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  1. Not going to hijack the thread too far but have you found the makers plate in the cupboard opposite the cooker? A few of us owners were trying to work out how many were built, mine is number 27
  2. I heard "on the grapevine" that the dates are pretty much set, but can't guarantee it in any way. I'll be doing it again anyway, and I'm not even being a total loner this year and have esteemed/esteamed crew
  3. Where are you studying? I lived aboard in my final year at Loughborough, and had a fantastic time. Feel free to ask anything inc tips on how to keep rowdy friends off when you're trying to sleep. I found university halls thoroughly bad, so I think you've made the right move
  4. Just weighing in with my experience- Bought a GRP (Highbridge 32) for sub £5k, and I've lived aboard comfortably for nearly 3 years now with absolutely no intention of giving it up soon! Probably spent about £3k on improving it and I've done all the work but even if you'd paid for some then Ii would still be in budget. https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Canal-Narrow-Boats-for-sale/highbridge-32/285535 Here's one local to you, fit a solid fuel stove and you've still got £3k in your pocket when it's on your mooring
  5. I bought my boat through it, from a broker who rarely dealt in narrow beam canal going boats (I know I'll get told off if I pass my plastic boat off as a narrowboat). I was told I was the first person to look at it, and it had been listed for 2 months. Meant I haggled hard, so I wouldn't advise selling through there solely.
  6. There's a chap on the river Soar who has done something similar with (I think) a Newbridge Corribee. Shorten the keel and give it a go! If it's £60 then it's hardly a desirable collector piece, even if it totally doesn't work not much lost, if it does you've got a great project and possibly a decent tiny house
  7. So long as the contractor does a better job that they did when they rebuilt Dudbridge lock 5 years ago (whose I had the pleasure of undoing this summer) then it'll be brilliant. Loads of volunteer progress being made every year rebuilding it, it's great fun, get involved!
  8. Not impossible to do yourself, I reconditioned mine and 3 injectors with fairly basic (ish) kit
  9. Parkers (thepartspeople.co.uk) do K seal and there's one in Market Harborough. They've always been very friendly and reasonably priced
  10. I had exactly the same problem, sat in a kitchen cupboard working upside down in the dark, warming the pipe gently with a hairdryer softened it just a tad and the insert slipped straight in.
  11. Seen as this is back around I'll dive in and say I've got a boatman and I'm dead chuffed with it, but a word of advice would be to be a bit proactive when ordering and order well before it's needed
  12. How far have you got on your way? Happy to come and poke a multimeter about but know bugger all about rudders/tillers
  13. http://merlynfarwell.co.uk/boaterslockmate/index.html A boat advertising this just went past, could this be similar?
  14. Yep once again thanks to Sue and Richard for organising, and thanks to everyone for being such a nice bunch! See you all next year
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