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  1. That's my plans for the week gone to pot! Notice Alert Grand Union Canal Location: Buckby Lock Flight Starts At: Lock 7, Top Lock Ends At: Lock 13 Sunday 2 August 2020 until Friday 7 August 2020 23:59 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Maintenance Original message: Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily close the Buckby Lock Flight. One of the Cills has blown, on the third lock as you approach from the bottom of the flight. We will be on site tomorrow morning, to carry out a full investigation. We aim to have the lock flight operational again by Friday and will update the website tomorrow when we have more information. We appreciate our customers patience at this time.
  2. Amazing really. This after a wetter winter than we have had for a while along with 3 months or so of lockdown.
  3. We had a trip last year including some time on the Trent and the Soar. I remember seeing widebeams moving up there, and they just looked right. That's their natural habitat. I am used to seeing them on the GU: - Generally moored up in the most awkward locations imaginable. - Waiting by the northern portal of Blisworth Tunnel for an illicit midnight transit. - Or on the rare occasions they venture out in daylight, steering via the bow-thrusters. Still, its horses for courses I guess........
  4. That and the fact CRT are only allowing boats through the Watford flight 10-00 till 14:15
  5. I wouldn't worry too much. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, it will rain continuously for weeks!
  6. Even if/when the hire boat businesses resume, I doubt the pubs will be open. From my experience with hire boat handovers, the question most customers ask is which pub should they head for on the first evening. If the pubs are not there, a good many people will not see boating as such an attractive holiday.
  7. I've made a few myself over the last couple of weeks. I followed the following YouTube clip. I struggle following diagrams for ropework! Video makes it much simpler.
  8. Take a look around Whilton brokerage!
  9. Considering that CRT's pool of VLockies has a fairly high proportion of over 70's, I am guessing we are going to see a much restricted VLockie presence on the system. Not such a bad thing after last years experiences. However, how's that going to impact on the flights that are only unlocked when manned. Foxton? Watford? etc.
  10. Big Bob W


    Whilton would soon sell it!
  11. Initially I was a bit concerned on the security aspect of the magnetic mounts but unless you look rally closely, the mounts look as though they are screwed on. The cables route into the boat through one of the mushroom vents.
  12. I didn't like the idea of gluing flexible panels to the roof and favoured rigid panels. But also did not really want to drill into the roof to fit brackets. So I have made up brackets for each corner of the panels with magnets. Its a surprisingly solid fixture. It is also possible to tilt the panels by lifting one side and propping with a short length of timber.
  13. River Soar (When not in flood)
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