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  1. Some boats it very difficult to drain the calorifer by the way they are configured with an internal none return valbe
  2. Mine was fitted with a second hand engine
  3. Or into the space under a tight fitting cratch cover
  4. I drain everything including the calorifier, not always easy on some boats.
  5. Well I guess that's another new member well pissed off because some didn't like their first posting. I am surprised anyone joins if they lurk a bit first and see how new members get treated
  6. Good for you, You have a bag full but are happy to go the extra mile to collect a few more. I wish you every success
  7. Didn't most motors have a thing called a butty obscuring the tunnel bands from astern?
  8. Wasn't that something to do with joint funding? Now the signs they are fitting today 50 yards before the winding hole telling you there is one,
  9. We use to use deionised water on out generators but they ran vented cooling systems so often required topping up
  10. Lots of boats have the base plate sticking out at the bows, ask @maffi mushkila
  11. She appeared on a canal program once, think it was called Waterworld or similar and said she was thinking of buying a Narrowboat
  12. I must remember to keep well away from you.
  13. The only thing I can say to that is that the committees are made from people who are prepared to stand, if younger people dont stand then things dont change, If you just dump the old guard there is no one there. Our branch closed down because we were all old buggers and stood down. One good thing that appears to have happened is that when they appoint trustees they are now looking for some expertise. I was hoping things would have changed more with the latest chairman.
  14. Just like all the people with dogs or kids walking past your boat or the ones at the lock who say do you live onboard and where do you come from.
  15. It may help if you post a photo of what you are trying to modify we have gone from outboard to wide beam. Lets see what is already there
  16. Many years ago I went to a Stow Hill open day and there was a boat there with a similar back end, you sort if climbed onto a platform and then shimmied to the rear hatch with about 3ft 6 in head room
  17. Why do a ring, just out and back, you will probably enjoy it more
  18. As will be the Folly from what I have read on Facebook
  19. I didn't realised you peeked in when we were in Leeds
  20. If this is your pump this may help with how the pump is set up
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