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  1. I suspect the OP wants to be able to see the counter from his conning / driving position...
  2. Our marina has done one step more than the above and banned ALL boaters from their premises for the duration! (seemed daft, until one steps back a bit and understands why...)
  3. Gawd, that dates you - they were well out of the way before I started building and I don't think I'm a spring chicken (mebe an old boiler...)
  4. OldGoat


    Oh, then I apologise for any inconvenience caused...
  5. OldGoat


    Thak you, your ladyship! I was about to 'go forth' and leave this place - well mebe not bother to post any more....
  6. OldGoat


    Is this a ten minute argument?? You've managed to turn my comment around to the whole point. From remembering responses on this forum for 'basic' items new folks tendd to want an easy local source of supply (that's usually the response to ....., later the OP comes back and writes "I can't get ..... at Halfords / B&Q/ whatever" Hence my point 'it's not GENERALLY available as a caution. I'm trying to be helpful, not smart. Is that reasonable??
  7. OldGoat


    I'm obliged... By generally, I meant 'on the High Street' , Halfords, DIY shops etc...
  8. OldGoat


    I rushed to make a further comment and THEN I noticed the last line above which was already in bold. I'm not aware that you can -generally -buy 10/40 or 10/30 which is not semi symthetic. The reason is that in light duty applications the synth additive will polish the cylinder bores with the result that your engine will smoke (more than usual) - which is Not A Good Thing. Halfords, supemarkets / WHY sell oils for cars and not for boats.... Trust me, I worked in the oil industry.....
  9. OldGoat


    Do you not have an instruction book with the engine? Failing that .... 15/40 is the modal oil for that type of engine and yes, car type filters are OK Somebody more helpful may be along shortly with specific deiatls....
  10. Boris on the Steam Radio "just now" said 'staying at home'. I can't believe that No:10 could be called home - even upstairs in the private quarters - or has he gone to Chequers?
  11. Coo - Phyllis, you really are posh in the upper reaches of the East (my horizons on reach to the M25) - and I can only aspire to two loos, well that's on the boat...
  12. Oh - you are awful...... There's 'no way' you could fit that lot in your boat - now if you had a bit of tin......
  13. At least it's gor a decent amount of rubber on those wheels. Modern motors have rubber bands for tyres and it 'one' lives away from towns amd cities (ugh) the apalling state of most roads will be uncomfortable / expensive in shatterd tyres...
  14. When I built my boat aeons ago there was little choice, hence I bit the bullet and used polystyrene. HOWEVER I ordered it with a fire restant coating and tested a sample on a bonfire first. It would only burn, nay smoulder when I put it into the heart of a well alight fire. Given that any decent boat is going to / should have reasonably thick linings - then to my mind the poly is the last thing to catch fire. It's all a matter of design and quality. Not that the above is any real help....
  15. On my 2204 / 50 the oil presssure sender is on the back of the engine and the signal lead is easy to dislodge. Again IRRC the oil pressure switch (as opposd to the meter sender - you have the 'posh' panel) is separate - thus it's possible to get a reading on the gauge but a beep fron the low pressure switch / or lack of connection to it.
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