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  1. Folks onn here are reallt too polite and kind.... The simple answer is that lines for and aft are the rules which you accept when you come on to the Thames. Perhaps more reasnoably- if you don't and something happens the lockie could get sacked or suffer financial penalties. Is that fair?? Recently an expeienced commercial operator (no lockie present) didn't tie any line, or hold it withe the result that the boat surged forward, got caught under a beam and it sank. A 100 ton crane was needed to lift the boat and the lock was out of action for several days. Great inconvenience to any one wanting to use the River. Stupid idiot!!!
  2. OldGoat

    Friend has £25000 for a boatHello all.

    Yes, but Norton Canes BB area a reputable outfit. Would they sell a basket case- hull wise.
  3. OldGoat

    Graham Reeves Boat Builders

    Hopefully not in the middle of a field near a corner.... (think about it...)
  4. OldGoat

    Friend has £25000 for a boatHello all.

    Hmm - looks smart, refitted interior? short front deck and trad stern. May not be what you want but the front and back ends mean you've got a lot more usable room than you would get in a 'standard' cruiser?
  5. OldGoat

    How to power 12v fridge from 240v shore power

    Nothing's that simple... A transformer is just that - converts A/C mains to 12v BUT it's still A/C - so it needs converting to DC. You need to 'rectify' it to DC. However a straight transformer / rectifier will not have enough power to cope with t6he startup surge from the fridge. What you need is a battery charger. That can have a relatively low power output as it can be charging your batteries all the time which replenishes whatever power your fridge takes from the batteries - and keeps them topped up as well. You can get inexpensive chargers from Aldi and Lidl from time to time or Halfords... at more expensive prices. BUT I don't know if they're safe enough to be left on all the time. Now let's see what two other have said.
  6. Oh dear what a terrible thing to do - push your own product..... Disgraceful. Cor blimey guv depriving an honest dealer from earning a crust to feed his family Shame on you..... Them 'as knows and with a bit of savvy will use the info: (that Beta so kindly supply) and shop around for the best deal. that's what a market is for innit? On a serious note - you'll see that all the specs are for a winter 'W' grade of 15 and nothing less (as in 10W etc). Methinks there's something in not using 10W or 20W. Probably OK but if there's a problem then Beta could say - well I told you and walk away. Must go the Management requires my attention....
  7. Beta have always rigidly specified 15W40 mineral oil for their engines and got quite shorty when I suggested 10W40 as an alternative (that's a lubricant that's specified in the Kubota manual). Lubrication is quite a complex subject heat exchanging/ lubricity / shear strength and heavens know what else, so I guess folks stay with what they know to be safe....
  8. OldGoat

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    It's a shame that a number of boaters (I use that term loosely...) have abused all sorts of moorings on the Thames to such an extent that RBC had to employ bully boy tactics to remove what was a problem for them. No external company is going to make any money out of managing moorings unless the rate is high and/or by extracting 'fines' Not everyone is 'smart phone enabled' and I'm not going to cart a laptop around just because the operator is deliberately making his phone system inoperable.
  9. OldGoat

    AIRBNB For Moorings

    There's a 'person' who does AIRBNB on the Thames, believed to be £50 per night - per person. Attached is a photo of one of his fleet - I kid you not. He doesn't bother about using official moorings or even paying for one. Perhaps that's why ABB is not popular for boats....
  10. OldGoat

    Sudden smokey engine while cruising

    I was going to ask whether you (the OP) was going upstream or down? - Not that it makes a lot of difference (engine wise) because all the locks are 'shut in' and there's the square root of norra lot of flow - but something's happening that's different....
  11. OldGoat

    Sudden smokey engine while cruising

    Umm - could you have something around the prop? Somewhat unusual on Our Thames - but there's a lot of weed around in places.
  12. OldGoat

    Noisy drive shaft

    Shouldn't there be a THRUST block in there somewhere? A Plummer bloc is not a thrust bloc (per se)
  13. They are very large and the switch inside is ceramic which is diabolical as it degrades in time - and the panel is 60 years old + Usable if you replace the switch with a modern toggle.
  14. You don't need soldering skills as most / many switches are push on type anyway. However you will need to be able to drill and cut boards accurately. How about this as a switch panel? https://www.marinesuperstore.com/wiring/switches/blue-sea-panel-below-deck-12v-dc-cb-6-pos?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=pcn&utm_term=99339289&utm_campaign=MSS&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlM34qujV3AIVyrTtCh0xtQodEAQYBCABEgIi-vD_BwE or this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18-Way-Marine-Circuit-Breaker-Switch-Panel-Digital-Voltmeter-/162527389986
  15. OldGoat

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    Don't tar DE and TVM with the same brush. DE are bully boys and their system is unworkable unless by web access. TVN is more professional and his phone works. Trust the boater worked well until folks abused the system and waited until they were chased off - se everyone now suffers.

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