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  1. Panic over, Through the power of our database/ old customers/ feet on the floor at location and google maps we have found a man who can.. The tools are now safely back with Harry. Thanks to all involved. P.S. If you see Harry about feel free to mock him He's knows it's coming
  2. HI, Has anyone got ( or can get a message to) a mobile number or boat name for a member of staff from heritage marina, Our fitter Harry has left his tools there, and driven to his next job. Once arriving at next job found out he was toolless!! Drove back to heritage but the office is locked with his tools in and has been for the last couple of hours. ANY HELP asap would be great. Cheers
  3. Hi All, Happy Monday. Just putting the feelers out there, I am just trying a simple experiment on my friends boat to try and help with condensation and internal ice on windows using magnets and our window material. I'd love peoples thoughts to see if it's an avenue to proceed down. I've attached a link to a simple youtube video to show the prototype. Any feedback would be great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akIHn_0afIY&list=UUM37RounHgsVRypZTysatOw&index=1
  4. For some reason the video will only play in facebook. It's well worth a watch if you can get the link to work.
  5. Hi all. If you own a boat and don't know about this pub then you really must .... Just a quick note to highlight the brilliant work done by one of our canal pubs getting themselves ready for re-launch. They have pulled out all the stops and I can 100% recommend it for a place to stop on your travels along the Staffs and Worcester. We've been working with them over the last year or so to really make the outside space a place to be. This video they have had made really shows it all off.. You need to visit here for the cobs alone. https://fb.watch/4OTDSclx8m/ The Anchor Inn at Caunsall
  6. Hi We are flat out at the moment trying to insure our customers are safe and warm for Christmas, We also have a lot of COVID work that needs manufacturing in the way of covers and screens. It's only myself ( Ian) that replies to the online quotes, I've allowed myself One day a week to do this whilst the rest of the time I'm up to my ears in manufacturing and design. I strive to get everyone done but occasionally I may miss one, called away by Phone call, staff question customer arriving etc... Think I've replied to you now.
  7. Hi guys, Just about to start putting a few more videos on our YouTube. If you've got any simple top tips you'd like popping in video form please pm me. Here's my first. Stop damage to your cratch cover Pointed this out to a customer once we'd repaired their cover and they were blown away. Wondered why nobody had told them before. Hence the new videos.
  8. Probably had about 15 or so.. mainly small stuff.. Still got a couple to see and some replacement bungees to drop off, but it didn't eat up as much time as we thought, hence why we can do it again this week. Hopefully that should of been the last of the big ones for a while.. It was terrible here, flooding left right and centre. The Canal actually joined up with the river!
  9. Don't think that link worked, Here's the text. LONG AND SHORT OF IT, FREE REPAIRS. After the worst of storm Ciara, many elderly, physically impaired, students or low income people, can't afford to replace their covers when they are storm damaged, leaving their boat less secure and colder. So for the rest of this week we are offering FREE small cover repairs, to anyone in this demographic who may be struggling, and have to decide between bills or safety/warmth. This shouldn't be happening, so we will try and get as many covers repaired this week as possible. All we ask is you call us to arrange and then bring the cover to us. Our company is at a size where we can just afford to give a little back, and that's what we intend to do. Please spread the word as we will financially and physically only be able to do this for about a week, while we are unable to get out onto the boats due to the conditions. After that the bad weather should start to decline and we can get back out on the road making new covers. Would also like to thank Midland fencing and aggregates who initially gave us the idea. If you like our page on facebook then more people will also see this post. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE LIKE, LIKE, LIKE. www.kinvercanopies.co.uk 01384 394469
  10. Hi Guys. WELL!!! That one was a wet one!!! Just to let you know we have the ability to run last weeks offer into this week to help those affected by bloody Dennis!!! I wont lie, it made me feel really happy last week being able to help. This forum really got the word out along with the Facebook narrowboat owners group. If anyone wants the link I think this is it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2812160008899803&id=168353263280504&sfnsn=mo&extid=APa7JjW5gWTjUjAl If anyone can add the link that joins this with last weeks post. I'd be grateful, as would anyone affected that needs help. I'm not sure how to do it.. Cheers Ian
  11. Once we've work out the size it would be about the same manufacturer time .
  12. We'll try anything...twice, First time may go wrong. It looks simple enough, wouldn't be my first choice but each to their own. In our experience the main reason zips fail are A.The original manufacture of the cover used a coloured thread, these rot as they have been bleached so they colour can be added. ( to fix only use natural or black). B. The zip is a coil zip which can't stand sideways tension that well.( to fix use Vislon Number 10 continues toothed zip) C.Its a small tooth size ( to fix use Vislon Number 10 continues toothed zip) D. It has been caught at gunwale height whilst cruising/in lock or by other boats collision. ( to fix tuck side of cratch onto top of gunwale when cruising, Build 4ft thick wall around your boat every time you moor!!)
  13. Yes we would, I'm actually working on a job for Braidbar boats at this very moment ( in between bashing the keyboard) .
  14. Well we do cover quite an area, Up to sort of Manchester down to just below the M4 corridor . Across into Wales and the other way to about Kettering... Give or take... A few jobs maybe a little further afield but the main body of work is within those guide lines. So you never know, we may cross paths at some point. Happy Cruising.
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