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    Commercial narrowboats, research, heritage related subjects. Restoration of narrowboats, currently, Barnet, Zodiac, (enough to keep me occupied!) Wideboats of the GU. Trains and trams. German pop music. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4D63-5ODz0

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    Neptune, King George V, Barnet & others
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    Bentley canal (If only)

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  1. Yes that is it in its second modified form with the bow cut down.
  2. Approx 40 tons for the boats unladen, then add as much cargo as possible. At a rough guess 80 tons gross.
  3. Better off using a shaft and or a bread knife down the weedhatch, much more effective.
  4. Surely the logical answer is to remove the head and the immediate government and start all over again?Insert other media
  5. The newspaper will have it in their archive, DT archive is very good.
  6. Lack of experience of the actual job is an appalling thought. Try recruiting a dermatologist as a brain surgeon and watch the results!
  7. This arrived today, it too makes interesting reading. From: "Brenda Adams" <Brenda.Adams@canalrivertrust.org.uk> To: Cc: Sent: Thursday, 10 May, 2018 14:34:02 Subject: Regional Director Appointments - a message from Richard Parry, Chief Executive Dear All As we approach the ‘go live’ date of 4 June for our new Regional structure, I am pleased to share updates on the outstanding appointments below.
  8. The appointment of the West Midlands regional manager is of candid interest. In the PR resume he has the least said about him yet controls a huge area. That area contains a large mileage of underused urban canals which still hardly see boats. Its an area where housing is at a premium for the lower end of the scale. CRT ,I think most of us believe is cash short and desperate for funds. Add in a person with this man's experience, in areas of urban degradation and the cauldron has a interesting mix. Where could you earn a lot of money quickly in a short time, one answer would be "Housing" in what
  9. One wonders what the next press release will contain.
  10. Well said "Tanglewood". Waste on waste on waste. British Waterways was a pet to hate but at least it contained people who knew what the job was about, even if they dragged their feet and were slow they had "the knowledge". What is there of that today? Its doubtful if anybody could draw a map of what they look after! (That's assuming they could draw!).
  11. Or showing us that somethings will never get done, like the portals to this tunnel!
  12. I have found an inspiring match to the logo, the unfinished portal of Summit Tunnel on the BCN old main line,,, what do you think?
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