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  1. Trump

    It's just a shame he has a diplomatic passport and won't even go through all of that. I believe some junior does present the passorts during state visits but all the clearance stuff is done before.
  2. Playing football in the Canal community.

    I play on a 4g surface. Which is basicly fake grass. It has artficial blades of grass on a bed of little rubber balls. It is the next generation on from 3g. I beleive 3g may be the same but based on a sand base. Maybe. I suspect they are up to 6g by now. But 3 and 4 are fine to play on but still don't slide on them
  3. B B C .

    What I can' stand about American tv is they will repeat a bit then go to adverts and after the break blooming repeat it again and again. They also have far too many advert breaks
  4. AOL spam

    I don' know. I would just forward them to a new email address.

    The flat ovmne is good. Did you know that it' actually only a recent thing. They always knew it was round. I would counter with around the world flying, how do they contiously fly and get back to the start. Apart from NASA I'm not sure what the theorists are alleging is not real. I do realise this must just be fun.
  6. PC world

    Shall I do a brummie joke. Mmm better not.
  7. PC world

    Nick is Scottish so we could aim the Gif at him. I guess I'm lucky being a Hampshire lad we don't really get the region being Mikey taken. Unlike the Scousers, Geordies, burns, Cornish and that Norfolk lot.
  8. Boat Lease / Hire?

    It' the right place and the experts will be along. I don't think anyone will hire their boat out because of licence insurance and the rigourous bss that goes with it. I suspect the cost would make buying a boat and then selling it worth doing. You never know you may love it so much you will decide to keep it and do it every year. I know mate boats do long hires as they have been spotted a long way from home and may do a deal for a guaranteed booking over a long term. A wide beam that was moored next to us decided winter sun was the way forward and shipped it over to France and are cruising over there now. But the experienced folk will be along soon.
  9. PC world

    I'e said my bit and fully respect Alan's and Grahams stance Its a shame life gets that way but their views are as valid as anyone else's Thank you mods for allowing this conversation to happen. I mean no trouble. Going back I think closing the thread was the right decision and not pc at all. Im also gratefull to the wonderful NHS that saved the life of one of the victims after being stabbed ten times. Now that is a better story than the alleged colour of any one involved.
  10. PC world

    Now I realise everyone is different and I fully respect that but lets put it into real life. Myself, if someone wants to call me names behind my back then that is there issue and it won't affect me what so ever. Also if I have a good argument heated or not. When it's over it's over I hold no grudge. But everyone is different I would not know how to answer your question except confront it straight up and take the High road. Most people would then get bored as the reaction they are looking for is not there. I agree it is not going away. As I say they are different places. This is the pub lounge. Light humour and lots of knowedge and more refined Over there is the public bar. A bit rough, a bit more comical with some knowledge. If it gets too much we can move table and join in the banter over there.
  11. PC world

    However that is limited to one or two. They can say as they wish but please your welcome to call them out on it and it is done when someone goes over the top. I don't agree with everything over there but don't like being tarred with the same brush. Which I do know you dident do. It did start of quite bad. Which seems to of put a lot of people off. But seems to have settled over time. In fact the languague has vastly improved. You could just block anyone you dislike. I feel that most people there show their true personality and most are genuine honest people. You will have to admit that the petty snipping also goes both ways.
  12. PC world

    Fair enough.
  13. PC world

    Are you a member of any other forums? Are there any other forums you would like to call it's members juvenile? Or is it just that one? I don't get offended. However that could be an attack on some nice people. Luckily it wasent a personal attack eh. But your clever enough to not go there. The two places are very different there are lots of people who use both because of that reason. It does not make them juvenile.
  14. Defibrillators

    Not only do they have good instruction. You will be on the phone to 999 anyway. Otherwise you do not get the code to open it anyway They will talk you through it.
  15. PC world

    Technically they dont. It's Currys selling them or to be a pendant its Dixon's selling them under the Currys name. Since the naughties Currys have not renewed their leases and for the last few years have been moving them into PC world stores saving the company millions. Ive no idea if there are any Currys or Currys digital( former Dixon stores) left.