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  1. What makes you think Jim was referring to people on here?
  2. The tunnel blokes are paid staff, aren't they?
  3. I always use it, i would say if they are winding midweek then it should be empty. If its full and there is a queue it will be real tight to wind there. I hate that lock, if you time it wrong there is always a massive queue during silly season.
  4. For those that cant see the fb post here is the lock without a boat in. I can confirm the boat in question has been up and down that lock before.
  5. Congratulations, I saw your post on Facebook. Hector does look nice
  6. I thought it was the same boat. Been there for a year so surely must be licensed. It has been modified though
  7. With a boat you describe you would never get near the bank on the K&a
  8. My pic is from the same angle too. However once I've powered up my hard drive I have a photo from last Easter and I'm pretty sure it's the same boat. Where it is seems to have a massive homeless problem. We walked down onto the river below and found a rather large camp. To be honest they had done a good job and looked like they had some good facilities. We wanted to get past to do something further on but left them to be.
  9. When we hire a 58ft one from there, they told me to wind there. They have a small winding point at the end. The Cape is a good spot and if I remember right, there is visitor moorings opposite.
  10. I've two of those banks. brilliant and can't fault them.
  11. Out of interest. Although it wasent the funniest of jokes, as it was only suggesting sexual activities. Can I ask what did it include that offended people? surely sex isent offensive. I only ask as I wasent offended.
  12. I'm not aware that my local constabulary is using most of its resources up dealing with people with mental health issues. i see a force having it's time wasted by self entitled idiots who demand their attendance because they were offended and their safe place is not there. i see a force struggling to deal with the amount of anti social behaviour from kids, drunks and druggies. but what do i know? I do agree with Athy though some of the mental instutions hadent changed since they were workhouse. saying that adult mental health care around here is very poor but the children's is very good.
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