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  1. Wasn't it more about a company that failed / ended and ros again?
  2. There's something about having to have hog and low level ventilation (and when I built) there was nothing terribly specific in the original BBS manual. Hence I made my own decision and studiously provided both. I didn't care for the caravan type vents and IIRC liners or finishing plates weren't available - so went for 'proper' brass thnigies made by someone in Leicester - another 'traditional' metal worker, long since gone. Standards change - hey ho.
  3. Absolutely However it's all part of doing boating properly (as imagined) - not just driving (!!)
  4. Yuk! Only suitable for plastic cruisers. No respectable narrowboat owner should use them. Proper mushroom vents are the only proper solution... Times change.......
  5. Be prepared for rather sniffy London W.Morris 'expert' voulunteers looking down on visitors (other staff are quite friendly) - there is / was a nice pub down the road. It can be a bit of a cattle market if there's a coach party viewing. As with all special interest venues, it helps if you have an interest in the subject. 'The Management' thouroughly enjoyed the visit. Perhaps I'm a miserable curmugeon (yes). Noe that I've started - The upper - upper Thames is what it is - a river overflow 'valley', thus mostly agricultural as it's technically a flood plain, thus habitations are scattered. Wonderful if you enjoy the slight solitude, but dire if you want some excitement (we love it as The Management revels in 'lesser spotted reed warblers' (!) and neither of us particularly look for pubs with their ever increasing control by large scale brewer property owners. (so many of folks on here seem to navigate between pubs). To counter MTB Lechlade is NOT the end - the Round House at Inglesham is (junction - so called) with the Thames and Severn canal. A short walk to a delightful deconsecrated church with box pews amidst manor estate buildings woth a visit. Depending on the flow conditions you may have to reverse back to the marina, but then I enjoy a slight challenge - otherwise boating is boring... Lechlade is pleasant even though a main road runs through it and if still there (we didn't look this year) - the Christmas shop and an Italian bakery with ditto bread. While I'm still enthusiastic, it's worh pottering around some of the locks and nearby footpaths. (Most) of the lock keepers are friendly and some of the footpaths go to delightful Cotwold villages. Do NOT miss Oxford (the canal moorings are a bit dreich, but for us (Thames based) the East Street moorings are remarkably quiet for overnighting and if you avoid the shops, some colleges are very open to visitors. If you enjoy choral music then Merton, New (and some we have yet to discover) have good choirs and even better organs. That's not everybody's taste - but worth a try - and in some cases you can visit the college for free if 'going to the chapel'. The side roads / lanes are remarkably quiet. Enough.
  6. That's difficult to answer sensibly - if you just cruise, stopping only for overnight and pubs, then it's more than adequate. Contrarywise, if you would like to explore on foot (loads of footpaths) ther there's good walking and ancient sights (etc) - then a month's licence might be more appropriate - it depends on the cost differences. This latter gives you scope to go where the Great White Cruisers lie (not that many dare to leave their marinas) - down to Abingdon or Wallingford even...
  7. Hmm - yes, a reasonable proposition...... Not much else escapes from the Thames - must have been a deliberate ploy to make the best exits, narrow..... Those canal builders were a canny lot!
  8. An excellent advertisement for not allowing your fenders to dangle in the water. Down here that's a Cardinal Sin. But then who give a .....
  9. Many, many years ago we hired from the original Mr.Grumpy at Napton NBs, a great boat made by one P.Nichols - with a cross bed. We had a guest couple, the gentleman of which was 6 foot something and of rugby scrum proportions - hence we allocated the double to them. It was a bit chill (temperature wise) and he commented that his feet were cold in the morning... It transpire that the double had a radiator at one end - his end, beng summer the heatinfg was not on. Put me off cross beds... (Methinks P.N didn't do the fitout). Made I larf in retrospect. Thus on my boat, I made the forward double at leat 4'6" wide by 6+ ft longlots of room in both directions.
  10. It's not flak - merely folks expressing their strong views on the subject. I fitted out boat with two loos - both pumpouts - and can get both emptied and flushed on one card. I'm content to pay a reasonable fee for the reasonable comfort of a large china bowl and a decorated domestic sized seat and cover. You're welcome to make your own arrangements. In my youth I helped on a local farm at holiday time with duties ranging from filling and topping 1/2 pint milk bottles and afterwards chasing the cows out of the milking parlour so that they dicn't soil the floor and runway (pushing them up the ramp -by pulling their tails and shoving their hind quarters. It often failed and there was muck everywhere. With that childhood experience in mind I settled for pumpouts on the boat. Much more refined than the cow byre procedure, which equates to bucket-and-chuckit.....
  11. You got there first - Ha! Ha! The 'train' guard appears to be looking at the Massey as well...
  12. If you don't mind a (short) walk, you can moor further upstream above the bridge on the LHS for free.
  13. Nope winter programme now changed looky here:- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-conditions-closures-restrictions-and-lock-closures#river-closures-updated-28-november-2019 I thing the recent deluges have cause havoc with their schedule (lorra' plant to be moved eround etc) and all is in a state of flux. After all the residents are long since tucked up in their moorings - not to venture out until the spring. I can't even get up to Henley for Christmas...
  14. Ready for incoming:- It's Red paint 'cos salty water folks are superstitious and Green is unlucky (strange 'cos the founder of Beta was a proper boater and he would have known that (I got a lot of laughs in the past about that) . The exhaust is water cooled - and that won't go well on a skin tank (too much heat to get away in that). A water cooled exhaust engine is a lot quieter than one with a normal silencer and probably a bit quiter if there's an 'ospital silencer. If it's a 50HP it'll work well on the canals and better on a decent river. Mine is a 50 HP....
  15. Your canal route would be via the Grand Union - all the way. down the Oxford would be easier becaus they're narrow locks and easier to work single handed. The Thames locks are all electric and easy to perate - but there are (often) lock keepers on duty.
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