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  1. It says it is but in fact it is shorter than indicated. I know, I completed it at the dentist and it wasn't long enough - I still had to go in.
  2. The only time I was pinned on a "lee shore" was in Ventnor Farm marina (had called in for diesel). The yard guy got me off but only by getting max revs from my Beta 43 (he asked first if I was happy that the engine could take it). Doubt that a bow thruster would have managed.
  3. There are lots of subjects which don't affect me directly, which I rarely think about, but which prove intriguing when brought to my attention. Strangely, this doesn't seem to be turning out to be one of them.
  4. That may be totally correct - I can hardly argue, can I? Mostly I notice bow thruster use when I'm moored and inside the boat - I hear them in use, look out the hatch and see a plonker making a fool of himself (or vice versa of course).
  5. Well Howard, I don't know better, I've never had a bow thruster and I don't handle my 70' narrowboat all that well in high winds, though I doubt that one would help much.. But I've seen a lot of bow thrusters used and off hand I can't remember a single use which involved much finesse.
  6. The image of a bloke tossing a coin is not particularly vivid. Did you choose the word "vivid" by tossing a coin perhaps?
  7. By the time Mrs Bob's feet were cold presumably the hob was on. I have to ask, in what circumstances you then found occasion to investigate the problem further - thus leading to your, possibly Nobel winning discovery?
  8. If I 'owned' a forum, I would want some fun to go offset the aggravation, I imagine Dan just tosses a coin to decide if permission to advertise is given or not.
  9. When a reply involving capacitance, paths to earth and other technical erudition comes along - can it please explain the difference between Dr Bob and Mrs Bob in this area.
  10. Happy to help with your confusion, here goes. The OP began by asking "if you moor your boat up on a river next to the council car park where there are signs advising you to pay for mooring.... what is the legal situation if you are issued with a ticket?". You urged the OP to pursue court action (in post 19). If the mooring fee was paid in the first place, hopefully there would be no ticket. I'm not about to send you the documents but I give you my word that I won, I was awarded my costs in full, the other party paid them (after a little delay) with no problems, I was out of pocket because "your full legal costs" are rarely the sum of the amount spent on the action. To be fair I shouldn't say "rarely" based on a sample of one. I didn't completely cover my costs and my solicitor said not to expect to.
  11. I'm no expert but wouldn't it be cheaper to pay the parking/mooring fee than the irretrievable costs of court action? I won a court action and got my costs but the whole thing still cost me more than a parking fee.
  12. The Royal Oak in Polesworth is dog friendly and is probably the best pub in the village as well.
  13. For practical reasons you may have to cut back the insulation around the plug. It can be replaced later using a can of spray foam.
  14. And the inch would be over the 60 feet not across the width or height of a window, let alone a tile.
  15. Superstition is stupid - I agree but I've crossed my fingers. I promise that I won't bother with a design underneath it - as soon as I discover what "it" is. I think it's clear cut that the cut (at least near me) isn't very clear at all. All clear?
  16. I'm sure I don't have any of that stuff - I might stop and show you next time I am passing, if that's ok.
  17. Oh yes! For some reason I hadn't associated that with bad luck - talk about not being introspective! Anyway, I'm due to pick it up at the beginning of March so I'll post all about it. I don't care if it's boring, it cost an arm and a leg so you can all suffer!
  18. I haven't given my boat a pretentious latin name but did rename it. I've avoided the associated bad luck so far by not telling CaRT or getting the new name painted on the side. By the way, what's the latin (or greek perhaps) for "pretentious name" - it would be a good boat name!
  19. I think it is a possibility, the word was in use only a little earlier. A linksman was someone you could hire to accompany you for short journeys by foot before regular street lighting.
  20. I agree. By the time I had the Hobbit fitted all the charred wood around the epping was cut out or hidden behind the fire-boards and tiling.
  21. I have replaced an epping with a Hobbit in my back cabin (because the epping ran too hot). I stuck with the original single skinned flue and had no issue at the BSS.
  22. OK, I'm going to reply to posts 22, 23, 24 & 25 because I seem to have a problem which presents exactly as the OP's albeit I have cobbled a solution. My regulator is not a "toby" but nor is it exactly like the one pictured at 22. It is like 23 as far as I can see but absent the circular aluminium gubbins on the left. In place of this, there is an on/off tap. The clearance rod is exactly as 23 and works perfectly. Left to itself, my lever is in the up position though it will not latch there. While up it gives exactly the problem described by the OP, diesel flows at first but cuts off after a few moments whether the stove is alight or not. The lever moves down easily but a significant weight (3 or 4 oz) is required to hold it there (where it has been for about 5 years). I do need to clean and adjust my regulator because the fire has always burned a bit yellow (though it does not smell and it provides loads of heat). I have not got round to it because it doesn't seem urgent - I'm a bit of the "if it ain't broke.... persuasion. My stove is fed from the main fuel tank 50' away so has a pump near the tank. In practise this pump can be switched off about an hour after lighting without affecting the supply to the stove at all. The pump is near the bed so we always switch it off at night, the stove is always alight in the morning. Due to the position of the stove and regulator I cannot take the top off nor fiddle with the high and low adjustor screws while the regulator is attached to the stove. Particularly while the stove is hot. I may alter the piping to reposition the regulator if I ever take it off for cleaning.
  23. Why not, it's worth a try - stick some chewing gum under it. After all, per posts 8 & 9, if it's not up you can expect armageddon at the very least, possibly something more serious! Mine can't be latched either, left to its own devices it will stay up. One thought, could it be as simple as a partial vacuum in the fuel tank? Has the breather hole (or whatever replaces it) become blocked?
  24. If you are at this stage, would it not be worth giving my method a try, at least for a few hours, under observation to ensure that no problem occurs. Although I cannot provide a reasoned explanation of why it works for me, I can guarantee that it does. In reply to post 7 - it is a small metal lever which sticks out from one end of the regulator. I'm not on the boat or I'd include a photo.
  25. I speak from a position of profound ignorance here but I don't think there is a thermocouple. It's certainly not obvious and I doubt that the flame has an area of concentration where one could be located. The symptoms are very similar but don't occur when the lever is held open; it is far from clear (at least to me) why this should be the case but we have a summer coming, thus another chance for me to look at the regulator.
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