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  1. If you remember and if you know how warm it is behind the fridge
  2. The link I sent you for Cranes lists the length of the socket against thread size that may help 1 1/2" is 54 or 55 mm long and 2" is 64 or 65mm long
  3. Funny the question of Bacon Butties on boats has just come up on Face Book
  4. I wonder how much extra that costs CRT every year
  5. That was one of the reasons my fans run 24/7 you tend to notice these things start and stop
  6. Try this for dimensions, not read it all https://www.cranefs.com/page/downloads/company-brochures/pipe-fittings Even with Coperslip after a couple of years you will struggle. On my boat one end is rigidly mounted to a shaky old diesel engine and the other to a flange in the roof.
  7. But with most river flows that narrowboaters boat in its just as gracefully in reverse
  8. I have never seen a car exhaust terminat in 1 1/2" bsp I also wouldn't be happy with the flexible sections they use. car exhausts are normally on very flexible mounts like large elastic bands
  9. I had notices this and even if a bridge hole is wide enough it makes it easy to catch the front top corner of the cabin.
  10. Just needs a load of ballast on the port side and it will be OK
  11. Didn't know you were a littol oll nofulk bouy . You remember the boats that use to use the waterways then and also the lighting at night
  12. Have you tried driving a herd of cows down a motorway lately , they were there before the motorway . Times change. Before the houses were there probably people didnt moor and run engines for hours to charge their batteries to keep the fridge, TV sat decoder working
  13. Just checked my flange and I was wrong, it is a male thread, so with care you could slice the coupling off
  14. But I wonder if they will have the cash to maintain it. It looks a very nice job they have done. It has an interesting history.
  15. I am happy to get a bacon butty regardless of how its made, a egg is a bonus
  16. Should have been at Napton, he would also covered you in cow shit, borrowe next doors spreader but it threw it twice as far as his, over the hedge, towpath and canal
  17. https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/bellows-1-1-2-bsp-m-m-18-o-a-length-e324 https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/exhaust-flange-bowman-1-1-2-bsp-ea-045 My exhaust system has two of these in it https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/pipe-union-black-2-11340-09-ea-123
  18. Yes red hot then unscrewed the pipe, I think mine had a female coupler welded to the flange.
  19. What about if you dont carry a smart phone
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