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  1. One of our local footpaths crosses seeded fields (as do many). Whilst it would be not practicable or possible for the public authority to maintain same, farmers in general do cut crops, or drive a tractor along such paths to 'show the way' such as across field of ridged potatoes. Others, where access has been contested they have been deliberately obstructed, but that's a different issue which has a volatile history since Kinder Scout in 1932 right up to the present day.
  2. BOAT - Byway Open to All Traffic. Unless in times of flood, not generally used by boats!
  3. The image has been taken from quite low down, so only the handrail of the top gate is seen, and just the top of the ground paddle:
  4. Also taken in the sixties. Only just visible is one ground paddle at the far left. Looks the same type. This, from the 'West' family album.
  5. I feel sure I saw one around the Cowley/Uxbridge area in the early eighties, but I don't recall which one.
  6. That is beautiful! I can almost smell them!!
  7. Being sold as per auction practice. Set up a low figure to attract bidders, but keep a reserve in hand. We are not told what that is, but I'm sure further enquiry would discover something more.
  8. Just goes to show some have more money than brains. Lock up your used matches. (Or put them on Ebay).
  9. Indeed - too easy wasn't it! And I fancy that was Cassio lock at 8:18. The shot immediately after with the boat leaving shows the little bridge and offside that looks right.
  10. Anyone notice something odd between 6:54 and 7:19? The lock wiering over the bottom gates (8:18) could be Cassio? or one on the Stoke flight? Not sure.
  11. We have many Ministries; Noise; Bluster; Deceit; Obfuscation; not forgetting The Ministry of Utter Gloom (as depicted by Giles, the cartoonist). Churchill had a Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29635592-churchill-s-ministry-of-ungentlemanly-warfare But I digress. let's not go there, here.
  12. Just in case you were expecting to see either of the Ronnies in the PO's film link - you won't. But it's an excellent piece of filming - and acting, as is the narration. Classic 1960's. David Hutchings even gets a Look in. I'm hopeful someone can put a name to the grab driver at Brentford.
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