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  1. At the lock now,all is fine! Just 2 boats in front, going down. Geert
  2. Just been to this lock,repairs are done, waiting for the cement to dry. They are going to do a dummy run about 6 tonight,if successful, the flight will be open again. There is quite a backlog on the number 6 Lock!
  3. Latest I got,is opening again midday tomorrow ,hopefully Geert
  4. Do you mean the program where the winner left the cauliflower in the oven?? And still won.
  5. Now I seem to remember a mister Bond,doing a far better job then this driver!
  6. Try www.thinkauto.com they do remote filter kits. Geert
  7. We were once nearly on television. We were at Fradley junction waiting for a very new blue boat which was being filmed by the BBC coming down the lock.
  8. What? With these feet?
  9. I'm always keen to learn,how do I operate the drive plate?? I only got one cable from my selector going to the gearbox,selecting forward or reverse and one to the throttle. Is our boat missing a clutch padle??? Geert
  10. This box has twin conical clutches(forward/ reverse).When ours failed I was still able to use reverse. It seems a bit odd that they both failed at the same time?? Geert
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