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  1. Steptoe, Tomorrow Minister, Citizen Smith. The young seem to like our era for music but not so keen on our TV programs.
  2. I was thinking of the Army and Navy Stores to get a new jumper
  3. Is there a secret agent amongst us destroying incriminating eveidence?
  4. Hmm I will definitely move my aerosol horn into the shade in future. I rarely use it and still have the original aerosol . I do like to have it handy though. I never thought of that I guess half empty will explode as well as when it’s full . Thank you for the tip.
  5. Never thought of that - you do get gas fired fridges but I’ve never heard of a wood fired one. Maybe a steam engine but it didn’t go anywhere. Anyway if they were cold yesterday.....
  6. I saw a woodburner fired up on a Narrowboat with all the doors closed at 6pm (35 deg C) last night. Can anyone beat that?
  7. Maybe they have a very long boat and that’s the bow going in and the stern coming out? Maybe I shouldn’t have got drawn into petty arguments but I don’t think it’s that dangerous providing sensible precautions are taken
  8. There is surely a massive difference between having a quiet sensible dip and having a fest with gangs of mates, alcohol, birds to show off to, tombstoning, drugs etc etc? Good on you.
  9. Fishing line not live! I got an abandoned bundle wrapped round my leg in a fishing tarn last year. It really frightened me but I still take a dip
  10. Not so sure how true this is. It’s worth reading the wild swimmers guidance. Weil’s disease for one is according to them grossly overhyped. I think a lot of canals are probably reasonably safe as long as you cover cuts, keep your gob shut and have a shower. Loads of kids in them seem to survive. You would also have to be careful of under water obstructions especially fishing live which worries me Obviously there are serious risks if you don’t take care but i’m In with Mtb and Mack
  11. Much more impressive than mine though the one on Llangollen landed on a shed
  12. Willow trunk approx 18” dia x 20’ tall just crashed down without warning on the opposite bank. Missed all boats. Couldn’t stand the heat. Last time I saw this was on the Llangollen 2 years ago. It’s not that rare and I won’t be buying a lottery ticket!
  13. Yes you can count me in but maybe most of us aren’t quite as extreme! I felt quite sorry for him actually. All that creative talent should have been put to good us all best
  14. I suggest definitely giving Wayne Roscow a ring then. He was very reasonable price (less than 1/2 2 others) He is very helpful
  15. If you can get it on a HIAB Wayne Roscow from Preston will lift it out of the water, transport it and launch it again . It probably needs to have a flat bottom to sit it on the lorry. Our boat is 25’ approx 6 tonne and it was fine 07767 376900 Sorry just read 58’ no good got HIAB please accept apologies for not reading the thread properly
  16. Mick (Fuller?) 07850 799416 Lives at Glasson does loads of work at Garstang. Very experienced marine engineer and very helpful bloke to boot
  17. I did some internet research into him. He was actually a probably harmless nutter. The boat he was building in a pub garden looked like Blue Peter was making it. His company offering himself as a hot air balloon test pilot wouldn’t have fooled anybody especially if they had a ballon! I think there was even a picture of him somewhere. I didn’t say anything at the time as I reckoned he had mental issues and I for one was happy to leave him in fantasy land. He was very (un)convincing though and I will freely admit I read a lot of his posts and sort of believed him. I googled him to find out more about him as I wondered where all his ramblings were coming from. Anyway he does have a boat (which I doubt will float even in a canal never mind the sea) and he has registered a company offering balloon test flights.
  18. Sounds like good advice. I met JJ 30 years ago when he was surveying a friends steel yacht. He was bashing the hull every 12” with a large rubber hammer then inspected the bilge for rust particles that would fall off. He has been around for years and has a good reputation. Alan’s point about the survey being in your name is probably a very valid one. I too was only interested in the hull survey.
  19. Chippendales Marina AKA Garstang Marina (not Bridgehouse) have a whacking lift up 70’ inc widebeam 01995 605040 they are very helpful. Surveys done there all the time. Also easy access to load onto lorry For Survey Johnathan Jackson has been at it for a long time
  20. Preston Brook is ideal. Just take 30 minutes each way. Spend 24 hours day in it. Quite legal and safe?and you only need pop out at each end to turn around
  21. This year we have been from Fradely to Reading to Bristol and back north to Crooke (2 days from the Ribble) including the Severn Estuary., K&A etc Last year we went Fradely to Garstang via Harecastle etc. Please find photos of rough notes I make on journeys. Times are engine running only off for longish stops. Crew self and wife combined age 71. Speed we rarely overtake or get overtaken. This is as it actually happened. And you’ve got details for it all from both ends. Hope you can decipher and it helps. PLEASE SEE NEXT POST FOR LAST SHEET Last sheet of notes
  22. Well get it out. It may finally be useful if you’re sure you won’t be going to space. Hope you don’t mind what you look like but you may be cool!
  23. It was good enough for Bill and Ben and Little Weed (Don’t know how to insert web photo)
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