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  1. A lack of punctuation makes it a little difficult to workout exactly what you're after. Are you after a free outboard, advice on what outboard to get or advice on where to get an outboard? Edit: Also, how far along this project are you? Commercial insurance, commercial river licence & commercial safety certificate all sorted? Not wishing to sound harsh but if someone was to donate an outboard, quite feasibility a good few thousand quids worth, I assume they'd want to know the project was taking shape and not just a whim....
  2. When in neutral, can you turn the prop by hand...? Cancel that, I've just re read the above post....
  3. Couldn't agree more, but I was leaving that as a surprise 😁
  4. Cahors on the Lot. Nice river, beautiful scenery...!!
  5. How mechanically savvy are you, do you plan on doing the work yourself or are you asking how much somone else might charge?
  6. The other week my next door neighbour was bragging about his new electric bike that he had 'chipped' (his words not mine) he reckons it'll do 37 mph!!! Wouldn't like to see that on the tow path!! Wouldn't mind seeing it in the cut tho 😁
  7. Yes, we don't need to save water as it's constantly pooring over the weirs (which bypass the locks). We just leave the lock open... as someone said 50% chance the next boat can just go straight in...
  8. I'd be tempted to keep it simple and use a phosphor bronze bearing or seeing as it's slow moving a lead bronze bearing.
  9. Seadog posted this recently: Only one connection to the batteries from one end of the shunt, each and every other negative connection must be on the load end. Otherwise, any circuits with negatives bypassing the shunt will not be measured by the BMV.
  10. Thats just sparked my interest, how does radiating cable radio work?
  11. Aye, I did think much the same ...
  12. Looks like you are correct, my bad, sorry.
  13. Have a look at the 'Sky Q IP Box' you'll need a sky subscription but its basically Sky TV without the dish...
  14. I'm sure you know what you're doing, I'd be a touch nervous, the last wooden boat I launched leaked badly for a week until the wood swelled up again... but it had been on a hard standing for over a year...
  15. Bimble, best I've found. Great support.
  16. I recently fitted a gulper 220, when testing I used a hose pipe, I was amazed how much water the gulper shifted, it far out stripped the hose pipe...
  17. Yes Andy at AC Coach trimmings very good but very busy. I just had some really nice cushions made by SW Sewing (Exeter, they posted it all to me), very impressed with the workmanship, price and turnaround time. I only have a mobile num for them pls PM me if you want it.
  18. Check your prop is clean and not prop wrapped!
  19. Wow, big thumbs up for Lancs Rotating Electrical, great bunch, very knowledgeable & great prices...!! I've ordered an A127 !
  20. Hmmm first job fit a bilge pump I thinks... second, find if / where the leak is coming from... it might just be your boat drying out from rain and cleaning water....
  21. Most boats have water in the bilge, be it river water, condensation or a roof / window / hatch rain water leak... how much water are we talking about?
  22. Hmmm sound like a great reconditioned engine you got there... Any way, start at the beginning. Your starting battery, how many CCA, Have you fully charged it, is the standing voltage 12.6v / 12.7v. Get a decent set of jump leads and connect battery directly to the starter motor, how quickly does it turnover now?
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