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  1. I doubt it... Anyone can buy MGO from a distributor - it's only when 'you' are registered as a reseller that reocrds and acting with a modicum of 'due diligence' apply. IMO the whole mess was wished upon the UK as 'that lot in BXL' made a stink about British Boats navigating 'the sleeve' and using cheaperfuel than the EU chaps.... HMRC were Peed off as the potential extra revenue gained was far less than the costs of policing it. To answer the question, all the seller has to do is to maintain a record of sales with an customer declaration - it's then up to HMRC to follow up any obvious (LARGE) abuse of the 'concession'.
  2. Echo all of the above. Brum has taken advantage of the lockdowns to revitalise the centre - reducing vehicular access and converting the roads to run trams there's - A wacky library Art Gallery Smart shopping centre(s) 'Back to back' house museum Concert hall with a fine organ Jewelry quarter to rival London's Hatton Garden Loads of restaurants - ethnic or otherwise and pubs All of which are within walking distance of Gas Street basin There are currently loads of videos on YouTube so that you can do your research first
  3. Tough.... Actually, on occasion The Management makes a strong representation (tells me...) and we stop. I don't watch football etc. Surprisingly our viewing is in the evenings and the record function is for programme clashes.
  4. At home or when on the boat we use Humax products (there are a whole range of machines for terrestrial or satellite propogation) and you can record individual programmes or a series as you wish. When we stop cruising we put up the dish / aerial, find the signal and turn on the recorder. The TV is left off until it's needed.. Seemples ps: we have two boxes one for terrestrial, t'other for satellite. An HDMI switch selects whichever recorder is powered up. The aerial or dish hve the same fitting (a short length of ali: tubing fixed to the anchor on the front deck) and which system depends on whether there are trees in the way of the terrestrial signal or a clear view of the Astra satellites. Simple to do more invoved to describe!
  5. For some years (so long ago that I've forgotten the exact details), I used standard belts which didn't last for long and a local belt shop welcomed my business. Then I hacked around for a mail order supplier and discovered BB. Read the blurb and tried the cogged belts. Instantly, from renewing belts several times a season, I 'never' had to replace a belt again. (Ultimately I fitted a flat belt system and xx years later the set are still in use.) However - as I have a large 24v alternator and a big battery bank I always run the engine at 1400 rpm and cut out the Adverc for the first 1/2 hour or so to stop any belt squeal.
  6. Some of us prefer to watch broadcast TV rather than streamed stuff....
  7. The following worked / works for me:- Run the engine at higher revs: - say 1400 rpm or a tad more NOT at tickover Fit toothed belts (Bearing Boys stock them) Consider replacing pulleys with ridged type (I'll go away and lookup the correct term)
  8. I'm obliged, m'lud.. The OP wrote 'AB panel' and I assumed rightly or wrongly - 'AB' = a Beta panel (though come to think of it their panels' rev counter and hour counter were in the same instrument. Quite often posters info: is clear to thyem and assume there's an industry standard - which there isn't / arnt....
  9. Ferzackerly (ignoring the avvoidance of cost of a Beta replacement). A separate instrument needs cutting a hole for the device, or a messy arrangement of wires and 'sticking plaster /bodge' for the counter. Do it right, do it once... My AB panel is 20 years plus old and the rev meter and counter still works perfic - soo could it be a wiring problem if both are dead??
  10. Fat chance to moor there as it's wall to wall boats anyway... Regardless it's only full of eights and fours in term time - which are pretty short and well out of boating season anyway. Its a shame that more boaters don't use the River. Above Oxford its quiet and the stink boats can't get under Osney bridge (mark you some NBs can't either unless they taked down the washing line and sat dishes. For many I guess it's a shortage of pubs within staggering distance that puts some off. Never mind, it leaves more room for those that carry the booze with them. The locks ar a dream to operate if there's no lockie around (a possible increasing occurrence). Push buttons for the 'leccy sluice gear and girt big balance beams for the rest... aahh if only......
  11. I wonder whether any / many folks on here have looked at or made use of the vast amount of information available on "Life at 2.3 miles an hour" YT videos? As a very infrequent visitor to the Birmingham and Black Country area, I find them most interesting in filling in the gaps left by current cruises and maps.
  12. Methinks you/we have to be realistic about and conpany's sales tactics. Some pile the boats high and throw the keys at anyone passing. Some make a bot more effort and describe the product in depth. Some...... 'One' has to realise that in a sellers market, that you - the buyer - has to be a bit more proactive to find a bargain or even good value. I'm being shouted at from the catering section and must go now......
  13. I'm possibly writing a load of rubbish as my use is cruising and not for living - but 5KW seems an helluva large output for a narrowboat - and that maybe why large stoves are not seen in NBs. Our stove is (unquoted) around 2 - 3Kw and I find (IIRC) that I have to shut it down qhite severly after its got to temperature. A two door stove is going to be quite a beast and to avoid you getting burnt as you pass by means that it'll have to be installed tight into the gunnel to avoid burning you. Have a look at boats for sale on the duck and 'most' are small units placed at an angle to that the heat is better distributed into the living area. It'll be interesting to see whether anyone agrees with me...
  14. It's a market = folks will pay what they consider is a reasonable price. Unless you buy a boat that needs attention (and then paint it white (!!) and sell it on when ready) - then you'll have to pay the market rate. That's what markets are about... There's so much demand from folks who need somewhere to live that bargins are as rare as hens teeth. If you're sensible = practical, you're most likely to sell your used boat at a small profit than at a loss - yhus you'll be no worse off than if you hadn't bought at all - as well as having accommodation for the period that you owned it. That's what others are doing (perhaps being greedy the while..)
  15. PLEASE don't FORGET that CRT still gets a government grant - presumably to make the canals and towpaths used by folks other than boaters and mebe the signs are part of that 'making the canals inclusive' bit. The signs migh also help in reporting an incident / whatever to the Polis / whatever... No apologies for trying to be reasonable....
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