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  1. That 1955 film is good too. Ice-breaking on the river.
  2. That's an interesting mess. The circular road in the park became the Inner Circle with the horizontal road leading East becoming Chester Rd.; the 'Proposed' barracks were built in Albany Street (London Zoo was built roughly where the proposed barracks were); the 'Lords New Cricket Ground' was a tad further North; the 'New Road from Paddington to Islington became the Marylebone Road; the Circle through which the Marylebone Road passes was half completed, the Southern segment is Park Crescent, the Northern, Park Square with the road striking North to what is now Chester Road becoming
  3. I see you've got your laces tied up OK. 'Drivemaster', must be the soul mate of 'Fogmaster'. Probably fitted to most lorries in the day. I found an engineroom mounted light good in tunnels. You can see the boat in relationship to the tunnel walls better.
  4. I only remember seeing UMEA above Cowley lock on the towpath side. But that lamp - a 'Fog Master' by Notek. TYCHO had one just like it (hope it still has). Slightly oval in shape? Nice broad flat beam.
  5. And didn't the Regent's through the Park get dumped on Primrose Hill and increase its height?
  6. Ah! Yes, I see it now. So The old map shows Paddington basin as was, but not the Regents where it now is. The Workhouse is a good landmark. And Paddington was yet to get its Station or railway.
  7. Is there a question pending? Over the date maybe?
  8. Crimson Lake was also used on the Triumph Speed Twin for a while. Didn't come with Custard though . . .
  9. Sounds familiar. We got through an entire winter salvaging flotsam and jetsum and anything that had fallen from trees. Had a 'Tortoise' stove (much the same as an 'Arctic') on the Dutchman. Talk about 'slow burner' - we left it three days on one occasion and it was still glowing in the bottom. They came in various sizes, the larger ones in Church halls and such.
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to sound grumpy. Sign of the times. Heron is a bit short in the leg department.
  11. Gas water, gas tar, creosote - all by-products from a gas works which were served by tanker boats of Claytons. Historic correctness sounds like pedantry to me, and as seems to be typical nowadays - all that counts from people who were neither around at the time nor involved in the working of them. Trust a working man to keep things simple - Gas boats.
  12. Horse boats working in pairs? Tug already in the tunnel? But yes, there are some howlers about.
  13. The 'City Basin' & 'The Tiger' boat scene is well known - and full of inaccuracies. The artist has made sketches on site, then filled in details at home/office. Top hats! They give the impression of authoritarian confidence. An increase in overall height of a man (or woman) creates an impression of seniority. Officers of the law an example. Boy in the middle seems to have dropped his windlass, and getting a reprimand. Authority again - "We brook no carelessness!" Advertising the company policy. The balance beams are overlapping which might be correct, but why the stra
  14. 'Blossom' will know. He may well be one of the boys in the film. He owns DARLEY nowadays. (Or did). Blossom wrote a couple of articles about the tunnels in the HNBC Newsletter. They appear in issues 2019/3 & 2019/4. He grew up around the area and was involved directly in helping open up the tunnels. Earlier, he wrote a series that got printed entitled 'ow things was'. The concluding article of which was in 2018/3.
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