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  1. The typeface as show is very similar (one or two slight variations) that London Transport used - Johnston, named after Edward Johnston the originator. Commissioned by Frank Pick in 1913. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-35916807
  2. The Zoo Waterbus must have started up in the early sixties. I was working as a keeper around then and remember the staging being built (I think!). They did hammer up and down.
  3. I've seen parts of this one before, but not quite in this compilation. Nice and sharp, lots of colour, a Look at Life series, Vol. 1 Transport 'Where no tide flows' 1963:
  4. Ah! Yes. That's shunted the memory bank a bit. Thanks.
  5. My recollection may be wrong, but was it David Fletcher who lived at the house canalside (offside) at the rear of Bulbourne workshops? Or was it a gent by the name of Riley? And did the Boat CITY OF GLOUCESTER something to do with one or the other said gentleman? It used to be tied outside the workshops a lot. (Sorry, rubbish shots). Some time prior to, there were several aviaries along the offside beyond the house. It was very tidy back in the eighties.
  6. All I get from those three dots is a menu of "Report" or "Share". No edit facility. Scrub that! I just got an addition pop up : - "Edit". I must have been half asleep. Hang on - I just went back to my previous post made 8hrs ago, and find the 'Edit' facility not there. So there must be a time limit on editing your own post. Is it shown anywhere? How long is it?
  7. I know the format has changed and there are some discrepencies such as the loss of post numbers - can we have them back please? But now I see the 'edit' function has gone. Why? And at the foot of 'juniors' last post (cant give the NUMBER!) there is the statement "2 months later" over a greyed background. I think we are all quite capable of reading the date on the previous post. There was precious little wrong with the previous format, these latest changes are simply unecessary and a little inconvenient.
  8. Those must be the railways where there was a stream in a trough between the rails . . . or am I thinking of something else? Coat . . .
  9. We looked at this a few months back, the action being at Bulls Bridge.
  10. No oven, just a space heater, the Torgem A was what I had in a mobile home. Not black like this one, but cream. They are very small, about 7" - 8" wide. Sure it was a solid fuel stove you saw, or a gas?
  11. As POWIS PRINCESS, with two RT roof tops tacked on:
  12. Not sure. Northwich handrails ar missing and the portholes different. Cants are missing on LEONIDS, in place in the OP shot.
  13. That arrangement at Leeds Lock, though probably not intended, would be useful if a tug was towing lighters. Room for several vessels if using the bottom-most gate and the top-most.
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