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  1. Derek R.

    Brayford Pool Lincoln

    Now I know why it's called the Green Dragon! (Was). Yes, it was Alan Braby who had the tin box put on the front, sometime in the early ro mid eighties. Then he found a Bolinder to put in, then he left the cut.
  2. Derek R.

    Historic waterways pictures

    It's art innit. Take a butchers - leg it to the pub - then off to the garret to draw what could be remembered. I like the dog kennel.
  3. Derek R.

    How fast did flyboats go?

    I think it may be a gantry device of some sort (or a geometric resemblance of same) used to transfer the pull from the horses around a pulley, thereby propelling the packet boat toward the bridge and creating a wave of transition on which the packet might (a big might!) travel at some speed. Or possibly not. It is, after all - a sketch. I can do sketches. They don't necessarily relate to reality though!
  4. Derek R.

    Google Earth Canal & River Map.

    Can't disagree with Sea Dog! Great effort - well appreciated.
  5. Derek R.

    Historic waterways pictures

    I'd plump for what is now the Brownlow, and Cheddington is close as the crow flies.
  6. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Looks much nicer - and doubtless a proper pub back then. Still 'The Shovel' in the eighties.
  7. Derek R.

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    Alan asks: " Are any of the Gardner hot bulb engines still in use in any narrow-boat?" I think just SWAN, post #3 above. Doesn't GEORGE still have a Kromhout? RN, National, Lister - all fitted during the thirties. I was told ages ago that BW in seeking to replace worn out Nationals, took the opportunity to avail hemselves of ex-government stock of the Petter, mostly PD2 - the 'Chip fryer'. The one that got fitted to YARMOUTH in the eighties came from a former ships lifeboat, from a breakers somewhere in East Anglia. Others may have been sourced from ex-landing craft post WWII. Speaking of engines bouncing around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG1MnXkHhlM The Third attempt, which follows on that clip, sees it running very well. It has a clutch and reversing gearbox, so must clealty been intended for a boat, most likely a fishing boat of sorts.
  8. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Yes David - The Malt Shovel to give its full name. One Christmas 'do' there: Glenn Knight on the left, he had ANTARCTIC, first boat on the left. the young lady is Jane, she had a diminutive little boat called MAYFLOWER. Louise in the brown jacket, I'm standing on the roof of YARMOUTH taking the shot. Graham Holland had his steam device further back, just visible with the propane bottle at an angle clearer in the next image. Pete Thompson's COLONEL is in there too. ELDER & OLYMPIAN, Malcolm and Mike boated together back then, there's BREAM with its stepped gunnel, Barry in hat by the fore end. SOUSANT & PENSAX amongst others. UMEA would be alongside the towpath further on. Might be the late Gordon Cooper's JAPONICA on the outside, not sure. Early 1980's.
  9. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    That's good. We were seldom ones for socialising. The getting to, and leaving from rallies and events were the highlight for us - working with folk who had done it for years and picking up good practices, so having been away for so long the changes seem greater. We enjoyed most the Easter and Christmas get togethers, and the impromptu music sessions in the back room of the Lock & Quay (as it was) at Bulbourne, The Shovel, David's songs in various locations, it still goes on of course but distance stretches the thread. Our issue was with being a bit insular. But the memories are golden. Probably why I blather nonsense so much.
  10. Derek R.

    Canal carriers working in the brickfields.

    There's a fascination in the past that not everyone shares, but many do, and it grows with aging. It seems to me that things change with such rapidity, that once familar places are eradicated, it is like part of your own life is ripped from existence in the name of so called progress. Seeing such images are almost like small parts of a former life has, for a while, been rediscovered - these things were - and here is the proof. Memories, and in a way - life - becomes re-kindled. Many thanks.
  11. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    It's the way of the World, and we were comparatively newcomers in '79. Today, the more I see of it, the more I recoil from it. The Braunston do's for me are full of strangers save one or two faces, most behaving in a competitive way with their boats. We had twelve years afloat, then a seven year gap until we fell for TYCHO which we kept for 13yrs. But things had changed. I've done the same with jobs in the past. You go back remembering the times you had, but it's bitter sweet, and you end up moving on. Perhaps it's a personal weakness, and maybe I'd enjoy a spell at the tiller again - strap a boat to a stop - wind a few locks again, but you can't wind back the clock. Better to have a bit of banter on a forum, and share some memories and leave it at that.
  12. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Only time I had pins loosened by passing boats, was when hire boaters went by at excessive speed. Oh, and when anglers pulled them out during the early hours. Imagine that on the Trent. Only happened once though, and on the GU, Kings Langley. But follow the old working practices, that's what we always did as much as we knew how, and often learnt from ex-boatmen turned lock keepers, and a couple of old boy lengthsmen. Had two boats pass me going the other way through the Park once one behind the other. Quite wide, with a few moored boats towpath side. I took the centre with TYCHO, with enough room for the two boats to pass me with five feet clearance from us, and a good five feet from the moored boats. Did he curse me! "You f***ing ex-working boaters think you own the cut - you trying get me stemmed up you f*** c***, I'm reporting you - why dontchya move over - we're deep draughted ". He was on his CB radio to his mate behind telling him what a plonker I was ( I could hear him well enough without a radio ), his mate went past also telling me what 'his' mate had just told him. Both gave the impression they had been at the bottle. Most folk moored would lean out and chat though. But there's always a troupe of moaning minnies somewhere around.
  13. Derek R.

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    Petter made the S model, and one is (or was) exhibited at the Waterways museum in Gloucester: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im20111218Glos-i151.jpg Note the narrow boat photographed by the engine. Petters: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Petters Some mention of Petters in this old thread: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/45492-petter-s/ Gardner also made single hot bulb engines, and one is fitted in SWAN: Widdop engines were fitted in some Leeds & Liverpool boats, and I'm sure Mike (Pluto) will endorse their superiority over the Bolinder! Here's another earlier CWDF post on Widdops: Edited to add: https://canals-list.yahoogroups.narkive.com/yIEEJKlb/widdop-diesels
  14. Derek R.

    Chimney chain..?

    I wonder how many 'traditions' are created in hindsight? Seems to me from what I have read, one of the 'trainee' girls was rummaging around a scrap cloth pile at Dickinson's salvaging gas mask bag hooks, that would have placed it around the forties, or did I imagine that? A bit of bling is OK, but does it make a tradition? Even ship-shape and tidy wasn't everyone's way. Always exceptions, but clean and tidy was born from pride in what you had, more than specific items. Even the housing estate I was brought up on had most everyone trimming hedges to perfection and scrubbing steps and windowcills, but I wouldn't have called that a tradition.
  15. Derek R.

    Jam 'Ole Run

    OK. One short - altering course to starboard Two short - altering course to port [gave this to a big plastic hire boat in a Thames lock cut. Didn't stop them panicking and diving for the bank (wrong side)] Three short - engine(s) astern Four short, then one short - about to turn around to starboard Four short - about to turn around to port Not ones I ever heard: Five short - I do not understand your intentions - keep clear! One long (4 - 6 seconds) [a good lungfull on a trumpet!] - I am about to get under way / am entering a fairway [a bit yachty!] / am entering a blind bend. One long, two short - am unable to manoeuvre / not under command Two long one short - am about to overtake on your starboard side Two long, two short - am about to overtake on your port side One long, one short, one long, one short - I agree to be overtaken I presume if the last is not responded to it's time to load canon.

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