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  1. Yes it's a pre-requisite of narrow boating. They're not intended to be comfortable and you're supposed to always wear a hair shirt. If you don't have a pumpout, then ensure that the loo casette can't easily be withdrawn without dismantling the whole device Other rules are:- Make the pumpout tank out of steel, have no inspection hatch and fit it under the bed so that you can't inspect it anyway. Insist on a very small fridge, run it on 12v and later buy a similar freezer. Add - batteries to be 12v and stored where there is no reasonable access - as you have discovered If you have a multifuel stove put it as near to the forward door as you can and ensue that the stack catches your arm when you enter and exit That lot is just for starters.
  2. That's what happens when you try to get cover where the 'broker' knows didly squat about the risk. Perhaps they use 'dodgy policies at Lloyds' and talked to the aviation section.......
  3. Well it's a bit prettier than a stretched narrowboat....
  4. Being a cynic - I think it's all been carefully choreographed - perhaps to indicate that the canals are not only for the fit and healthy but also for those to whom life has many challenges. Certainly Pru's first 'accident' with the centre line in the lock has happened to many of 'us' and her response was staged. It spoils the series for me, which are far superior to the other series attempt which pales into insignificance .
  5. May be irrelevant but the Superintendent of the Wolvercote paper mill told me that coal was delivered by 'barge' to his wharf. The wharf is on the part of Duke's Cut where you turn right to get onto the Thames proper. It's now quite overgrown - there was a tree blockingthe wharf when we last looked. I was much younger then (!) and knew nothing about canals or water transport. To fit your story it makes more sense for coal to be delivered by canal than by river as that's the more direct route. Wolvercote is a very straggly village - I guess there to service the Mill - so does it extend to the canal as well? Aha Wikepedia to my rescue - my recollection above has been given some credibility. At the time I was more concerned about fishing in the mill stream and salvaging maps from their recycling input.
  6. Yes, that makes more practical sense, so have a (now defunct) Greenie The challenge then is how to persuade folks to take out cover if they don't have to. I can get all sorts of extra cover with my house insurance, but then what about if you live on a boat or rent a property?
  7. Regrettably, I agree. Time was - when we all rode penny farthings, there were few accidents insurance was - perhaps - a luxury. Nowadays with sports bikes easily capable of motor vehicle speeds in towns, there is a need for proper insurance to be made compulsory - but implies some form of registration -Hmmm...
  8. Apologies for my incorrect information. A further point - and I may be corrected - but don't you have to book a passage up the first flight and isn't there a transit arrangement between National Trust and the Basingstoke canal ? Perhaps a bit more research is needed (on both sides) Just in case the OP and others are interested (nobody was when I last posted) - 10th - 14th July is the Henley music festival (expensive to attend) BUT you can moor to the remains of the regatta booms and watch the fireworks for free.. 19th - 21st July is the Thames Traditional Boat Rally where there are lots of real boats (including Dunkirk veteran boats) - well worth a visit, but you'll be charged to moor OTOH if you're not the slightest bit interested and the thought of mingling with lots of "white plastic" , then avoid Henley from 3rd - 21st July....
  9. A bit of a catch22 to my mind - if I spend ages putting together a detailed - and to my mind a considered post, it either gets rubbished by other or the OP moves away because there's too much detail! Thus now I put the bare bones in - just to paint an outline of the picture. OK - go with others if you can- by searching here / facebook / whatever. Is that better??
  10. Afore ye start - have you looked at the state of the Basingstoke? I'm under the impression that it's closed in places - because of lock failures and it may be suffering for water problems. I'm sure somebody will put me right. A day's ticket will see you up the River to the Wey easily Steve at Shepperton will happily sell you a week's license for the rest of the River, but you might be slightly pushed to do the trip leisurely on a week's ticket - after all you're going uphill. When are you planning to do the trip? Short term licences here:- https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/river-thames-boat-registration-charges/river-thames-boat-registration-charges-1-january-2019-to-31-december-2019#visiting-launches The trick is calculating your boat's chargeable area - I think experienced lockies have a rule-of-thumb for NBs
  11. Soo many folk get put off "doing the tidal Thames" - but it's a fabulous trip. All / what you need to do is Boy Scout's - Be Prepared. To avoid / minimize interference fro large fast moving craft - keep closer in to the bank and if you see a lot of wash steer into it. Leave on an early tide Go with other boats Do a bit more research Don't go in an air cooled boat (unless you block the air intakes)
  12. Outboards can be a pain to start 2-strokes are worse than 4- They all need a strong arm - a good wrist action. How do you know it doesn't work? - 'cos you cant start it - or some other reason?
  13. OldGoat

    Wi fit on board

    Perhaps I'm old fashioned (well I am as the handle implies), But, but, but - what's wrong with satellite and/ or terestrial TV? DO you have to have Neflix et al? With a bit of organising we can find enough programmes to watch / RECORD to satisfy our needs - and there's no subscription require. However there's no footer or racing either....
  14. I gave up and made Heath Robinson pads out of orange / lolly sticks. Not perfic' but look a whole lot cleaner than before.
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