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  1. That is why @Tam & Di method of using ropes in locks is safer.
  2. Fazeley Mill do it now but its the only one I know of
  3. They don't flash and move when you press a button, not interactive.
  4. Have you seen the poor bloke down there handballing all the crap out up to a skip when they are full. You can make those comments on the survey. Maybe CCers don't join IWA so in which case they couldn't make their views known
  5. Have you looked at the consultation survey https://online1.snapsurveys.com/CSF.
  6. Which knot is this chap using, hope you can see it https://www.facebook.com/reel/783431469356321
  7. Remember a few of CRT employees are also boaters and have the same views as some of us on here. They will see what is happening against what is being said and feel its wrong.
  8. I wear bib and brace in the summer, boiler suit in Autum and spring, thermal overalls in the winter. A couple of the jigsaw are very CRT like
  9. Reef Knot is in the name, for putting a reef in a sail Handy to tie in the end of a line to drop over a bollard. I have used it on the Thames when on unmaned locks. .Tied in the end of the stern line and dropped over a bollard then the boat controlled with the bow line. You can flick it off the bollard standing on the boat which is another advantage. In fact anywhere you want to temporary secure the boat to a bollard
  10. Out of my price range, I pay about £2 for a tee shirt not £20 from Aldi or The Factory Shop. But I hope its a success and another income stream for them rather than the usual white elephant they tend to keep
  11. I wrongly assumed you meant a sign somewhere near a lock, reservoir or other structure. If the information is on the notice you don't need a smart phone or OS map, but the emergency services you call will have access to both. Why didn't you tell the emergency services you were at the gates of the hospital ?
  12. So what information would you give to the emergency services to locate someone in trouble, both what 3 words or a grid reference will get them there
  13. The North Walsham and Dilham canal trust Eco-friendly boat trips | North Walsham & Dilham Canal Trust (nwdct.org)
  14. Didn't they have a plan to standardise water points some time ago, removing the cast iron ones and replacing them with lockable stainless steel things. I think the locks at £80 a piece probably lasted the best part of a week before they both went and CRT gave up on replacing the cast iron stands
  15. I was trying not to remember those days over 20 years ago now
  16. Before I owned a boat so over 22 years ago I can remember 3 big BW chaps going down the towpath to have a word with a chap who didn't have a licence, that was the N Oxford. They weren't going to duff him up, it was so they weren't on the receiving end
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