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  1. Last time I was at Westport Lake I noticed the car park ticket machines had been treated to copious quantities of expanding foam.
  2. I was at the northern end of the tunnel a couple of weeks ago. It was two o'clock and the rescue boat had already been inserted in the portal
  3. Presumably they are attempting to bring in an element of competition between the two.
  4. So many entrenched views and we're only discussing how to pay for things. 😃 There's no wonder it's always kicking off on the political forum.
  5. They sell pumpout cards too but not for £2.50. Glad you made it back to base Arthur.
  6. I was referring to the extrior. The interior was smartened up just before Covid. It's owned by Heineken. Here's the details if you fancy it. Shroppie The expectations of the owning pub group are ridiculous especially given the customer base has largely melted away over the last five years. Who would run it for £17k a year anyway?
  7. Possibly, but as things stand the locals would have to walk past The Bridge to get to The Shroppie. It looks like a sixties estate pub and probably doesn't fit the Audlem demographic.
  8. The Shroppie Fly always struggled in winter. There are few boaters and fewer gongoozlers. I don't think it's viable if the Bridge and the Combermere are operating properly.
  9. I'm not keen on meeting paddle boarders on the canal but can't understand why this should affect them
  10. Interesting that the Macclesfield resevoirs are showing at 26%. I've just been for a stroll. Sutton reservoir is all but empty. There's a flow going in today because of this mornings rain but nothing coming out. Bosley resevoir has blue signs up saying it is 10% of capacity and C&RT are taking the opportunity to do maintenance work. I noticed from the depth gauges Bosley is 7 metres down on normal levels.
  11. It's rather a strange article considering there hasn't been any notable rainfall for months. I find it difficult to imagine that flooding that would overwhelm the sewage works has happened since last winter.
  12. At 60 ft you can afford the space to make it friends and family friendly. A Trad layout (which I have) simply isn't.
  13. Arthur I believe the locks from Stone hire base north to the tunnel will close on 8th August. It's doable to get around the four counties but long days.
  14. A bit of levity Brian, levity 🙄 Although I suspect Arthur is having a sense of humour failure at the moment. Personally, I would make my way to Stone and then overstay on the moorings by M&S.
  15. Although he has a home mooring he can't get back to it for the foreseeable future 🙂 It could be autumn depending on rainfall.
  16. Arthur has just become a CCer. With the latest closure of the T&M all the way down to Stone he's got no way of getting back to his home mooring. If lock 29 is closed from August 8th Stone cruisers and the the Ginger boats will surely empty the pound on turnaround days.
  17. I cycled along the T&M through Cheshire today. All water levels are near normal. The bywashes are moving water down the flight to Middlewich. Even the boats at Hassell Green appear to be floating although there are still a couple of abandoned Black Prince boats at that particular location.
  18. Put another pin through the eye of the one you are trying to get out. Twist and pull. If it is in too deep use the second pin as a lever to get it started.
  19. Prices are out there. The earlybird tariff is £4700 for a 58ft narrowboat. 50% more for a widebeam. Highly likely you would need an Avon navigation licence and a crt licence if you moored there translates to "Only for the well heeled"
  20. How do you manage to buy a belt at all without a car registration number?
  21. There is a flow on the Shroppie though nothing like the Llangollen. It's obvious at Wheaton Aston lock and monstrous once you get to Tyrley bottom lock. The water from the sewage works enters at the southern end next to the waterpoint by the Napton narrowboat hirebase.
  22. My first thought was "Why isn't it pink?"
  23. Surely if this triangle means bats roosting the empty triangle means no bats roosting yet 🙂
  24. A quick google reveals it had a B series diesel
  25. I was merely pointing out that the bolt the OP has purchased is for a 1.8 B series and yes, of course petrol. I'm scratching my head trying to think of a diesel car of that era. The Austin Cambridge was one but I think it may have had a Perkins diesel.
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