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  1. There's a lot of new development in the area of Moor Street / Colmore Road / Cathedral which is a bit further away. Further away the development for HS2 means the area around Curzon Street which always was a bit dreich is now flattened - that makes the passage along Great Barr and the Ashstead locks much less horrible than they used to be
  2. Stuck at home (like so many others), I have whiled away the hours watching all manner of Youtube videos. As we seem to choose to go via / round / in to Brum, I make an effort to see what's happening in Brum (perhaps aided by watching videos from "life at 2.5 mph" which show the history of that areas canal system. In previous years we've stuck to the area around Gas Street and perhaps only spend a day before moving on to other pastures. There are a lot of 'walking around' vids on YT and in general I am amazed how the City Council and other have taken the oportunity to do an hug
  3. Or - which to me is more sensible - route the pipe into a large container (as many folks do). If it fills up 'quickly' then tweak the prv - as mentioned above to hopefully clear the crud. Boats are not like modern cars, in that it's quite important to do regular checks (engine oil, coolant water, bilges, fresh water tank, batteries et al, et al (that's latin)). Yesterdays's technology needs yesterdays maintenance. Do it while thye Boli's hot bulb is heating up.....
  4. It's ongoing beacause the lock is very deep (for the Thames) and the access to the hydraulic feeds are awkward. EA have just posted this - quote Dear boater We are continuing to explore options to carry out further works at Culham Lock to ensure that the lock remains operational and safe for the boating season. These works will be carried out without the need to close the lock to boat traffic. Therefore, there are no closures planned for the week commencing 12 April 2021 at Culham Lock. Please be careful when navigating through the
  5. Well, my boat's 20+ years old with several holes in the hull and I haven't noticed any huge amout of rust - though I did put fibre washers and mebe a bit of gunge to aid the sealing.
  6. That's why I bought ex military kit - 'cos it's designed for extreme use. Some of it is nearly new as Officers don't get wet....
  7. I suggest getting a through hull fitting - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/marine-nautical-brass-through-hull-boat-fitting/264547303844?hash=item3d983f81a4:g:gw4AAOSwrL9eMEUV and blocking off the pipe end with a blanking plate. saves a load of faff....
  8. Having a really waterproof full set of wet weather gear helps a lot. We have ex-RN and RAF goretex kit and if it's really tissing it down, a set of RN foul weather kit as well. Such stuff occasiomaly appears on Ebay...
  9. Turn it into a fancy flower bed....
  10. Yes it is - as inducated by a fair number of occupied / unoccupied boats....
  11. There are some wild moorings on the other side of the bridge - but they're usually full of noisy liveaboards. I suspect teh £10 charge is to deter moorers as ther has been the occasional bad tempered happenings there. A shame overall as One likes to shop at Waitrose doncha know....
  12. It takes an Antipodean to tell it. It's a listed structure - which is a 'Good Thing' to protect it, but a complete pain in the arris when you're trying to fix it... Send the traffic around via Chiswick and Putney I say......
  13. Blurry 'ell bump the price up 'cos there's not much alternative...
  14. I doubt you'll find anyone on here wh has fitted one - I suspect they are very expensive as they are intended to follow a signal at high speeds ....
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