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  1. no dident read the rest of the thread.😉 however you quoted me and I thought it was strange to be asking me. I must of misread why you quoted me.
  2. thebfg

    Vandalism on the Leeds Liverpool

    don't. we were on the VM at the pumping station yesterday and someone had all four paddles open and within minutes we were sat on the bottom. luckily CRT were then in an hour or two and restored levels the pound below croften top lock was left completely empty too. they are left empty because there are no lock weirs. comibg down a few pounds were overflowing the tow path because people don't leave a paddle up. the same at caen hill.
  3. don't know ask tasemo. it does appear to have no access. would probaly be in the deeds if access is across someone's land.
  4. I went passed late morning today. I was wondering what was happening to it. whilst it looks abandoned and sad there are signs of it being renovated. I wish you good luck. lovelly cottage and the garden has massive potential to be wonderful.
  5. thebfg

    License refunds

    I'm with you. it doesent mention it on their website or in terms and conditions. the licence application does have a box for mooring address notbthat is the only mention. if it is true it is an unofficial rule.
  6. thebfg

    Unlicensed boat?

    I better think of something. going back down caen hill Saturday. he must of gone for the sensational daily mail headline. I've got nothing. at least he has taken the vote remain sticker down. 😉
  7. thebfg

    Unlicensed boat?

    oh well.
  8. thebfg

    Unlicensed boat?

    wow. he dident even suggest it has no licence.
  9. thebfg

    Really don't know what to say

    I think they have started up north😉
  10. thebfg

    K&A summit pound temporary closure

    I saw this, we should be arriving there sunday/Monday I hope the pumps can recover it. were going to head off that way fill of optimism. something must of happened. it seems to have coped so far witg the restricted locking times.
  11. thebfg

    Really don't know what to say

    it's either a drone or a camera on a stick. but as they took drone footage. some drones have exceptional cameras and lighting on. I don't think it's any more dangerous than say motorsport, climbing, caving, mountaineering and many other extreme sports. I would say there is more chance of someone falling of the back of a narrowboat than there is him falling off. has no one seen the people who free climb buildings and cranes.
  12. thebfg

    Manchester City Centre scroats

    that's where we squeezed in too. quite handy to watch the performances in the arena. and very close to the excelent mosi
  13. thebfg

    Finance - zero VAT for liveaboards

    that's a strange one that. only 5% though but still hardly a luxury.
  14. thebfg

    C&RT are doing a better job than BW did.

    yes, what the hot weather is doing is exposing a very leaky system.
  15. thebfg

    Lack of platforms at locks

    I believe 1st Jan 1997. 7 days before my 17th birthday😤

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