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  1. I wonder / suspect / wouldn't be surprised - if water is getting into your fuel tank from 'the environment' and not necessarily from dodgy fuel?? The obvious culprit is the fuel filler and its rubber washer. Another source is the breather commonly fitted on the rear deck (well mine is), immediately behind the rudder bearing - an easy place for water to get in. (I solved the issue by turning the vent inboard and rasing it a little. That was 20+ years ago and we've not suffered it since! In addition I have a primary fuel filter and water separator which helps.
  2. If not already done so - there are lots of videos on youtube to get a general idea of the area and possibly wher it might be possoble to moor (which I guess is your prime concren - or it should be...
  3. C'mon _ Lunnon is 'where it's at'; must ne as anywhere that's moorable has two or three boats abreast.... Look at (any) videos on the U-tube and you'll see there's a buzz around. Not only that, but there are jobs to be had (may be) and few out in the sticks. It's very difficult for seasoned boaters to offer caution (after all experienced boaters are over the hill and completely out-of-touch) 'We' can make measured sugestions based on experience - but who listens?
  4. THere's always some dead space where you step down into the cabin -so I used that to fit an airing cupboard with the largest tank I coud find / have one made. Convection draws stale air from the underfloor bilge (keeping that dry) and there's sufficient height above for three slatted shelves to dry clothes / defrost the Sunday Joint (meat). Damp air rises by convection and exits through a mushroom vent in the roof. Works for us for some 20+ years......
  5. Ours is a drop-through - so I made a graduated stick to measure the contents (also used to dispersethe contents ro aid aeration. If the OP's tank is remote - usually under the bed then taping the tank should give an aproxinmation of the height of the contents.....
  6. ? Large capacitror in the circuit betwixt the main batteries and the bow thruster unit? OR A smaller battery mounted mear the thruster to allow for voltage drop between the main bank and the thruster?
  7. It's all on the web - Chas Newens Marine Company Limited The Boathouse Embankment Putney London SW15 1LB Email: customerservices@chastheboat.co.uk
  8. Having spent my youth in Putney and near the Tideway - I always thought their market was for Thames wooden type boats and dinghies. Methinks there aren't many on here who are local to that area or use. Well respected in my day - but that was a generation (or mog ago). What was your query?
  9. A sideways thought - (It seems daft to me that folks mount a large screen TV under the gunnel and watch from dead opposite - less than six feet away - bad for your eyesight) On our boat I mounted a 27" TV on a tilting bracket, pull the TV outat an angle and watch programmes from the comfort of the pullman setee with the correct viewing distance and angle. when boating the TV is folded back (nearly) flat against the wall and we can get on with boating.... edit: Loads on ebay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353127544093?hash=item52380ab51d:g:V2wAAOSwqQpeCrr9&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4LEoTS6sFTc9Vd14ohLo%2B16R64KFiaXV3s2OM9pQru42iWfxebVpJwq4COjgj8UyKXyowCg0ELP2yXCTC%2F%2Fi%2F5L6k1ZwmbVAJCsC1Ja6TSBeHGNmv7Aw943DCaQeiYwvQgaWyfQhg%2FDqqL%2FCDuUb7RlpZdrX5BEhHMxuaiEPKcf7LNtN7fWKohqGbN9CNrS1JmG4L3zzhqtrOxPbl%2FFqXJDAxJPuTWsJ5%2BcmGfKqfJsw%2BoZ8dvzLyymUhF%2BgtQd4fQPNVaGOE6J1wmhfkl3j1fbrq13T%2BbkW6uE1KSFZHkHz|tkp%3ABk9SR7qM6uXvYA
  10. Not all that long ago - at least in geological time. I asked our long experienced builder for an attachment - and he fitted a gi-normous D-ring a nd equally large reinforcement, sufficient to lift the boat out of the water... (methinks he felt affronted that I - as a southern customer who (by definition knows nothing about prper boating etc - so we'll give him something solid.) Over the years it's been very usefull....
  11. Maybe it's an age issue - not how old you are but how long you've been cruising. There were (virtually) no volunteers when we started boating - either on our home waters or on the canals. Part of the fun / pleasure was getting of the boat, working the locks and engaging with other boaters on all sorts of subjects and all sorts of disciplines. Boating was for seeing new places and chabce encounters. Now its all about "getting there" and the devil taking the hindmost. I can do that by getting in the car..... That said - mebe boating is becoming / has become just that; a slower way of seeing different places, looking around perhaps, and continuing on. Give it a try.
