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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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    Cowes and now a Constant Cruiser

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  1. nipper

    The Finnish ferry that sails itself

    Indeed there is. I would imagine Victoria of Wight has now passed all the tests and is probably now working with the rest of the fleet https://onthewight.com/name-of-wightlinks-flagship-ferry-revealed/ Nipper
  2. nipper

    The Finnish ferry that sails itself

    It would be interesting to see Wightlink use this ferry on the Portsmouth/ Fishbourne route on a summer weekend! Nipper
  3. nipper

    Oil Change Disaster

    Yep, wrap some up in kitchen roll and start the fire with it saves firelighters and sticks. Just sayin, like! Nipper
  4. Certainly the view of someone opening both sets of paddles is not new. I have left Middlewich towards that lock in the morning around 8 ish and have had to stop as someone was coming down as the paddles were up and water was flowing. After a little while, I sent Mary the crew up to give em a hand as it was obvious to me that whoever was coming down had a problem. When she got there i could see her feet running around and the clicking of the gear. After a while the lock opened and nobody was in there. She had arrived and saw that both bottom and top paddles were opened. I gave thought of what had happend and thought that it might be the farmer having a tiff with Cart, as happens on the Southern oxford at times. Judging the problem sorted we motored on our way. This was happend some time before the a breach at a guess it was at least 12 months before. Surely, if that has happened to me then it has had to happen to others!
  5. nipper

    Beta 43 remote oil filter

    Try phoning them. They do a kit, but i havent got around to buying one yet. I have a beta 50 within a cocoon and getting to the oil filter means i have to get into the swim and strigle to get at it. I have notice thougfh that every time I change the oil filter that the gap one has to get into gets smaller and smaller 😁 Nipper
  6. nipper

    Coventry Canal, Coventry Arm

    That no mooring space is not a mooring, it is in fact in the winding hole! Dire things will happen if you moor there and a seventy footer want to turn around! You have been warned! Nipper
  7. nipper

    Winding hole near Poachers Pocket on Llangollen

    I have turned Largo (70ft) there, its very shallow but doable! Be prepeared for a good amount of mud churning. Nipper
  8. nipper

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Nice modern Bathroom, I take it that modern crews don't have flanels, tooth paste, toothbrushes, razors and all the tat that usually sits above the bathroom sink, and where does gran put her teef overnight? All these modern picture living rooms are all very well, but wait till you get onboard and then you'le wonder were your gonna put the doz or so pairs of socks, those Jumpers Trousers and shall I mention shoes and boots? If your gonna buy that boat then best be starting an account with Ikia! Just sayin like! Nipper
  9. nipper

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    It's amazing! All the OP has to do is to light the blue touch papar and away the thread goes! Moans. winges etc! Why not choose to ignore it! Simples! ? Nipper
  10. Yes, and whilst your motoring off, just glancing back to see the 3 or 4 boats that couldn't be asked to get up, left just floating about the harbour on a single shore line, if their lucky! It all adds to the conversations as you round the bill and first light! Magic! Nipper
  11. Lets hope someone turned up the water pressure at the taps at Fradley. Some numpty a week or so ago decided that as an act of saving water, that they should turn down the water presure at the taps on the Coventry side! Everyone still tops up their tanks, but it takes an extra hour to do so! Muppets! Nipper
  12. nipper

    Lost ignition key

    Poor me had to sit in the sidecar whilst Mum and Dad rode the tandom! We was green those days! Nipper
  13. nipper

    Clothing Scam

    Well when i look in the mirror i see me dad lookin back at me! Now thats frightening! Nipper

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