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  1. I know someone who fitted out on a large pond/small lake in Suffolk while living in a caravan beside it, that way he was able to get all the ballast right and even test the drive train. Poor chap past away a couple of years back and the boat sold
  2. I fitted mine on a bit of land in Suffolk and launched at Calcutt. Its going to have to go on a lorry when its built so have it delivered to where it suits you. @wandering snail maybe you can advise
  3. We were sweltering in the boat yesterday evening so put it off about 8PM, it went down to just below 5 last night outside, it was 11 deg in the boat.
  4. I use to wear one, I am now wondering what happened to it. Made by Yarmouth Stores They still make them https://www.yarmouthoilskins.com/product/the-classic-smock/
  5. https://thesmockshop.com/ https://www.reading.ac.uk/Instits/im/the_collections/the_museum/smocks.html
  6. Round our way you have to take your bin to the end of the lane for collection
  7. Some one on Facebook has asked about double decker Narrowboats That is the only difference I could think of as well. Blue bin one week and black the next, green you have to pay for.
  8. All in the right order I hope 😄
  9. Its a bit like why will a beer can that is less than 0.05mm thick take 50 years to rot away but a narrowboat made from 10 and 8 mm steel needs cosseting so it doesn't rot in 20 years
  10. That is the same for the lock keepers on the Weaver, not all get back the next year
  11. Its not the animal that doesn't clear up, its the owner who doesn't clear it up. I know people who's cats use litter trays and crap in the house In next door kiddies sand pit or the flower boarder that the wife tends
  12. Well they only have to sail it somewhere else and moor up, people living on boats do it all the time
  13. I had a phone call from Michael Stimpson last night, he is back in the boat insurance business after a short retirement. He can be reached on 01923770425
  14. Poo bins all over the cut some in better condition than others
  15. Lets hope the OP comes back with more info
  16. Spey only just got in there last week
  17. It is just possible its a self fit out so no RCD or Hull Identification number, 2013 is longer than 5 years ago. Just a possibility
  18. Interesting they had the 2 foot limit then and the lock was tight
  19. PETANs where and may still be a charity, they were the body that did the training for the Offfshore oil and gas industry in East Anglia. A small charity and first name terms. The boss ran a roller
  20. That is something that always bothers me when I have the car cleaned
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