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  1. no idea, just post it. is air mail bad for it.
  2. thebfg

    Where did it GO. & Why????

    Out of interest. Although it wasent the funniest of jokes, as it was only suggesting sexual activities. Can I ask what did it include that offended people? surely sex isent offensive. I only ask as I wasent offended.
  3. thebfg

    Lest we forget .........

    I'm not aware that my local constabulary is using most of its resources up dealing with people with mental health issues. i see a force having it's time wasted by self entitled idiots who demand their attendance because they were offended and their safe place is not there. i see a force struggling to deal with the amount of anti social behaviour from kids, drunks and druggies. but what do i know? I do agree with Athy though some of the mental instutions hadent changed since they were workhouse. saying that adult mental health care around here is very poor but the children's is very good.
  4. My sister lives stateside, we always send her mint aero as they can't get it there. the chocolate is bad.
  5. thebfg

    Speeding on The Fosse

    hehe. My eyes are deceiving me. My mistake. I agree a foot is nothing where were from, the solent. infact I've been out kayacking in worse. I would be a tad annoyed if it was on the cut though.
  6. thebfg

    Speeding on The Fosse

    however the claimed three foot is somewhat more than 0.3 metres
  7. thebfg

    Lest we forget .........

    Lloyds have repaid the 20.3bn. I am not the one to go into it. but we dident technically lend the banks anything did we, we brought stakes in them and took them into part ownership. i believe we have been getting profit from these stakes which is why some have been held onto. we've also sold some of our stakes. for either more or for less than the government paid. I work for the coop group and am happy to say no government money was given to us. we bailed our own bank out after the reverend tried to destroy it and the whole business in one hit. it's been tough on everyone but the group is nearly out of the mud, certainly a very different business to what we were. hopefully the other banks have learned the same lessons and have changed their business accordingly too.
  8. thebfg

    Well Done That Man ! (LadyG)

    one, however he/she just asked for someone to back up an allegation. I don't remember any one the MTB thread. one has admitted to being slightly harsh but apologised by pm. must remember to run of to TB and brag.
  9. thebfg

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    yet in that 2 year old phrase there was no effing and blinding.
  10. thebfg

    Thames Moorings a warning

    carefully. parking eye are very litigant, ignore them at your peril. out of the others some do and some don't. prefer to fight them as I've never lost a case yet and taking them to independent appeals costs them money
  11. I did type a nice reply naming quite few missing children from 21 months to 5 years old, all still missing. but hey to, Google is your friend. it is more than you could imagine not only have they dissapeard they have vanished from the news too.
  12. As a football club we lost our owner a few years ago. I don't remember him being in the news as much. He was just as nice and genuine. There is a powerful photo of him when we went to Wembley after he brought and saved the club from oblivion in league one. He was stood side by side with the fans with a camera in his hand. on a different note, the media is strange some things stay in the media and some don't How many children go missing each year but we never hear about it for long but Maddie is still in the news how many years later.
  13. thebfg

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    not seen him before.

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