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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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    Cowes and now a Constant Cruiser

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  1. Oh goody, perhaps I'll be getting an apology for being given a bollocking a few years ago then!
  2. Rules for some and other rules for them others then! It's a good job we have Site mods here then!
  3. Is this not Politics???? People have been told off, or even banned for talking plitics here!.
  4. nipper

    Happy 50th Birthday Matty40s

    Have a great day tomorrow Matty, also have a great weekend on Challenge 2018!
  5. nipper

    Coventry Canal Basin

    There are moorings for the Stadium, but not Tesco end, loads of rings have been provided, but sadly nobody uses them, or perhaps don't see them! I think it's a mistake not to go on into the basin, i saw very little debris there the last time i was there in December and indeed, most of the canal side uni flats nearer the basin have cleared up there frontages from what it was like a few years ago!
  6. nipper

    Coventry Canal Basin

    I was wondering if these people from the council have ever stayed a night in the Basin. Largo is quite a regular in there and the only problems that I have seen arise from the square that is well lit and has seating! The square is immediately adxsjacent the old swing bridge. The fact that it has good lighting makes it a meeting place for the foreign students from the flats above. Sometimes there is loud music played from a ghetto blaster but not much because the lady in the flats immediately above the square has a very commanding laud voice that seems to control and excess noise! Putting more lighting wont make it any safer because in my mind there is quite enough already. As for the boarded up shops, then maybe the council could help there and lower the council taxes for them so as to make them more attractive to shop keepers. To my mind, it seems to me that Coventry is now run by the university and the council are perhaps trying to justify there worth by talking about, what is a very small area of the city.
  7. Oh drat! You can't even get a proper spell cheker nowadays!😊 Nipper
  8. Well, I for one won't be stopping there again. Blisworth marina was a pretty good place to get your fuel, coal and bits of chandlery at that top end of the canal especially during the winter months as The Ashby is not a place with plenty of opportunities to stock up from! Indeed it was a handy stop to pick up a bus to Blisworth for a bit of shopping and Hinkley too! Never mind, we seem to be getting less and less for our licence fees nowadays! A grumpy Nipper
  9. It seems that Bosworth Marina are charging boats to moor up on the tow path outside their Marina. This is not on the off side, but on the actual towpath. Is this right? I though that the canal towpaths belong to Cart! Any views? Nipper
  10. nipper

    South Oxford cruise

    I would ask myself a question "when was the last time my engine stopped without me telling it to?" If the answer is never in he last few years, then I just get on with doing that circular route from Isis to Dukes cut! Lifes too short to worry about little things, If however you was doing the whole Thames, then that's a different matter! Nipper
  11. nipper

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    I saw that sign yesterday. I found it a strange place to put that sort of sign on the perminant moorings side of the canal and not on the visitors side before the water point! But, no signs would ever have prevented the gentleman on his Narrow boat who was supposed to be filling his water tank from doing his washing and than climbing onto his roof armed with a broom and the end of the water hose and starting to clean his roof of winter detritus! I had been waiting for at least 20 mins with another boat behind me! After a few choice words from me, he reluctantly moved up a boat length so we could both get water. Sorry i'm winging! Nipper
  12. nipper

    Carefreecruising boatshare...

    I used to have a share in a Carefree boat many years ago! My take on the Carefree share boat, or any other share boats, is that the majority of syndicate members are just playing boating and really know very little about the running of the vessel and leave it up to the company to do very expensive maintenace! Just to give you an indication, our Carefree syndicate boat had three propellors fitted one year!, it was said that we kept bending them! At the syndicate meeting, I got shouted down, because I asked why they fitted cheap propelors and not a decent brand. At that meeting the syndicate wanted to replace the carpet in the lounge with a cream one, bearing in mind these boats are out on the cut 24/7., in all weathers and also wanted to score how well the boat was cleaned by the previous crew! I then bought into a private share boat with an older boat and a an experianced syndicate!! After a couple of years I then decided that it was time to get my own boat! Nipper
  13. nipper

    TV ariels

    Have a read on this site and you will choose the one thats best! http://www.aerialsandtv.com/onlineaerials.html#DMlog You can even get spare parts from them, just in case the wind takes off a fin or two! Nipper
  14. nipper

    Why do we tend to forget?

    Well said that man! An England day seems very reasonable to me! Now that the UK will be on our own from next year, hopefully. we wont have any body else saying we can't have one, and indeed, our Irish, Welsh and Scots buddies should have their day as well. Lets face it, It may very well rekindle a little of our British pride that has seems to be dwindling as the years go by! Cheers all! Nipper
  15. The Paddy's have their St Patricks Day, The Scots have their St Andrew, The welsh have there St David. Are the English are forgetting thier Saint, St George? Today is St Georges Day! I raise you a glass to England and St George! Nipper

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