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  1. Hi does anyone own a narrowboat built and fitted out by cheshire narrowboats. Im interested in the build quality and the fit out. Cheers Neil
  2. Hi I'm looking for good boat builders that built smaller narrowboats 45ft down to 30ft as Iam looking to buy a small boat but there is a lot of rubbish out there.
  3. Hi we are new to the narrow boat world and are currently on the hunt for our first boat. We have been looking and gathering lots of information on our search before making the purchase. The next step for us is being shown how to use locks and basic boat handling. I have come across many courses online which to me seem to be highly priced. Would anyone be interested in taking myself and partner out for the day to teach us the basics. I am obviously not looking for this for free just not wanting to pay anything extortionate. We live between Cheshire and Preston and can travel easily any way. Cheers Neil.
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