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  1. where is this scene

    The idea of Brentford did at first appear, and in particular below the gauging lock, but the second doesn't fit that location. And as Pluto has pointed out - how much artistic licence is involved. Fine pictures all.
  2. where is this scene

    I read the signature as Jas [James?] Moore. Where would we see a barge/lighter with a winch on the foredeck? Nice paintings. The second looks like the boat is tied in the same place as the first but without big brother. Artistic licence at work?
  3. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    I missed that! Floating windlasses - whatever next, maybe floating Yarmouths. Best to you. Derek
  4. Location - May 1970

    Our coal supplier will deliver doubles and trebles in 50kg open sacks. Some do cobbles too: http://www.cheapcoal.co.uk/
  5. BCN Toll Islands

    Look back at post No. #22. You'll see the plank bridging the gap. Operated by the toll collector and swung with the handle supplied.
  6. BCN Toll Islands

    That sounds the most probable reason for island toll houses - like station platforms with a track either side!
  7. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    OK, I'm a stovie anorak (a bit). A Primus No.3, as handed down to me from Ian Tyler, and passed to him from Alf Best, and prior to re-fitting lost parts: And roaring away on the workbench. The discoloured flames are due to traces of detritus in the tank. Wartime product from Samuel Heath & Sons. Due to the demand for brass in ammunitions, steel was used for tanks during this period. This one has a 'silent' burner as opposed to the 'roarer' type. The name Tilley has been used for a great variety of lamps and stoves rather like 'Hoover' has been used for vacuum cleaners, though Tilley specialised mostly in lamps and a few heaters. Their stoves - at least the paraffin fuelled ones - were adaptations of a lamp, and quite collectors items today. Similarly, 'Primus' has been used for many stoves of the pressurised kind.
  8. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    Love these two: https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/canals/QgFkWJ-gww5okg https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/canals/SwGuc7AZ0Qn4uA Trolley bus, steam trains, barrage balloons, detritus. Workaday grime. What a relief it must have been to get out in the 'fields'. And what a world apart and now gone forever. Some (many) will say good riddance, but we lost something intangible.
  9. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    They are Valor Minor heaters, wick stoves using paraffin. Running correctly they will produce a blue flame: Primus and Optimus, along with other pressure stoves such as Monitor and SH&S (Samuel Heath & Sons, Birmingham - extant) were also used. A Primus No.3 was a big beats, and used for heating a wash tub on the towpath. Held about 7 pints of paraffin. Valor Minor:
  10. Any of these still around

    Probably surprising to the 'Western World', it did catch on: http://www.marineenginedigest.com/specialreports/kerosene-outboards.htm But seemingly in the previous 17yrs since that website was published (or so they say). Yet on the same website, another page mentions their first outboard was made in 1960. It caught on! But no mention of it being a petrol/paraffin - not to say that it wasn't though. I think the flash point of petroleum spirit is considerably lower than that of paraffin though. Yamaha outboards - how about a rack of 350hp V8 stuck on the back of a Town 'class': https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/v8-5-3l-350-hp Might do some needed dredging?
  11. Archimedes & Ara photos

    His boating was hardly impressive, but now that's out the way - can we get back to the boats?
  12. I can understand buying a sweetshop for sixpence, but "one of his eyes was both the same" ???
  13. David Blagrove

    Search for Ewan McColl's Radio Ballads, they are wonderful. Listen to "The Auld Ways Are Changing" in 'The Travelling People', sung by the Watersons amongst this link: https://mainlynorfolk.info/folk/records/radioballads.html I have "Singing the Fishing", and McColl's tunes I'm sure can be recognised in many of the ballads, and are not disimilar to David's songs.
  14. David Blagrove

    Aah yes! That's David! "When the Chestnuts bloom in flower" David on video:
  15. David Blagrove

    Sorry Paul, that's not David singing in that link. It attributes it as David's song, but not him singing. It's David singing in the Renfrew & Lucy link through Youtube, but it's "The working boatman's way" not "A Hard working boatman". It's about, I'll have another look.