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  1. I was surprised (some years ago) to note that my 'local' agricultural mrechants stocked and sold several varieties of stoves - worth a thought??
  2. If it's a holiday boat and difficult to access, then consider a different type of battery chemistry that will stand infrequent / undercharging. They're expensive though - thus ignored / reviled by most boaters....
  3. There are loads of photos around if you Google 'lancing marine' and their website is lancingmarine dot com. There's a train station within sight of their unit if you have to visit!! I doubt that young 'Mr. Bellamy' is still around as he's older than I... but there's bound to be a successor. If you could find the engine number or plate it might help - being true engineers they keep records, though time often dulls the ink. As they are MARINE engineers I would have thought that the water cooling would be indirect (their main marine market was for the salty stuf
  4. Plenty of towpaths to run on OR Go boating and uses lots of locks - That's what a boat is for. Find a mooring near a long flight of locks and work your way up and down - regularly?
  5. How time have progressed... Our Cottage had the new fangled electricity stuff in 1946 fed through wobbly overhead power lines (the next door neighbour being a Stockbroker in The City (= loadsa monai) had a generator and battery set before that pre-war). Mains water didn't arrive until the mid-1950s. Transition to using a boat for holidays was an easy step.
  6. I note that a shower is included in the list of devices. If it's a domestic thermostatic type blender valve arrangement you may have problems as these are designed to work off mains pressure - hence be careful when you buy it. At home on a tank fed system a simple bath type mixer works well - after you've juggled with the hot and cold taps....
  7. When I were a lad we lived in an ancient cottage where the water had to be pumped up from a well. The intake pipe went down and down through the bowels of the Sussex brick clay into the chalk below. Every day my Dad had to pump 100 strokes to fill up the open water tank for the day's use. You youngsters don't know what yoy're missing....
  8. Hummys will take up to 2TB drives, though I'd stick to a maximum of 1TB - the larger the drive - the more recordings you'll use. There is a good forum - Hummy.tv and all sorts of software which might help (once you've recovered the drive if that's possible) What sort of box is it? The older rectangular Freeview or Freesat, the newer curvey ones (also freeview or freesat)
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. All this fuss about setting up a dish - it's easy with a good quality sat / freeview finder those from Fringe as the best. Around £25+ on ebay. These are also good for terrestrial TV when you have to moor in the trees. For satellite, rather than using a cheap Sky type dish consider a flat panel antenna - they're easier to store than a a dish with a sticky-out-bit-at-the-front.
  13. 12V fridges - fridge freezers - take quite a lot of power - hence a alternator on a SR engine just will not have the power to keep any battery pack charged (I'm now waiting for 'incoming')...
  14. It was some years ago and IIRC the engine plate stated 3000 rpm. It was a road traffic light 240V system and so noisy - thus I gave it away to someone who could run it well away from any other human habitation. The manual went with it, so I only have a memory to remind me....
  15. If you are unfamiliar with (boats and) engines - it might be worth pointing out that air cooled Listers are a pain challenge to adapt to today's demands for electircity generation. If yu want some of today's electrical conveniences then it would be prudent to consider an engine swap at some time and cost. Air cooled Listers are incredibly noisy - even at 1500 rpm (I have a commercial SR2 gen set for emergency use at home and it's blurry noisy. I also used to have an SR1 genset running at 3,000 rpm and that was 'unprintably' noisy.
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