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  1. OldGoat

    Route advice

    Being a soft southerner, VHF is as useful as a chocolate teapot - IF AND ONLY IF you are NOT going on the tidal Trent. Your route implied that you would turn to port (left) at Trent falls for which you don't need VHF. If I've got it wrong - somebody will come back and give me a b********g, doubtless
  2. OldGoat

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    In general - No, in that if you have a services provider and your email is [email protected] provider then you may / will / can lose that address when you move. Some providers forget to excommunicate you and others may 'let you live' for a fee. FWIW - having been told that those nice people in Kingston upon Hull will delete me even though I will only leave 'cos the can't offer me a fibre service. For a small fee you can buy a domain name of your choosing and with that a mail service name of your choosing. You get a wadge of data space and a mail server. Then it doesn't matter from whom you buy your data, you can still get your emails from the cloud.
  3. OldGoat

    Engine mounts

    Perhaps you missed this post - Report post #43 Posted Tuesday at 10:09 (edited) In the OPs case there is a nice hex top to the stud that he can put a spanner on to stop the stud rotating, also the top nut is self locking so is unlikely to have run itself up, so is very likely to be in the right place still. What bothers me is the OP said the stud is loose and wiggly, so may have detached from the rubber, Edited Tuesday at 10:10 by ditchcrawler My comment - If you have a small spanner you can immobilise the stud with that - it's only needed to stop the stud rotating. If no small spanner available a pair of pliers will suffice
  4. OldGoat

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Seems a daft construction - towing another NB downstream was a bit 'wobbly' until we had to slow down; then it was quite hairy. If' we'd been breasted dup I would have had more control. I suppose the issue happened in long lock cuts where there isn't (nowadays) good manoeuvring space for a berated pair and a large plastic boat coming the other way...
  5. OldGoat

    2nd viewing this week- one bit advice

    Folks get seduced by the cosmetics and forget / ignore the fact that canal boats is / are a cottage industry, thus there are huge difference in the quality of how the boat is fitted out in the places that you can't see. Items such as sloppy engine bay management, cable (electric and remote control runs) poor kitchen layout, angled chimneys. There are no absolutes. Be critical - does the loo look comfortable, will you bang you knees to sit on the pan. Can you stand in the shower - that sort of issue would indicate t me that whoever did the fit out didn't understand boats.
  6. I have no real magic solution. However, I have a similar panel (same style, different components) and have found that the components get 'dry' with age. internal cables were rigid and stiff which somehow created dry joints. The feed cables are inadequate for the rated current(s) - and even juggling with input feed locations so that the highest power devices are nearest the fed cable doesn't quite solve the problem. Try remaking the Lucar clips tension and rethinking the power layout. That said, the only device with which I have any problem is the Mikuni heater on initial startup - where is doesn't like the voltage drop. It really needs a 30 amp breaker.
  7. OldGoat

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Confused, I am - Bell Weir is Dismal Dave - I concur with the rest... Steve is Shepperton and if he, then it's 'cos he has his management (not his wife) in a portacabin to the rear of his lovely house so has to be seen to toe the line...
  8. OldGoat

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    That's a new one to me and I'm a Thames Boater.... The 1993 TNA bylaw 54(a) mentions "clear and free passage" .... "or otherwise obstruct...". Nothing about bank to bank. There are a very few places where breasting up might cause an obstruction Molesey, Sunbury, Sheperton head laybys and approaches come to mind. It would be interesting to know where this alleged jobsworh operates?? There is a certain tonsurialy challenged gentleman with lot of gold braid whom I feel might issue such a comment....
  9. OldGoat

    Insurance 'Moan'

    ? Why do you 'insist' on buying your insurance from a broker, rather than going to a proper underwriter or an insurance company? (Not that there are many companies left. FWIW I've migrated over the years to Aviva who tend not to faff around with their prices - but if they do.....
  10. OldGoat

    12v or 240v television?

    Get a decent 240v TV. I made do with 12v TVs for several years and the picture was 'not of the best'. You get a lot more choice - not to mention a better prices if you keep all options open. We now have and have had Samsung TVs - ex Curry's customer return 27" tvs on the boat (and at home as PC monitors). They take very little power and the picture and sound quality are 'excellent'
  11. OldGoat

    Not quite so limited edition

    FWIW and not wishing to sound a discordant note; does it really add any value as a limited edition? You've already accepted it as a copy. Do you like it? Does the mistake / misrepresentation reduce the artistic value TO YOU? Was the price paid by you exorbitant if it had been a 'copy' If the answer are Yes / No / No then I'd not dampen my underwear about the rights and wrongs, keep the pair and put the 'spare' in another room and enjoy both. You've done the honest thing and tried to return the duplicate. rest easy and dinna fash yersel, laddie
  12. OldGoat

    The "thing" is back!

    It's not a boat for cruising - it's for living aboard in a marina / serviced moorings But, but not at that price AND on the partial information provided. Die-hards (and I'm one of those) think and state that it's 'orrible however- Folks coming on here just don't realise that the major market for boats coming on to the 'systems' now is for cheap / inexpensively priced / vessels on which to live. The price point of £75k might suit a practical cruising boat - but on the information presented it's lacking in all / major factors to make that make it a usable prospect. Somebody may pay £35k for it and stick it in a marina? (For all the Saints above - I thank thee...) Get real chaps and chapesses... ALL nearby places to moor easily on my nearest canal (Oxford) are clogged with boats moored. Some official, other not. Cruising is now a-pleasant and we may well have to stick on the Thames (lovely river but we've done it again, and again and again)
  13. OldGoat

    Suitable for the canal?

    Yes, yes, yes I have (several) 'gulls in my stable - not the most attractive, or green, but their 'weed cutter' props don't destroy anything when you hit an obstacle. Perhaps the more / most important things are:- Low cost on ebay Spares available here - ttp://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/ and engines - but at a price 'cos they've been tarted up...
  14. OldGoat

    The "thing" is back!

    Concur - (Except for the taste factor and even if you're a bit tongue in cheek...) How to build a boat wit as few curves as possible Those left (apart from the stern) are gentle and as short in the chord as possible - 2mm steel 'cabin' roof panels?? - but why wasn't the train roof feature 'used internally' ? Innovative weed cutter at the bow. Maximum internal width (I assume as I can't see and tumble home (?) 'Lovely' full length domestic bath - needs to be hooked up to a water supply to fill it... Indeed with no engine how are the internal power features satisfied?? Fascinating.. AARRGGHH!! It could be argued that the diesel engine was only there to move the boat - it was / is said to be moving under trade plates? After all it is offered as a "live aboard" and ipso facto won't move at all
  15. OldGoat

    Installing a stove from scratch...

    Yes it would..... Nice and toasty when you're doing the dishes... Not to mention cooking the fridge as well - which will increase your electrical use. It would be better (but not very practical) if you moved the sink over to the other side and put the stove where the sink was - that is if you're not afraid of doing a bit of plumbing - many folks are... FWIW we hired a 45 footer from Teddesley many years ago with a stove sandwiched in at the end of the kitchen area - I was grateful that it was in the summer.......

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