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  1. Derek R.

    Old Batteries for an Old Boat?

    My battery powered drill has lithium ion batteries, and charging is taken care of automatically from the charger in a matter of 20 minutes or so. Effective piece of kit, unless you have some recalcitrant concrete drilling to do, then it's back to mains power. Lead acid batteries favour trickle charging. Pump too much in too quickly and plates begin to suffer.
  2. Derek R.

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    Junction seems likely judging from the comments at the bottom of this website: http://nbepiphany.co.uk/105-epiphanys-new-blog/wal/1892-fron-and-pont-but-what-is-the-cysyllte-bit A joining place, a bridge across water?
  3. Derek R.

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    Pont is a bridge (generally speaking), and aqua is water, so water bridge would be a logical English description, but it's in Wales! Just how much influence did the Romans have in Britannia and Wales? The Celts were there before them. Our langauage has evolved with many influences from mainland Europe, and some of the latter from Greek and civilisations even older. Aqueduct serves well, as water bridge may infer a bridge over water. Troubled?
  4. Derek R.

    Old Batteries for an Old Boat?

    Confirmed! Drove one around the yard at Chessington - shake you to pieces. But a petrol engined one (ex-military wireless van) was quite a different animal. Once the crash box was mastered, fun to drive.
  5. Derek R.

    Old Batteries for an Old Boat?

    Couldn't say, but milk floats had big batteries.
  6. Derek R.

    Thames Lock - Limehouse Cut

    As it is now, or at least in those streetview pictures, the whole landscaping 'thing' makes it all seem so artificial that there is no connection to what the area and surrounds were actually for, let alone its history. Could be in Milton Keynes or Telford, built last week. It's characterless, soul-less, which begs the question - why bother at all? Only one answer - waterside features push up prices. Few would want to spend fortunes living in a derelict industrial landscape with dead dogs and deep water. Everything changes, either from circumstance or desire.
  7. Derek R.

    Thames Lock - Limehouse Cut

    Some more links to the history: 1968 appears to be the date when Limehouse lock accessing the Limehouse cut was disused.
  8. Derek R.

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    I think Markinaboat in post #5 is closer - pont-ka-suth-tay, that's how I've heard it pronounced by a Welsh speaking English woman who could converse in Welsh pretty well.
  9. Derek R.

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    On mugs: Is it; no strainer - or no sugar? Such mugs were commonplace in commercial canteens, as were the slightly smaller cup and saucer in the same style - London Transport had thousands. Still available, and the Severn Valley Railway has them with a nicely subtle GWR emblem on them, £12.50 each though, but very good quality. Enamel tin mugs are awful - 'lip burners!
  10. Derek R.

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    They say charity starts at home, and for many that's where it'll stay. So where and which charity receives this money? Are books kept, and how much is collected? Does anyone know? As to paying to attend the cavalcade (is this the parade?), I have never done so nor asked to do so on the few occasions my boat has attended. Such festivals are intended to draw attention to the public at large about the history of canals, the boats, and what they were for. Any side stalls are set up to make money for the stall holders, and quite rightly they pitches are charged for - same as at car boot sales. £20 to park a car in a field (belonging to who?) seems a bit steep (a couple of hundred cars = £4,000), and would certainly stop me from attending, and as the Braunston 'do' has become a bit of a circus, I stay home. I'll donate to charity from there (and I do). Mr. Coghlan is a business man. Of course he will want a bigger and 'better' event each successive year. Much Wenlock has a one day Christmas Fair held in the streets each year - until this year when there won't be one. Why? Because the Council have upped their charges to stall holders to the point it has become unprofitable to attend. Such are the results of greed.
  11. Derek R.

    FMC tunnel hook

    They were the hooks by which boats were towed through tunnels, the hook would be the place from which the next boat in line would be attached. Towing from the 'T' stud on the stern of a horse boat the line would foul the Rams head. I'll give you another 20p for it Fittie . . .
  12. Derek R.

    A sad tale

    Steve's images remind me too much of my teeth - or lack of . . .
  13. Derek R.

    Water Cans and Handbowls

    Prior to water cans, the cask or barrel existed. But as they were more difficult to handle and carry, it would seem desirable to have a can similar to a churn, with a larger diameter bottom than top, and with a lid to keep out foreign bodies (and spittle from bridges), with a covered spout for pouring, a bit like an upturned bucket - and which could be carried easily. I wonder who made the first inroads to such a design?
  14. Derek R.

    A sad tale

    Very nice! But would it be more attractive without the bow cabin? From a modern day perspective perhaps, but they were built for a reason as we know.
  15. Derek R.

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    So built on what remained of a Dutch barge from 1922 - in 1993. Hardly a loss of an historic vessel. And the egg whisk of a "paddle" at the back would not have been its means of propulsion. Sorry to see any vessel lost at sea, but I don't think that one would have rated as historic, nor a paddle, or a steamer - never having been one. Now, if it had been the Kingswear Castle or the Waverley . . .

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