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  1. Looking at the poor way our once illustrious Navy is provisioned - perhaps the Grey Funnel Line could do with the chairs... As to the Loo, they just chuckit....
  2. This thread and discussion is almost as varied and controversial as "marine sanitation". If anyone now (and those few actually researching later - Just my penn'orth and actual experience. Before I built my boat I hired from "the Squadron Leader" and did the Thames ring. Lovely boat and great on the canals. However on the reach above Putney the engine (standard skin tank) overheated and we slowed down (folks treated their hired boats kindly in those days) we were not racing, nor punching the tide - just moving comfortably on a wide river. It made me wonder whether skin tanks were a good idea for anything more than pottering around the Brum canals.. In later years we always hired from Teddesley, and Peter M was an advocate of heat exchanger cooling. Quiet running, no smokey exhausts and no overheating. Seems good. Thus 'our' hull was built with a girt big mud box which not only traqps the mud, but leaves and crayfish and even of partially blocked with leaves (!) still keeps the engine cool. As with all things on a boat, if the facility is sensibly planned and designed - then it works. Just translating something land based designed - or not even designed at all (i.e. not practical) invariably ends in tears. If adapting domestic equipment to a 'marine' environment you should look at the constraints that such an enviromnent puts on you For example:- Butler sinks Large screen TVs domestic cookers lots of high power interior lighting Poor storage Inadequate off-grid power capacity Ditto power replenishment Composting loos loos with rubbish steel tanks under your bed... et al.... Methinks too many folks coming on here with impossible and inpractical requierments trying to have what works in "bricks and mortar" situations into what is fundamentally a glorified water based environment. Some have done it A helluva lot of newbies on here haven't. A shame 'cos it can be done.... with care.... Enough (a Large Whisky already consumed with the promise of an aged beef joint (long dead cow )magiced by SWMBO awaits here on land and I have every confidence that She will replicate that when on board...
  3. Odorlos used to be good - but then like many things it got dumbed down... Chanced across some industrial strength washing machine liquid - magic, but very expensive. Some folks swear by Oxy-Gen granules sold by (some) Tescos - that works well.
  4. I think they made milking machines too...
  5. From your post, I infer that your only real option is to put your boat in a marina - it's not very practical / sensible to leave a boat on the cut unattended for any real length of time. Given that that there's no canal that near to LGW, then how about a marina on the Thames - quick access to LHR via cab. Somewhat pricey, though...
  6. I painted mine with red paint but stopped short of spots. Twas on the advice of a certern Mr. Bowern who suggested that otherwise folks would nick them... A coat of best Admiralty red lead undercoat (oh - happy days) and standard colour on top. A bit daft - why spend loadsa monai on Best Boatman's Cabin brassware and then cover them up...
  7. Always handy to have a spare (provided that it didn't cost an arm and two legs)
  8. You can get a MiFi cheaper from ebay auction (not BINs 'cos "everyone" stuff the price..) but it should be one of the good quality makes (as well as the aerial socket(s) E5332 (basic) E5573, E5372. If you use the unit all day, then attach the unit to a charger and use the wifi from you pc / laptop
  9. You're absolutely right - it is an absolute minefield, rather like should your boat have rivets and other detail matters. In my not very humble opinion operators like Virgin and Vofafone concentrate on urban areas (makes good business sense) leaving less urban areas to other operators (such as 3) for less profitable cover. My initial suggestion is - subject to your better local knowledge - get a reasonable mifi and a PAYG sim and see what quality of connection you get. We cruise the Thames and a semi annual pilgrimage up to and beyond Brum and find that '3' give the most consistent coverage. It may be that PAYG folks get what signal is left over after the contract customer has their fill (they can do that...), thus if it works for us from a particular supplier is should be good for you.....
  10. Over the years I have whittled intenet connectivity down to MiFi devices - but they must have (for succesful reception) socket(s) for an external aerial. leave the mifi in the boat and stoc the aerial outside on the roof. There are loads for sale on ebay. Only buy an Huawei unit or possibly one made by netgear. Price is NO indication as to quality. Don't get a Vodafone model unless you want to use Voda's service - 'cos they're locked. I wonr xpand further - as you'll probably do something else....
  11. Don't wooory, it's only old f---s being a bit cheeky. It's not often we get foks and ladies under the age of xx on here - thus it's a bit of a culture shock when younger newbies come on here!
  12. Have a look in the bilge and see wheter it's filling up with water?? Does the (undefined pump) have a pressure switch, if so is it set to run continuously if not then you need a perssure switch.
  13. Oh dear, it's a while since we ventured down there - as a result of The Management's prohibition. In my defence (ill deserved, mebe) the only ones with which we had any problem was Hatton on a very hot day and She said never again (as managements tend so to do) now if going to Brum we go via Fazeley and its perttier)
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