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  1. SNOWDROP at work. SICKLE is behind about to take the tow of mud boats. Is your image taken by the White Lion bottom of Maffers Alan? Just a guess.
  2. The base of the ram's head on the H & W boats was round, while the Yarwoods was square. The embossed lettering was W J YARWOODS & SONS Ltd. This was taken shortly after lots of work done at Stockton. There's new ash decking topped with new oak cants. Sadly the rate of deterioration was rapid, despite oils and scrubbing. That ash curled up like balsa wood after a couple of years. Very disappointing.
  3. I thought we were looking at the cast Yarwood's & Sons rudder tube cap! Was H & W plain, or did it too have their name cast on it? TYCHO certainly had it's Yarwoods in place.
  4. I would think it a pretty common enough colour for plant in general. Makes a change from yellow. Pink seems to be in favour for extra hi-viz nowadays, but men being men . . .
  5. Graining and marbelling were art forms on the more expensive houses, the marbelling mostly on internal columns. For a short time I worked with some painters & decorators with contracts to the South West London Health Authority, and whilst much of the work was in hospitals, one of the team, Jimmy McShane and Irishman by birth - an 'old boy', big flat cap and a heavy worcestered overcoat, he was top man. He showed me inside a large house in Isleworth which had been taken over by the Council as a college of sorts, and which was expensively panelled in Oak. He pointed to some Oak panelling beside a stairway and asked me to identify the wood. As it all looked like Oak to me that's what I said. No, says he, that's a softwood that I grained some years before. You could not tell the difference. He told me marbelling was another speciality that he used to do, but there was no call for it now. They used Ostrich feathers to do some of it, laying on and dragging it in a certain manner. Never seen it being done though. Several fishing boats had panels of scumble on wheelhouses, and very good they looked too. But like everything, when done poorly - that is what it looks. If it looked like a creosted shed, maybe that was what they were copying! The crime series 'The Bay' has a few scenes with fishing boats in, and one of those is scumbled quite nicely - some largish flat areas of 'pine', bordered by same. This is Rodger Hatchards work:
  6. This is the VENUS that was one of the prototypes from Harland & Wolff. Location is Middlewich, 1983. Pete, you are very welcome to copy, retain and distribute as you wish, they are images I took myself in '83.
  7. Agreed. Detail and accuracy are important.
  8. I thought at Northchurch it was just a back pump. The one at Cow Roast certainly drew from a borehole, and before they covered the inflow you could fill your can from it - sweet clean water. Same source as Toms Hill Farm bottled water from up the hill above Aldbury if I'm not mistaken. There were days when with no traffic, you could see the bottom of the canal clearly above Cow Roast lock.
  9. No MM. It's explained in the previous posts. The water comes from the reservoirs at Marsworth; Wilstone, Startopsend, and previously Tringford. The supply is augmented from the Colne and other small rivers such as the Gade. Water from these enters at Berkhamsted (River Bulbourne) and Hemel Hempstead (River Gade). The River is at a lower level beside Cowley lock, so could not have been any kind of 'supply' for the long level.
  10. Fantastic photos in the link Rose. What several 'grand days out'!
  11. Nor me. It may be due to the raw format, they need to be in jpeg ideally.
  12. Very atmospheric London - just as I remember it as a kid. It was a clear day if you could see St Pauls from Alexandra Palace (6 miles), which most often you couldn't! Some wit said it was only the soot on the brickwork that held some buildings up. Who remembers Bus Inspectors walking ahead of a bus with a flare in thick fog and smog?
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