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  1. Standard PTS training. Basic Emergency Procedure From Point of Danger walk towards oncoming trains for 1 1/4 miles and place 3 Detonators 20yards Apart on the running rail and move at least 30 yards away from Detonators.
  2. Sonantis built by Simon Wain & Dave Ross. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but built to my design with help from Simon to tweak the final finishing touches.
  3. The attached images show how Bosch supply injectors with a copper washers. When fitting into engines with copper injector sleeves the washer is clearly not required. However people with limited product knowledge often make the mistake of fitting supplied copper washers. As you can see in the attached images, it makes a considerable difference to the position of the injector nozzle. This was the point that I was trying to make in my post. I have been remanufacturing Volvo engines for 39 years now, and this is not a uncommon occurrence when people change injectors.
  4. With regard to incorrect size copper washers being installed into a direct injection engine. It does become a issue as it alters the position on the injector spray pattern. Over the years I have been called out to lots of engines with reported smoke issues following injector replacement, most times this was due to people fitting copper washers into copper injector sleeves. By doing so the injector is lifted up from its correct position, thus altering the spray pattern. This in effect causing incorrect combustion due to incorrectly positioned spray. I have seen damaged injector sleeves due to the injector being so far back in the sleeve that the spray touches the bottom edge of the sleeve. If left unchecked piston seizures is also a issue.
  5. For what it’s worth, I think Brinklow boat services build a very nice boat. But then what would I know, Having never really had as good a look around one as clearly some on here must have had.
  6. Kromhout M1 22hp semi diesel
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