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  1. @Chris John thank you for sharing this. This is very interesting. This machine looks to have been a very affordable price (£239 at Currys), particularly when compared with the alternatives (£400 to £500). Sadly I cannot find any for sale at the moment, apart from a second hand one in Scotland on eBay
  2. Found an interesting Rhino model for $25 https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/watercraft/recreational/sifi-interior-asset
  3. I do have the packages listed and feel most at home in AutoCAD, so, indeed my intention was to draw my own elevation of the boat if I cannot find an example/starting point. I was asking, on the off chance that there was a drawing very similar to my boat in someone's possession - Pinder and others made loads of my style of boat for hire fleets up and down the country.
  4. Happy lockdown everyone! I have seen an old post on this forum for AutoCAD drawings, but that post was around 15 years ago and there was not much in the way of useful content, so I am starting a new thread. I am after a CAD drawing or 3D model of a narrowboat similar to mine, so I can mock up a new painting design. This same resource could be hugely valuable to others i imagine. Does anyone have any of the following: 1. AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf etc) AutoCAD drawings for narrowboats? 2. Vector based drawings for narrowboats (for Adobe Illustrator)? 3. 3D
  5. Hi @Slim, I am in no particular rush - we have a washing machine where we are moored and I will wait until i am sure I have the right washing machine before ordering.
  6. Thank you, this is good news for me, as my inverter is 1250W, so it will operate this washing machine. Great, thanks again!
  7. Hi @DaveP - what size inverter do you have? Do you know if your machine has any anomalous spikes of peak power (similar to post #67 above)?
  8. Hi @jetzi thank you very much for this very detailed information. This is really useful and possibly saved me £450. Very interesting indeed. It is, however disappointing and means my search continues. I had a thought about buying a decent second hand washing machine and disconnecting the heater element, but assume this would also mean shorting a temperature sensor or two - has anyone else attempted this?
  9. On the off chance, i contacted Midland Chandlers, who said the following: "Thank you for contacting us with your question on the candy washing machine, we would say the power consumption on a cold wash would be around 500w, I hope this helps but if you have any other questions please come back to me."... Still waiting for Candy to respond.
  10. Emailed them this morning, lets see if they respond...
  11. Not very cheap, but this new 4kg Candy washing machine at Midland Chandlers has a "Cold wash button" They claim is has a maximum power consumption of 1600W - i assume this is with the electrical heating element on... i wonder what the peak consumption might be on a cold wash...?
  12. Thanks - can you please share your washing machine model number?
  13. Thanks @doratheexplorer, we are connected to shore power through the winter/colder months, so I think this will not be a major problem for us. We cruise during the summer and this is the reason i am trying to select a washing machine that can operate off the inverter.
  14. Thanks for the link, sadly there is no information on peak power consumption when operating a cold wash...😞 I assume this includes the heater? What i am most interested in, is what this machines peak power consumption is on a cold wash.
  15. Hi @jetzi, thank you for your response. I would be very grateful indeed if you could measure the peak/surge and continuous power consumption. I am most interested in this machine, as it seems to be the most suitable for my limited inverter output and looks like a decent machine I can rely on.
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