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  1. At least they probably got used and not scrapped when they want to change the exhibits for interactive computer screens
  2. Thats the trouble with photos , you cant tell if they are moving
  3. It seems that CRT have had some items stolen from the Museum which is why they now have closed the island warehouse. From FB The items stolen include a model boat along with several small model engines and three large ‘Tilly’ lamps.
  4. As my mate always use to say when we hit a wet bit of marsh, They didn't dig all those dykes with spades because they wanted something to do. Some how todays farmers do get that idea. just use a tractor with crawlers or bigger tyres
  5. Welcome to the forum, I am sorry I cant help with your question as I am a tin slug person.
  6. Runaway train travelled 43 miles without a driver before finally being stopped (msn.com)
  7. I have just checked again and its only new boaters who have to show its for the duration of the licence, those moving moorings just have to show they have a new mooring so I was slightly off track with my comment
  8. Peal don't make money out of visitors, they do by letting moorings, they are a business. If you owned a caravan site would you leave a quarter of your pitches free for passing touring caravaners to use at no charge ? Its all about money.
  9. In Norfolk they use to plant willow trees along the side of the road where it crossed marshland, These were pollarded every 2 to 3 years, work for the farm labourers during the winter months. I was told it was because their root system stabilised the ground the roads were built on. Today lots have died and not been replaced, its quite a cost to employ contractors to pollard them plus the disruption to what are now busy roads
  10. I know of two. The first a boating friend on a Steve Goldsbourgh boat, I can't remember who the second was.
  11. The bit they published said evidence for the duration of the licence if you change moorings. Assuming you have a yearly mooring contract then it would need to be synchronised with your licence renewal to be for the duration of the licence
  12. I would suggest the battery isolator giving a high resistance after passing the starter current so not powering the "ignition" light. Does the "ignition" or "alternator charging light" what ever you want to call it, come on before starting the engine on its own battery and go out or stay on after starting?
  13. As I said , he closes doors and allows the train to set off. If they didn't have him they would need a guard to close the doors and give the train the OK to leave. I have no idea how they do this on the Dockland railway
  14. As from 1968, the driver closes the doors and then pressed the 2 buttons to start the train
  15. I had one put in and at the next blacking, 4 years it was almost gone, the same 4 years latter
  16. No but if the boat is in your name and you die your widow has to re licence it as a new owner
  17. The crap that comes out when they flush the mains.
  18. Me with my head up my you know what, Should have said Fenny, Sorry everyone
  19. Does it have to be in Manchester, I think I would contact Stretford marine Services 0161 866 4819 or even the boat clubs down there
  20. Last time I passed they were for sale
  21. Have they cancelled your licence and told the new owners to buy a new one, losing you both a month?
  22. May be too far away but they hire the wet dock out on the Ashby, I don't know about Calcutt Fenny, its just changed hands
  23. It looks as if you cant post that file extension on here, so maybe someone can convert it to XL and post it. I run open office but it didn't work for me so I don't know if something has been lost in the export ?
  24. I wonder if the BBC will get the name of the canal correct
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