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  1. I'm not sure what the solution is but it strikes me as ridiculous that services to Leeds and beyond start off from Manchester Piccadilly and travel west via Oxford Road and Victoria before heading towards Yorkshire. If they didn't do that they could offer a stopping service to Huddersfield and still arrive in a similar time frame as the current service. I have never tried to do the Rail Trail but I am picking off the pubs on it one or two at a time each time we fancy a day out. Station Bar in Dewsbury plus The Commercial last time out.
  2. The ones on the Digbeth branch are no longer in use or at least they weren't in July.
  3. I think the Ale Trailers have been frustrated to a limited extent by the changes to the rail franchises. It's possible to get to Stalybridge from Manchester on Northern Rail and similar on the Eastern side but to go over the top you have to use Trans Pennine express which doesn't stop at many stations at all.
  4. A lockie told me in July that it was costing too much money to call someone out to replace vandalised anti vandal locks so C&RT have decided to retire them on some locks. The ones at Trentham lock went some time ago.
  5. That is a fallacy pedalled by bicycle manufacturers marketing departments
  6. The OP has got no chance of getting the boat back to Shire Cruisers on time with all these recommendations.
  7. There are two decent bars on Huddersfield station plus The Grove is worth searching out although its a mile or so from the junction of the narrow and the Broad.
  8. Moor outside Tesco at Stalybridge. Go to Stalybridge Buffet Bar. There are other decent pubs in Stalybridge but the Buffet Bar is King for wet led pubs. Beyond that you are looking at Mossley or Greenfield but they are a few hours cruise away from Portland Basin. Uppermill is a bit of a dessert in my opinion but the Diggle Hotel was OK last time I was in there. Lots of choice once through Stanedge. I see I concur with David
  9. That's an interesting former on the roof. I wonder what the plans are for it
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. We met some owners of Hatherton last month who had done exactly that. Sold their share to move to somewhere near Braunston only to find Hatherton was relocating to the same marina.
  13. The Aldi Router is good too. I wouldn't use it for churning out fancy profiles on strip wood where total accuracy is needed but its light enough to be able to handle and control freehand which means it gets used much more than my heavier one. I've also got a biscuit jointer I bought from Aldi but in five years it's yet to be called in to service 🙄
  14. The Chandlery in Stone closed pre-Covid. I noticed it had become a bike shop but didn't want to cause a rumpus by announcing it. Last time I passed I noticed that they are advertising that they still sell diesel. Penkridge Midland Chandlers has been taken on by someone who has plans to run a chandlery from the building. I think he said initially online but may reopen the shop eventually. I've driven there a few times when in need of parts but I suspect the footfall wasn't huge. I think the nearest larger place is now at Willington or possibly Norbury depending on what you are after
  15. I'm sure Nick will help if at all possible. He's running a business after all. In previous years there has always been quite a few empty pontoons during the summer months which have become occupied again come September first. CC'ers would come in for six months and depart again on March 1st. That pattern seems to have changed this year. When we first took our mooring at Stone we had several empty berths to choose from. I can't think of any spaces at the moment. There seems to have been an influx of boats from the Stone Chandlery / Joules brewery area recently which has provided a useful top up. Anyway, no harm in asking. There are plenty of trips that can be done over a weekend if you can get a berth.
  16. I'm surprised Aston has got a space. It had a waiting list a couple of weeks ago. It's got quite a few boats with owners who live permanently on board. I suppose I'd better pay my mooring fees. 🙄
  17. Sorry Tony. The OP was responding to my flippant remark rather than your attempt to help him. I try not to post if I've been to the pub but failed on this occasion. Hopefully the silicon will solve the mystery. If it doesn't I would look at the condition of the belt pulleys. Is there scope for lateral movement on any of them? I had a tinckling noise on a BMC because the water pump bearing was about to fail.
  18. I wouldn't use Mole Grips end on like that. I'd have them at ninety degrees and lock them on the screw head. Admittedly there's not always sufficient space to swing them but when you can you have massively more torque.
  19. Molegrips are good for extracting rusty pan head pozidrive screws once you've destroyed the head trying to use a screwdriver.
  20. It's a bonkers design. The vast majority of Ownerships early shared vessels built by Pat Buckle had a well deck with a drain in it. Unfortunately autumn leaves tend to block the drain hles resulting in a corroded foredeck.. The drain, as designed had an enclosed channel under the floor all the way to the rear bilge. A time bomb that has become costly to fix on some of the older boats where it has corroded through. Some of the boats have had the drain welded up and a pump put in to clear the well deck
  21. It's usually the case that you buy a new cassette and get a free toilet seat
  22. I don't see anything there that is loose so I think you need to widen the search or chill. Do you have any alcohol on board?
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. I'm wondering if Simon means Anderton Marina (the ABC base) or Uplands Marina which is next door. I can't comment on Anderton Marina but when we were sharing we stayed at two ABC Marinas. Gayton and Gayton staff were brilliant. The other wasn't.
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