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    Full time liveaboard NB Largo.
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    Sailing my sailing cruiser around the south coast and France!, Fishing, Walking the shores. Now an owner of the 70ft narrow boat "NB Largo"

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    Retired and continuously cruising!
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    Sailing- Black Strider. Inland-NB Largo
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    Cowes and now a Constant Cruiser

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  1. I'll take note of that Peterboat! But I would imagine that three times around a 70 footer in a day would get a tad tedious if not a little soul destroying. 😁
  2. Yes, but it all makes work for those that do it for money! Largo was two packed when she was launched, but unfortunately the idiot owner that I bought her off had bituminous put on the bottom. I found that out a month after I bought her! Having used two pack for years on bumpy water boating, I was a little disappointing as i would of certainly carried on using it! Yes, it gets scraped off and nothing will prevent that but one can rest assured that if it is put on right the vast majority of the hull would be totally protected. Nipper
  3. Yes, you seem to have the perfect situation. However, having a 15 year old boat that started off with a good quality two pack apoxy that got spoiled by the next owner putting the cheapest black stuff he could find. Then I bought the boat, I have over the last few years inherited what i have! Keelblack looks to be too liguid for the hull of my boat and all its undulations, added to that it's dying times are not exactly quick! Nipper
  4. Thanks for that! It does seem the way to go. Having read some reports about Keelblack I've decided not to even look into that! 😁 Nipper
  5. Thanks, but can you tell me why that way around? I can understand the two different paints, but I thought the Premium would be better as a first coat and a final coat because of it's suggested better qualities? or have i got that back to front? Nipper
  6. Hi all! I've just been and booked a dry dock so as i can get Largo's bottom painted. Now the problem! Having searched through, what is deemed to be the search area, of the forum and finding little up to date information. I must admit that this old chaps brain is a little confused with the question of who's Bituminous stuff shall I use? Can you lot recommend a coating that will be easy to apply, bearing in mind that Largo is 70ft. I have the dry dock booked for 5 days with Largo relaunching on the morning of the 6th day, and also, I will probably be on my own! Here is a small list of the paints I know about, and there are no doubt others! Midland Chandlers own blackening (but could be Teamac's Metalastic) INTERTUF JBA 016, RAYLARDS RYTEX, RAYLARDS PREMIUM PROTECTION, BALLISTIC BLACK, SEALEX B130? I hope I can get some idea of the paint of preference for 2019? Thanks for reading this . Nipper
  7. Indeed there is. I would imagine Victoria of Wight has now passed all the tests and is probably now working with the rest of the fleet https://onthewight.com/name-of-wightlinks-flagship-ferry-revealed/ Nipper
  8. It would be interesting to see Wightlink use this ferry on the Portsmouth/ Fishbourne route on a summer weekend! Nipper
  9. Yep, wrap some up in kitchen roll and start the fire with it saves firelighters and sticks. Just sayin, like! Nipper
  10. Certainly the view of someone opening both sets of paddles is not new. I have left Middlewich towards that lock in the morning around 8 ish and have had to stop as someone was coming down as the paddles were up and water was flowing. After a little while, I sent Mary the crew up to give em a hand as it was obvious to me that whoever was coming down had a problem. When she got there i could see her feet running around and the clicking of the gear. After a while the lock opened and nobody was in there. She had arrived and saw that both bottom and top paddles were opened. I gave thought of what had happend and thought that it might be the farmer having a tiff with Cart, as happens on the Southern oxford at times. Judging the problem sorted we motored on our way. This was happend some time before the a breach at a guess it was at least 12 months before. Surely, if that has happened to me then it has had to happen to others!
  11. Try phoning them. They do a kit, but i havent got around to buying one yet. I have a beta 50 within a cocoon and getting to the oil filter means i have to get into the swim and strigle to get at it. I have notice thougfh that every time I change the oil filter that the gap one has to get into gets smaller and smaller 😁 Nipper
  12. That no mooring space is not a mooring, it is in fact in the winding hole! Dire things will happen if you moor there and a seventy footer want to turn around! You have been warned! Nipper
  13. I have turned Largo (70ft) there, its very shallow but doable! Be prepeared for a good amount of mud churning. Nipper
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