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  1. Wot he says above. It's difficult to insure your own competance and though difficult to say - you must be prepared to take a hit - espicially in areas of which you have no knowledge. Easy - to some extent if buying a car as there is some safety (!) in buying a car - MOT, or a house. But a boat is a can of worms. I'm selling at the moment and an getting frustrated because I don't know what buyers want (nor do they...) thus I can't say why my boat is better than the rest ? what is better? Its full of the best 'technology' - but what sells is painted white with no built in furnitire, so nobody come to look... Bummer
  2. This is what the boat coul look like :- It looked horrible and the cabin was difficult to clean. In practice the boat had a marina moorings and the shutters were never used in anger, so they were removed....
  3. Ahh - happy days! I spent my formative years and 'professional training' in London (city) mixed in with various hobbies - thus it's interesting to recall addresses connected with boating and not business. Miss it but not trhe travel!
  4. Not the answer that the OP wants - but from a matter of practicality, the plastic lenses transmit a lot more light than the glass ones - so are better at doing their intended job. If you really must have a glass one, how about - painting the inside of a clear lense, red or fitting a red sweet wrapper (or similar) inside a plain lens? Neither are really satisfactory but may provide a temporary solution.
  5. How quaint - a navigation light and - presumably used... (I jest) I see the example came from Sheridan Marine - the home of older craft on the Thames and accordingly should be treasuered. I wonder whether the OP might look for salty stuff 'proper' marine chandlers where glass lenses would be othe order of the day? Arthur Beale stock the light from Timage - thus may be able to help with a lense??
  6. Come on BR - you've been (in a previous existence maybe) on the Thames, so you well know how whatever knowledge of water-craft rowers have (or not). Thus it should be no surprise to you. I suspect thee and I are the only folks that use sound signals. Methinks the best is five blasts which to me says - as once shouted to me by the late Duke of Edinburgh - "Get out of the bloody way" (but that was in a carriage driving event and I was a marshall). Happy days..
  7. No it's some Testo-di-catso spouting off. The rules apply to everybody...
  8. Birmingham is well worth a visit (or maybe essential to visit). The area around the conference centre has been spruced up and there are lots of (relatively) quiet moorings available. When boating we tend to moor out in the sticks - but are equally content to moor in Brum. There are many Youtube videos around so you could almost choose your exact mooring ! After you've had an overdose of shopping I can recommend - The pen museum National Trust Back to backs NT round house The jewelery quarter The art gallery The library - great views from the roof. All the above are walkable and pedestrianised from the canal(s) Most threads on here discuss cruising but ignore places to visit. The BCLM has been mentioned - do not forget the fish and chip shop which is excellent. Enough!
  9. In this case it's not that boats are complicated - it's a matter of adapting a motor vehicle system and parameters for generating electricity but failing to realise that the parameters are different (alternator running at slow speeds on a boat) - and not adjusting it.
  10. Too muc blurry technology. Whe I were a lad a tallow candle in a holder was good enough..... Nowadays 'everyone' is pushing technolical solutions - and with a price so match - just to catch the unwary... To my aling mind the KISS principle still applies. A rubber car inspection lamp with a cage to protect the bupb and a couple of croc clips will last you out - Mine's nearly as old as me - and that latter still works (though the reverse doesn't apply). XX years of boating and similar experience suggests that where boating is concerned - string and ceiling wax, although not 'cool' (whatever that really means) can be mre reliable and certainly more cost effective than any device priced at a magnitude of 10+ being sold on ebay or elsewwhere ....
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. I think he means that you'll have to motor very slowly to avoid shouts of 'slow down' as you pass the wall to wall moored boaters...
  13. OldGoat

    Gland packing

    In my boating days (too long ago to admit), the perceived wisdom from them-as-knows - that the occasional drip of water was correct and indicated that the lubrication system was working correctly (for the more senior boater - as in the Erasmic shaving advert: - not too little, not too much, but just right....) The logic is that there's a wee bit of water coming through the prop-shaft setup to indicate that there's enough fluid to cool the shaft overall. By having a well designed catchment area it's easy to mop up any water (I use baby nappies) to keep the bilge dry, but also so indicate that the prop shaft has some form of lubricant (water / grease/ emulsified grease). Works for me some 30+ years later.....
  14. It's sad - but a reflection on today's mores - gimme, gimme, gimme and then walk away... (I find that when you thank / comment on helpful advice, then you often get more details / suggestions in return!
  15. Many things boaty make me wonder "where's the problem" until I realise that being an (old) car enthusiast and living out in the sticks, that changing gas bottles and fanbelts were usual functions learnt as part of daily life, also being forced into Scouting made me familiar with knots and cleaning out the 'lats' helped with boating loos. So I pause while before I pass judgment on those other folk that seem to be flumoxed by thesee simple tasks...
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