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  1. I guess so, even if i made the minimum salary in London it would only be about 7% per hour of my salary
  2. Thanks for that, I will look into it. I love those reflex stoves, will definately get one when i make the final upgrade
  3. Its definately a diesel heater as i saw the deisel drip feed at the back
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Yea I agree, this would be good as as starter boat for some people but im after something I can eventually turn into a luxury floating 1 bed apartment and with the broads cruiser Its definitely possible
  5. When I asked them what they were looking for they replied "A body". I didn't stop until I got to Limehouse basin. Wow! yea, and I bet the crime has quad quaddrupled in that time. BTW, nice widebeam, do you still have it? Thanks! as they say, face to face conversation is always the best!
  6. Call 999? I would probably be labeled a snitch the first day on the canals. 3 years of walking along the canals and talking to different people has given me a pretty good idea about what is going on
  7. I fully understand what Alan and you mean. I have been to the canals enough times and just the sight of some of the boats scares me! I mean how do they let the boats get in such a state? Cant they just give it a coat of paint? I guess thats why when I mention at work “living on a boat on the canals in London” they pretty much say, “next question please” which leads me to believe that amongst many people, living on a boat in the London canals is sociably unacceptable freeloaders, the things you guys mentioned (not saying everybody) Fully agree, I have met some really descent people on the canals
  8. You are not making sense??? How would anybody ever find a mooring if the couldnt move into a free space when somebody leaves after being there for 2 weeks?? Thank god somebody provided a sensible answer! So it means they are just gaming the system and not really abiding by the CRT licence?
  9. I dont understand?? With what attitude? Isn’t the canals open for everybody with a CRT licence? Why cant I just move into a spot when somebody leaves?
  10. Thats what I find strange, I mean, all of the boats have to move off their spot every 2 weeks so wouldnt it be possible just to move in after somebody leaves their spot? Or is it true about that conspiracy I heard about where boaters share phone numbers and quickly swap places with each other (Even that wouldnt work sometimes because as they were leaving I could jump in if I was just happening to go past)
  11. Thanks for the post, great information. So I guess you are saying that this boat is not the deal of the century? I was just looking for so long(pretty much the way you mentioned above) and I can't find a single level Fiberglass boat over 40ft for around 20k. I saw a lot of them whith the driving compartment in the centre of the boat, etc, but thats not what I am after
  12. Thanks for that. How does that old diesel heater look to you? are you familiar with them? does it look like it would heat the water as well?
  13. As mentioned earlier, that stove in the picture is a diesel heater (not sure if it doubles as a solid fuel stove) Im not even sure is it works, I guess by the look of it, it is a very old diesel heater and needs replacing
  14. Thanks for that, will do. One thing I can say, I have seen a few broads cruisers at 12ft width on the canal near hackney (probabably 30-36ft in length) so I gues there is no trouble moving around the central canals. The reason why I want on of these single level broads cruisers is because the are about the same height as the 12ft steel widebeams and there are lots of them in central London Thanks for that, could probably save some money
  15. Thankyou very much for this! was able to find a sold one and now i know the specs, https://norfolk.boatshed.com/caribbean__42-boat-174462.html#friends-of-boatshed Seems like it is a rare boat, there are a few Carribeans for sale but no bahamas. The owner told me it was a rare 42ft length but i wasn't sure if I should believe him ))
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