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  1. thebfg

    Brexit 2017

    not seen him before.
  2. thebfg

    Middlewich breach

    one might say any charges he makes to CRT will include loss of his field and loss of any earnings that field would of brought. including the flood damage from when the leak started.
  3. thebfg

    Route suggestions for 2 week hire

    we always took two weeks to do one week rings. or a week to do a tiny ring. gave us days off to explore and shorter days for pub lunches and incase of bad weather. boating for 8/9 hours a day in all weather's doesent seem too fun. having spent extra days moored in Birmingham and Manchester gave us a chance for seeing the sights and to give the crew a break. the warrickshire ring would be a great 14 day cruise with detours. or a relaxing cruise
  4. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    I'm not the one calling him a trouble maker. it seems there are some sections that have been making unfounded accusations at him. maybe re read my post and some others on here where they clearly label him as an overstyer or unlicensed.
  5. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    Seems to me that George surely can't be too much of a thorn in CRTs side as they sent a workboat and team out and raised his engine to put it in his other boat. if he is a so called trouble maker that was a really nice thing of them to do.
  6. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    Celtic. I think
  7. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    I once had to do a sobriety test. months and alphabet backwards. I thinkni did struggle with the alphabet and the walking and turning stuff. passed with flying colours much to the officers disgust. yes they could and give a statement as to why i felt it was the case. we all know how hard it is to prove an officers opinion is wrong.
  8. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    going back to the drinking and not being in control due to alcohol, I would of thought a statement of that from a police officer would be enough in court. maybe a copper could answer but do police officers have anypowere to breathalise a non driver?
  9. thebfg

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    I do believe that he has traveled the entire system. im not sure about recently however his boat is now in a different place to where I saw it last.
  10. thebfg

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    sorry I was away working at reading festival. I would agree it's not legislated per se, however without due care and attention maybe a high bar to convict, the charge of driving without reasonable consideration would be one that should cover it. It does cover miss use of any lane or unnecessarily slow driving or braking without good cause. whilst not an actual offence it would in some situations be covered. obviously only my opinion. I suspect the attitude rest would have s big part. in Scotland there are many road signs about not impeding following traffic.
  11. thebfg

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    I agree it's not abstruction but I am sure impeding following traffic is an offence
  12. thebfg

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    but can you explain why it's never the cycling ninjas that get killed (nearly) always the ones lit up like a Christmas tree. some studies have suggested it's easier to see a cyclist in black. I suppose that is backed up by the fact we always see them otherwise how would we know there are cyclists without lights. and to other comments, the government want to encourage cycling they will never do anything to put barriers in the way.
  13. no dident read the rest of the thread.? however you quoted me and I thought it was strange to be asking me. I must of misread why you quoted me.
  14. thebfg

    Vandalism on the Leeds Liverpool

    don't. we were on the VM at the pumping station yesterday and someone had all four paddles open and within minutes we were sat on the bottom. luckily CRT were then in an hour or two and restored levels the pound below croften top lock was left completely empty too. they are left empty because there are no lock weirs. comibg down a few pounds were overflowing the tow path because people don't leave a paddle up. the same at caen hill.
  15. don't know ask tasemo. it does appear to have no access. would probaly be in the deeds if access is across someone's land.

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