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  1. Thank you Tim. Brilliant live chat. I recommend anyone who is thinking of getting one of these boats to watch this. Thanks again.
  2. Get some Therapy please.
  3. Whatever floats your Boat ....... Dude πŸ˜…
  4. Like I said Ultracrepidarian Google its meaning Victor Meldrew😊
  5. Maybe Admin need to control the Trolls a bit better 😊. If they cant be nice and positive, no need to comment.
  6. Kindly get of my Post please. Nothing but negativity from you.
  7. Like I said Lady G Dude Ultracrepidarian
  8. Your the Rude one dude.
  9. There seems to be a lot of Ultracrepidarian people on here. Lots of Biterness and not helpful at all. I'm sure they put people of by nasty, vindictive comments. Maybe they need to get a life / personality and chill the **** out dudes.
  10. Thank you Mike for your kind reply. Most informative. I'm just gathering info at the moment. The River Trent is only 1 hour away from me and more than suitable for the Life Boat. I've not made any decisions yet. I was directed to this forum by a local Marina. I appreciate your time and nice reply. It's a shame others cannot do the same. πŸ˜‰
  11. Still no one with any experience then with these boats 😊 Thank you for your help. Why are so many people hateful on here lol. They need to get a better life or a better Hobbie.
  12. Thank you Mike for your lovely reply. This is the sort of reply that makes good reading and deserves respect. I'm just after info from anyone who has done this. Not looking for conflict at all from all the regulars who post on here. The positives and the negatives I'm looking for. Cheers Mike.
  13. Dude I own 3 houses. But I dont have to justify myself to you. Stop judging people dude. It makes you sound all bitter and twisted.
  14. Only asking for people with experience with these boats. Trolls not welcome. Please go and Troll someone else. Thank you a sensible reply. I follow these guys on FB and there boat is amazing as are the travels they have been on.
  15. Does anyone live on a Ex Oil rig Life Boat on the Canal. I'm looking at buying one. Any tips and advice most welcome. The locks are too narrow near me. Anyone just move every 2 weeks on there stretch of Canal.
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