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  1. OldGoat

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    Charles (Sterling) senior is a very 'forthright' personality - and that has not earnt him great popularity, Charles Junior is much more approachable. Regardless they do have a lot of knowledge and their products are good because they research the requirements so that their controllers ar just that little bit better than the competition. However they can't get a silk purse out of a sow's ear... In this case you have a small not very efficient alternator turning - I guess a less than optimum speed. Adequate mebe for automotive use but hopeless for boat use. I'd go for a larger capacity Leece Nevile type unit that gives more output and at lower rotational speeds - then the addition of a decent controller gives a bit more edge. Hence the Sterling as it tries to optimise the charge rate to match the actual conditions at the time.
  2. OldGoat

    Laying up

    Umm - on an SR2 (and other SR/ ST Listers) there is an excess fuel / stop 'lever' - well there is on mine - just turn it to the off position and the engine stops ??
  3. OldGoat


    Aaaaah - shades of my youth - Lyons Maid family brick, comes in four varieties, sweeter, smoother, richer, and only one and six - Lyons Maid family brick... Made in Cadby Hall (next to Olympia) 'ammersmith Lunnon, home of Bertram Mills Circus - both now long gone. Lyons pioneered not only early computers (Leo made by English Electric), but also mark sensing used on their van fleet order system. Happy days....
  4. OldGoat

    Favouring Solar when on Shore Line

    Given that you are in the planning stage (you've not said whether you will be having a boat built) here are some -not often aired - thoughts, though I will get attacked for them. You're enquiring about electrics - so I'll limit comments to that - Battery voltage - 24V equipment, pumps, inverters, alternators; et all -for me at least - have proven to be much more reliable than 12v Battery types. Not fashionable but NiFe batteries are pretty well nigh unburstable, can be left in any state of charge etc etc - BUT are bulky and heavy Refrigeration. a 'proper' fridge freezer is preferable to a fridge with a 'conservator' area in the top of it. Liebherr do a nice efficient one. If you're having a boat built or doing major renovations to an existing vessel, it might be a good idea to fit a waterproof plug and socket on the roof (I have a pigeon box and various sockets horizontal (so they don't get flooded) in the end(s).
  5. OldGoat

    Favouring Solar when on Shore Line

    Old 'mainframe computer' mantra, the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid. If you're marina based, electricity is inexpensive / affordable - so solar wont add any value If you're genuinely cruising, then the engine (with a sensible alternator charging system) will charge your batteries. If you are CCing or on a mooring without 'leccy - then some solar is a good idea.
  6. OldGoat

    Thames Moorings a warning

    Moorings on the Thames are complicated because EA (who manage the water) doesn't own the banks (with some exceptions) - thus can't control who charges for moorings and who doesn't. That said there are some EA moorings that are managed by TVM who spent a lot of time creating a good website - https://www.thamesvisitormoorings.co.uk/ which should be your first port of call. There are - to date - two mooring sites 'managed' by DE - who made a poor copy of the TVM site and who are making it 'dificult' for boaters to register their arrival and departure..... Those sites are Hampton Court Palace and Reading (by Tescos superstore). The HCP is on trial for a year and if you feel aggrieved by DE's treatment at the HCP site then write or leave a message on the Royal Palaces website. The whole issue arose that CMers exist on the Thames and prevent those who follow the rules from stopping at official sites overnight and the following day.
  7. OldGoat

    Red Diesel Update - Meeting 20/11/18

    Strangely the above issue (and to a slightly lesser extent, ECJ and other regulations)) have never been made an issue in 'our' reasons for leaving the EU...
  8. OldGoat

    Charging & Electric

    HeHe - that's because folks don't know better... No I don't run Linux - I just swear at windows 10 when MS insists at downloading huge updates. Nobody uses NiFe batteries over-here most likely because they take up a helluva lot of space (and are heavy), but for a sailaway it's 'easy' to plan them in. Their characteristics are such that you can't kill them by undercharging and if there's sufficient capacity in your bank that you can get-away with undercharging them in the week and giving a full charge at the weekend (whatever). Whatever technology you chose it MUST have sufficient resilience / overcapacity to deal with whatever your demand / recharge pattern must be. You can be a prat - management wise - with NiFes, but not with Lead acid or Lithiums. Folks in the USofA ise NiFes in a domestic environment because of their resilence. Over here we Faff around with bad resouced kit and whinge about it...
  9. OldGoat


    A NEWBIE?? - c'mon .... Newbie to bricking, mebe. You're in the Beeches FHS - don't mess with flettons , you wan(ed) proper bricks (forgotten what they're called). Start over and get real bricks (the sort you set fire to)....
  10. OldGoat

    Charging & Electric

    You 'stuck your neck out' - not really - but have you done any research on here yet?? To live in reasonable comfort you need a lot of battery capacity - twice what you suggest To live in modern style of reasonable comfort - double the above lithiums are high technology and need some care in management. I suggest NiFe because you can do what you like with them and they still come back. My set is probably 30 years old and still are going strong. The downside is that they are very large. You will probably need to run the engine for 4 hours each day. Now wait for the nay-sayers...
  11. OldGoat

    Integrel 9kW ‘Alternator on Steroids’

    One point missed / ignored is that the system 'needs' a sensible voltage battery bank - no fiddling about with loads of 12v batteries on parallel - or 24v but 'proper' 48v.... Electronics HATE high current. This kit is designed for / marketed to the yacht marketplace (no disrespec' there) - but they're more accustomed to pay for what they need, instead of shoehorning car electrics into a boat.
  12. OldGoat

    Help with yesterday's lift out...

    That's a lot of fuel, food and booze....
  13. OldGoat

    Freesat settings help please

    I was intrigued by the original post, so did some further hacking around:- https://myhumax.org/forum/topic/foxsat-hdr-tunersignal-issue-fixed/page/2 Page 2 (above link) and the end of Page 1 explains the Freesat / plain satellite receiver situation well and might help folks understand this box more deeply (if you're minded). An useful point is that you can setup CH4 HD as a non freesat channel and record programmes - if you're minded, 'cos I don't think you get a programme guide.
  14. OldGoat

    Freesat settings help please

    I wonder whether Your Management - somehow, 'cos I don't know how to do it - succeeded in doing a 'non Freesat tune' Looky hear for a related discussion - https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/freesat-tune-compared-to-manual-tune.8323/ That would account for the sudden increase in channels An alternative / addition would be to install the customised software - https://www.avforums.com/threads/media-file-server-bundle-for-the-foxsat-hdr-release-4-part-6.2024876/ and flag the unwanted channels (a very tedious job)

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