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  1. harrybsmith

    Another boat almost sunk.

    Well done Rick for being the hero again. I do have some sympathy with the owners if they are there as a winter mooring as it is (or was last year) listed as a stable canal mooring. It very much isn't, there was almost 2ft of level change there. The ducks are dead friendly though...
  2. harrybsmith

    How to strengthen this knob

    If you did want a new knob 3d printed (sadly not in bakelite) then I'd happily do it for you as I've got access to a couple of industrial spec machines
  3. harrybsmith

    Historic Boats for sale online

    No expert at all but this looks to be a shortened historic hull of some sort. Powered by a Kelvin P4 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/506182159890323/
  4. harrybsmith

    Window inserts

    Another solution that will deter the opportunistic burglar is to fit a sheet of polycarbonate to the outside of your window frame in the shape of your window. Also acts as double glazing. Not wanting to tempt fate by commenting on the effectiveness and of course you could still put a crowbar through it. Porthole inserts look lovely! I bet they'd look good with some coachlining on
  5. harrybsmith


    I went icebreaking in my GRP last winter-- seemingly unscathed from it! Then again she is a bit of a tank and I'm sure there has been thicker ice in the past
  6. harrybsmith

    how much

    I would have thought Redhill would be the cheapest on the Soar. Sounds about right price wise
  7. harrybsmith

    Scruffy Dawncraft 25 project boat - Should I buy?

    There's a Dawncraft 27 that's just become for sale on the Dawncraft Owners Facebook group that seems to be a really good bet. There's also a 25 on Apolloduck for £250 that would be a serious project.
  8. harrybsmith

    what happens to abandoned boats?

    On a steel Hull with Ply topsides it'll pretty much always leak from somewhere as they expand at different rates. Ply Hull is doable but surprisingly expensive and you would havd to design rubbing strakes carefully as wood really suffers against concrete banks and locks. Go GRP, they're great!
  9. harrybsmith

    Transport Boat River Soar to London

    I do indeed if its the 57ft blue semi trad that was for sale in Barrow last week. I speculatively went to look at it as the owner was considering a part ex and thought I might be able to be cheeky and swap my cruiser for a narrowboat of roughly equivalent value. The engine was very low on compression and produced a lot of blue smoke- pointing to a worn bore. Of course, it could be a completely different boat and the engine could last the journey no issues at all, I'm not a boat mechanic. Anyway, whatever boat you've bought OP, welcome to boat ownership!
  10. harrybsmith

    Transport Boat River Soar to London

    It's not the blue one with the Lister single cylinder engine is it? If so, absolutely no waaay will that make it to London under its own power.
  11. harrybsmith

    A genuinely silent generator

    I do have 340W of solar (not massive I know) and that does do almost all of my charging in summer but struggles over winter (as all solar does). I could, but I work long hours (own company) so running engines between the 8-8pm curfew can often be tricky. Seen as i'm only aboard for a small portion of the day my electricity usage is very minimal so one of these batteries (or similar) combined with my solar and occasional running of engines should work for me. I've made my converter circuit and i'm just about to press go on buying one. Not the case for a lot of people, I know, but should work for me. I shared a lock with the people who bought yours! They were just off to have a rubbing strake replaced. We compared notes... They are superb boats
  12. harrybsmith

    A genuinely silent generator

    You can charge from 240v, I believe you can also charge from 12v (dunno though) and you can definitely charge direct from a solar panel with no charge controller required. I probably wouldn't usually charge off my inverter when cruising but no reason why you couldn't.
  13. harrybsmith

    A genuinely silent generator

    A KISS guide: The "Lithium Generator" as in my link (and in the links of others) has three outputs; USB (5v, for phone charging etc), 230V AC ( limited to 150w so not especially useful) and crucially 12v. The device is effectively a big battery with various protection circuitry on it that enables it to be charged up safely from mains and to output the three voltages. Into the 12v output of the "lithium generator" you would plug in a boost converter. This is a little gizmo that takes 12v and transforms it into 14.4v for battery charging. I would then propose to plug this into an Anderson plug (a type of high current waterproof plug often used to connect winches) which would be connected to the same terminal as my alternator, so to a battery monitor it looks like the engine is running. It wouldn't be permanent, I plan to disconnect the "lithium generator" when flat and take it into work to charge. It's not very big so will easily sit in a rucksack. In my charging routine it'll basically do the job that solar would in summer. Hope that helps!
  14. harrybsmith

    A genuinely silent generator

    Hang on, two lithium batteries in parallel each rated at 150wh gives a bank of 300wh, which is (with losses chucked in for good measure) 20ah at 14.4V isn't it?
  15. harrybsmith

    A genuinely silent generator

    Had already clocked that, but it's that last 5% (or 10% with two of them in parallel...) that's the most elusive as I know you know.

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