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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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    Cowes and now a Constant Cruiser

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  1. Looks like it don't pay to be over 65 in Spain and you have the virus!
  2. You mean the rowers that grimace at you when there passing, just because your there?
  3. This is the correct way the Union flag should be worn, or flown, if your one of Blair's improvers!
  4. How about a cat treat dispenser? Cat treats get put inside and the cat plays with the egg and out comes a treat or two! Nipper
  5. We have moored at Middlewhich lots of times with no incidents except for two occasions. When moored on the visitors moorings above Wardle Lock I had a double glazed pothole window smashed while we were onboard, but the little scrouts were faster than me! I got hold of CRT local bods number and phoned several times, in the end i left a message and heard nothing at all, a total waste of time! The other occasion while on the moorings above the big lock, adjacent to the playing area. Someone trying to enter the rear of the boat around 2 in the morning while i was asleep, he even shone a torch in my eyes. I didn't report that incident thinking that he had had enough punishment when he saw me break through the rear doors like a rocket, naked and brandishing a large mooring pin. Nipper The mooring area shown in the bottom picture is used for the hire boats and is deemed to be theirs.!
  6. I don't think your giving your batteries enough charge. It takes my engine about 4 hours to replace yesterdays use! Somebody will come along shortly and explain better than i can! Nipper
  7. Thats the first thing i took out of Largo! It has no place in anyboat, especially mine! If one wants the bathroom tiles warmed, pour some hot water on em! Nipper
  8. Big oses, little oses, oses with oles at both ends? coloured oses? Sorry!
  9. Just to note to say that there was only one lock a side working yesterday, and with no winter works in the foreseeable future, it doesn't take much to say that these locks will be out of action soon! In that event then the volockies wont be needed anyway!
  10. 3.5 hours it took us and lots of other boaters at Hillmorton,. waiting to get up those three locks yesterday.. It seems that the vlockette and the volockie were having a tiff. One boat would go up the bottom lock, but there was never a boat ready to come down, so the lock was kept ready for a boat to come down however long it was gonna be, some times it was 20 minutes before the lock was turned again! Not a very happy time for the 10th in line Boat There were various excuses made by them too. We had a breach at Barby, seemed to be the favorite, with others that were implausible I ignored em, all told to whoever would listen while clutching their mugs of steaming tea. Nipper
  11. That beam has to be rotten as a pear looking at all the water thats seeping out of it! Nipper
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