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  1. Peeps are not tort 'ow to rite prose nowadays - and with the facility of unpredictable text, coupled with everything being done on mobile devices - and in a hurry, I'm not surpresed that many fings get transmogrfied. At leat 'we' get 'communication' raother than silence (as in P in bath)...
  2. I assumed the OP - as most folks do - wanted to rush through the Thames to get back on a marrower ditch... However - yes - it's exceedingly pleasant on the upper - upper Thames. Virtually no shops (unless you don't mind walking a fair distance until you get to Lechlade. Worth also pottering up a bit further to the junction with the T&S.
  3. The Thames is a much more pleasant trip.... If you come on to the Thames via Dukes Cut (the trip down to Oxford via the canal is not particularly pleasant), then the Lockie at King's is all setup for extracting money from folks, whereas the lockie at Osney is less so, especially with the need for separation dirung these troublesome times. You'll get a fantastic view of Oxford as you travel along Port Meadow, much much more pleasdant that the wall to wall boats down the canal. As tey say Stateside - Enjoy...
  4. Methinks there's confusion here A Gold licence cover you fro use of CRT and EA waters for a yar - but ut runs from January to December A Thames visitor licence covers you for one day but it expires and midnight on the day following. If you'r going to the K&A and not coming back then a Gold is a waste of money. If you are comingoff the K&A onto CRT waters at some future time, then a second EA day licence is better value If repeated trips then a Gold may be better. A neat trick - get best value from at Thames 1 day pass, then arrive early in the morning and spend two leusirely days cruising the Wonderful Thames. It's not a fiddle, it's the way the licence is constructed. Does that help / clarify?
  5. If it ain't broke don't fixit. Certainly on my boat (with long swims) the room for an internal tank wouldn't work at all - for river use (just as well as I use freshwater cooling) and it mebe trhat's why there's an outside tank. I wouldn't fuss - unless there's something 'we' don't know...
  6. Mebe it would help - or even seal the matter if the OP said what engine is in the boat or what is intended to be fitted (if any)?
  7. Which confirms my suspicion that there are (lots) of boats around without a breather on the poo tank. That's to my mind - poor standards / bad practice / bad design.
  8. I never understand why people get wound up about 'waste disposal' - perhaps that's because we have lived and worked with animals over the years. Holding the tails of cows to stop them ***ing as they went up the ramp out ot the milking parlour, mucking out the hunter's loose box, assisting with the pumpout (!) of our large septic tank and latrine duties when it was fashionbable to be a cub / scout. Yes. it can be unpleasant - the first time - then you get used to it. Looking at the above posts I get the impression that many boats are not fitted with a breather - let alone a flush pipe?? Whe I fitted out our hull I fitted both a vent and a flush pipe and the last two had fittings on the roof - because that was what I understood were the 'industry standards' / normal practice. Now it seems fitters do what they can get away with that which they can get away...
  9. As you live in Kent (let's assume it's somewhere in the middle where fast road are at a premium...), be aware that travel by car can be 'a pain'. The M25 is most unpleasant anywhere from the M20 to the M40 junctions - which take the gloss of your whole trip. Even going via Dartford for the more eastern side of the canal system is slightly less so because it's a shorter run. (We libe across the border(s) in West Sussex and the trip to Marlow on the Thames take 2 hours and that's not a pleasant drive anymore. If you're more interested in a cruiser type boat - then the Thames is a better waterway for you, attended lock service, mebe some pubs still surviving, lots of places to moor and plenty of space. If you go for a narrowboat, the the canal and river system(s) offer yo a huge range of boating with the advantage of being able to move your mooring from one marina to another where the marinas are in the same business group. However, before everyone gets into more details, you need to indicate (difficult 'cos you know norra-lot about boating yet) whereabouts you think you might be based - Thames, Mudway, home counties, midlands, uncharted north....
  10. Rant ON It annoys me that builders put the pumpout connector on the gunnel. Not only does it caus you to slip if you actually 'work' the dide deck (I do), but inevitably the valve lever on the pipe head gets broken. Rant OFF All the decent boats that I've hired in the past had the pump-out connectors in the roof - then you can service the loo from either side of the boat.
  11. Many many years ago I was working as a lab tech in a prestigeous engineering college and one of the senior lecturers was on an IEE industry standards committee and I thought if he ever gets to work on public standards - they'll be problems ahead.... I guess I was correct.....
  12. There are no standards for Video-logs. The quality of presentation runs from "professional" as in Silver Fox through Minimal List to perhaps the one of which you complain. It's not a service that anyone is obliged to provide or for you to watch... The joy ! of YT is that there is a myriad of subjects and quality of presentation - you are free to ignore any that you find not to your taste - but not to carp about. I for one take exception to your comments....
  13. Ugh! overhanging trees, stern sticking out... Much nicer above Day's lock, specially now the pedigree coos have gone.. (Chacun and all that...)
  14. Hehe - you won't now the entrance under the bridge ic completely weeded up... There's a large crane at at Oxford Cruisers at Eynsham (just above Oxford) - should be cheaper than having a crane to travel. Salter's yard looked very tired and almost derelict when we last passed by. Loads of new safety regulations are killing off /have killed of the trip traffic at both ends of the Thames. I understand that safety regulations are important, but mebe "one size fits all" rules kills the whole industry, which I suspec was only barely surviving anyway.
  15. Many of them live out of the water and have covers to keep the inside dry...
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