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  1. It's the blurry Belgians who screwed 'us' up in the first place.. Perhaps their comeback for Allo, Allo. Get rid of the whole *** lot
  2. OldGoat

    Looking for a marina nr. London

    Wharra' bout Reading? Fast trains to London or Shepperton (nearer but I dunno what connections are like Thames prices so that'll dampen your underwear....
  3. OldGoat

    Time to work on the shower enclosure

    I'm obliged gentlemen, I was under the impression (reading too many threads on various fora) that a Morco was a yesterday's solution, no longer made and unreliable. I don't have the experience - as we built our boat for cruising, thus the engine always provides lots of very hot water and a tankfull will last two days. Best if I stay away from commenting on gas water heating in future.... Thank you.
  4. OldGoat

    Time to work on the shower enclosure

    Jumping into the hornet's nest again - I've learnt over the years that the old computer adage of KISS is essential on a NB. Morcos ar rarely (if at all) fitted on a nb, methinks for reliability and BSS regulations. If you've got a calorifier and a method of heating it - why not stick with that. Running separate lines for the Morco and the calorifier - not difficult - but why? I believe Morcos are fussy about water pressure and they don't like an back pressure - caused by the showerhead. After all they are designed just to discharge into a sink - not to run a whole hot water heating system. Quite happy to be contradicted. Ask yourself "why are Morcos not more widely used in recent boats?
  5. The more - most serious problem - if sellers are forced to switch to white is that - I believe many / most will just stop selling fuel (or alternatively bump the price up to well over local rates) because the cost of funding a full tank of white makes the whole enterprise unprofitable. This was the initial issue when the EU made the initial directive. I had discussions with HMRC who were very concerned with lots of fuel sloshing around (literally) as spillage if boated took to filling cans and accident occurred - that's one of the reasons why a logical work around was proposed - in a truly British manner. That of course upset Brussels, because it / they don't like official work arounds (but ignore unofficial ones...)
  6. OldGoat

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    Yes - but ask before you install the basic equipment.
  7. OldGoat

    Inverter Issue

    Be aware that the power save mode is (often) a two edge sword - the unit won't come out of save mode until quite a large load is applied. I tested two that wouldn't sense a modern 240v fridge starting up!
  8. OldGoat

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    Absolutely - and I support your wish and desires so to do. However, there must be some understanding that the ways of achieving your particular choice of facilities will either mean some compromises - or getting there by an alternative route such as - generating your own electricity diesel fired central heating and such like. It's no good getting some mechanic to stuff a small 'cauliflower' (what a silly place to put it) and then deciding what to do with its output. Surely folks have enough nous to do a bit of research first??
  9. OldGoat

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    Time to have a rant - It really gets my "User ID" when folks want / expect the same facilities in every respect that the would normally have in a house / flat. An instant hot water heater in its true implementation requires a lot of power and that on a boat can only be provided by having a huge power reserve (lots of battery power / large inverter) or a gas water heater which can be dangerous and are no longer popular. A better alternative - if you are off grid is to have a large TWIN coil calorifier (mounted in a separate cupboard, so that its waste heat can dry clothes etc). One coil uses waste heat from the engine that will have to be run to charge the batteries - or heaven forfend - actually move the boat, and the other for the Ebersplutter used for yur central heating. Take care that's almost the comforts that you get in a land based dwelling.... Otherwise living on a boat is little more than camping.
  10. Why don't folks on here realise that the bulk of income to run the canals comes from Government. If CaRT can make a good job of persuading Authority that the canals are for the public benefit (not just boaters) - then these extra funds will dry up??
  11. You have to realise that Oil is an international business. Companies shuffle fuels around the world and individual countries can have little influence on that. There are huge refineries on the other side of 'the sleeve' and much of 'our' fuels come from that area. Very interesting, but frightening at the same time...
  12. OldGoat

    Mad Cow Found in Scotland

    No - just folks with Small Arms - in Birmingham
  13. OldGoat

    Any advice welcome River Avon Evesham.

    Soewhat confusing as your photo was taken at Mapledurham Lock on the Thames
  14. OldGoat

    Thorneycroft 1.5 sump pump replacement

    Aquafax do a range of brass sump pumps http://aquafax.co.uk/catalogue/1711-sump-pump as do Midland Chandlers one at their type of price and another nasty looking plastic one for £15 ish..
  15. OldGoat

    Anyone know much about Marna engines?

    No - but the one I looked at was a petrol engine. Definitely a NoNo for a narrowboat....

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