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  1. I do something similar - bought a domain name from one dot com which for a paltry sum includes an many sub email addresses as I like plus loads of storage Twenty quid a year or thereabouts. Worth paying - as having to change all my links when changing supplier is tedious and a pain (but them I'm land based and don't use mobiles mich)
  2. Your licence fee is for your use of the canal (= cruising) - not for long term mooring - that's why CRT charge you a saparate fee to moor.
  3. BW refused me permission many years ago - they said the canals weren't suitable for horses....... Just as well - a potty idea - Hire a boat borrow / build some cross trees Box my Irish Draught-cum hunter- failed showjumper all the way up from Sussex. The horse would have loved the job - he enjoyed working in harness.......
  4. I suppose a more modern rejoinder / addition would be - "whatever" - but I find that somewhat dismissive
  5. Seemples - Vetus present a polished advertising regime aimed at the seagoing market, imaculate and colourful engine presentation and mebe a large advertising budget. Beta - and I have an interest here as I worked with them as a prospective customer and 'assistant' when Ted Spash was setting up the enterprise aeons ago. Their presentation is good, but not flashy and their product is very workman-like. But inland waterways is a limited market and difficult to target 'advertising wise' Beta will tailor an engine / propulsion system / generating system for your exact needs and probably a system not for boats as well. Methinks Vetus aim at specific requirements because that markint is huge in relation to the small inland marine market. Is that a good enough answer?
  6. Market forces, dear boy, market forces. The prices are high because of quality and the market prepared to pay for that!
  7. As with so many things on boats "it all depends".... Popular terminology doesn't help either - frinstance, peeps refer to the caompartment around the 'ice box' as a freezer. It isn't at best it's a conservator. OK - it will make ice and keep a bag of chips frozen, but that's it. Since most folks want counter height units, you're not going to get any useful freezer space - and not terribly useful fridge capacity either.... As 'we' like to cruise and not shop, I have a 3/4 (?) height fridge with a separate freezer compartment. This holds a lot of ice and frozen w.h.y - bur it's a bit unsightly, thus I guess ins not popular amingst boaters. Whether or not it consumes more power than separate I know not, the government rating system is completely useless for that sort of measurement (especially as there are no standards for 12/24v units). Discuss?
  8. Nothing like a lump of iron / multicoloured tinplate to reduce signal strength.....
  9. T'would appear so! It goes back to the very, very early days of broadcasting in this country - before the Beeb was the British Broadcasting Company was formed. There was a private, experimental test headed by one P.P. Eckersley of Marconi. He broadcasted regularly from Chelmsford and woud repeat "Writtle-Talk" (rolling his Rs - no smut please) as part of his call sign. Well, I found it amusing. Theres a lot more on Wikipedia with some fasciniating information...
  10. It's a pastime used by (far too many) folks to white away the hours when they could be occupied by much better pastiimes suc as bell ringing, brass polishing ( of boat equipment - not brass rubbing), contemplating one's navel (not ver satisfying) and suchlike. As one who knows what 'Writtle-talk" means - I wonder wthether the development of electronic communications was really worthwhile...
  11. Fuel boats (as with some other boating services) are a resource to be treasured... More boaters of any variety should be aware of what's available and use the resources when they can - else they'll disappear and that would be more than a great shame..
  12. As with most things to do with 'property' - it's all about location, location, location. The existing line to a shed may be slow speed - nothing to do with the shed, more to do with the local infrastructure and how far away is the local cabinet supplying the 'neighbourhood' ours was two miles away and the best speed was around 6Mb, pretty desparate for any downloading, but just about OK for catch-up. Thanks to a government initiative / LA bullying we had FTTP provided free last August and could have 100 Mbit + (we went for 30 Mbit for starters). We're 'rural' and the service comes overhead. If you look on Youtube you can view a mix of quite poor cabling providing a service - so anything's possible. The question is - do your really need high speed?
  13. Some times it's difficult to give a truly definitive explanation. Often that's because not all the variables are known to both parties. In this case - and with no other information than the above, I can only suggest that whatever blue you have introduced (?)via the toilet bowl has moved into the tank and is 'doing its job there'. I had something similar to the above when using "Oxy" washing powder and hospital quality detergent. I scrubbed the bowlseals and pipe with the detergent and got a 'no smell' situation - and it's not returned. However, you do have to repeat the dosing procedure 'regularly'. In my view Blue type treatments kill everything in sight, whereas the others break down the materials and discourage the smelly bacteria and at the same time promote 'good' bacteria which don't smell. I think this not only is longer lasting and more pervasive than the 'smother everything' technique. 'Our' marina banned the use of Blue for pump outs because it killed all bacteria and made the effluent more difficult to treat later and therefore increased the disposal costs. The above doesn't give you a definitive answer - but may shed some light on your experiences... (or not)
  14. Not surprising - even f you had 12Gw of solar panels you get now unseful power in this country, at this time of year... It's as if you had a 200HP car - whic doesn't produce that amouf of OOmph =- if you don't start it...
  15. There's a boat of some description (don't recall what sort of boat) with a hot tub and a wood burning boiler on the Isis end of the Thames (near a pub...) - looks great but I've never seen it used in anger. ' suspect -if it were for sale it would be several orders of magnitude less than the subject boat. It's all abou location, location, location.
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