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  1. Isn't there a BWB byelaw to cover canals
  2. When we were in Kings Bromley Marina our mooring was close to the facility block so when we didn't have hot water on the boat we used the showers, we also used the toilets but if we had been moored on the other side of the marina I wouldn't have bothered.
  3. totaly agree anf a friendly chap as well
  4. I didn't know the Red Bull had changed hands, it did close for a few months for a refurbish but reopened with the same team and landlord
  5. Its life in the social media world today?
  6. The broker is only an agent advertising and handling the sale for the owner, it is unlikely he will have first hand knowledge of whats been done to the boat other than what the owner tells him, if its a large brokerage he may well have hundreds of boats.
  7. As the retires chap who did mine said, less is more. He use to paint pub signs when they were still painted and not vinyle and did yards of scumbling in the old pubs normally on the wood behind bench seat around the walls of pubs.
  8. It seems all Ch 5 "travel" programs do that. walking disused railways, train journeys, National trust properties, etc
  9. Here is one https://www.narrowboatworld.com/12044-winter-living-on-a-narrowboat
  10. But it does state inside the engine bay, in my case if I was to fit one it would be nowhere near the engine bay but by the fuel tank
  11. They work like magnetic scale reducers for water pipes of magnetic bracelets for people
  12. ASAP Supplies supply all you need https://www.asap-supplies.com/media/faq/asap12-0246gb-1018-basic-fuel-polishing-system.pdf
  13. These cause quite a draught with no guard
  14. Fox's is the only place we couldn't stay onboard so far, but that was on a trailer and slipway.
  15. I wonder if thats the one from The Watch House cruising club moorings
  16. The internet has been about for several years now
  17. Same here, and set the News of the World alight trying to make it draw
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