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  1. Yep, Form sent, received, paid and i'm on the list in a previous post Thanks for organising!
  2. Just a little intro to explain one of the entries- I'm planning to single hand it on my boat, Free Spirit, a 32ft fibreglass cruiser(Shock horror!). See you all there. How "in depth" do people go with the whole boat decorations thing? I have a plan but it may be going a tad OTT...
  3. 10k doesn't buy very much on the way of steel boat, as already said, but buys a lot of fibreglass boat that you could comfortably live on.
  4. For 2 out of my 4 yes, they're registered. The other two I scratch-built myself (one bamboo one steel) so they don't have one.
  5. One big thing to add is a key part of vehicle insurance is based on competence of driver/rider. This probably means there would be a minimum age on it, so where does that leave under 16's wanting to do a paper round or get to a job or school? However I'm all in favour of bike registration as a means of deterring theft, as that is rife, and as a cyclist have no issues being accountable for my actions
  6. It either used to be moored at Bishop Meadow Lock in Loughborough or there's more than one Fibreline boat with a strip like that.
  7. Well done Rick for being the hero again. I do have some sympathy with the owners if they are there as a winter mooring as it is (or was last year) listed as a stable canal mooring. It very much isn't, there was almost 2ft of level change there. The ducks are dead friendly though...
  8. If you did want a new knob 3d printed (sadly not in bakelite) then I'd happily do it for you as I've got access to a couple of industrial spec machines
  9. No expert at all but this looks to be a shortened historic hull of some sort. Powered by a Kelvin P4 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/506182159890323/
  10. Another solution that will deter the opportunistic burglar is to fit a sheet of polycarbonate to the outside of your window frame in the shape of your window. Also acts as double glazing. Not wanting to tempt fate by commenting on the effectiveness and of course you could still put a crowbar through it. Porthole inserts look lovely! I bet they'd look good with some coachlining on
  11. I went icebreaking in my GRP last winter-- seemingly unscathed from it! Then again she is a bit of a tank and I'm sure there has been thicker ice in the past
  12. I would have thought Redhill would be the cheapest on the Soar. Sounds about right price wise
  13. There's a Dawncraft 27 that's just become for sale on the Dawncraft Owners Facebook group that seems to be a really good bet. There's also a 25 on Apolloduck for £250 that would be a serious project.
  14. On a steel Hull with Ply topsides it'll pretty much always leak from somewhere as they expand at different rates. Ply Hull is doable but surprisingly expensive and you would havd to design rubbing strakes carefully as wood really suffers against concrete banks and locks. Go GRP, they're great!
  15. I do indeed if its the 57ft blue semi trad that was for sale in Barrow last week. I speculatively went to look at it as the owner was considering a part ex and thought I might be able to be cheeky and swap my cruiser for a narrowboat of roughly equivalent value. The engine was very low on compression and produced a lot of blue smoke- pointing to a worn bore. Of course, it could be a completely different boat and the engine could last the journey no issues at all, I'm not a boat mechanic. Anyway, whatever boat you've bought OP, welcome to boat ownership!
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