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  1. All still listed as restricted on the CRT stoppages website.
  2. In hindsight, that is exactly what we should have done. But to be honest I think we were just caught off guard. What is more worrying is another 30 seconds later, the lock would have been empty and the gate half open when Volockie opened his paddles without looking. Gate would have slammed shut taking the Mrs and any number of gongoozlers with it.
  3. The “Towpath Fundraisers” jobs have just become one hell of a lot more challenging! Mr Parry says we don’t need any more money!
  4. We called CRT to report. Somehow doubt it will get followed up.
  5. Stoke Bruerne top lock today. We were heading up. The wife walks up to the lock to find it virtually empty and opens the bottom paddles to let the last inch or so out. Volocky then rolls up and proceeds to open both top paddles without even looking back. After Sue eventually managed to get his attention, he flatly refused lower the paddles - "Theres two boats here waiting to come down". So we lowered the bottom paddles and watched as a full lock of water went to waste. Quite unbelievable.
  6. So at both ends of this long pound we have the the gates padlocked, no boats moving, but the paddles open letting water down. Am I missing something here?
  7. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/40442-july-2019-reservoir-watch.pdf It would be good to see a relaxation in the restrictions on the Buckby/Braunston/Stoke Bruerne flights. Reservoirs here sitting at around 73% according to this report. (2% up on the same period last year). I am still sceptical about how much the restrictions help - other than encouraging lock sharing. It is still the same number of boat movements, just concentrated into a 6 hour period.
  8. In an attempt to avoid the behemoth coming directly at them? 😉
  9. After the last couple of weeks rainfall, and even more to come, it will be interesting to see how the reservoirs have recovered. I wonder if CRT will relax the restrictions? I suspect they will remain in place through the summer - just in case...!
  10. We are moored at the end of the Leicester Line by Norton Junction. Had a couple of beers in the New Inn this evening before taking a walk down the pound after the top lock. I reckon there are over a dozen south bound boats,moored in the pound tonight. As soon as the flight re-opens, that pound is going to run dry in no time. And currently, looking out of the window, there is definitely no flow of water being pumped back up the Leicester line.
  11. I'm sat in Heyford Fields Marina at the moment. Nice and quiet here! If you really try, you can just hear the trains, but certainly not a problem. Loads of space for manoeuvring on/off your moorings. Bit tricky if theres a strong northerly breeze as it sweeps over the Nene Valley, but then I've not been in a marina yet that doesn't have a similar problem. I remember Overwater being notably tricky in windy conditions!
  12. We used to have a share in ex-Challenger boat Victorious. That was definitely a Blue Haven boat.
  13. Then there's the "Slow-Down Brigade". We came by Gayton visitor moorings a week or so ago. On tick-over, moored boats either side of us. I saw the git ahead sitting in the front of his boat giving us the stare and knew exactly what was coming. He clearly sits there waiting for boats to come through so he can shout at them to slow down. Sue's response is to greet him with a cheery "Good afternoon, what a lovely day" which throws him as he is expecting to get in to a heated exchange no doubt. He must have had a field day when the hire-fleet turned out from Gayton Marina!
  14. My better half worked at Stoke Bruerne as a “Towpath Fundraiser” for a few weeks recently. They fired her in February as she wasn’t getting any sign ups. There’s hardly any visitors there midwinter, so not surprising really!
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