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  1. Not impossible to do yourself, I reconditioned mine and 3 injectors with fairly basic (ish) kit
  2. Parkers (thepartspeople.co.uk) do K seal and there's one in Market Harborough. They've always been very friendly and reasonably priced
  3. I had exactly the same problem, sat in a kitchen cupboard working upside down in the dark, warming the pipe gently with a hairdryer softened it just a tad and the insert slipped straight in.
  4. Seen as this is back around I'll dive in and say I've got a boatman and I'm dead chuffed with it, but a word of advice would be to be a bit proactive when ordering and order well before it's needed
  5. How far have you got on your way? Happy to come and poke a multimeter about but know bugger all about rudders/tillers
  6. http://merlynfarwell.co.uk/boaterslockmate/index.html A boat advertising this just went past, could this be similar?
  7. Yep once again thanks to Sue and Richard for organising, and thanks to everyone for being such a nice bunch! See you all next year
  8. If the boat is a fibreglass cruiser, for goodness sake don't black it. Antifoul may actually be anti-fowl and stop ducks as its the weed that the ducks are pecking isn't it?
  9. I'll be there in 10, yellow cruiser with the dinghy on the bow I'll be there in 10, yellow cruiser with the dinghy on the bow ETA: crossed posts, we have a fuse race on our hands
  10. Team Free Spirit now back to flying along, 5 prop fouls, 1 destroyed drive flexi and 1 clogged raw water filter later. Thanks Tim from Corrola for the hand through locks
  11. Not even reached my start point and already been stuck in a lock... Not looking promising for them Free Spirit
  12. While incredibly frustrating to learn with, you can produce decent welds with these, I have one that I taught myself with and after hours of practice /entertainment I can get a pretty decent weld from it, all the way up to 10mm thick with a couple of passes, will try to find photos
  13. Been to Rutland lately then?
  14. Totally sympathise with you, I also love a bit of isolation. A lot of people, as you well know, are scared of the Soar so just moor up near another boat for security in case of flood. Yer only hope is if they go to the Hope and Anchor for dinner--only time I've ever had food poisoning was after eating there and it knocked me flat for days*. *wouldnt actually wish that on them, was highly unpleasant.
  15. Mine was originally brown and cream and would've originally had a canopy. On the canal plan website it only shows one entry for a Highbridge called Free Spirit so I bet its the same one. Was yours an inboard diesel?
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