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  1. OldGoat

    Nell Bridge

    Sticking my neck out - does CRT(or even CaRT) pehaps think the level gauges are sufficient information to allow boaters to make their own judgement. Thise downstream of the lock are clealy visible, but where is the one at Nell Bridge - methinks it's buried in the tunnel under the road, or otherwise awkward to read - if so perhaps that needs attention. Otherwise it's the old rule of Caveat Emptor that applies. After all everyone knows there's been an awful lot of rain around and perhaps due diligence should be applied in the few cases where canals have too much water....
  2. There are so many variations of boat / engine / hull / fit-out / additional equipment and so forth, that is can be quite a challenge to diagnose a problem with any degree of certainty. On my boat I had to blip the throttle 'momentarily' to get the charging circuits to engage properly. The fact that you most-often do or do not do that doesn't mean that a third party suggestion is correct or not - it's something to try. Your 'charge' light flickering could suggest the blip approach may return dividends (or even not). Worth a go!
  3. hmm - at what speed is the engine running - if at tickover the flickering siggests to me that it's not running very fast. It nees to be running at 1100-1500 rpm befor the alternator can do anything useful. Actual engine rotational speed depends on the make and type of the engine. Can you enlighten the assembled members?
  4. The thought of four hands grovelling about on the floor/deck fills me with horror. Unscrew the top (complete with handle) and continue with filling from the tin of grease. Any back pressure tends to make the 'large washer with asmall hole in it' tip up and loads of grease wells up - gets all over the place.... Folks get wound up when handling greases - dinna fash yersel - greases are a soap, a small quantity will clean you skin. If still bothered, put a pair of vinyl glove on first.
  5. That's why EA (and most insurance companies) say do NOT navigate when The River's on Reds.....
  6. For What It's Worth - 1. Don't expect to find a good mooring in Henley -Ya, during peak summer weekends, unless you moor downstream of the bridge where a-very-nice-man in a lovely old EA style launch will relieve you of somewhat more money than the town moorings, but where you have moor space. 2. In retrospect it's a shame that said obnoxious man didn't moor there - as he might have found or mebe foundered on an huge block of concrete which the Councl won't remove (that's probably why the mooring slot was empty in the first place....) 3. I don't care what other folks say - it's always best to pick up a Thames mooring with your boat facing upstream. You always have more control. There is ALWAYS a current flow of at least 1 mph dowsnstream as a statutory requirement. That's what Lock Keepers are for. (working the locks for boaters is a bonus).
  7. OldGoat

    Boat rage

    Keep up at the back!! See other listing .....
  8. It was such a long time ago that I can't remember - and the boat is 80+ miles away, so that I can't check, But, but, but - I asked The Management and she said we used vinyl. If that's so they've managed pretty well as it's around 20 years ago and they're still in a reasonable state.
  9. I was lucky - having drawn a blank from local electrical and motor supplier sources, I found a local tool supplier who had acquired a load of surplus cable for HM dockard Portsmouth. I have a quantity of colours alleged to be fireproof..... My cabling is still a rat's nest. I find the best compromise is to wrap the cable groupd with coloured tape and keep a record of whta that coding means.
  10. Methinks that with the current (and most likely future) reductions in maintenance by CRT, more locks will suffer movement in their walls either by general land conditions or by general poor practice / use by boats using the system. A couple of years ago we helped a 'proper' boat through one of the locks on the Napton flight which invloved a lot of thrashing around and flushing water down. Whereas it got the boat through, I wonder (not) whether the effort would create problems that wouldn't be aparrent until much later. In the bad lod days there would have been a lengthsman who knew his patch and would spot difficulties as they arose - fixing them before they became an 'issue'. Now it's more of recording the problem (if spotted) and getting some office bod to schedule a repair, or mebe ignoring it, until major failure occurs. My point in this case is - don't chance fate, knowing that your boat is over wide - then finding out that you've got stuck and need draconian efforts to release you, which will cause problems for everyone else until the underlying fault is rectified. CRT have cut back on maintenance - possibly - resulting in major unplanned closures as time passes...
  11. I'd be happy to take the lot - or even split them with another member if needed. Sending you a P.M.
  12. Young Mr. Brooks' explanation is one of the best - indeed is the best non technical description of battery charging that I have seen on here. Congratulations!! IM(H)O the OP should take note.... FWIW 540 Ah is a bit small, I'd regard 600 Ah as a bare minimum for today's usage style.
  13. You didn't ask, but - You'll need separate licences for the Thames and the Wey. Indeed if you intend to spend a lot of time on the Thames, a combined CRT and EA licence (a Gold licence) might be a better option (it doesn't cover the Wey). The locks above King's are all manual and a delight to use. Below King's they are all electric and moderately boater proof if you read the instructions.... There should / may be a lock keeper / volunteer in attendance to work the locks for you. Mooring can be problematic for canal users as the banks are often shallow and the riparian owners might object... However, there are sufficient spots where you can moor - if you plan ahead.
  14. of course - silly me! - If the OP ran the engine at 2,000 rpm and a 10" pulley he / she might get a reasonable charging rate. Anyway 'twas an hypothetical suggestion as the question hasn't been posed.
  15. I had a genset driven by an ST1. 3,000 rpm - incredibly noisy. However, running a reasonable quality alternator shouldn't be impossible, so belay my previous comment. (FWIW there was a thread on here a year or two back where the OP couldnt get a good enough alternator speed to charge their batteries - thus I thought it prudent to make a comment here)
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