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  1. The percentage meters often tell big lies and should not be relied upon, at 19 years old the batteries are probably worn out, while in the marina your electricity was coming from the shore supply , not your batteries. A 12 volt fridge in its a compressor fridge is one of the first things to complain it the batteries are bad.
  2. Met a chap "testing" these for his friend on the Staff and Worcester canal with a spring balance trying to measure the force needed to draw a paddle I nearly got a Dutton for a fiver a week ago on Facebook market place but before I could say yes please hers the money she sold it to someone else
  3. Well 3 posts have said that now, and it sounds like sense to my
  4. It helps if you can see to steer as well
  5. Didn't CRT suggest some years ago they were removing them and people should take their litter home, I don't thing they were referring to boaters rubbish disposal points(they have already decimated them) but since then they have spent a fortune putting bins in around Birmingham
  6. There was a picture on Facebook of a boat steaming through a few days ago before it was cleared
  7. If my boat shows that sort of increase in value when I sell it I will be more than happy
  8. Seagulls on the roof just across the ally from where we were staying, a dawn chorus with a difference
  9. I go along with that , the bigger the better, you could use more than one.
  10. I was wondering that, have quite a bit of stuff for sale mgboatfitters on eBay
  11. You could always buy an ex hire boat, if you could get one straight from a hire company you would be well on the way.
  12. An insurance company will say the same about Lead Acids if you contact them and tell them you want to add an extra bank
  13. Not read 6 pages but would this help
  14. When I have even the slightest power outage at home we have to reset the cooker clock, microwave clock and bedroom alarm clock, also the phones that sit on their chargers let out a loud bleep when it comes back on.
  15. When I was at work we always topped out engine coolant systems up with deionised water
  16. I would say the pipe I have marked with a blue squiggle is slightly to long and is putting strain on the threaded end, I don't know whats on the other end but as the pipe gets hot it will get even longer .
  17. Might be easier to fit an expansion vessel 😀
  18. So, when you are finished drawing hot water do you shut the tap off, go switch off the pump and come back and open the hot tap, or do you leave the hot water running while you go and switch off the pump. Then what happens if you want some cold water?
  19. I'm the odd one out, I never fill with water in the marina or buy my diesel there and have never used their pumpout. mind you I have only been there 3 years
  20. Original message: Bridge 17A, a local authority owned footbridge, has collapsed and has blocked the navigation. The towpath remains open via a short local alternative route. The local authority is determining how the bridge can be removed. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/24514/bridge-17a-paddington-arm-grand-union-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
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