  12. When boating we used a small 1200W (or mebe less) inverter to power an inexpesive caravak type washing machine . It was great to wash shirts, jeans ins small loads. Possibly powerful enough for single sheets. The hot water came from the calorifier. As an economy measure that might suit you. IME PSWs are OK when all you want it to is heating the water but NOT to run todays devices which have electronics built in. (I'm sure others may disagree. I'm sure there are other solutions that might be suggested - but rgere are NO absolutes. What works for one respondent may not for another. It's facile to say but "it all depends" - the devil hides in the undisclosedvariables.....
  13. Yes - done it many times The trip along Port Meadow is 'beautiful' , but there's nowhere to moor as the banks are very shallow, thus the East Street moorings are your best bet. Eveb with the pub nearby anhd the A38 ober the bridge, these moorings are quiet and it's easy and quick to walk into the centre of Oxford via the main rouad or the quieter side streets. If you're minded a walk through the colleges is well worth the effort - which most folks miss as they go through the shopping area. You can visit many of the colleges. Not to be missed are the three museums.
  14. Absolutely By chance I fould some hospital grade deteergent in an 'empty' bulk contaner of the stuff, downloaded and read the product specs and gave it a try . Magic, all the smells disapeared instanta. Only a small quantity - 10 - 20 ml needed. All you need is a commercial / hospital source... Sooo- it can be done, but there are other solutions that work almost as well After 30+ years of boat ownership it's the only product that really worked. 'Problem is it's not available on general sale. My supply will go with the boat when its sold....
  15. Might be worth trying Beta Marine who more than a generation ago supplied BMC engines?
  16. What's the 'problem' with handwinding hydeaulics?? May be a bit tedious and slow - but needs a bit of patience. OTOH if you attack the gear as if there's no tomorrow then it can be tiring and pontless as most of your effcort goes into pushing oil into the pressure release valve...
  17. AH, but, yes, but - having spent hours carefully selecting the best planks from a pile, machining said planks to get the finest possible finish, Carefully machining the tougue and grooves, Varnishing the planks with the best quality varnish to seal all surfaces, I'm not in the best state of mind to cover all that hard work to cover all that with a coat of worst trade white paint... A chap has his stabdards doncha know........
  18. Last time 'we' had a real shortage of water on t'thames - probably not in many boating lifetimes on here, the EA jacked up all the overflow weirs, made some restrictions on lock usage (but couldn't / didn't control out of hours use and boating continued without much, if any, inconvenience. It could be a touch of rose-tinted-specs, but we managed (sod the rest) or not many NBs cruising anyways. The locals dont go out of their marinas.... AFAIR some lockies waited until a lock was full of boats before filling / emptying. Nobody complained - either because they didn't know how to or t'intenet was pretty awful.
  19. Or anywhere blurry-well-else, as far as I can see... My boat is tastefully finished in real solid oak, best quality upholstery for bouncing on, impeccable machanics (but who understands that) middling price - but nobody looks at it 'cos its not WHITE
  20. Simple - use the lock walls as a lever.....
  21. No - but CaRT would - I asked some years ago to bring mine onto the Shroppie and 'they' said No (can't remember if it was BW or CRT)
  22. If you want silence - well as much as you can get in a practical pachage put a freshwater cooled Beta in a well insulated box with an electric motor drive with an huge battery pack for whenyou want it really, really, really quiet
  23. Secretly that's what I hoped from mine - but the water block thingy smoothed out the flow so I get a constant stream instead!
  24. I'd forgotten about the challenge of skin tank size. My boat fabricator did fit one (the other side had the intake / mud filter) but that was for a possible genset).
  25. I borrowed a lower cost 1200W inverter from Bimble a couple of years ago and it ran not only a very efficient 3/4 height FF but (separately) an ancient full sized FF with two compressors without any trouble. However it would not start either when on the reduced standby setting. IMO the 'challenge' with running 240v compressor fridges is the standby power requirement of the inverter. It's less of a problem IF folks had a more than basic battery capacity - which looking at threads on this forum is as reare as hens' teeth.....
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