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  1. Which I guess is why the Foxes are not using a broker themselves.
  2. I think they will get the £140k. It will be a vlog follower who has never even hired before, let alone owned a boat. They will then discover boating is nothing like they expected. Sell when the current market bubble has burst and lose around £70K on the deal.
  3. Our 50ft Peter Nichols was built in 1985. When out of the water for blacking this year (£600), I had a hull survey for peace of mind. Original base plate is 6mm. Worst pitting was measured at 0.4mm depth. I think there's a lot to be said for the better quality steel used 30+ years ago.
  4. You are quite right. And these days, whenever we leave the marina, theres an increasing chance we'll not get back again due to failing canal infrastructure anyway!
  5. I always question whether or not I should renew my RCR membership. I have the "parts cover" option. I do the majority of maintenance and repairs myself and carry a decent stock of spares. Over the years I have probably fixed stuff that was covered by my RCR membership, but I enjoy doing it myself and know exactly whats been done then. But each year I end up renewing. Mainly to cover myself in case the gearbox / drive plate / starter motor etc fails on me whilst 150 miles from home. I guess it is peace of mind that something like that would get sorted if required. Or would it?
  6. Also I noticed on my GJW renewal, their requirement for a survey is every 10 years. I am sure previously it was 5. (1985 build NB)
  7. I just can not comprehend why anyone would go through the hassle and expense of having one of these monstrosities craned into a canal that they can not cruise! Whats the point?
  8. It will be interesting to see how they prioritise the hire boats through the flight now!
  9. I agree. Frustrates me when you look at the boat at the front of the queue and no-one from it at the lockside. I frequently lose my partner as she disappears up the flight with her windless!
  10. I have heard similar stories about hire-boats being given priority at Watford. I don't know what's happened there. The lockies at Watford are normally well organised and efficient. We went through the flight during the last week in May, not long after the restrictions were put in place to facilitate the works on Sulby reservoir. We arrived at the bottom of the flight soon after 9 to ensure we got through once they were unlocked. They let 11 boats down before we moved. It was after 1 before we cleared the locks. What annoyed me was when we were cruising the summit pound, the levels were very high with water pouring over all the spill-weirs. They must have been in the process of draining down the reservoirs. So water was being dumped in to local streams when it could have been used in the locks had they been allowed to open longer. What is the sense in that? Surely CRT could have applied some flexibility. I also question the timing of the works. Here we are just coming out of lockdown and a very popular route has to be put in to restricted lock times. I am glad I don't moor in Crick, Yelvertoft or Kilworth. Options are very limited for short breaks if you are based on that pound. I appreciate the logic behind doing the work during the dry season but I would have thought it could have been planned better to lessen impact on boaters. Surely major work like this had been planned well in advance? If I recall, just a couple of weeks notice was given. July and August is going to be interesting!
  11. I am sure a flock of geese once guarded a distillery in Scotland. Found it! Scotch Watch: the Ballantine’s geese | Scotch Whisky
  12. So we can see if you're a local!
  13. Nen No argument. Have lived within a couple of miles of it most of my life. Always has been, always will be Nen.
  14. I have never heard of these people, but what the hell, I thought I would take a look at one of their videos. What an ignorant, obnoxious, arrogant bloke the guy is! Why would anyone subscribe to that rubbish?
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