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  1. I'm sat in Heyford Fields Marina at the moment. Nice and quiet here! If you really try, you can just hear the trains, but certainly not a problem. Loads of space for manoeuvring on/off your moorings. Bit tricky if theres a strong northerly breeze as it sweeps over the Nene Valley, but then I've not been in a marina yet that doesn't have a similar problem. I remember Overwater being notably tricky in windy conditions!
  2. We used to have a share in ex-Challenger boat Victorious. That was definitely a Blue Haven boat.
  3. Then there's the "Slow-Down Brigade". We came by Gayton visitor moorings a week or so ago. On tick-over, moored boats either side of us. I saw the git ahead sitting in the front of his boat giving us the stare and knew exactly what was coming. He clearly sits there waiting for boats to come through so he can shout at them to slow down. Sue's response is to greet him with a cheery "Good afternoon, what a lovely day" which throws him as he is expecting to get in to a heated exchange no doubt. He must have had a field day when the hire-fleet turned out from Gayton Marina!
  4. My better half worked at Stoke Bruerne as a “Towpath Fundraiser” for a few weeks recently. They fired her in February as she wasn’t getting any sign ups. There’s hardly any visitors there midwinter, so not surprising really!
  5. We hired Hawkweed from Concoform some 30 odd years ago. Interestingly, the boatyard in Weedon is now operating a hire fleet again with a number of the old "Weed" boats in the original Concoform paint scheme. Hawkweed being one of them.
  6. That's exactly what we use. Got the idea of a chap moored by us a year or two ago. One of the handiest things I have on the boat! You hook out the vegetation first with the magic tool. Drop the chain down into the nicely cleared gap, then use the tool again to grab the dangling end. Another use for it is to hook the mooring line off the bow of the boat. I am clearly getting old ……..
  7. The chip shop in Braunston village (Braunston Fryer?) cook their fish and chips in beef dripping. I've not been for a year or so, but last time we called in they were excellent.
  8. I have never realised this before, but it's true!
  9. Thanks Tony - and John. Yes, access is not too bad. I may just have to remove the oil pressure sensor to allow room to pull out the spindle., that's all. Need to find a tool to remove that torx screw too! But not as bad a job as I first thought. Hopefully.
  10. Not the best of photos but here we are:
  11. Thanks for the advice. Looks like its a fairly common problem. Whilst I am happy with day to day maintenance, delving into the injection pump worries me! Think this is probably going to go to someone who knows what they are doing.
  12. I have a BMC 1.5. For a while, I have noticed a small amount of diesel in the engine bilge needing soaking up. I have now noticed steady drips of fuel which seem to be coming from where the throttle shaft enters the pump. Drip every 30 sec or so. I am guessing it is a seal/gasket needing replacement? If so, how difficult a job is it? Or is there anything else it could be? Thanks Bob
  13. Big Bob W


    The one that really gets me though is the dog walkers and the poo bags hanging from the branches
  14. Big Bob W


    You’re right. I’m going back!
  15. Big Bob W


    Stove dumped on the offside of the northern portal of Blisworth tunnel. Obviously a boater.
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