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  1. But remember, CRT consider this the "Closed Season" for boating.
  2. Well Boris has put the spanner in the works on that now!! I think you could well be right. If I remember right, it was works on the weir just south of Stowe Hill. Seems strange CRT have not detailed what or where the maintenance issue is.
  3. Well that's our New Years cruise tomorrow probably out the window. Wonder where/what the essential maintenance is?
  4. There we go! I think I could be a winner next year!!
  5. Big Bob W


    A rigid life "ring" can also be used to provide a buffer between the boat and lock wall should someone end up in the water in a lock. Drop it over the side to prevent the casualty getting crushed.
  6. When I first saw the image, it just did not seem right. More like a painting than a photograph. I then recognised the boats - until recently they were moored only a mile or so from me at Nether Heyford. If the contributor enjoys creating pictures by heavily manipulating other images, that's up to him. But to then enter the result into a national photo competition is simply wrong. For all we know, the individual component photos may not even be his own!
  7. We also bought from these people. If I remember right, it wasn't cheap, but does the job.
  8. This really annoys me. So many locks with one paddle taped off. I am sure CRT consider 2 paddles as having one as a spare. As a VLockie said to us a couple of weeks ago, nothing gets fixed now until its a stoppage.
  9. Would have been the obvious thing to do whilst the flight was closed back then. I am surprised it’s lasted this long to be honest. This is how it looked when we came down a month or so ago.
  10. Just realised this is for November. I thought it was next week. SpecSavers time!
  11. Notice Alert Grand Union Canal Location: Lock 10, Long Buckby, Grand Union Canal. Starts At: Lock 10 Ends At: Lock 10 Up Stream Winding Hole: Junction with the Leicester Line (Grand Union Canal). Down Stream Winding Hole: Between Locks 12 and 13, Buckby. Monday 16 November 2020 08:00 until Monday 30 November 2020 16:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Repair Original message: An urgent stoppage is required to carry out repairs to the cill and gates at Lock 10 in order to reduce leakage. Just realised this is for November. I thought it was next week! SpecSavers time.
  12. You would like to think it was just an error by the person marking up the map. They probably haven't a clue what those wide bits of the canal are. However .......
  13. My better half has made a sport of getting a response from anglers when passing them. I reckon she got up to about 85% success rate now!
  14. Neither. We all know its actually "barge". 😉
  15. One day last year, we met a boat coming down the bottom lock at Buckby. He was convinced he was at the bottom of the Braunston flight. Then we worked out he turned left instead of right at the end of the Leicester Line! So he went back up the flight with us. I did ask if he thought it strange that Braunston Tunnel had disappeared! Not a hirer BTW.
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