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  1. https://marinebiolubes.vickers-oil.com/neox-8000/ More like?
  2. 12, a round dozen; twelve pennies in a shilling; a King's shilling? Guesses. Check Board of Trade history.
  3. Thank you David. Certainly were on the offside.
  4. Probably I took these in 1988, can't remember where though. Quite possibly on the Shroppie somewhere.
  5. Just how much walking around do you do in a back cabin though? First thing I do is sit down; to stoke the range, access the table cupboard, eat or drink, and crouch to drop/raise the cross bed.
  6. Don't think much of the County Arms, though similar in style to many London Transport garages also of 1930's style, many of which are now dust. https://c20society.org.uk/100-buildings/1928-firestone-factory-brentford/ The Hoover building was saved, though now a Tesco, and the Ovaltine building but only the roadside facade. Canalside is unrecognisable as the former building, though I don't think it was ever intended to be a canalside showpiece!
  7. Typo. Funnels go from wide to narrow. Same method as used in the deep tube lines on the Underground (Ooops! Trains again . . .) They used the Greathead shield which was circular in shape. Brunel's was rectangular and comprised 12 sections for workmen with picks, though Greathead was thought to have taken the idea from Brunel. Different patents though.
  8. One of these Mike: http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/james.htm
  9. Don't know your source of data Mark, but it differs somewhat to these; https://www.statista.com/statistics/882566/asbestosis-deaths-in-uk/ http://www.hse.gov.uk/Statistics/causdis/asbestos-related-disease.pdf It's a horrible disease, but as charts show, many worked with asbestos during their earlier lives and are over 70yrs of age and older when they die, indicating other factors may also be involved. Seems to be dropping off right now. Decades ago people worked with materials that they had no knowledge of how they would affect health in later life, and had no resource to quality masks and filters. Watch the car plant videos from the seventies, and you'll see paint shops with men spraying in clouds of paint wearing just a cottonwool mouth and nose mask. Grim stuff. Railway carriage builders were worst affected when insulating carriages with Blue asbestos back in the forties and fifties. No protective clothing was made available back then.
  10. TYCHO's steel cabin sides have those. Right pain when rubbing down to find little pits of rust around the edges of each screw! Nice find Archie.
  11. Mostly tongue and groove Deal originally, Supalux board or similar asbestos based board was used beside the range, and maybe behind it for wooden cabins. Steel cabins behind the range were bare and scumbled. That's going by what TYCHO (Middle Northwich, steel cabin) was fitted with. There is ply also, but how much of that is original is questionable, as TYCHO was on maintenance from 1942 and may well have had the table cupboard and cross bed ripped out. The images that follow show a green painted board with a curved top protecting the side of the table cupboard, this was some sort of asbestos material. Handling asbestos board is only dangerous when cutting or drilling are involved. Modern heatproof materials are less injurious to health. There would be a tin plate screwed onto the tongue and groove range bed. The range would normally be on short legs - handy for slipping a fry pan under or just fire irons.
  12. Perhaps it was an early advert for Dateline. 'Line' . . .
  13. Can't make out much of the lettering. L M & S, and beneath 'something' section and two more lines beneath that.
  14. No info, just an image: https://hnbc.org.uk/boats/oates
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