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  1. Welford Lock - Welford Arm

    The top paddle on Welford lock on the Welford Arm of the Leicester Line is currently broken. Reported to CRT who are on the way apparently. Looks like we have another night in the Wharf Inn!
  2. Hire boat briefing

    Is there any other way of working locks??
  3. Hire boat briefing

    I have seen Calcutt do the same thing. I guess its a bit more difficult for ABC at Gayton because unless they head down the Northampton Arm, they don't come across a lock for a couple of hours. What surprised me though was the fact they clearly had not had anything like a decent briefing.
  4. Hire boat briefing

    We shared Buckby flight this morning with a family who picked up their boat from ABC at Gayton yesterday. They were a really nice group. This was their first experience of a lock though and were quite apprehensive. We worked the flight with them and by the time we reached the New Inn, I think they had a good idea what it was all about. However, I was surprised by their description of the briefing they had before setting off. A quick demo with a model lock by someone who openly admitted that it was their first time training and were not that sure themselves! All a bit worrying really. What would have happened if they faced the first lock on their own? Or, as I suspect, do ABC rely on the fact that someone will help them through.
  5. BSS Rant

    It clearly makes good sense to label all your "holes". My point is, why does BSS just specify the fuel filler? i will knacker my engine putting water, petrol or whatever else other than diesel in there, but not really a safety issue is it? However, fuel coming out of the taps is decidedly dangerous! Anyway, I've checked on the boat and indeed, since attaching the Diesel label, it has not blown up, so it definitely works.
  6. BSS Rant

    Whilst on BSS labelling requirements: "The specific fuel type in use must be correctly and clearly marked on or adjacent to all fuel filling points" OK, makes sense from an operational point of view, but is that really a safety issue?? Just last week I attached one myself in readiness for BSS next month - is the boat any safer for it??
  7. Alde 2920 boiler

    Think I've sorted it. Duff overheating sensor. If I short out the terminals, everything stays alight and tickety boo. Will order replacement.
  8. Alde 2920 boiler

    Thanks Alan. That's what I thought.
  9. Alde 2920 boiler

    I am still struggling with this 'orrible boiler! Have cleaned up the pilot assembly - although didn't seem bad. I have repositioned the thermocouple so it sits a bit more centrally in the pilot flame. I can get it to stay lit and fire up the burners now - albeit somewhat intermittently. When the burners do light, the pilot and burners go out after about 3 mins, then its back to trying to light again. To be honest, I am not that fussed, as I said before, the log burner does the job. But I have a BSS due in about 3 months. Is the examiner going to want to see the boiler running?
  10. Bilateral Worlds.

    Returning after a couple of weeks on board, I was in a petrol station filling up the car. Instinctively started chatting to the guy filling up next to me. "Lock-side chat". Then realised from the look on his face, I was back in the parallel universe.
  11. Gayton Junction towpath

    Excellent! Really interesting link. That's the answer then! Thanks....
  12. Gayton Junction towpath

    Bridge 47 also carries the road, so I guess also making it a turnover bridge, they killed two birds with one stone as it were. It's quite a way though. I did wonder about detouring via the road from Bridge 2 on the arm. Only just noticed though, theres no bridge number 1 - but can see any evidence of one ever existing.
  13. Gayton Junction towpath

    Something that's perplexed me for a while now. Having just cruised by again today, its got me thinking again. In horse-drawn days, imagine a boat coming up the Northampton Arm to the junction and turning left to head south towards Stoke Bruerne. Towpath is on the right as you approach the junction. When turning left, onto the main line, its on the right again. As far as I can see, the horse would have had to leave the boat, turn right, go the quarter of a mile or so to the cross-over bridge then double back to the junction. A bridge to take the Northampton Arm towpath over the mainline at the junction would be the obvious solution, but there no trace. Has something changed there in more recent years? Rob
  14. Alde 2920 boiler

    I have tried that. Pilot light goes out quicker than I can turn the knob! Also, as I said previously, sometimes the pilot and burner do ignite for a few minutes before going out again. Think I will give the pilot assembly a clean. It does look like a good flame whilst the knob is held down though, so possibly a duff thermocouple. Thanks for the advice .....
  15. Alde 2920 boiler

    We have an old Alde 2920 boiler. To be honest, other than firing it up when we first bought the boat, we have never used it in anger - the solid fuel stove is more than adequate. However, I tried it today and it no longer lights reliably. Its one of the old manual push button piezo ignitors. The pilot light ignites, but on releasing the push down thermostat knob, the pilot light goes out. Occasionally, it does stay lit, the burner lights, but then after a few minutes it goes out. Also, not sure if its related, but guess it could be, the wires from the pilot light indicator gauge are not connected - and for the life of me, I can not see where the spade connectors are supposed to connect! I would really appreciate any guidance....