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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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  1. Just to note to say that there was only one lock a side working yesterday, and with no winter works in the foreseeable future, it doesn't take much to say that these locks will be out of action soon! In that event then the volockies wont be needed anyway!
  2. 3.5 hours it took us and lots of other boaters at Hillmorton,. waiting to get up those three locks yesterday.. It seems that the vlockette and the volockie were having a tiff. One boat would go up the bottom lock, but there was never a boat ready to come down, so the lock was kept ready for a boat to come down however long it was gonna be, some times it was 20 minutes before the lock was turned again! Not a very happy time for the 10th in line Boat There were various excuses made by them too. We had a breach at Barby, seemed to be the favorite, with others that were implausible I ignored em, all told to whoever would listen while clutching their mugs of steaming tea. Nipper
  3. That beam has to be rotten as a pear looking at all the water thats seeping out of it! Nipper
  4. Tap the base of the chimney with a hammer or heavy bit of wood whilst jigling the top of the chimney with your spare hand. Jus remember that the chimney fits the chimney coller and if it still fits it, then it will eventually come loose!
  5. All the taps at Fradley Junction were very slow last year for a short while, because some bod at CRT decided in his or hers wisdom, that turning down the water pressure would save water! Ended up with lots of boats waiting to fill their tanks. Question! Does a tank full of water at low pressure take less water than a tank full at a higher pressure? Nipper
  6. There is more to Llangollen than the canal, steam trains, raging rivers, Beer!
  7. I don't think there is a need for twin flue, it really is big compared to single skin. Why not search for ther chimney boat, he did mine for me in cast steel not pressed steel and a very good job he made of it too! Little Chimney Company
  8. But one will end up going to Llangollen to wind around anyway, although there is a winding hole about half way! The narrows tend to get people agitated, maybe its the slowness due to waiting for the water in front of you taking a long time to get behind you because of the small channel and its depth. Remember, always send a crew member up front to warn others coming the other way that your coming, and get them to take a phone with them too, so as you are kept informed about whats happening. That may sound tedious to the OP but it's simple in practice! Nipper
  9. Sorted! https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/report/winter-notices.pdf http://www.waterscape.com/things-to-do/boating/guides
  10. Searching through Crt's winter stoppage site has wasted an hour this morning, but I have learned was that the 2017 and 2014 winter stoppages are still viewable plus a Crt page that says Whoops!! Handy that initt! Can someone tell me if Crt has put out the updated projected stoppage list? And why is it still difficult to find on Crt site? Thanks Nipper
  11. So! After 60 replies and no words since the OP made his statement. What have we learned? Nipper
  12. Experienced boaters mostly use hand signals as they have tried all the other methods and found them not that good! Also, most people go in the canals for the piece and solitude including the word, quietness! There is nothing that gets me annoyed more than someone shouting into a vhf set when there standing within a few feet of me! Just look what others do and you will be fine! Nipper
  13. down the lock below the dry dock pound and there are moorings there on the off side! Also i was eyeing up moorings by the Wigon pier, the area looks deserted, well it did a few weeks ago! Nipper
  14. It's a pound bewtween the two locks, that happens to have a dry dock there, as well as office blocks etc.. there are mooring rings available! Nipper
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