years ago
  7. Which soundbar do you have, is it 12v?
  8. A lot of energy and sometimes emotion are spent on this subject. Why all the fuss? We should accept that it costs a certain amount to maintain and manage the system (wether that's' done efficiently is another matter), and one source of income is from licenses/mooring fees charged to users. The shortfall created by those who do not pay the due fee is picked up by the rest who accept their responsibilities and pay up. May not seem fair but that is the way of the world Is it really worth the effort and anguish to try to exploit weaknesses in the rules?
  9. Ok, thanks for replies. Uphill/downhill it is then. Now where's my OS map?
  10. The reference to upstream and downstream on CRT Stoppage site has been puzzling me for a while. As there isn't any flow on canals (exceptions I know), does it relate to nearest lock? What about lock free canals or sections? Is it up and down in relation to big towns/cities as on railways? Not a major issue but I would like to know.
  11. I'm with you on this, Monty is very pleasant but overrated in my view. Deeper draught boats can find some moorings difficult. Still it's worth a visit but I'm in no hurry to return. Prefer the Llangollen main line.
  12. Don't know about the £95 fee but CRT will charge annual mooring fee of half that of the nearest CRT mooring
  13. I understood EOGs were not transferable, new owner needed to reapply to CRT.
  14. Reassuring to know that I am just as much in the dark as anyone else. While it was in the news it gave us respite from Brexit and the Royals!
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