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Kinver Canopies

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  1. Kinver Canopies

    Boat painting, ONE THING NOT TO DO!

    Just wanted to bump this post.. We are having a few of these jobs again.. Check with your painters before it's too late
  2. Kinver Canopies

    Frozen canal Humor

    Here is the content from the link if thats's what you wanted. About -- Navigation --About Ice Breaker Demanded For Kinver As Canal Freezes A Bit Posted on 12th December 2017 by koladmin • 0 Comments As temperatures plummeted last night, Kinver’s canals took the brunt of the cold as they froze over, making it a bit harder for boats to move. And owners aren’t happy. Dave Guthridge, a canal user, contacted Kinver.info to vent his anger. “It’s absolutely outrageous. There are gritters for the roads and grit bins in streets, but we’ve had ice now for the second time in as many decades, and it makes it harder to move my boat. Car drivers yet again get preferential treatment.” A consortium of boat users has teamed up to demand South Staffordshire Council provide an ice breaker boat for such situations. Our climate reporter, Mike Littisore, contacted South Stafforshire Council to ask their opinion. A representative said, “Unfortunately it’s unlikely to ever happen. We had our finance team run through the costs and benefits, and we found the cheapest ice breaker class boat would cost about £430,000. The current cost to the economy of ice on the canal is somewhere in the region of zero pounds, making it economically unviable.” We put these comments to Dave, and he said “That’s typical of the short-sighted attitude of pencil pushing office workers who don’t see the real trauma for us on the water ways. We pay our taxes, too, we need to be looked after just like everyone else. But more so.” South Stafforshire council refused to take any more calls on the matter.
  3. Kinver Canopies

    Frozen canal Humor

    Bit of a giggle from the guys who run Kinvers little ‘not info’ site http://kinver.info/ice-breaker-demanded-kinver-canal-freezes-bit/
  4. Kinver Canopies

    Sofa bed

    This is going cheap as chips.make an offer
  5. Kinver Canopies

    Eco Fan

    Right, just to let you know... (at the risk of getting back on topic) That i have tested our cheaper fan against a more expensive fan. Result. I my opinion it was better!! It moved about the same amount of air but started sooner and stayed on longer. If anyone is interested I'll try to do a video of them both at the same time with something to show the air movement for each. I'll also try and get a duck in there somewhere.
  6. Kinver Canopies

    Canalside cratch cover repairers

    Hi, We can do repairs. I was actually up by Barton turns yesterday, but only just noticed this post. We do a collect and return service or if you want to come to us by car, Approx 50 mins away we can do it while you wait. Or If you cruise down this way (Stourbridge,Kinver,Stourton,Wombourne etc) we can turn it round in no time . Hi, We can replace all fittings in situ to the same standard as bench work as we have the correct portable tools to do the job, On site stitching is another thing altogether.
  7. Kinver Canopies

    Eco Fan

    Is that a little bit of The colour of magic you're quoting?
  8. Kinver Canopies

    Eco Fan

    Good god, its a minefield!!! Is there an Everest Windows feather test to see how much air is moving? Anyone got a spare helicopter we can use as a marker!
  9. Kinver Canopies

    Eco Fan

    Right, I see. I've got a log burner at home so will get one to try. If its fast its good then .
  10. Kinver Canopies

    Eco Fan

    We have an opportunity to purchase a pallet of these, do you think there would be much interest. If so hope to sell on just above cost £30 or so. Haven't got them yet it's just an opportunity.
  11. So, Just saw this in the Tilergraph, Well done to all involved. Just made me wonder how many stories people have of 'near death experiences' or Saved by a passer by. I know we had to escort one gentleman (who happened to be the marina manager,but will mention no names)back to his boat after having an afternoon 'Trying' Jack Daniels on a friends boat. without us there i'm 100% he'd have gone in. Anyway, happy reading. Nice to have a good news story
  12. Kinver Canopies

    George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    yep, or Kinver Canopies. It's what they call a P.I.C.N.I.C in computer terms. Problem in chair not in computer
  13. Kinver Canopies

    George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    Ok, But if that is the case, I won't get them.. It's not our email address.. This is the bit you don't understand... I will only receive it at ian@kinvercanopies.co.uk or sales@kinvercanopies.co.uk I only hope the other company isn't pretending to be us to get jobs..