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  1. swift1894

    Tar Varnish

    Is this now banned?
  2. Just wondered if some chooses to “Drawdown” their pension but takes less than £11,850 (personal Allowance) per year, is that all tax free, because I know that if they choose an annuity, only 25% is a tax free lump sum and the monthly payment is taxable?
  3. hi do you still have the Mastervolt 121/2000...looking for a resistor value...would be extremely greatful if you could assist


  4. My manual is No 56 (August 1954) I don’t have any electrics running off the engine, apart from the alternator so maybe the 100 Ah battery would be OK.
  5. I’m still hand starting, but just read my Gardner oil engine manual and it states “4, 5 and 6LW ..........148 ampere-hours at 10 hour rate” (100 ampere-hours is for the 2 and 3LWs)
  6. No I’m not. But if the first cylinder doesn’t fire up, then the second one doesn’t etc, then the momentum of the flywheel is stopped and it becomes impossible to turn the handle further, whereas the JP4 allowed the operator to continue turning the handle, as only 1 cylinder would be under compression.
  7. My point was that with the JP4 you are only “fighting” against 1 of the 4 cylinders which suddenly comes under full compression, as each cylinder has its own lever, whereas with the 4LW all 4 cylinders come under compression at once, so it the engine doesn’t fire up immediately you can’t continue to turn the handle.
  8. Yeah I see what you mean. All 4 cylinders would come under compresssion at once but only 2 would fire up. So the same amount of Kickback at the handle if it didn’t fire up. But with the JP4, you’d only have initial compression resistance with 1 cylinder, then 2, then 3 then all 4, right?
  9. My old Lister JP4 had 4 separate decompressers, which you flicked down one at a time when starting. My 4LW has one lever for all 4 decompressers so I wondered, if I isolated 2 cylinders by locking down 2 fuel pump levers, it would be easier to start by hand by reducing the total, initial resistance. If so, which would be the best 2 cylinders to start on. Or is this not a good idea?
  10. Absolutely critical. I was once with a bunch of people watching a narrowboat come down on the ebb and it became apparent that he intended to try to enter the lock with the flow!!!!! Fortunately he heard our shouting and gesticulations telling him to go past, turn and push against the flow. Would have been a disaster otherwise.
  11. Thanks. Strange that the 019 gives 100Ah/850 CCA (£84) but the 020 gives 110Ah/920 CCA (only£70!). Supply and demand? Any idea how type 019 relates to type 663 btw?
  12. It's a Gardner 4LW and 100Ah is the recommended size so I'm not going to argue with that. What would the equivilant CCA/MCA be? Have you got a brand name?
  13. Someone please suggest a cheap starter battery (or should I pay for a Bosch S5 013 for £130?)
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