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  1. thebfg

    Warwick to Braunston

    if my memory is correct they start on a Saturday and Friday from Stockton. so a weekend break would be sat to Tues. excellent hire company. nice boats and great service.
  2. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    good news is the land owner took your payment and have permission for you to be there. That absolutely trumps anything any third party may say.
  3. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    as far as my untrained knowledge goes I can only presume DE are relying on forming a contract with the steerer. they can't possibly form a contract with a party that is not there. As far as I can presume there is nothing in law requiring anyone to name anyone either. If I was the "owner and had a demand for payment I would suggest they take it up with the steerer, the person who allegedly broke the contract. without naming them of course. however I would not lie. unless of course there is something written in law. but they must be relying on contract law as they would in a car park. disclaimer. this is not advice.
  4. we have a couple on a fri/sat night they are heaving and a good place to meet up before moving on. on a Saturday afternoon when the saints are at home. the atmosphere is fantastic. but then it is made by the punters, normally with a sing off between home and away fans.
  5. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    just to follow up on TVM. this is NSL. https://www.nsl.co.uk/service-enforcement/ not heard of them in the parking world, which they seem to do. at least the EA are not in bed with DE. one wonders why Reading council don' use NSL to keep things simple and tidy
  6. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    sorry the thread is going of two ways. AFAIK no there not. I am unaware how TVM follow up non payers.
  7. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    that's because DE entire business model is to collect penalties, Infact that is their only income and their only job, they will not manage anything.
  8. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    In that scenario DE won't write to anyone. whilst they wouldn't chase it they would hope some boaters may still pay. they are despicable chancers
  9. thebfg

    Bloody Day Boats

    is the bloke trying to push the back end out while the steerer is pushing it towards him.
  10. thebfg

    Testing a theory

    I look forward to sharing many a beer. I dident associate anything by the way. It was just my inpression that there were quite a few members that do do it though if the BCN thread is anything to go by. Of course most of realise the it doesent matter who posts where.
  11. thebfg

    Testing a theory

    And the other way around. The worst two threads over there were started by people from here intent on causing damage. I suppose those people from each place have their reasons. now to be slightly procative, next year I might enter the BCN challenge and fly the thunderbolt flag. I wonder how many people would see the funny side?
  12. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    bringing DE signs on LTM into the mix rather clouds the issue, as the signs clearly state the terms and conditions which include You are not permitted to move your Boat on to the Mooring (if you have a Boat) before the Mooring Period Start Date, notified to you by us. We will notify you of the Mooring Period Start Date as soon as practicable after the later date referred to in condition 1.2(a) and 1.2(b), 1.4 If for any reason you move your Boat on to the Mooring Site without our permission, or if we permit you to do so in error, notwithstanding that the conditions in condition 3 have not been met, you must remove the Boat from the Mooring Site if we give you a written notice requiring you to remove the Boat from the Mooring Site. 1.5 If you fail to remove the Boat within the period specified in the written notice given to you in accordance with condition 1.4 above, we shall be entitled to: i) remove your Boat from the Mooring Site to such place on The Trust’s Waterways as we deem appropriate, and you consent to us entering on to and/or taking control of the Boat for a temporary period to the extent necessary to carry out our rights under this condition 1.5; ii) charge you Overstay Charges which you will find: (a) at www.watersidemooring.com; or (b) on prominent notices located at the Mooring Site. You will be liable to pay Overstay Charges, in accordance with this condition 1.5, up to and including the date upon which your Boat is removed from the Mooring by you, or by us. so mooring is fine untill after the grace period given in writing. a third party cannot demand extra conditions. the reading one is quite inteesting, I would bet my house. if I had one that DE have no written authority to take moorers to court on behalf of council. they certainly can not order a contract to do something which is forbidden.
  13. thebfg

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    I would say the claimed £100 a day is a penalty and unenforceable. there are no signs so a contract cannot be formed. I would reply staying your reasons for not replying. ending with you find this matter closed and will not reply to anything other than court papers. show being reasonable because they will not be. I can't see all of the sign to pass further comment.
  14. thebfg

    Minimum Price For Alcohol

    you must be slightly mistaken it needs to be over the 50p threshold. 12.3 units would need to be a minimum of £6.15. I would say it's going to be the end of multi buys across different products because of the different units.
  15. We Did the Cheshire ring last easter and one of the weeks the local kids were at school which meant it was nice and quiet for us. We have hired from kate boats and Anderson boats during schools holidays and found both to be priced well. Anderson's was 1700 for two weeks for a full size boat. They both included insurance, waivers and fuel.

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