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  1. harrybsmith

    Cuckoo Wharf

    The Custard Factory is off the scale of Hipster-ness. (I work for a company that's based there ...) There is however a very good plastic free supermarket there where you can take empty jars and have them refilled with dry goods
  2. harrybsmith

    Pillings Lock Marina

    Probably shouldn't wade in but no bad thing if he has, I found him to be thoroughly unsavoury, he wouldn't even let me view a boat on brokerage there. Interested to see what happens
  3. harrybsmith

    Dawncraft questions

    A wise way of doing it. It probably will leak (they pretty much all do, be it only a teaspoon a week). One thing to watch for is thinking you have no leaks then fitting it out, thereby weighing it down putting the bottom rubbing strips below the water and them leaking. Enjoy!
  4. harrybsmith

    Highbridge Crusader- Free Spirit

    Hi Mary, great to hear there's another Highbridge owner on here! Any questions just ask and I'll do my best, I've done most jobs imaginable on mine now! Having said that, I suppose it would be wise to do a thread update later, I'm fitting a BMS today
  5. harrybsmith

    Steam Launches on the Trent

    Had the pleasure of sharing a lock with a few of them, there must have been 25 in total, all beautifully maintained.
  6. harrybsmith

    Portable radios

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duronic-Hybrid-Radio-Rechargeable-Charger/dp/B002D9FKDS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530047726&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=duronic+radio I've got one of these and I'm chuffed with it, sits in my window charging in the sun and picks up FM no problems
  7. harrybsmith

    Decent makes of narrowboat paint.

    You can definitely still buy Tekaloid from Smith&Allan online (probably other places too.) HMG is still family owned by the same family that has been in charge since the 20's, and has seen some serious growth over the past 10 or so years. They do their own stuff as well as paint like Craftsmaster and the hideously expensive "Little Greene paint". They also make the paint for airfix kits. I'm assuming it's not all the same formula though. (No relation, just been round the factory as part of an R&D thing)
  8. harrybsmith

    Thin T&G pine panels from B&Q etc

    I've been very tempted to clad my sides with laminate flooring- seems perfect for the job (dimensionally stable, wipe clean, nice and thin, pre-finished etc)
  9. harrybsmith

    Dawncraft 25 Bilge water

    I believe early Dawncrafts had removable plywood floors throughout and thicker GRP layup on the hull, and at some point Dawncraft switched from this to having integral GRP floors and a thinner layup. (Highbridge, who bought their moulds off Dawncraft, went back to the old system) Look at the colour of the water, it probably is from leaking windows as it's nigh on impossible to stop them weeping a tad, however if there's lots and it's canal coloured then your wooden keel strips or one of the rubbing strakes may be slowly leaking
  10. harrybsmith

    NASA BM1 BT (Bluetooth battery monitor)

    Thank you all for your thoughts and insight so far, exactly what I was after. The main issue with a standard BM1/BM2 is that the supplied wiring harness is too short for where I want to put the thing, so I would have to extend it to put it there, which causes calibration issues. I could of course compromise on its location, but then it would either have to live outside or in the bathroom, both of which seem a strange place for a battery monitor. The Victron BMV is a tad more pricey than I would like, but if it's the only sensible option then i'll go for it.
  11. harrybsmith

    Wireless thermometer

    Obviously depends on engine etc. but considering 65C is above the pain threshold for most people i'd hope that the ambient temperature isn't getting that high, but then again if it was then that's a valid reason to measure it to work out what's going on...
  12. harrybsmith

    Wireless thermometer

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/15004437489?trdt=0&iid=282905617619&rt=nc What about something like this? (Item 282905617619 if the link doesn't work)
  13. Evening all Just wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on the NASA BM1 bluetooth battery monitors? Here's a link to an example: http://www.nasamarine.com/product/bm-1-bluetooth/ I'm looking at this system over a more conventional battery monitor as to put the monitor display where I would like it/ in a place that isn't inconvenient would require over 7m of wire, which would have to be quite large gauge for reasons of voltdrop etc (I also don't really fancy routing the wire if i'm honest). I pretty much always have my smartphone on me when i'm aboard the boat which would be able to communicate to the monitor, and I intend to keep my current battery monitoring system of an ammeter and voltmeter as a backup. The boat has two 130Ah leisure batteries that once I have a more adequate monitoring system in place I will replace, and I can never see me exceeding the 100A (1200W) limit of this monitor as I only have a 500W inverter and no other major loads (and no cause to fit a larger inverter as there is no room aboard for a washing machine/dishwasher/ Corby trouser press). Many thanks as ever
  14. harrybsmith

    Highbridge Crusader- Free Spirit

    Crikey, didn't realise it was almost a year ago that I bought the boat, how time flies! Prompted by a thread encouraging the use of this section, here's the boat's journey so far. Point 1) " Do something about the paint and blacking, hopefully stripping it off to reveal a pristine, undamaged gelcoat underneath" Well we all knew that wasn't ever going to go to plan... Ah, the perks of a GRP boat- easy road transport (by an insured haulier, not me) I then started to crack on removing the old blacking, carefully using the blade from an old plane to scrape it off. It had become brittle from the UV (I assume) so scraped off quite easily, nevertheless it wasn't exactly pleasant, especially with no functioning shower on the boat or in the yard. It was upon washing my hands at the end of the day that I discovered that swarfega does absolute wonders for removing the blacking, so the following day (much to the amusement of other yard users) i slathered the hull in Swarfega, left it for a couple of hours and pressure washed it off. This did largely remove all of the remaining blacking. It became clear that she has had a fair few coats of paint in her lifetime, so getting it back to gelcoat was going to be an impossible task. Instead, the hull was primed with Tekaloid and painted. At this point i feel the need to add that the colour choice was somewhat accidental, I intended for it to be in the classic Highbridge colours of brown and cream, instead it's closer to sickly yellow and safety orange, but i stuck with it. I don't think it turned out too bad really ! Shame it rained on my gunwhale paint though. Next time i'll move on to updating you all on the outdrive work. Thanks for reading!
  15. harrybsmith

    Idea for a low power dehumidifier

    I like that a lot, however a quick back of the envelope calculation seems to reveal that you'd need to be going 383mph to get a constant flow through a 10mm tube at window height (planning to run the inlet and outlet through the window, saves hull hole drilling). Maybe requires further thought...

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