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  1. There's a blast from my past in this link: https://www.reelstreets.com/films/take-me-high/ Capture No.14 - building Centre City, I was one of the crane drivers on that site and that very crane, a Linden, I became very familiar with.
  2. To buy or rent. Well worth it. Watch 'The Night Mail' on BFI - full film and free.
  3. Is that the Holy Grail . . . . ?
  4. Only trouble with that location is that the ground does not drop away on the right. It's level with the canal. I think it is closer to the Cliftonhall Road aqueduct here: https://www.google.com/maps/@55.9238751,-3.4159731,3a,75y,67.03h,88.77t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5dYVA0t86UMTIEwG3IPYYA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 It's hard to see the ground dropping away due to the much more advanced tree and arborial growth and the canal does look so much narrower than the original. Best I can come up with.
  5. You can 'walk' the towpath with Google maps, but much has changed since 1952 and I'm blessed if I can find a similar view. Canal is narrower, the hedgerow massive. Could the image be transposed I wonder? Though approaching from the other side doesn't help.
  6. As Seamus Ennis once said (and was pronounced as often saying by his Son) - "I may be wrong but I very much doubt it". 😉
  7. Nice of you to come on and comment Nigel. The original poster was unsure of the location and general aspect of the composition which led to much else. Personally I would not consider your method of composing images for a photographic competition as valid. They may well be an 'art' form, but whatever the competition rules may be, they are not direct photographs of reality as can be seen with the naked eye and that is where the majority of criticism would appear to have come from. They may meet the competition rules - but clearly they do not impress the majority of commenters on this sectio
  8. Like most people from previous generations, they took responsibility for their actions themselves, they decided what was healthy and safe - enough. As I still do today.
  9. Aah! My mistake. Thought we were on FULBOURNE.
  10. Green? Looks dark blue to me, same as the slide.
  11. Very nice. Did you seal the wood with something before painting Dave?
  12. Worked in the North East (North Shields) for several months and our boss hired some locals off the fishing. Really broad Geordie accents. Splinters were 'spickles', Sparrows were 'spuggies', ciggies were 'tabs'. Some of the guys were met by their wives after work. I'd seen prettier pit ponies. Tough didn't describe them. And woe betide you on a Saturday night round the pubs! Great people though.
  13. London born & bred, so pronounced as in shiver, liver, giver. Not as in skiver or Ivor (the Engine).
  14. Much of our regular patch from Berko to Watford (Aylesbury too). Lots of memories. I don't remember Croxley Mills still standing, just huge piles of rubble in the early eighties. Thanks for posting - nice to see the towpath tractors working.
  15. A sliver of something from my childhood was a very thin slice, maybe of beef or pork from the butchers bacon slicer. Could be a thin piece of metal for packing something out as well. Always interesting to hear regional variations - thanks Pluto. How about slab line?
  16. The Bridge looks good - and lit! I hate to see them used as drinks cabinets. Decent pot stand too.
  17. Oh! Luvverly stuff! The Belle portable was the range my Nan had in her back room (kitchen). This Pechenard came from France and I fitted in my shed in Herts. Sadly when we moved North it stayed there. The Larbert we bought in Camden and did eventually get installed in TYCHO
  18. Reminds me of the builders firm on Jolly Butchers Hill, Wood Green - Cakebread & Robey. Fictitious, but the lawyers firm of Soo, Grabbit & Runn. (Nothing to do with canals - strange times).
  19. Hugh's ability or inclination to maintain his boat was a weakness. Good at giving instructions though. His published works were OK, Shepperton Swan I believe was his company, or it may have been the company he used.
  20. The Braithwaite boats were built in 1914 (composite, iron sides wood bottom), which is why it could not have been one of them.
  21. Looks like KINGSTOWN, a Braithwaite & Kirk horse boat. Edited to add: No, wasn't built in 1905! Maybe the top paddle is drawn to send water down to the lower pound if low. That could be mud exposed beyond the gates.
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