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  1. It depends on the layout of your boat - I can walk down most of our boat in a normal fashion, except for the bedroom where I perform a scottish dancing travelling step to negotiate the brass handles on the bed storage. Being a southerner I have to hum a phrase or two from Jimmy Shand's band (whatever air from the Gordon's (gay or otherwise)) seems appropriate at the time....
  2. If fitting a roof collar, please please please please consider an ANGLED roof collar.... So many boats - through ignorance or penury fit a straight collar with the result that almost any chimney stack look absolutely riddiculous when fitted (not to mention that if the stack is not vertical any tar will run down down the outside of the pipe and make an 'orrible mess..... Acorn sell them (about twice the price - thus mebe who nobody buys them)?
  3. I agree with the above, though it's nice to have the extra grunt (technical term) when meeting a lesser quality boater in a bridge 'ole..... AFAIR the 50 has a different block which makes hanging go-faster bits on it (larger and more alternators etc) easier to achieve. The price difference at the time when I built was small anyway and I suspect Beta hang a a 150 gearbox on it is as much to remain competitive as anything else. The 150/60 is a hydraulic box and 'changes gear' * so much more smoothly..... ( * forward to reverse and vice- versa)
  4. Anorak here - a PRM 150 gearbox is really too small for a Beta 50 - whihich indicates to me that it and mebe other things are not 'quite right'. (Not that a 150 is inadequate for the canals or even the Thames in normal conditions. Mebe I'm being pedantic, as the 150 is OK for a Beta 42, but indicates penny pinching; so what else is not quite 'right' and could go wrong?? I'm expecting incoming.....
  5. There are very few 'official' short term moorings on the Thames and most of them are near locks (? so that the lockies can manage them). The rest are informal moorings where folk can get near enough to hop ashore ena bang a pin in. Such moorings 'belong' to whoever owns the land bordering the river and it's up to them whether or not the allow mooring and / or collect fees. Every so often folks moor and behave badly - so the land owners have to take remedial action - which ultimately causes everybody a lot of grief.
  6. Just found this - https://www.rainbow-conversions.co.uk/240v-hookup/mains-240v-inlet-flush-fitting-square.html (don't say we're not trying....)
  7. Aren't they just held on by a couple of screws / bolts?? In which case they're easy to remove. FYI - your problem may not the the dome, but where you're locaated - the dome has to 'see' the satellite group but you may have trees / buildings in the way? A standard or even a mini dish is (IMO) more ugly and difficult to mount. We have a flat panel which is less obvious but awkward to mount.
  8. I found this on Amazon (aarrgghh) - it's not what you wanted - methinks what you want doesn't exist. I fitted one to the pigeon box on the roof and threw away the white bit. I don't think you can get a flush round type fitting as it wouldn't be waterproof? Roll over image to zoom in Knightsbridge IN0021 Appliance Inlet, 240 V, IP44, 16 A I've tried CPC (large conponent supplier and came up with a list of variations:- appliance inlet 16a
  9. It's a reasonable requirement - once you've seen a plonker insist on using only the centre line - and then watching his boat wandering all over the place, potentially damaging other boats or the lock furniture itself. What's adequate on the canals does definitely not apply on the Riverl Lockies have given up trying to explain to stroppy NB'ers - who then complain to the management and the lockie gets a b****g
  10. I suggested M6 because it's a popular size - whereas M5 is often used for electrical stuff - but hey there are so may posibilities!
  11. It's very unusual (!care!) to find a lock pedestal without public power (unless some Pr**t has held the sluices up button until the system goes into error mode.... Even so, it's a right pain in the 'glutimus maximus' to have to hand wind - take your time - find a friend to help. After all you don't have to wind the sluices up all the way - just enough to get some water moving and similarly you don't have to open the gates fully...... Just enjoy the Thames so long as we have it indpendent - befre CRT or worse take it over...
  12. Well that's a jolly good start - I get loadsa' stick for suggesting turning..... If Higginson is full you could try just a tad upstream on the same side, but you may have to use a plank to get ashore. It is possible (or was before we found a marina mooring a bit further upstream) to moor just before the lock lay by, there's room for a 60' boat where the lock access road joins the lock cut. It's a fair walk down to Marlow, but quite a pleasant one. Failing that the lockie (if the resident is actually on duty) may have an empty slot on his lock island - as he has some permanent boats wo actually use their boats. Or again, I've seen boats moored on the side opposite Harleyford in the reach above Temple lock - not that much further on . Harleyford itself may have a space on its pontoons - but at Thames prices, but more importantly you can't get from the marina onto the towpath (keeps folks away, doncha know), thus you'd need a taxi into town which takes the fun out of boating. If you aren't terrified by the thought of going anywhere near a church - I've seen a NB moored by Marlow church - but you may have to say a few Hail Mary's (or no - that's for RC - but Marlow is Oxford Diocese which is pretty near Roman anywhere). Sorry religeous joke - my bad taste...
  13. I'm going to start the bidding at M6 x 30 - 'cos I've just bought a pack to do some 'T' shaped hinges and they look similar (my tape measure looks similar to yours. Happy to be corrected, though! whoops - M6 x 25mm.....
  14. IMO the Thames is notg doing well for lock service at the moment and I suspect CoVid has caused problems with training for volunteers and relief staff. The locks above Oxford starting at King's are all large balance beam and handwheel sluices - easy to operate. Thise below are electric push button with instructions printed on the cabinet (unless some scrote has torn them off). Just DON'T hold the "sluices up" button - just press for 2-3 seconds - or the system will lock up completely and require a techie to reset.
  15. FWIW - it was pre 1990, which was when we ordered out hull from him..
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