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  1. If you are at this stage, would it not be worth giving my method a try, at least for a few hours, under observation to ensure that no problem occurs. Although I cannot provide a reasoned explanation of why it works for me, I can guarantee that it does. In reply to post 7 - it is a small metal lever which sticks out from one end of the regulator. I'm not on the boat or I'd include a photo.
  2. I speak from a position of profound ignorance here but I don't think there is a thermocouple. It's certainly not obvious and I doubt that the flame has an area of concentration where one could be located. The symptoms are very similar but don't occur when the lever is held open; it is far from clear (at least to me) why this should be the case but we have a summer coming, thus another chance for me to look at the regulator.
  3. I think that may be correct, at least I think it was a name and an initial. Thanks Ange.
  4. No, not as irascible as John. Sorry, I shouldn't have started this. No, but a lot of his disagreements were with Gibbo - he gave as good as he got there I think.
  5. No not Chris. Less 'political' and more argumentative, if you can believe it. Although basically electrical, I do remember a long, involved and technical argument about whether more water was used by a boat locking up, or down.
  6. While we are posting about ex-members, can anyone remember the chap who used to post, mainly about electrics, and argue constantly with Gibbo (and others). I think he probably knew his stuff - certainly the arguments were entertaining.
  7. I was worried my self at first but it has been 5 years and two BSSs without a problem so perhaps it's less of an issue than it appears. Then again, maybe it's not!
  8. I had exactly this problem - though it was intermittent. I solved it by the (potentially dangerous I suppose) act of holding the flame failure lever down permanently, with a small weight on a magnet. For the first year I never left the boat with the stove alight but now (after five years) I have become complacent and think it will be ok. I keep promising that "next summer" I will take the regulator off and service it. I am not suggesting that you do this, merely explaining that it worked for me.
  9. If that's how you see it who am I to argue?
  10. I read it as Tony saying that he is very unsure that your post accurately described the position. How else could it be interpreted?
  11. frahkn


    I'm with you there - never done it myself (if you discount some spells when I was SoWG but knew that I was coming back). Strangely, the vast majority of the world's population seem to manage it ok - just shows you - theres now't so strange as folk.
  12. I've never thought in terms of rogatory or derogatory but a proportion of those I have shared locks with have made me uncomfortable (some to the extent that I have pretended to stop for tea or whatever). Of those boats, a clear majority have been 'shiny'.
  13. Not if the Beta is positioned hard against the left hand side of the hull. Two mechanics suggested that, if my starter failed, the cheapest solution would be to lift the boat and cut a hole in the side. I have had the engine moved this winter, haven't seen the result yet but reports are good.
  14. frahkn

    GU tree down

    Its all cleared now, some slices of the trunk have been left on the towpath side, if boaters don't have them, the local 'yoof' will just toss them in the canal.
  15. frahkn

    GU tree down

    To be fair it is not so dirty now, there is a volunteer litter pick-up team which has done a lot to improve the appearance of the canal. Mind you, I wouldn't leave the boat there (even if I could get it near the bank) and I live about half a mile away.
  16. I was moored a few pontoons from Whitefield for a year or so. I kept thinking that its appearance would 'grow on me' eventually - but sadly that never happened.
  17. frahkn

    GU tree down

    While walking the dog just now I saw a tree down by bridge 86a. It completely blocks the canal & part of the towpath. There is currently one boat waiting for it to be cleared.
  18. Yes, but after the last few years I would have considered more drastic if I had to. 😣 To make the space for the moved engine, the bath has been replaced by a shower and an engine room created from part of the bathroom. The macerator holding tank had to go (to fit in the moved drive layout) so I had to change from pump-out. I picked a Nature's Head over a cassette but it remains to be seen if this was a wise decision. Of course I have the enormous front locker which will take three kitchen swing bins, this will hopefully help with composting (I do not plan to throw solids away). I haven't seen any of this yet but am told it all is going well.
  19. Fine, that explains it. Thanks. In answer to your question - I've never been flat out in forward gear in more than 40 years.
  20. I'm in the process of having a composting toilet fitted (along with an engine room, a bathroom and with moving the Beta 43). I promise to give truthful reports of my experience with the toilet, as sanitised or as graphic as you wish. They tell me that all will be ready in a fortnight, so prepare yourselves!
  21. Yes but are you not still interspersing periods of normal RPM with periods of winding back? Obviously I agree that on a river you will make less headway at normal RPM but that is what Roland uses nevertheless.
  22. I am confused - not entirely unusual for me. Does this mean that you also wind back every 20 mins on the canal. If not, what is the difference?
  23. I can't claim any of the glory of an ancient or venerable engine, mine is only a Beta 43 but it is cocooned in a forward position in a 70' boat. I've been from Oxford to Brentford without anyone asking me to turn it off - they can't hear it so aren't troubled by it. I'm sure I could run it for 24 hours on a visitor mooring without complaint.
  24. As to CaRT missing stoppage notices, apparently they did this on the Droitwich also. See the most recent 'Minimal List' vlog.
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