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  1. In that case I would remove it and just cap off the vent and pumpout pipes.
  2. I know one who has 3 buckets on the go. and another with this https://www.hotbincomposting.com/
  3. On Narrowboats the top of the diesel tank is also the stern deck so they just cut a hole in it and then seal the top ring to the deck with 4 screws drilled and tapped into the deck. The neck just hangs inside the tank.
  4. I take it you originally purchased a 6 month licence?
  5. Well here is one case Warning after man injured tackling narrowboat fire in Nottingham - BBC News I think a bowl of water would have been better than 1Kg of dry powder on hot cinders on a wood floor and rug
  6. I run a 240 volt fridge through an inverter and I have put the actual usage numbers on here in the past, but that was 20 years ago with a cheap LEC fridge with ice box so I expect the efficiency has improved by now.
  7. I think he may be a bit bias selling invertors and not fidges. I am sure Shoreline would say the opposite
  8. That is how we use ours. Terribly inefficient things pumping out as much heat as they use to cook. I looked for a cool touch one with no luck
  9. Yes you could moor outside with slack ropes
  10. And how many lives have been saved by having 3 X 1Kg DP extinguishers against how many have been put at risk trying to fight fires with inadequate equipment and training.
  11. Limekiln Chandlers use to offer a good deal 1kg Fire extinguisher - Limekiln Chandlers do you need a fire blanket as well Fire Extinguisher set - Limekiln Chandlers
  12. Exactly. That is all mine are for. I suppose you could smash a window with one but I have portholes
  13. If they don't have an expiree date then the age is unimportant, just condition and pressure. Also not all 1Kg fire extinguishers are the same rating, so check the numbers.
  14. How much is that 20 years NCB worth, £30, £40 it will cost more than that for a solicitors letter to get the ball rolling and then you may lose.
  15. Do you think its just down to supply and demand?
  16. I read it that the speeding boat caused the boat not properly secured to hit the moored one
  17. Get one with an immersion heater boss fitted and a 1Kw immersion heater fitted, you may find it useful later, even the genny could feed it whilst charging the batteries
  18. I thought it was aggreged a long time ago that bad language would not be on this site. OK you didn't type it but its still displayed.
  19. Why do you want to start welding bits on. If in the long term you were worried about the boss coming off the top of the shaft then just deep dimples in the shaft where the clamp bolts go in would do it.
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