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  1. I don't think so David, though Sentinel and her two (I think) sisters were built to break ice, Ian will have the full story on that. They were built in the early seventies if memory serves, slightly barrel shaped down to the chine, may have carried beer in casks at one point possibly around Trent lock. Certainly an acquired taste in fore ends.
  2. That's a four pot BM in SENTINEL. I liked it better when 50' though. Steered well astern. TYCHO was tied abreast for a week, prior to setting off to Braunston. I came back at the end of the week to find her on the towpath side. Apparently the trip boat steerer complained about 'reduced width' available . . . . go figure. SENTINELs' back end was as 'interesting' as the front. Modelled after a steamer I hear.
  3. "What the hell is busin ??? " Business. Limited characters in the sub title probably.
  4. We were familiar with Cow Roast and Bulbourne from 1983 on. Mid 1980's. Alongside JAPONICA prior to setting off to Braunston for major steelwork. The pub opposite was for a while re-named 'The Lock & Quay' (from the older Grand Junction Arms), and in the eighties was run by a very amicable couple who let the Aylesbury lot use the 'games room' for music and song, Christmas there was magical.
  5. I believe they are a few pages from a journal called 'Wonderful London'. Judging by the page numbers it must have been a regular publication in many parts. https://alondoninheritance.com/london-books/wonderful-london/
  6. Outside of CWF, the world is being driven to destruction. It is inevitable that influence will permeate formerly sacrosanct places.
  7. East's was just off Stag Lane, still operating in the seventies when I was on the buses. It's entrance was between Stag Lane and Billet Lane. Stag Lane led up to one of the 'Gas Two' locks. All built over with housing now. The Gasometer location can best be located on SO 1:25,000 1937 - 1961 edition. http://tinyurl.com/5n6pufxa
  8. The late Laurence Hogg had NEPTUNE for a while, and often asked what had become of the boat.
  9. Those who knew how to work a lock efficiently would also know that when strapping a top gate closed, it was necessary to have a bottom paddle drawn as the gate was half way closed to prevent excessive strain in the top gate by the compression of water mass within the lock. An 'Old boy' lengthsman on the Wolverhampton flight showed us 'the way' back in '83.
  10. Not just projects. Get fit in a gym is just the beginning. It is repeated visits and exercise (along with diet) that is essential to maintain that fitness. Miss out on the latter, and that sofa will put you back to square one very quickly.
  11. A covered shed; lots of skilled and non-skilled volunteers required; and a huge amount of money. A good frame to stand on, and by the straight level of the 'mud line', it looks to be comparatively sound, but that could be deceptive.
  12. Some great images. HERON was a Station boat and formerly named CALEB IIRC. I was responsible (guilty?) of re-siding the cabin. It is shown in silver primer. The Motor covered in yellow tarp is LION, owned at the time by Alan Falkingham(?). The B & W shows the full length of the basin towards the road. Much of which was filled in to where the 'crane' was erected.
  13. It is just a painting at the end of the day. The knowledgable will know there 'should' be a line, but if painted in, it would have led out of the picture frame and from an artistic point of view, spoilt the image by leaving an unseen object just out of sight. In doing so, drawing the eye away from the main subject.
  14. Thank you David. Love the Evening Service too. I think not. The Harmers had CAPELLA in which Tony fitted a hydraulic drive. @Admiral might be able to confirm.
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